Genjutsu Legend Chapter 19

Uzumaki Naruto had always been a person that enjoyed sleeping, which was slightly awkard considering his amibitious attitude, ever since he was seven years old he had been wanting to reach into a deep slumber. When the Uzumaki was seven years old he always felt that sleeping was a waste of time and caused him to feel insecure and vulnerable, but because of his activation of Shikai, his opinion changed...

"Naruto-koi..." whispered a soft voice into the Uzumaki's ear.

Naruto's eyes twitched a little as he woke up, he could feel that his head was resting on one of his girl's chest and it felt very warm and soft. His nose was filled with the soft aroma of jasmine flowers, and it was very refreshing and delightful. Several arms were wrapped around his shoulders and chest securely, he could feel two soft mounds against he back, and another one of his girls lighting kissing the back of his neck.

The Uzumaki opened his eyes and stared into the ruby red eyes of Kurenai. "Hey...Kurenai-chan, good morning", whispered the man softy as he leaned in a little and kissed the woman lightly on the lips.

The soft pair of arms behind his back tightened as someone rested their face on his shoulder. "Did you sleep weil Naru-kun..." asked Anko as he lightly rubbed her fiance's collarbone.

Naruto smiled and shifted his body until he was facing the purple haired beauty. "Of course I did babe..." whispered the man as he kissed her softy as well. Naruto sunk back into the bed and let his two girls lay their heads on his chest and shoulder, he really enjoyed the warmth their bodies provided him, and their amazing smells were intoxicating.

Kurenai smiled as he kissed Naruto's shoulder. "This is nice...I'm use to waking up in a hurry because I'd have to rush back to my own home."

Naruto chuckled and nodded. "Don't worry beautiful, now you can stay in bed for as long as you want." said the man as he pulled the brunette closer to him.

Anko giggled and ran her fingers along Naruto's muscular chest. "Really...then we shouldn't just lay in bed, let make use of this time", huskily whispered Anko to her two lovers as she straddled Naruto's midsection. She leaned down to give the blond man a passionate kiss and grinded her wet core against his length. As the snake mistress broke the kiss and proceeded downards, Kurenai straddled Naruto's face as she herself faced Anko. Naruto enjoyed the delicacy of Kurenai wet sex as the two women made out with each other on top of him.

The Uzumaki forces had made it to Uzushiogakure no Sato three days ago, and so far everything was operating smoothly. Tazuna and many other carpenters had finished with the main buildings of the village a few months ago, so the Shinobi forces of the village were operational. The estimated size of Uzushiogakure would be about the same size as Konoha use to be, but the Shinboi forces would be even more powerful than the old power house.

Naruto did not impliment the traditional Shinobi village style of ranking, he found that the lack of general chain of command problematic, so he used his innovation to redeem the problem. Instead of one unified force that is used to complete all tasks, Naruto divided his forces into separate squadrons, each with it's own captain. There were a total of seven Divisions in the village, and they were numbered numerically. The order of the Divisions does not list the rankings of power, they were simplily a way to organize the forces into different chains of command.

Over the years Danzo and Naruto had successful trained over six hundred Ne members, which were all the Uzushiogakure ANBU black ops at the moment. the Shinobi in the ANBU black ops were divided into three levels, the first and lowest level are the normal members on the many squads. The entired ANBU sector of the forces was renamed as the Onmitsukidō, and they were under the command of the captain of the created Division two, Shiruma Danzo and his second in command, Sai.

Division one was naturally under Naruto himself, and only the members with the most potential and actual prowess could join Division one. The principle of Naruto's force, was that the members of his Division will become role models for the other Shinobi of the village, as they were chosen to join Division one because of their exceptional talent and philosophical uniformity. The speciality of Division one will be the practice of Fuinjutsu, and Naruto had created a set of educational program dedicated to teach his Division members advance Fuinjutsu. The vice-captain of Division one is Kurenai, with Anko in third seat, and Hana in the fourth seat.

