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So, basics. Modern AU. Contains Hiccup, Astrid and Astrid's identical twin sister.

Story is smutty from the start. Fair warning.


Hiccup hated clubs. Noisy, with the acrid smell of a hundred spilled drinks that helped his feet stick to the floor. And, as Hiccup wasn't really into getting drunk, he was stuck watching his cousin and co down excessive amounts of alcohol, having been pressured into 'going out' by his dad and uncle, insisting Hiccup was too introverted and needed to get out more. Perfectly content with his introverted nature and the fact he'd rather be building something than out ruining his liver, he'd only agreed to get them off his case.

Right now, with the gorgeous blonde currently groping him as he scrambled to find his keys with shaking hands, Hiccup wanted to send them all gifts. He briefly considered asking her name, but all the focus he had was going on staying upright as her mouth latched on to exposed skin at his collar, biting and fucking giggling as she marked him. Harder than he thought he might ever have been in his life, Hiccup finally located his keys, distracted for a minute by hot blonde kissing him, red lipstick little more than a sexy smudge across her mouth as she tugged at his hair, mewling against his mouth.

Hiccup barely even remembered how they ended up there, only a vague image of her saying they had to go to his place because she and her sister had just moved in and it wasn't guest ready yet. Living a short - and messy-make-out-filled - taxi ride away, the taxi driver had actually had to reach back and poke Hiccup to seperate them, to get his money before they scrambled out of the car and along the short path to the front door.

Said front door barely closed behind them before Hiccup's keys clattered to the floor, noise lost in the wet clash of hungry mouths again, hands at his belt, tugging Hiccup's jeans open and smirking as he grunted into the kiss, feeling her hot little hand on his needy cock. Her dress was tight, slightly difficult to hike up over taut, toned thighs, but Hiccup persevered until he found satin-soft lace, fingers clumsy with arousal but he felt she was damp, stroking the wet spot and bucking as her hand tightened on him in response, cock twitching at her hot little moans. She tugged him closer, other hand sliding down the back of his jeans to squeeze.

"You have a great ass."


Honestly, it was hard to talk with her thumb rubbing the end of his cock, powerfully sensitive and threatening to make him ruiin a very pretty dress with a premature ending if she didn't stop. Luckily, her pace slowed, giving Hiccup a chance to breathe, a second to think.

"Condoms are in my bedroom."

She growled.

"Too far, check my bag."

It had joined his keys on the floor, but when Hiccup lifted it she rooted through and grinned as she pulled a condom from the confines, pressing it on Hiccup while she tugged down her underwear, kicked off into the shadows behind a dim hallway light. Even with the limited light, Hiccup could see this woman was an absolute walking wet dream, rucked up dress still hugging the shapely curve of her waist, straining over heaving breasts and low cut enough that Hiccup was able to see the flush of red on pale. Rolling the condom down his shaft, he promptly found himself with an armful of eager blonde, keeping one foot on the floor while the other was hiked up and wrapped around his waist.

There was little more preamble before Hiccup was inside her, latex not enough to dull how molten she was, hot and silken, swallowing his cock to the hilt with a soft, sinful gasp. Groaning against her hair, his own face already damp with sweat, he felt her fingers wind through his hair, tugging him close to her ear where breathy whispers tingled.

"Fuck me hard."

It was so matter of fact, three words almost enough to make Hiccup come on the spot. Her blue eyes - utterly gorgeous by themselves - fell closed as Hiccup began thrusting, head rolling back and hitting the door but she scarcely seemed to notice, the hand still buried in his hair tightening as she moaned with each motion. Finding his rhythm in the slightly awkward position, Hiccup gave her the hard thrusts she asked for, watching the primal response inspired as her leg squeezed around his hip fiercely, filth spilling from her lips with abandon as she bucked and rutted, matching him beautifully thrust for thrust.

Harsh and quick and heated, they both shuddered through a mutually wrecking climax in what Hiccup would normally call a shamefully short time, but the way she clawed his back through his shirt and scraped at the door for purchase as the words "fuck, I'm coming" dripped from her mouth like sweet honey soothed him as much as they thrilled him. Slumping, gasping and panting for air, she fixed him with a breathless, unfairly seductive smile.

"I'm Astrid, by the way."

Unable to help himself, Hiccup felt a smile so wide it hurt his cheeks spread over his face. Astrid - pretty name for such a beautiful lady - lowered her leg, Hiccup gripping the condom so he'd not lose it as he pulled out, loathe as he was to leave that soft, welcoming heat.

"Nice to meet you Astrid. I'm Hiccup, at your service milady."

Astrid giggled, eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Hiccup? Really?"

