Genjutsu Legend Chapter 18

The people of Konoha had always loved trees, as they were a symbol of nature, solitude, and life. The rich resources around the village had allowed them to live a paradise of forests and wild life, and they have learned to love nature as part of their home. The trees that surround them made them feel safe and secure, the large wooden pillars made them feel like they were protected from the outer dangers of the world. Many festivals in Konoha were hosted because of the forest, they were offerings of faith and love from the people to their village's namessake...

...But they never thought that it would be the same forest that will kill them.

The many homes and building of the once largest village in the Elemental Nations were crushed and grinded into pieces by the very natural protection that surrounded them. The giant roots of the trees teared through the earth and spllt the very foundation of the village. Bodies were flailing around the air as the general population were tumbled by the trees. All of the village were being grinded to pieces, that included the prosperous clan homes, the mansions of the merchants, the headquarters of the Konoha ANBU forces, the Jounin Centre, the Ninja Academy, and even the Hokage Tower.

Cries of anguish and terror sounded through the village that was now a thick forest. Most of the people in the village were buried under tons of earth and debris, and even the most elite of Ninja couldn't escape the flailing tendrils of vines and branches.

Within a few mere minutes, the most powerful Shinobi village in the Elemental Nations was it's own founder.

Naruto was standing on top of the highest branch of the forest looking down at the place that he had grown up being grinded to oblivion, and the only emotions he felt were amusement and exciting. His white Haori flailed in the wind as he crossed his arms across his chest, standing on his black boots at full height, Naruto saw that the only recognizable place of the village was the Hokage Monument, which was at about ground level from his vantage point.

The Uzumaki looked at the heads of the previous leaders of Konoha and smirked, he was wondering what all of them were thinking if they somehow knew about what happened to their precious village just moments before. Naruto particularly focused on the eyes of the Yondaime, they were still had their normal blank look, but he wanted to see if he would notice anything different...

Uchiha Sasuke was standing a few hundred feet away from his leader with his arms crossed and an annoyed expression on his face. "Damn...I forgot one of my favorite shirts at the compound", complained the man as Temari beside him sweatdropped. "Oh's too late now."

Temari sighed and shook her head at her lover. "You really know how to ruin the moment..." said the girl with a deadpanned expression.

Sasuke looked over at the sandy blond with an irritated look. "You are never going to let that go are I fell asleep during sex once, let it go already!" exclaimed the Uchiha as he pointed a finger at his girl.

Temari glared at him and smacked him on the back of the head. "Shut up, try to act like a real commander in front of your troops!" cried the girl as her eyes gestured to the hundred and fifty men behind them.

The Uchiha looked back at his troops for a few seconds and saw that none of them even showed the slightest of movements, he sighed and turned back to Temari. "None of them are even listening to us, you really need to relax, how the hell are you going to last through your pregnancies if you are always so uptight?!"

Temari glared at her fiance and flared her chakra at him. "If you keep up your attitude, you will find yourself sleeping on the couch for the rest of your can forget about making babies with me!"

Sasuke turned around with a huff. "Baka-Onna..." he mumbled under his breath, but a small smile grace his lips after his face was out of Temari's point of view. The quick temper and fiesty attitude of the girl was what initially attracted Sasuke to her, the Uchiha always enjoy trading some blows with his girl.

Kabuto was standing next to the Uchiha, as he had been assigned to him by Naruto. The Shodaime was still in the middle of his own created forest, he was ordered to be motionless until further order, and Kabuto himself had also been ordered to be still unti further order from Naruto. The medical man looked around him and was quite surprised at the destruction of the was simpily amazing to see.

Neji's eyebrows twitched as he looked at the Uchiha babbling with his girlfriend. Despite his newly acquired happy disposition, Neji had to admit that Sasuke was the one that had changed the most since they had started to follow the leadership of Naruto. Neji had never really liked the last Uchiha when they were in the academy, both of them were only one year apart and were both considered prodigies, but their was something about the brooder than made him irritated. But all that changed once they started to train together, to be honest, the now whimsical and cunning Sasuke had become his best friend.

Tenten, who was standing beside Neji, wrapped her arms around Neji's own and laid her head on his shoulder. Tears were in her eyes as her body trembled a little, even though she was an orphan, Tenten always loved Konoha, even though she loved Neji much more, she still felt great sadness in seeing her home being destroyed.

Neji looked down at his girl and sighed. "Are you alright Ten-chan..." asked the young man as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him.

Tenten nodded her head against Neji's chest and stayed silent...

Neji closed his eyes and sighed silently, he expected Tenten to be sad after the destruction of Konoha, but it had to be done. "It's okay baby...only a few more days and we will be at our new home..."

Danzo and his entire army was silent, the old man for once was very confused about his own feelings. Deep down inside him, the man just wanted to protect Konoha his way, but apparently, in order to do so he had helped another man destroy the village that his friends and Sensei tried so hard to protect. No matter how wrong it felt, Danzo knew that it was too late, and he couldn't betray Naruto. The young Uzumaki was truly a terror to behold...

Danzo had met many Uzumaki's in his long life, but even the several past Uzumaki Clan Leaders could not compare to the seemingly incomprehendable depths of Naruto's power. Naruto's mother was considered to be one of the most powerful Uzumaki to ever lived, having gained an S-ranked rating in the Bingo books of all villages. Kushina and her Benihime had conquered armies and castles together, but even her power lacked when compared to her son's.