Division three was under the command of Captain Uchiha Sasuke, as he enlisted Temari as his second in command. The Uchiha's Division contained all of the Katon and Futon members of the village, and they will mainly handle fighting Shinobi from Kumogakure and Sunagakure. As Sasuke had demonstrated before, his army is capable of moving in fast and unified battle formations, so they will also be the main defense of their village in the case that they were attacked. The Uchiha was also allowed to build the local village police force, which will recruit members equally from all Divisions of the village, and they will fall under the direct command of Sasuke.

Division four was assigned to Kabuto and it specializes in medical Ninjutsu and various healing arts. Kabuto's skills as a medical Ninja had clearly been recognized by Naruto, and the leader had assigned him to train a legion of medical Ninja inside the village. The grey haired man was also left in charge of the Research and Developement Insitute of the village, which was dedicated to invent and create new technology to aid the militaristic prowess of the village.

Division five was given to the command of Sabaku no Manami, and it was in charge of demolition and annihilation of foreign forces, her second in command was Baki. This particular army was capable of obliterating enemy fortresses or castles with their power, and with the sand of Manami, they will be one of the most deadly force in the elemental nations. Division five was mainly occupied with former Suna Shinobi, as Naruto thought that they would rather follow the command of Manami, than to serve under an unfamiliar captain.

Momochi Haku was given command of Division six, and he had enlisted Zabuza as his second in command. Their army specializes in Suiton and Raition Ninjutsu, and will mainly be fighting against Shinobi from Kirigakure, and Iwagakure.

Hyuga Neji was enlisted as the captain of Division seven with Tenten as his second in command, and he and his forces was in charge of foreign affaires. Since they were a new village that was created by the demise of Konohagakure, they needed to communicate with the leader of other villages. As a Hyuga, Neji was a diplomatic man, and will be capable of handling treaties or alliances with the other villages. Naruto had also ordered Neji to create a spy network of their own.

After the morning fun with two of his girls, Naruto headed towards his main barracks to meet with his subordinates. The barracks of Division one, along with all the others, were ordered by Naruto to be built like a grand building, and Tazuna had definitely done a good job. The towering wooden structures and the ever spanning borderlines made the new village look like a threshold of a new era.

Naruto was wearing his usual outfit, but now his white Haori had the kanji for the number "1" on it's back, identifying him as the commander of Division one, as well as the Uzukage. Kyoka Suigetsu was secured by his belt as it's brilliance shown brightly in the sunlight.

"Ohayo Uzumaki-taicho!" said someone from behind the leader.

Naruto peered his gaze backwards and saw Uchiha Sasuke walking up to him. "Ohayo Sasuke-kun, how are you this morning?" asked the leader kindly. The Uchiha was wearing a black version of the Konoha Jounin uniform under his white Haori, which had the Kanji for three on it.

Sasuke smirked at his leader and friend. "Quite good actually, ever since we arrived, my sleeping had gotten a lot better."

The Uzumaki chuckled and nodded. "That is nice, I also feel more relaxed because of the fact that Konoha no longer exists." said the man as he continued his walk towards his office. Naruto could only smirk at the thought of the people of Konoha being destroyed by their own founder, and the leader of that village to be killed by his best men.

The Uchiha smirked. "Is that the only reason, just a few days ago, you have proven to everybody in the elemental nations that you are the most powerful man in Hi no Kuni!" said the young man as he looked at his leader. "Soon the Fire Daimyo will be contacting us."

"They already did..." said someone from behind the two captains.

Naruto looked back once again. " are you this morning?" The Hyuga was dressed in a similar fashion as Sasuke, but his Haori had the kanji for seven on it.

The Hyuga bowed deeply to his leader. "I am well Uzumaki-taicho, thank you..." said the man with respect before he looked back up at his leader. "Just last night, our people in scattered around Hi No Kuni had been contacted by people of the Daimyo, and they wish to know about our location so we could discuss a new alliance."

Naruto nodded as Sasuke smirked. "Wow, that was fast!" said the Uchiha amused. "We have only been here for a week and the fire at Konoha is probably still burning...and those people already want to discuss future plans with us!?"