He shrugged, too blissed out to even care that his nickname was ludicrous.

"S'what my friends call me. Was a nickname when I was a kid, and it sorta stuck somehow."

Still giggling, Astrid used the grip on his shoulder to pull him forward, planting a blistering kiss on his face.

"Some friends you have."

Before he could answer, both jumped in shock as the door behind Astrid knocked. Certain their appearances could only scream "well-fucked", Hiccup at least remembered to shove himself away in his jeans, tugging his zipper as Astrid pulled down her dress. He peered through the peephole, recognised a neighbour and opened the door.

"Everything alright?"

"I was about to ask you that lad, your door was rattling something awful."

Oh. Hiccup hadn't even considered that as they fucked against it, but given the pace they were going at he wasn't surprised the poor front door had paid the price.

"I uh... was fixing something on it. Sorry. Won't happen again."

Something told him his neighbour did not believe a word of it, but Hiccup closed the door with a smile, yelping in surprise as Astrid squeezed his ass again while the door clicked in to place. Retrieving his keys from the floor, he locked the door, then turned to find Astrid very very close to his face.

"Where's your bedroom?"

Pointing her that way, Hiccup detoured to the bathroom to dispose of the soiled condom, cleaning up the mess and entering his bedroom to find Astrid facing away from him, twisted on her knees to peer over her shoulder at him.

"Unzip me?"


Her dress looked nice, but it looked even better on his bedroom floor. There was no bra beneath it, skin damp with sweat as Hiccup ran his hands over her chest, cupping warm, soft flesh and squeezing lightly, Astrid's hands coming up to encourage him to grope her roughly, keening when he pinched and tugged at her straining nipples. Turning, Astrid relieved him of his clothes in very little time, physically hauling him to the bed. His growing semi was full mast rather quickly, pulsing with a hidden thrill for how strong she was, the strength deceptively hidden under smooth skin and smouldering smiles.

He was about to fumble for the reading lamp switch nearby, but Astrid had already tired of relying on the hallway light and got up, nude and uncaring as she sauntered over to the light switch, bathing them both in light. Hopefully she didn't think his bedroom too nerdy. If she did, she didn't say. Hiccup watched as she slinked back along the bed, predatory smile in place as she crawled, settling between his thighs. Astrid seemed set to appreciate that Hiccup had cleaned himself up in the bathroom, running her closed lips up the underside of his cock before a pink, wet tongue snaked out to lick his glans, shiny trails left in her wake as she smirked up at Hiccup from level with his groin.

Hiccup couldn't stay still, couldn't keep quiet, hips flexing and pathetic, desperate noises escaping his mouth as Astrid worked him, indecently talented with that hot little tongue, sucking him between soft pink lips, humming as though enjoying a sweet treat until Hiccup was almost cross-eyed. Not content to simply lie there, Hiccup beckoned Astrid over and she got the picture very quickly, shifting to straddle his face before resuming her oral attentions on him. Wrapping one hand around her thigh, Hiccup let his other wander until it could grab a handful of her cute ass, tongue eagerly swiping over her slit and the resulting moan echoed along his shaft.

Toying her clit with the tip of his tongue, Hiccup was gratified by the way her thighs shook around his head, not even minding when she had to stop sucking him to bite out those delightful sounds, riding his face shamelessly. When she stopped him before he was done bringing her off, Hiccup was actually disappointed, though he enjoyed the sight of her panting, rosy cheeks stained a deeper red and those pretty lips swollen.


Scrambling to retrieve his box of contraception, Hiccup rolled on the fresh cover and was soon pinned bodily to the bed, straddled by Astrid as she reached down, aiming Hiccup and taking him to the hilt in one swift drop. The sudden shift from anticipation to hot, wet and tightly-wound was jarring, but Hiccup was happy to adjust to it. Not so easy to adjust to? Astrid's rampant pace, riding him almost violently, using Hiccup to hit herself hard and fast and deep as she bounced, grinding down to press her clit to his pelvis whenever she felt like it. Hiccup was very much along for the ride, and damn what a ride it was.

It all began to blur together into a rather hedonistic, sweaty mass of climaxes, both his and hers, and Hiccup definitely remembered her jerking his cock until he came over her chest as he knelt over her, remembered a playful fight for top before he managed to go down on her properly and that Astrid really liked being taken from behind, peering over her shoulder with wide eyes and bitten lips to ask him to go faster, go harder.