Danzo was never sure about what Naruto's Zanpakuto could do, but he was sure that it was enough to completely overpower him if he ever tried to revolt. The old war hawk looked over at the head of the Nidaime Hokage, the eyes of his late Sensei seem to look deep into his soul, it was the first time in over half a century...that Shiruma Danzo felt guilt.

Sai walked up to his surrogate father and bowed. "Danzo-sama...what shall we do next?" asked the pale skined young man.

The crippled man looked back at his apprentice. "Whatever Uzumaki-sama commands us to do..."

Sai nodded and stepped backwards a few steps. He didn't know if he sensed right, but Danzo seem to have submitted to Naruto fully. For the past two years, the old war hawk had never fully offered his loyalty to the blond Uzumaki, but it seems that the man had finally came to realize that acting against Uzumaki Naruto only means suicide. Sai looked over at his supreme leader and felt the immense power he gave off in dense waves...he wondered what the man was thinking at the moment.

Sabaku Manami was standing beside her Sensei as they watched on the scene with disbelief and awe. While she had full faith that her leader would have to no problems dealing with the forces of Konoha, but seeing the village actuallt being crushed was much more surreal that she would have expected. Deep inside her heart, she wondered if this was just an illlusion, and all this was just a screwed up Genjutsu that someone casted upon them, but all her senses told her that it was all real.

Baki stepped backwards a few feet. "Impossible...he actually did it!" muttered the man as his eyes were glued to Naruto's image.

"Not only did he succeed..." said Manami softly. "He took out most of his resistance without even lifting a finger...his plan worked out exactly as he thought it would."

Baki nodded as he though about the next steps that the Suna forces should take. He knew that Naruto had told them that he won't force them to stay loyal to him after the Konoha invasion, but he was sure that he would mean death of they actually leave. He knew that Temari and Manami would stay with the Uzumaki for sure, and if he goes back to Suna he would he known as a tool thatt was used by the enemy to fight the front lines...

The half masked man looked behind him at his thrid student. "Kankuro...what are you going to do after this?"

The face painted man looked at his Sensei with a sombre expression. "I am going to Uzushiogakure..." answered the man with a low voice.

Baki sighed and nodded. "I know that it can be tempting...but what about Sunagakure?"

Kankuro shrugged his shoulder. "What about it...Tou-sama is dead, all our forces are under Uzumaki-sama's control, and both of my sisters are going to Uzushiogakure...what else is there for me back at Suna?"

Baki closed his eyes and nodded once again. "Okay..."

Manami looked over at her Sensei through the corner of her eyes, she saw the confused and debating expression of his face...but she knew that he would join them in their new home.

In a completely different state of mind as his subordinates, Naruto had a smirk on his face. He loved the irony that presented itself in his plans, to think that the people of Konoha would be destroyed by the manifestation of trees, and by their own founder no less. It was safe to say that the so-called will of fire had been exstinguished, and any sort of hope for Konoha was abolished. The very foundation underneath the village had been altered, all of their buildings had been destroyed, and from what he could sense, 95% of the general population was killed by the Shodaime.

Naruto chuckled when he used his senses to abserve the few survivors of the attack, and he was not surprised at who he found...

A few hundred meters away from the Uzumaki was a huge lump in the middle of the forest, it was quite large, it was leveled at the same height as the Hokage Monument. A blade stabbed through the thick forest from underneath, and soon a giant toad emerged from within. Naruto could clear see the summon's severe wounds, some of the branches had pierced it's legs and arms, his left eyes was bleeding by the looks of it, and it's breathing was very quick and rapid.

On top of the toad's head was Sannin Jiraiya, but he looked to be in worst shape than his summon. His white hair seem to be soaked in blood, but Naruto couldn't tell if it was his own blood or someone else's. Part of the man's arm was facing the wrong direction, meaning that it is broken, and there seem to be a deep cut along his shoulder to his lower back. The man was glaring at Naruto with untamed hatred, his chakra was flaring violently and his eyes were enough to kill.

"YOU BASTARD!" cried Jiraiya as he stepped forward with his fists held in front of him.

Naruto merely smirked at the man and ran his hand through his hair. "I must say, it is fairly impressive that you and Gamabunta-san survived that attack..." said the Uzumaki with a sense of amusement. "Really quite commendable."

The Sannin growled at the blond man. "How...?" muttered the man while he gritted his teeth. "How can you kill all those innocent people!?" cried Jiraiya as he fell onto one knee out of exhaustion.

The Uzumaki sighed and shook his head at the man. "Jiraiya-san, for a man that had been such an infamous Shinobi for such a long time, how can you be so naive...?" asked Naruto with a sense of realism. "those who you call innocent people are just vermin prone to all sorts of propaganda...even if they were to all die, what is there to be missed at all?"

Jiraiya couldn't believe his ears, he refused to let himself believe that the man in front of him was the son of the Yondaime Hokage. "You..." whispered the white haired man as he gritted his teeth. "You can't be like is impossible!" exclaimed the Sannin as he forced himself to stand, ignoring the large amount of blood dripping down his clothes.