The Uzumaki nodded. "That is good, have them tell the Daimyo our location, and I will meet with him personally." said the leader with authority. "But tell them that I will not accept any sort of replacement, it must be the Daimyo himself when we negotiate, if they can't give us that, than there is no point in talking."

Neji nodded seriously. "Hai, Uzumaki-taicho!"

Naruto smiled at his two closest subordinates. "So how are the two of you doing with restoring the Hyuga and Uchiha clans here?" asked the man kindly.

Sasuke smirked and chuckled a little. "I really like the clan home Tazuna built for me, but it is going to take me quite some time to fill all those rooms with my children." joked the young man with a smile on his face.

Neji sighed and nodded his head. "It is basically the same thing with me, Tenten is not against having children now, but it might take a while for us to have enough of them to repopulate the Hyuga clan."

Naruto looked over at them amused. "So neither of you are going to take more than one woman is enough for each of you?" asked their leader with a smirk on his face, he adored all of his girls, but he doesn't think he would like it if he only had one wife...four or five was perfect for him.

The Uchiha chuckled and ran his hand through his hair. "I have thought about it, but Temari is enough for me now...I could barely handle her, adding more to the pot will just make matters worse." said the Uchiha with a smile on his face, he truly had strong feelings for Temari, and he didn't want to hurt her.

Neji had a rare smile on his face. "Tenten is my lover, and she is enough for me." said the man with a sense of affection. "I can't see myself falling in love with any other women, so I will have to bare the slower reproduction of the Hyuga Clan."

Sasuke looked over to his smiling leader. "What about you Uzumaki-taicho, you are repopulating the main clan of the village."

Naruto smirked and placed his hands in his pockets. "Well I do have more lovers than you two, so it will be faster for me...and Anko-chan is already pregnant."

Sasuke and Neji were shocked but instantly had smiles on their faces. "Wow, that's great!" exclaimed the Uchiha with joy.

Neji nodded along with his friend. "Congratulations; Uzumaki-sama!"

The Uzumaki chuckled a little and had a smile on his face. "Thank you...I am very excited to see my son or daughter." The Uzumaki's were once a powerful people, but the few large Shinobi villages eliminated them during the Second and Third Shinobi World War, but that no longer matters, because the new Uzumaki clan will be the ones who will destroy the elemental nations and all the Shinobi villages within them.

The leader of the village along with two of the captains of the Uzushio Gotei Nanabantai, walked into the Division one barracks and all the guards that were lined up along the sides bowed to them respectfully. Naruto was walking in the middle of the three and had an aura of intimidation around him, everyone in the village knew that he was the most powerful man in the nation, and all of them will offer him the utmost respect whenever he passes them by.

Neji and Sasuke were still young, and they don't have as much respect as their leader within the minds of their own troops, but the people do know that they both have tremendous potential, and under the constant training of their leader, there was no doubt that the two captains will become some of the most powerful men that had ever lived.

As Naruto arrived at his own quarters, he found that all of the other captains were already there waiting for his arrival. "Good morning all, sorry to keep you waiting..." said the Uzumaki with a smirk on his face.

Danzo, Haku, Kabuto, and Manami all bowed to their leader and offered him their respect. After a few seconds, Danzo looked up at his leader with no emotions on his face. "Shall we begin the meeting Uzumaki-sama?" asked the man softy.

Naruto walked up to the his door and passed by the old man. "Of course we will Danzo-san...why else would we be here?" stated the man as he looked down upon the old warhawk, his eyes piercing into the man's soul. The large double opened as the Uzumaki walked up to it, and revealed a large conference room within. Naruto walked all the way to the back wall and sat down in the main seat with a sigh. All the other captains followed suit, each sitting in their own numbered chair.

Naruto leaned forward onto the table and rested his elbows on it. "So..." started the man immediately. "This is the first meeting of our new home, and is also my address to all you captains of our forces..." Naruto allowed his eyes to scan the faces of his captains before he continued. He looked over at his two closest subordinates, Sasuke and Neji, and saw that they were mostly relaxed and comfortable, but some of the others were showing nervousness. Haku was the obvious one, they boy had more experience than Sasuke and Neji, but his personality was weaker and needed to be polished...