Hiccup also discovered that in addition to her teeth, Astrid's nails were also capable of wreaking havoc on his shoulders and back, spots of blood on the sheets when he got up after needing to take a breather. Left wrung out and feeling like if Astrid touched him again, his brain would melt out of his ears, Hiccup all but crawled to the bathroom, brushing his teeth and twisting to examine the damage she'd done to him in the mirror after rinsing. Gods, he had not gone out that night to pick up this feral beauty, but Hiccup certainly wasn't about to complain. Hel, she'd done things with her tongue that Hiccup scarcely knew were possible...

"If you want, you can borrow some clothes so you don't have to do a walk of shame in the morning in that dress."

"What's wrong with my dress?"

Astrid pouted, hair a lovely golden disarray as she undid the near-useless bobble, taking Hiccup's offered hairbrush with a grateful smile.

"Aside from the fact I think you'd cause a traffic pile up going out in it in daylight? Nothing much."

She laughed, tugging at his rumpled duvet until it sort of laid in the right way to get under. His bed was beyond saving without completely changing the sheets, but there seemed little point if they were going to sleep in it with their sweaty, sticky bodies.

"I do look pretty hot in it, I'll give you that."

Chuckling, Hiccup turned off the light and climbed into bed. They'd really gotten too familiar with every inch of the others body to be too shy to sleep next to each other, and it was way too late to send her off on her own. Hiccup would see her into a taxi in the morning. He didn't expect closeness, but as darkness and exhaustion settled around them both - it was the early hours of the morning, their sexual encounter long and exhilirating - Astrid wriggled over, lifted Hiccup's arm and nestled under it. Well, he wasn't complaining. Cuddles were nice, and he fell asleep quite soon with her warm weight against his chest.

He woke alone, admittedly a tad disappointed when he saw Astrid's things gone from the floor and that the bed next to him was cold as well as empty. Rubbing sleep out of his eyes, Hiccup spied a note next to him, saw a messy scrawl that told him Astrid had to leave because the moving truck had turned up early and her sister called to demand Astrid come home and help. He was disappointed again by the lack of phone number, though there was no words exchanged last night to indicate more than a one night stand... but the little addition at the bottom did leave him grinning.

In return for having to borrow your clothes, if you can find where my underwear ended up, you can keep them ;)

Still a little sleepy as she stumbled through the door in borrowed t-shirt and jogging bottoms, Astrid yawned into her hand and kicked off her shoes. Her Uber had definitely spotted the mismatch and probably knew what it meant, but Astrid didn't care. The dragon on her chest looked a little funny stretched over her bra-less chest, which the annoying creature in her new place commented on.

"Well, that's a statement look."

"Bite me Lils."

"I would but someone clearly beat me to it. Coffee?"

Nodding at her sister, Astrid spotted that the boxes had been brought in, hunting for her decorating clothes and taking them up to have a brief shower while Lillian made her coffee. Glancing at her reflection, she spotted a couple of faint hickeys, nothing on the battering that guys skin had gone through. Astrid got a little rough when she was really turned on...

Relatively clean and dressed in her own clothes, Astrid headed down with the stolen attire from Hiccup folded up and dumped on a box. She'd have to take it back to him some time. Maybe they ought to have exchanged numbers. Hel, they hadn't even exchanged names until after groping on the journey back and sex up against his front door, hard enough to disturb a neighbour.

"So, how was it? Oh my gods Astrid, you slut!"

Lillian laughed as she noticed Astrid settling on the seat a little delicately, knowing full well what it meant and letting Astrid know in no uncertain terms she was rumbled. Not that she really cared. They were identical twins, had grown up together and were closer than most people could ever comprehend. Sex was one of those things they were completely open about. Inhaling the rich scent of coffee, she peered around the mostly-empty kitchen and saw that Lillian had made a start, a few new things in their place now.

"What? He was hot. And good. Best one night stand ever. I'd only gone to sleep like... three hours? Before you called."

Of the two of them, Astrid was the 'wild' one, Lils a little more reserved, quieter. But they had the same humour, the same open minded approach to life. Both got annoyed when grouped together as one unit - they were individuals despite their similarities - but Astrid knew she'd be lost without Lillian.

"Damn. Well, sorry to ruin possible morning sex, but the truck was early and the sooner we get this place sorted, the sooner we can prank guys with the ol' switcheroo."

Astrid snorted, feeling progressively more awake now the coffee was sat warmly in her belly. Stretching, she slung her arms around Lillian in a lazy hug, then gestured to the boxes.

"Breakfast or boxes first?"

"Boxes. If we start pulling stuff out just to cook, it'll get messy."

Rolling her eyes at Lils beign all sensible, Astrid nodded, turning to the boxes and grinning at the twinges and aches from the previous night. Definitely a good way to let off steam from the stress of moving.


I have absolutely no idea when this will next be updated. But I'm terrible and really wanted to get this first one out.