Naruto chuckled and shook his head again. "And why is that seem to be having a hard time accepting the fact that I am the one that destroyed Konoha."

"THAT IS BECAUSE YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE A HERO TO THE VILLAGE!" cried a familiar voice from the eastern side of the village.

Naruto looked over and smiled at the sight of his Jounin Sensei glaring at him with his Sharingan. Kakashi was injured quite extensively by Kurenai and Anko, but a Ninja with his reputation was expected to have been able to escape the Shodaime's attack despite his injuries. Naruto could see the man bruises and cut along the man's body, and part of his midsection seem to be suffering from internal bleeding. The normally silver hair of the man had highlights of red, and he seem to be having a hard time breathing.

Naruto maintained his smile at the man. "Hello is really a pleasure to see you again."

Kakashi coughed out some blood as he stalked foward a little. "How could you Naruto..." asked the man as his heart clenched painfully by the betrayal of the man that he had grown to view as his little brother. "You were suppose to be the one that succeeded the many legacies of your were suppose to make them proud!"

Naruto had a smirk on his face as he kept silence of the matter...

Jiraiya nodded at Kakashi's words. "You are their legacy...and yet you destroyed the one place that they gave their lives to protect!"

Naruto smiled brighter when he felt more and more chakra signatures emerge from within the thick forest. Near the south end of the area were Tsume, Shikaku and Inoichi, but there were no signs of the Akimichi leader or the Inuzuka's Ninken. Off to the west end of the area was Maito Gai, along with several other Jounin, Naruto remembered their names as Genma, Aoba and Gekko Hayate. All of them had many injuries on them, and Gai, Shikaku and Genma were the ones who were in more severe levels.

Then as the north end of the area, came a large chakra signature, this one was almost equal to the power that Jiraiya gave off...

Naruto smiled over at the direction and clapped a few times. "Ahhh, I knew that you would join us sooner or later..." said the Uzumaki as adamantium staff blasted through the forests and stabbed itself to the ground. "...Sandaime Hokage-sama."

Sarutobi did his best to climb through the many trees in his way, and with great effort, he finally made it to the top of the canopy. The elderly Hokage had followed the chakra signature of Naruto the whole time...and the absentmindedly reminded himself that it was the most powerful aura he had felt since the Shodaime Hokage. The wrinkled old man was merely a shadow of his former legendary self, his once powerful might had mostly been grinded away by the years, and what is left is merely the guilt that came with being a Shinobi.

"Uzumaki Naruto..." mumbled the elderly Hokage as he strained his feet to maintain balance on top of a large branch.

The Uzumaki leader smirked and nodded. "Yes Hokage-sama?"

Sarutobi around him saw the other commanders among Naruto's forces, and his gaze feel upon Shiruma Danzo. The other old man had been his best friend since they were only five years old, and rivals since they were Genin. Danzo was always a man that Sarutobi had to beware of, but he was also one man that he thought would alway be protecting Konoha. Danzo may not share the same values and phliosophies as himself, but he never once expected him to turn his back against Konoha and aid in it's demise.

The Sandaime stared at his life long friend. "Danzo..." whispered the man under his breath, but the Danzo heard him loud and clear. "Why...?"

The seemingly crippled man closed his eyes and maintained his eomtionless expression. "What ever do you mean Hiruzen...?"

Sarutobi had tears in his eyes as he gritted his teeth together. "Why did you betray Konoha...both you and I were ordered by Tobirama-sensei to always protect Konoha, protect our home!" exclaimed the elderly man.

Danzo shook his head and sighed. "I know that Hiruzen...Konoha is still my top priority, but I have coe to realize that Konoha had become too ignorant and weak minded." said the bandaged man. "In order for Konoha to truly prosper, rebirth is neccesary."

Jiraiya gave out a dry chuckle. "So you decided to destroy Konoha and it's people." sneered the Sannin as he glared at Danzo. "It is also safe to assume that it was you who corrupted Naruto to such a degree...did you place him in your Root program when he was a boy?" accused Jiraiya with venom in his voice.

Naruto chuckled at the man's words and Danzo just shook his head negative. "No Jiraiya..." said Danza as he stared back at the Sannin with no sign of imtimidation. "Uzumaki-san is my leader, he was the one that had taken over my entire Root program...and I have never once tried to corrupt him since his birth."

Kakashi sneered the old war hawk. "You lie..."

All the while Naruto was becoming increasingly amused by the utter denial of the Konoha reminants. "Are all of you really that pathetic?" asked the Uzumaki as all of the Konoha people glared at him as they all flared their chakra. "Do you all really need to desperately cling on to some petty possibility that Danzo-san was the one responsible of all the things that had befallen you today?" said Naruto as he walked foward a few meters to decrease his distance from his enemies.

Kakashi looked very angry, his fists were shaking violently as his chakra rised to great heights.

The Uzumaki sighed. "Is it really that difficult for all of you to accept that the son of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato..."

All of the clan heads eyes widened at his words and felt their own fingers tingle from their anxiety. They were sure that they had hid all the information possible from the young man, all the records of the Yondaime's personal life were destroyed and the only information on Kushina were her ANBU records. Sarutobi was in shock, he never even saw a sign of Naruto knowing about his true heritage, when did the boy find out? Jiraiya was another man that was catatonic about the new information, the only thing he wanted to know was how Naruto thought of his parents.