Danzo was his usual emotionless self, but Naruto knew the man better than that. Ever since the death of the Sandaime Hokage, Naruto noticed that Danzo had changed a bit, he was no longer a problematic ant in his plans. The old man had always been one of secrets and hidden motives, but ever since the destruction of Konoha, the man had become much more intimidated by Naruto, and would listen to his every order without question.

Naruto looked over at Kabuto and chuckled a little inwardly. The man was really intelligent and had a very high EQ, even the Uzumaki himself must give him his credit. Having been one of the best men of Orochimaru, Kabuto was a powerful man, no only in his prowess as a Ninja, but also his ability to lie and deceit. He was a true Shinobi, one that can read the situation perfectly and adapt quickly to a new leader...but that just makes him less valuble to Naruto. The Uzumaki is a man that has the power to kill everyone in his village alone, and he will not tolerate any sort of insubordination...if Kabuto ever tries to defy him, the grey haired man would just find a blade piercing his heart.

The Uzumaki's eyes finally landed on Manami, one of his few precious people. The girl was putting up a serious and emotionless face, but Naruto could tell that she was a little nervous...which made her look cute in his opinion. Naruto was sure that the girl had strong feelings for him, but she was too reserved to act upon them. The man had no intention of letting the girl's infatuation slip away with time, if she was shy about it, then he would take the liberty of acting upon his own feelings.

He had already consulted with Kurenai, Anko and Hana, they were all a little angry at first, but soon realized that Manami was a girl that their lover truly had feelings for, so they ulimately accepted the unchangable fact. His lovers knew that he would take on multiple wives, but promised them that it won't be more than five, and including Manami, it was four. They all thought that the fifth place was for some girl that Naruto had not met yet, but might fall for later on...but that was not it.

Manami noticed her love interest smiling over at her and a blush automatically flared on her face, it was not a huge blush, but her fair skin pronounced it more...

"Are you okay Manami-taicho?" asked Naruto as he hid a smirk.

The red haired beauty looked over at her leader with a bit of an annoyed look. "Yes Uzumaki-sama...I am fine."

Naruto chuckled and nodded before he turned back to focus on all of the captains. "There are a few things that we need to do for the future three years." said the man seriously and gained the full attention of everyone present. "The most important issue for us right now is the lack of human resources, though I already tasked Gato to attract more civilians for us, it will still take sometime to populate our village, so I encourage all captains to encourage their troops to have children with their partner, as it will benefit the village later on."

Kabuto looked over at his leader. "Excuse me Uzumaki-sama" said the man as the Uzumaki focused on him. "That might severely slow down the training of our troops, will that be okay?" asked the man.

Naruto nodded. "That is a plausible point Yakushi-taicho, but it is a price that I am willing to pay." said the leader to the grey haired man. "If we don't populate now, it will be much harder for us to do later we might as well get it over with."

Neji nodded. "Yes, it is very important that we do that now, as we need civilians to have a functioning economy within the village." said the man emotionlessly as Kabuto nodded with a smile.

Naruto nodded at the Hyuga's words. "Moving on..." said the man as all the captains refocused. "The Nanabantai is responsible for establishing trade networks and alliances with the other villages, we must promote our position as the new major Shinobi village of Hi no Kuni, one that has replaced Konoha!"

Neji nodded at his leader's words. "Understood Uzumaki-taicho, I have already contacted Kiri and Kumo, we should have a reply from them soon."

The Uzumaki nodded at the man apprasingly. "Then there is the village infrastructure, which is left on the shoulders of the Sanbantai" said the man as he looked over at Sasuke. "As you are also in command of the new police force, you will use it to create order and peace within the village...make sure to punish those who did wrong, and reward those to do good, the oldest system in the book."

Sasuke smirked and nodded. "You got it Uzumaki-taicho!" saluted the man with a smile.

The leader focused on everybody. "Then there is a task for all of the captains in the room." said the leader as all the captains perked up at his words. "All of you will do your best to achieve the highest possible height of power individually in the next three years, it is crucial that we become as strong as we can for the future!"


Danzo looked over at his leader. "Are you expecting the other villages to attack us Uzumaki-sama?" asked the old warhawk.

Naruto sighed and leaned back against his chair. "That is definitely one of the biggest threats, but it is not what I am really worried about." stated the man as the other captains paid full attention. "There is a certain group that have attracted my attention...they are called the Akatsuki."

Danzo's eye widened a little at the mentioned name. "You mean...?"

The Uzumaki nodded at the man. "From what I have heard about them, they are a band of S-ranked missing-nin that comes from all corners of the world, and they all work under one person."

Kabuto nodded. "That is true, Orochimaru use to be one of them." said the man as others fell into shock.

Naruto looked over at the captain of Division 4 seriously. "Tell us what you know Yakushi-taicho."

The grey haired man nodded. "From what I have learned about them was that there are about nine of them, and all of them are extremely dangerous people." started the man as he looked at his leader. "All of them are S-ranked Ninja in the Bingo Books, and the few that I know of are Hoshigaki Kisame..." Haku's eyes widened at that, Zabuza had told him about the powerful man, he was once called the no tailed Bijuu. "Sasori of the Red Sand." Manami was shocked at the name, Sasori was one of the most wanted criminals in Suna, and he was reknowned as the greates puppeteer to ever exist.

Kabuto looked over at Sasuke. "...and Uchiha Itachi!"

Sasuke's eyes widened as his fists clenched, his Sharingan activated unconsciously as he glared at his fellow captain. "Are you sure about that Kabuto?..." asked the man with an edge in his voice.

The grey haired man nodded seriously. "Absolutely...he once defeated Orochimaru and casted him aside, he was the reason Orochimaru left Akatsuki, he was no match for Itachi."

All the captains grew wary of the infamous Uchiha, the man who killed off most of the Uchiha clan had always been one of the most terrifying man in the Ninja world, and most of the villages in the elemental nations have a flee on sight order on him. Sasuke felt anger grow in his heart, he wanted nothing more than to tear the man apart, but he was not strong enough yet...

Naruto cleared his throat to rid the crowd of the nervousness. "I know that the Akatsuki is a feared bunch, but we are no weaker than them...and if we spend the next three years training, we will be fine..." said the man confidently. He himself was not intimidated by the Akatsuki, he himself was most likely more powerful than each of them, but if they were to team up than they would be a problem. That was why he needed his own people to become stronger as well, Sasuke, Neji and Haku had a lot of potential, and he intended to exploit them.

The Uzumaki scanned the faces of the captains and saw that most of them were fine. "Okay...this is the end of the meeting, you are all free to return to your own barracks."

One by one the captains got off of their seats and left the barracks of Division One, all except Danzo. Naruto allowed the man to stay and maintained his gaze of Sasuke. The Uchiha on his side had the potential to become just as powerful as his brother, and with the Uzumaki's training, he was confident that Sasuke will be more powerful than Itachi in a few years. If Sasuke really wanted to kill his brother than Naruto would help him, as the Uchiha's loyalty was quite important, and killing Itachi will not be very hard for him and Kyoka Suigetsu...the stronger Itachi's eyes were, the more vulnerable he was to the Uzumaki's power.

Naruto looked over at the old man and sighed. "I suppose you have something to tell me about Uchiha Itachi?"

Danzo opened his eye and nodded at his leader. "Yes...Uzumaki-sama."

For the next hour, Danzo told Naruto everything he knew about the Uchiha Clan massacre, and the Uzumaki was quite surprised about it. It seems that the old Sandaime was not as weak as he thought, at least he was able to stop the Uchiha clan from revolting. It surprised him that Itachi was willing to kill his own family just to protect the peace of Konoha, the Uchiha was just another man like the Yondaime, a powerful Ninja prone to Konoha's propaganda.