Even some of his closest subordinates were shocked at the news, Sasuke and Neji had always wondered who Naruto's parents were. They knew that he was an orphan, and that he was an Uzumaki, but they had never expected his father to be the Yondaime Hokage. Manami and the Suna forces were equally shocked, they never even thought that the son of Konoha's greatest hero would be the one that ordered them to destroy Konoha. Manami stared at her new love with passion in her eyes...they were even more similar than she had orginally thought, Naruto was also the child of his village's leader.

Inoichi held his bleeding chest as he looked at Naruto. "H-How did you know about that information?" asked the man with a reserved tone.

Naruto merely shook his head at the man. "I really am not as stupid as you all thought Inoichi-san..." said the Uzumaki as the clan heads fliched for a split second. "That much information was easy enough to deduce."

Jiraiya growled again. "Then why are you tarnishing your parent's graves by destroying the very village that they gave their lives to protect!"

Naruto crossed his arms across his chest and smirked. "By the way I look at the situation, I prefer to say that I am clearing their names by ensuring the destruction of Konoha."

Kakashi slammed his fists into the large branch he was kneeling on. "What the fuck are you talking about?!" cried the man with extreme anger and fustration.

The Uzumaki sighed at the men in front of him. "The fact that the Yondaime was willing to sacrafice his life to save this pathetic excuse of a home only shows how he was prone to the ridiculous propaganda of the village." said Naruto with a disappointed tone. "As one of the most powerful Ninja to ever live, he could have dared to find his own philosphy and values, but his mind as vulnerable enough to be twisted by the likes of the few of you..." accused the Uzumaki as he gestured to Jiraiya and the Sandaime.

Jiraiya flared his chakra and sent a blast of KI at Naruto. "What did you say...?" the man muttered with a dark and serious tone.

Naruto smirked. "You heard me, with the power the man possessed he could have had a much better life, but instead he chose to stay in this pathetic village and become it's leader. A place that not only poisened his mind, but also caused him to lose his own life...such nonsense."

Sarutobi glared at the young man and held his weapon tighter. "Don't you dare badmouth your father, he was a great man that protected his home and loved oe with his life, if it wasn't for him you would have died on the day your were born!"

The Uzumaki sighed at the old man. "I am not bad-mouthing him at all, today I had cleared up his name in my own mind." said the young man. "Although I don't think of myself as the Yondaime's legacy, I am glad to think that as his son, I have destroyed the village that had corrupted his mind."

Kakashi coughed as his blood pressure rised. "Such insolence..." he muttered with venom in his voice. "It is such a shame that Minato-sensei had a son like you."

Naruto gave out a low chuckle at the man's words. "Well I disagree...he could have wound up with a son that was like him, a fool that would give his life for a place like Konoha...a mere idiot that would actually want to be the Hokage and protect that pathetic village."

That was the last straw for Jiraiya, he could no longer allow the man to bad mouth the one man that he loved like a son. "YOU UNGRATEFUL BASTARD!" cursed the man as he and Gamabunta charged at the Uzumaki. The giant toad was holding his gargantuan katana in a combat position as he gathered water chakra in his mouth, if anything, the toad boss summon was as livid as his master was. The giant blade came crashing down onto the Uzumaki at great speeds, the air in front of the strike was split into two because of it's amazing power.

Sarutobi and the others were all observing the outcome of the attack, and failed to notice that none of Naruto's subordinate even looked concerned for their leader...

Jiraiya gritted his teeth as he felt Gamabunta's blade and body come to a very sudden halt, he knew that the attack had hit it's mark, as he saw that the earth and forest around them were not effected. The Sannin's eyes widened when he saw that Gamabunta was struggling with his katana, looking forward the man noticed that the giant blade was still hovering in mid-air, it hadn't hit the ground yet. The attack had caused a lot of dust and debris to spring up into the air, and they blocked the view of everybody.

"Did you really think you could beat me with only brute strength...?" came Naruto's voice from within the dust cloud.

Gamabunta grunted as his blade was forced back...and much to his shock, he was being pushed back at a very steady pace, meaning that Naruto was not even trying to push him back. Jiraiya glared into the dust cloud as he tried to catch a glimpse of the Uzumaki, he couldn't believe that Naruto could force Gamabunta back, no human except for Tsunade should have that amount of power.

The dust cleared and revealed Naruto holding his own Katana against the giant one of the toad's, and he looked to be very relaxed. The Uzumaki had one of his hands in his pant pocket and his eyes closed, it seem that he didn't even move an inch from that attack. Jiraiya and the other Konoha forces were staring at him with shock and awe, that attack must have weighed at least a few tons, and the man blocked it with no effort at all.

Naruto opened his eyes and looked up at the Sannin and his summon with a menacing gaze. The man smirked as he flicked his wrist to knock the toad's blade backwards abruptly. Gamabunta quickly caught his blade with both of his hands and found that he had to fight against the force of the flick with a lot of effort.

"BUNTA!" cried Jiraiya loudly, forcing the Toad to quickly look back at the enemy...

Naruto was hovering a few meters above of Gamabunta with his blade and arm pointed to the sky. "This..." said the man as he swung his arm down and full cresent. " how you use a katana."