Judging on the actions of Uchiha Itachi, he should be coming for Sasuke soon. Konoha was already destroyed, so there was no longer a need for the man to be with the Akatsuki...but Naruto was not about to allow Sasuke to leave that easily. The best solution would be for Itachi to join up with them, but if that fails to happen, then Naruto have to kill off the Uchiha.

The Uzumaki looked back at the old man. "If Itachi comes for Sasuke...I will give him a chance to join us, but if he disagrees, I will kill him." said the man as he stood up and looked out the window of the room, turning his back against Danzo.

The old warhawk sighed. "Are you sure that is a good idea...Itachi could just fake his loyalty to Uzushio and spy on us from within."

Naruto chuckled. "If I let him join us, I would have him under my hypnosis constantly...everything he eats, hears, sees, touches, and even smells, will be controlled by my. There is nothing his Sharingan can do to escape my illusion...if he joins us, he will be nothing but my puppet."

Danzo sighed inwardly, he knew that his leader would not feel that Itachi was a threat, but the old man was beginning to see that Itachi would be a match for the Uzumaki. Itachi's sharingan would actually cost him the battle, and even if the Uchiha abandons his eyes sight while fighting his leader, he would be no match against the perfect skill of the Uzumaki.

Naruto looked back at Danzo. "You are dismissed Danzo-san...feel free to go back and train, we will need your power in the near future..."

The old man nodded. "Hai...Uzumaki-sama!" saluted the man as he disappeared with a Shunshin.

Naruto used shunpo to arrive back in his personal quarter in a few seconds, and he could sense that all his girls were inside his home. Smilling to himself, Naruto opened the door, and he saw Anko being surrounded by Kurenai and Hana on a large couch, and all of them had bright smiles on their faces. The new living quarter of the Uzukage was very spacious, it was a house that had ten thousand square feet of area, and it had everything the man needed to train with or have leisure with.

"Hey my beauties, how are you all?" asked the man as he walked into his home.

The three lovely ladies turned and smiled at their lover. Hana walked up to him and kissed him tenderly on the lips. "Hey Naruto-kun, I missed you..." said the girl, she had to look over some listings on the Division one members as well as set up a vetenarian clinic in the village, so she could sleep with Naruto the night before.

Naruto smiled and pulled the girl closer. "I missed you too Hana-chan, I'll make it up to you tonight." said the man as he and Hana walked up to the other two girls.

Kurenai winked at her lover and blew him a kiss. "Hey handsome, are you hungry at all?"

The Uzumaki chuckled. "I'm fine Kurenai-chan, I just want to spend some time with you all." he said as he sat down on the couch beside Anko. He kissed Kurenai softy and smiled at her before he turned his attention to Anko. The woman was basically glowing from happiness, and always had a permanent smile on her face. "Hey..." whispered Naruto softly. "How is the beautiful mother of my child?" asked the man with a brigh smile.

Kurenai and Hana both smiled and gather around their family. Anko smiled up at her lover. "I'm great Naru-koi...better than I have ever been." said the woman as she leaned upwards to kiss Naruto.

Naruto nodded at he words and sat down fully on the couch with a sigh. Anko laid her head on his shoulder, Hana hugged the arm on his other side, and Kurenai sat on his lap. "Are you alright honey, you seem really tired." asked Kurenai lovingly.

Naruto smiled at all his girls. "I am tired...there is a lot of things to think about, but coming home to you three makes my stress go away."

The girls smiled at him and giggled. "We love you so much Naruto-koi." whispered Anko to his ear as Naruto just let his angels hug him and make him warm.

Hana leaned against Naruto's arm. "Lets go in the room Naru-kun, we can all use some sleep." whispered the woman softly as she signaled to her sisters. Kurenai and Hana channeled their chakra and used Shunshin to transport everyone into their bedroom and onto their large bed. The three girls slowly removed Naruto's clothes until he was down to his boxers, they all snuggled up to him and rested softy on their bed. Naruto felt happy with his lovers, and the warmness of the bed slowly made him drift off into deep slumber...