Jiraiya's eyes widened as he saw the giant katana of Gamabunta being cut in half by an invisible force of wind, and was further shocked when blood spewed from his summon's arm as it was sliced clean off by Naruto's attack. All the Sannin could do was suffer in silence as his life long partner let out a bone shriveling shriek of pain. The giant toad fell to his side as his right arm crashed into the thick forest underneath, Gamabunta's fall caused a sudden shake around the area as rivers of blood flowed out of his stump of an arm.

The summon disappeared in a poof of smoke, and the sudden lack of mass in the area cause a sudden influx of air to rush in the middle, pulling Jiraiya faster to the ground and the man crashed into a thick branch. spider cracks spanned across the three feet wide structure as Jiraiya laid motionlessly in the middle.

Naruto stepped to the right as he sensed someone after him from behind, through the corner of his eyes the Uzumaki saw Kakashi dash by him with his infamous Raikiri. Naruto shook his head in disappointment as he launched a kick at the white haired man's back, sending him a few meters off to the distance.

Sensing another few people around him, Naruto hovered higher into the air, looking down he saw Inoichi and Shikaku looking up at him. The Yamanaka had his hands formed into a handsign as he channel his chakra, Naruto knew what the man was going to do, so he quickly used Shunpo to appear next to the man and elbowed him in the chest. Inoichi coughed out some blood as he fell to his knees. Shikaku could not react fast enough to see his friend get attacked, all he saw what his teammate falling to the ground...most likely dead.

"Focus Nara", said a voice in front of the man.

The Jounin commander of Konoha looked up to see Naruto with his hand on his chest. Shikaku's eyes widened in shock as he tried to move away from the man, but it was too late...

"Katon: Shakkaho!" muttered Naruto as a red ball of flames gathered in his palm against Shikaku's chest. The Uzumaki sighed as he forced the jutsu against the man's chest, andshook his head as the explosion sent the man blasting into several trees, he could see that the Nara was severly burnt.

Gai took the chance and charged at Naruto at full speed, but the Uzumaki sensed him perfectly. The Taijutsu master's fist passed through an after image of his target, he his eyes widened iin shock and was further surprised when he was sent tumbling down to the ground by some random punch. The green clad man landed right beside Jiraiya on the same branch...

The Uzumaki stood on the highest branch in the area and looked down the his opponents scattered around him. He crossed his arms and sighed, "Is this truly the best you all can do, I'm surprised that Konoha lasted this long as a village if their strongest Ninja are mere weaklings."

Kakashi struggled to his feet from where he was lying. "Mind your words Naruto..." muttered the man as he stood up and glared at the Uzumaki. "We will make you eat those words!" he cried as he charged up another blast of his Raikiri. Naruto sensed a change in the man's chakra and was shocked to see the man's Sharingan eye change form, it was formed into a three bladed pinwheel...the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Gai also stood from where he was and glared at Naruto. "Kyōmon: Kai!" cried the man as his chakra surged to incredible levels, the jounin had ascended to a Kage level Shinobi like that. A blue aura surrounded the man like a torrent of flames, his skin darken because of severe blood rush, and most of the veins in his body were buldged to the maximum.

Jiraiya was also one to stand back up, and his aura was even more powerful than the two Jounin. His body took a number of toad-like traits his appearance was altered: his nose grew bigger and gained warts, he gained a goatee, and toad-like eyes. Further more, he took on a toad-like stature by using all four on the ground, and the lines on his face become much thicker, taking over each side of his face.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" cried the man and two small toads appeared on his shoulders. The one of the right was a green toad with white hair styled in somewhat of a mohawk, and had very thick eyebrows and a small goatee. The other one had a green underside with purple marking around her mouth and the back of her body. The top of her head looks as though she is wearing a hair net with hair-rollers underneath.

The two toads looked at their summoner in shock. "You summoned us Jiraiya-chan, this must be serious!" said the female toad.

Jiraya nodded grimmly. "Yes...Konoha just got destroyed!" said the man as the two toads' eye widened in shock. "And that man is the one that did it!"

The male toad stared at Naruto for a few seconds before his jaws dropped. "T-That he Minato-chan's s-"

"NO!" cried Jiraiya with untamed anger, frightening his two toads. "He is just a traitor of Konoha and a person that needs to die!" cursed the Sannin as he maintained his glare at the young blond man.

A smile graced Naruto's face as he stared down at each of his powered up opponents. "Now this is more like it...prove that you are worthy to due by my hands." said the Uzumaki leader as he tightened his grip on his blade ad brought it up to a combat position. The hand that was in his pocket was now at his side defensively, and his eyes were on full alert.

Naruto's movements suddenly ceased as his eyes widened, moving his eyeballs to see, he saw many tendrills of a shadow along his body. The shadow threads wrapped themselves around Naruto's legs, they formed a wide span around his midsection and almost completely covered his arms, completely immobilizing him.

"What is this...?" muttered Naruto as he gritted his teeth and glare at the men in front of him.

"Kage Nui no Jutsu!" muttered Shikaku kneeling on the ground with blood dripping down his chin. He looked over at the Jounins and Sannin. "Hurry up, I can't hold him for long!" he cried as he felt himself rapidly losing his strength.

Kakashi was the first to move, he sped at the Uzumaki at full speed. The lightning in his hands were surging with power, the residual power flared off of the jutsu to a span of three meters, and the thick forest under him burned as he ran across it. Kakashi pinpointed on Naruto's heart with his Sharingan and used a very light version of Kamui to make sure that Naruto stayed motionless.

"RAIKIRI!" cried the man loudly as he stabbed his hand right through Naruto's heart. Blood spewed out of the Uzumaki's mouth as his whole body went numb because of the electricity. Kakashi hand came out the of Naruto's back, and the lightning chakra were still going strong. Kakashi glared at Naruto in close range with his Sharingan, "You is good that Sensei and Kushina-senpai died when they did, that way they wouldn't have to see what you turn out to be..." he sneered as he gestureed to Shikaku that he could release his hold.

Naruto glared back at Kakashi and spat in his face...

Kakashi was about to stab Naruto again but he sensed that Gai was nearing them, the masked Jounin smirked as he sneered at Naruto. "Enjoy this..."

As the Copy Ninja jumped away Naruto saw Maito Gai hovering a few meters above him, his blue aura was overpowering and the Uzumaki found it hard to breath. He placed one of his palms facing forward in front of his face with one hand and then taps it with his other hand, formed into a fist, it created a massive amount of air pressure around him. The Taijutsu master then formed a unique hand seal resembling a tiger, which launches the air pressure at Naruto in the shape of a tiger by leaving a gigantic tiger-shaped impression into the initially built-up air pressure with the hand seal. The air pressure condensed as it focused into a single point.

"Hirudora!" cried the man as all of the air pressure were release in an instant. With the shape and roar of a tiger, the lethal blast crashed onto the Uzumaki at point blank range.

Naruto was launched like a cannonball into ground, his body tore though the thick forest beneath him like it was paper, and finally crashed into the earth, creating a huge explosion of debris on impact. The foundation of the earth around them shook because of the massive force of the attack, and formed a crater the size of the Hokage Monument in the middle of the forest. The trees around the impact area were blown to pieces, their roots were ripped from the earth and their trunks were shattered.

A shadow covered the crater as Jiraiya had blocked the sun with his own body and Jutsu. A gigantic Rasengan was surging in the man's palm, it was the size of the Hokage tower and it created violent torrents of wind around it with it's incredible spin. As the man dived into the ground with his gargantuan attack, a light blue glow surrounded the area, and it was because if the brightness of Jiraiya's chakra.

"THIS IS FOR MY SON, NAMIKAZE MINATO!" cried the man as he let loose his Jutsu directly at the center of the crater. The giant vortex of chakra grinded into the ground and literally ripped the earth apart, like a drill, it powered into the ground. The ground shook as though there was an earthquake, the forest was once againt ripped apart by the surging power, and a loud, horrible, grinding noise, sounded through the area. The earth on impact were scorched by the chakra and heavy friction, and large amounts of smoke covered the impact area.

Aoba and Hayate were both in awe be the power their higher ups shown, and thought that they had defeated the man responsible for destroying their home. "Yes...they did it!" cried Aoba as he punch his fist into the air. Hayate was smiling and nodding beside him, and Genma was on the ground on all fours, tears were streaming down his face. He was very close to the Yondaime Hokage, and he felt great shame that Konoha allowed his living legacy to be the one destroying Konoha...even though he wanted Naruto dead he felt like he had failed his leader.

Aoba smirked over at Sasuke, Neji and Danzo. "Just all are the next to die!"

Sasuke just shook his head and wrapped his arms around Temari with a smirk on his face. He whispered something into Temari's ears, the girl smiled a little and punched the Uchiha lightly on his chest and kissed him softy on the lips. Neji closed his eyes and suppressed a smirk, he held onto Tenten's hand as he looked the other way...Danzo just remained emotionless, but if one was to look carefully, they would be able to see some sort of sadness in his blank eyes.

Hayate looked at the rebels worriedly. "W-Why are they..." stuttered the man as he stared at Sasuke. " relaxed and amused?"

Genma's eyes widened and quickly turned back to see the battle area...

Jiraiya's Rasengan finally ran out of chakra and dispersed itself. The Toad Sennin jumped back and landed back on the treelines. He was out of breath and tired, even before using Sage Mode he felt exhasuted, and after it gave his body incredible strain. His hand had severe chakra burns on them, that last Cho Odama Rasengan had taken it's toll on the man. Jiraiya stared back into the crater as tears flowed out of his eyes...

"I'm so sorry Minato...Kushina..." whispered the man to the wind. "I have failed both of you badly...this didn't have to happen if I took care of Naruto when he was younger."

The crater was almost a tenth of the size of the Konoha forest, everything inside of it was destroyed. All that remained in that area were dust, ashes and sand. Nothing, nobody could have survived that barrage of attacks...Uzumaki Naruto was dead...grinded into pieces by the Rasengan.

"Jiraiya-chan..." whispered the small female toad softy. "It is not your had to follow the movements of Orochimaru, as well as maintain your spy network for Konoha."

Jiraiya stayed silent and just turned back towards to the others. He used Shunshin to get closer to Kakashi, Gai and Shikaku, they all looked sombre and depressed, but they all knew that they still had a mission to finish.