Naruto opened his eye and saw that he was in a very familiar place. He was in the middle of a giant field. It was truly a sight to behold; the field was filled to the brim with long green grass that was as soft as hair to touch. The fresh scent of nature welcomed itself into Naruto's nose.

Naruto looked into the sky and was even more delighted because the sky was decorated with many glistening stars and a brilliant moon that caster a silver glow onto everything under it.

Looking into the distance, Naruto saw many trees that created a perimeter around the area. A soft breeze of night wind made the leaves sound a melody throughout the field. The pink leaves of the Sakura trees reflect a soft pink glow to each other's branches, making the entire tree glow a magnificent pink.

"Now where is she?..." asked Naruto to himself.

As Naruto ran down the ever expanding terrain, he was constantly bombarded with many amazing scenery that amazed him. He passed by many caves hollow inside a gigantic mountain that literally had crystals embedded within its wall. There were so many inside, the moonlight could actually reflect back out of the cave with various colors due to the crystals.

After a few minutes of running Naruto was greeted with glowing fish swimming peacefully in a river that was constantly flowing besides him. Not having the patience to observe the strange marine life, the Uzumaki sped on towards his direction.

After another few minutes of travel Naruto still did not slow down at all to view the endless view of beautiful scenery, it was nothing new to him.

He noticed that river besides him continued to grow in width and dept, than after a few minutes, the rive expanded into an ocean. Naruto felt the cool ocean breeze hit his face and the sand under his feet and the salty smell of the ocean waterfill his nose. Naruto slowly fell into a sitting position, the view and atmosphere was just too relaxing for Naruto to be standing. He looked at the horizon and noticed that the sun was rising; a dim light cascaded over the surface of the ocean and gently lit up Naruto's face.

"Hey Naruto...back again so soon?" asked a melodic voice from behind the man.

The Uzumaki looked back at the owner of the voice with a soft smile on his face. "Do you not want me here or something...I thought you always miss me?"

A young woman with waist length bright green hair walked on the water as she neared Naruto. She had bright golden eyes that looked very innocent, and her beatiful face would make even the most beautiful angel jealous. She wore a sleeveless black uniform with a high collar, gold trim, and a silver symbol on the chest. The lower end of the uniform splits off into four long pieces that nearly extend to the floor. A long, adorned red sash is also worn around her waist. She was also wearing long black gloves with gold trim kept on with red bands on the upper arms as well as long white and gold high-heeled boots.

The girl sat down next to Naruto and rested her head on his shoulder as she hugged his arm close. "I will always miss you Naruto..."

Naruto turned to the girl and kissed her softy on the lips. "I know that Kyoka-chan..." whispered the man lovingly against the girl's lips.

The couple spent the next hour sitting in silence and watched the sunrise. The girl would occasionally rub her face against Naruto's arm and caress his thighs with her small hand. Naruto would take in her delicate scent that he had always adored, and run his fingers through her long silky hair.

"Are you here now because of training?" asked the girl softly as the sun was fully risen.

Naruto nodded gently. "Yes...I am ready." said the man as he brushed her hair with his fingers.

The girl pulled away from his arm and straddled his lap and looked into his blue eyes. "You know that this will be the most difficult thing you have ever done?"

The Uzumaki smiled and nodded. "Yes I know that, but this is something I need to do..." he said as he pulled the girl closer to him and planted a softy kiss on her lips. The girl responded to the kiss and began to lick Naruto's bottom lips, the man opened his mouth and accepted the prying tongue of the girl. His own tongue moved against the girl's as the danced together in sync, his fingers were lightly caressing her back as she ran her fingers through his hair.

The girl was the one pulled back first and she looked directly into Naruto's eyes. "I love you Naruto, and you know that...but I will not hold back against you because of that."

The man smiled and nodded. "I know my love...but that will not stop me, you know me better than anyone, so you don't have to say anymore."

Kyoka Suigetsu sighed as she got off of her lover's lap and straightened out her clothes. "Okay then Naruto, you will now train for your Bankai!"