Kakashi gripped his fists tightly as he walked up to the army of hundreds, the masked Jounin was feeling more anger than he ever had, and he wanted nothing more than to slaughter his way through the crowd...particularly his student, Uchiha Sasuke.

Gai was just as livid as his rival, it was very probably that his prized student and surrogate son had been killed during the Shodaime's attack, and he wanted revenge. Lee was like a son to him, the boy was very young and still had many more things to learn and experience...but he is dead because of the group of traitors, including Neji and Tenten.

Shikaku was more experienced that Kakashi and Gai, as well as smarter, but he was no less mindless when it came to his anger. His wife and son had most likely been killed by the rebels, one of his best friends had been left behind during the Shodaime's attack, and Inoichi was at the verge of death...he needed revenge.

Four of Konoha most powerful Ninja walked slowly up to the hundreds of Shinobi rebelling against them and stared down at them...silent tension everywhere.

Jiraiya walked forward and stared at Danzo. "Your leader is dead..." said the man seriously. "Give up may have more numbers, but the few of us will be enough to take out all of you by fighting to the death!" announced the Sannin as he glared at the crowd. Kakashi, Gai and Shikaku were behind the Sannin fully, they all wanted nothing more than to kill all of the rebels, but it would be best if they could live through this event.

Danzo, Manami and Neji looked very serious and had angered expressions on their faces...but Sasuke?

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" laughed the hysterical Uchiha as he held onto Temari's frame. "Oh Kami, I...can't t-take it anymore..." he choked out as he kept on laughing.

Temari's eyebrows twitched in annoyance and she smacked her fiance on the back of his head. "You are such a jerk!" cried the girl as she pushed the man away. "Why do you have to ruin every epic moment?!"

Sasuke continued to laugh hysterically on the ground. "I'm sorry...but their face are so serious...and it makes them look so funny!" choked out Sasuke again.

The Uchiha's words made it to Neji's ears, and even the Hyuga couldn't hold it in anymore, a light chuckle came out of his lips as his body shook a little. " are such a brat..." he muttered as he chuckled at the four Konoha Ninja.

Kakashi glared at the Uchiha as the latter laughed. The Uzumaki forces' behavior greatly confused the four powerful Shinobi, they looked at the laughing Uchiha, chuckling Hyuga and the two stoic Danzo and Manami...they couldn't find any sort of sense.

Jiraiya snarled at them. "What the fuck are you laughing at?!" cried the Sannin serioiusly, he was livid at the people in front of him, and they had the audacity of laughing in the best of a life and death battle.

Gai looked over at Kakashi. "What the hell is going on?" muttered the man confused as his rival was equally lost.

All the while, Shikaku was gitting his teeth in anxiety, he noticed that something was horribily wrong...

Suddenly a shrivelling cry on anguish filled the air, and the four Konoha Ninja all quickly looked back. They were in shock to see Aoba, Hayate and Genma, all stabbed. There was only the one blade, the same Katana had pierced all three of their bodies, they were slaughtered like a trio of sheep on a stake. Jiraiya punched the ground in anger as he saw the blade that was in the chests of his three men...but there was nobody holding the blade.

Kakashi, and Gai were shaking in anger, even the last few of the Jounin were killed. "Who did that?" muttered the masked Jounin with gritted teeth.

Gai gripped his fists till they were bleeding. "Genma...Hayate...Aoba."

The three Jounin pierced on the blade were suddenly flung into the air as the blade moved, they fell into the forest under them and crashed into the earth to join the rest of Konoha's casualties...

Then a voice suddenly sounded through the area...and it rendered Kakashi, Gai, Shikaku and Jiraiya catatonic...

"Kudakero: Kyoka Suigetsu…"

With a few words, the reality in the eyes of the Konoha Ninja was shattered. Uzumaki Naruto emerged to be the one holding the blade that killed the three Jounin. He still had his smirk on his face as he stood confidently, twenty feet in mid-air. Naruto was perfectly intact, his clothes and hair looked to be in place and tidy, and there was not a drop of blood on his clothes.

Kakashi's eyes were wide as his body shook in shock. "How is this possible...will killed you!"

Naruto looked disappointed and swung his blade over his shoulders. "Did you really think that you could defeat me so easily?" taunted the man with a sigh.

Gai growled and stepped forward a little. "Did you see any sort of Genjutsu, Kakashi!?"

The masked Jounin shook his head negative as he maintained his glare at Naruto. "No...I had my Sharingan on him the whole time, there was no way that Genjutsu could have worked!"

Shikaku growled and grabbed Gai and Kakashi's shoulders. "This must be the power of his Zanpakuto!" cried the Jounin commander desperately. "Someone at his level of power must have unlocked his Shikai or maybe Bankai, and he had not used it once...this must be a part of it's power."

Kakashi looked back at the Nara leader. "That must be it..." he muttered angrily. "...why did we not think of it before!?"

Jiraiya looked back at the crater and felt his blood run cold, he looked up at Naruto and sneered. "Uzumaki Naruto..." started the man as the Uzumaki looked down at him. "I know that the person we attack was not an illusion...what was that!?"

Naruto smirked and crossed his arms. "Well, that is certainly compelling..." said the man as he chuckled. "...but I'll lead you though this...who is missing from the crowd...someone that was here before you attacked me, and is not here now?"

Jiraiya felt his blood boil, his eyes darkened into darkness as his chakra grew to new heights. The two toads on his shoulders were also shaken by the sudden jolt of power and looked to be uncomfortable. "You..." whispered the Sannin under his breath. "YOU MONSTER!" cried the man as he charged at the Uzumaki at blinding speeds, a shockwave accompanied his burst, and it almost knocked away the other three Konoha Ninja.

Naruto maintained his smirk at the man as the latter charged at him. "You shouldn't attack so rashly..." said the Uzumaki as he suddenly disappeareed from Jiraiya's view. The Sannin was shocked to feel extreme pain on the left side of his body, and he looked over to see that his left arm and shoulder had been cut off. He was about to tumble to the ground, but someone caught the back of his shirt. "You are full of openings..." finished Naruto as he channel chakra into his hand. "Katon: Soren Sokatsui!" he announced, and instantly a pillar of blue flames crashed into the ground, scorching a large part of the area and reducing Jiraiya, his two summons, and a fifth of the forest to ashes.

"JIRAIYA-SAMA!" cried Shikaku.

Naruto used Shunpo to appear next to Shikaku, and before anyone was fast enough to react, he plunged his blade through the man's stomach. Kakashi was the first to react because his Sharingan caught sight of Naruto, he turned his fists towards the man, but he was quickly brushed aside by a swift kick at his chest. As the Copy Ninja was sailing through the air, Naruto appeared above him and stabbed him through his chest with his katana.

"KAKASHI!" cried a shocked Gai as he ran towards his friend and his enemy.

Naruto caught Kakashi's body by the leg and threw him over at the charging Jounin. Gai caught his friend's body, but he was shocked to see that Naruto was already in front of him. Gai looked onto the menacing eyes of the Uzumaki as he felt something slice deep across his midsection...almost cutting him in half. As Gai was about to drop Kakashi, Naruto caught the masked man...looking over at Danzo and threw him the body.

Naruto watched as the remaining Jounin and Jounin commander fall into the depths of the forest under them...he saw that all of their eyes were still looking at him.

Sasuke, Neji and Danzo had always known that their leader was among some of the strongest Shinobi to ever live, but to see him utterly destroy some of the most powerful Ninja in Konoha with abosolute no effort amazed even them. Jiraiya, Kakashi, Shikaku and Gai as a team could probably battle against an army of a thousand and come out victorious, but they were mere ants to Naruto. They all couldn't fathom the depths of the Uzumaki's power, and accepted the fact that they could propably never comprehend it.

The Suna and Oto Ninja were even more shocked at the display of power than the Konoha Shinobi. They expected the battle to last much longer tan the mere minute that it took, and that Naruto would have to use his Kyoka Suigetsu more than once. Baki was a man that had been through the Third Shinobi World War, and had fought against several Uzumaki's, but none of them wee even capable to measuring to his new leader. The blond man was simply someone that was peerless...

Manami was smiling at Naruto, as a Junchuriki herself, she assumed that the revenge on the people that had wronged him his whole life felt good. She was happy that Konoha paid it's debt to Naruto...

"Pathetic..." he muttered as he walked back towards his own army. Looking over at Danzo, Naruto shot him a knowing look, "Keep Kakashi's Sharingan...extract it and place it into safe not use it for any other means." commanded the Uzumaki.

The bandaged man bowed deeply to his leader. "Hai Uzumaki-sama."

Naruto nodded and smiled at his forces, he walked to over to his few commanders as they all neared him. Danzo, Sasuke, Neji and Manami all bowed to Naruto as they neared. "Congratulations Uzumaki-sama/taicho."

The Uzumaki chuckled and nodded. "Yes..." he said as he breathed in a deep breath of fresh air. "This is such a good day." With a sigh of relaxation, Naruto looked over at all his commanders. "Our mission here is over...get ready to travel to Uzushiogakure!"

The four leaders bowed quickly. "HAI!" saluted the four of the in unison. They each turned back to their own group of troops and started to order different people various tasks, the distance to Uzushio would take the whole army about two days to arrive, so they had to carry quite large amounts of food and water, and all that needed to be organized.

Naruto looked over at Kabuto with a smile. "Kabuto-san...please recall the Shodaime." order the man politely.

The grey haired man nodded seriously. "Hai...Uzumaki-sama." said the man as he released the Edo Tensei Jutsu, and the Shodaime's body reduced to ashes within the forest that he had created.

The Uzumaki then looked over at the Uchiha commander. "Okay Sasuke...go ahead."

The Uchiha nodded and signalled his army to follow him. All one hundred and fifty channeled their wind and fire chakra and waeved through several handsigns. "KATON: GYOKAKYU NO JUTSU!" "FUTON: DAITOPPA!" Fire and winds mixed into a devastating inferno and lit the forest under them on fire. The flames spanned the whole radius of where Konoha use to be, and would continue to burn until the entire area of the village was scorched to ashes.

Naruto crossed arms and nodded. "Good..." he muttered softy. "Lets go!"

With that, the entire Uzumaki force left for their new home, Uzushiogakure no Sato, a village that others thought will never be reborn again...

...And left the destroyed village of Konoha, a village that others thought will never burn to ashes.

And the only witness of the burning forest and ruins...were the faces of the previous leaders of Konoha...on their monument.