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Astrid wasn't entirely sure she was surprised, but she did definitely sit at the table thinking gods, I married a dork! when Hiccup was stood at the side, armed with a grater and singing "sweet dreams are made of cheese" to himself. Lillian was snickering into her book, doing some reading for work (supposedly) while Hiccup thrilled in the freedom to be able to cook leisurely again, now he had the free time in between university.

"This is practically a workout, what with how much cheese Astrid uses."

"I like cheese!"

"No, I like cheese" Lillian piped up, siding with Hiccup like a traitor "you drown food in so much of it you cannot possibly taste the food underneath."

Astrid stuck her tongue out.

"That's how cheese should be used. Just think how strony my bones are!"

Hiccup snorted, shaking his head.

"For a second I thought you were going to say... never mind."

"Well, I'm sure my boners are strong too, but not because of the cheese."

He had to stop grating to start laughing, which set Lillian off while Astrid feigned maturity and supressed her own mirth. She did smile, glad that even after years now they could still be silly and daft together, still made each other laugh.

"How long until dinner?"

"Uh, probably still about forty five to an hour, why?"

"Just checking."

Astrid grabbed her jar of peanut butter and some crackers, sticking her tongue out again when Lillian raised an eyebrow, shaking her head.

"I'd say don't spoil your dinner, but then I remembered how much of our wedding food you went through in like, three days."

"Hey, at least we didn't throw anything out!"

She retorted smuggly, mind turning back to that rather... busy week. It was a while ago now, but the spark between them had yet to fade, and Astrid still found it a little bit novel when she looked at the rings on her finger, the tied cords Hiccup had mounted in a frame-box over their fireplace. Beneath that were pictures of the three of them - Lillian's graduation, their handfasting and the subsequent Beltane-celebration that day, and a few of the three of them and... well, their parents, Astrid supposed. She doubted either she or Lils would ever reach to calling Valka and Stoick 'mom and dad', but it was accepted and understood that to them, the twins were as much their daughters as Hiccup was their son.

Hiccup's first anniversary gift to them had not been one they expected. They'd both woken up missing one of their rings, which confused them both as it seemed improbably they'd both lost them in the night, and they weren't in the bed. Neither was Hiccup, which stalled Astrid's plans for an... early morning celebration of Beltane/their anniversary. They tracked him down after scouring the house and eventually finding him in the garden. With their rings, and a bunch of stuff on the table.

"Did you steal our rings?"

"No, I borrowed them. Almost done."

Bemused, they watched as Hiccup ran his little finger through the inside band, then stood up and held them out to each twin.

"What did you take them for?"

"Look inside."

They tipped them, using the early May sunshine to cast light on... engraved initials. Astrid's had an L, and Lillian's an A.

"You did this for us?"

He nodded, smiling and gesturing for them to go back inside, grabbing the stuff he'd used and following, back door closed behind him before he explained himself.

"I thought about getting them done professionally, but I'm good with metal and they are wide enough bands that I thought I could probably do it without messing it up. Try them on so I know they're smoothed enough?"

Both slipped their rings back on, fitting as perfectly as before and the letter not even something she could really feel, but Astrid knew was there now.

"Mine's good."

"Same here."

Hiccup smiled with relief, though there was hesitation.

"I did practice on other stuff first. Do... do you like it?"

"I love it. Thank you."

Lillian nodded in agreement with Astrid, both wrapping arms around Hiccup and snuggling their wonderful husband tightly.

"You're amazing."

"Well, I couldn't think of a paper gift."

Giggling, Astrid squeezed him around the middle. They had gotten paper gifts - certificates of legal name change, finally discarding Hofferson for Haddock, that they'd be giving to Hiccup when done with the cuddling.

"Careful not to set the bar too high, because you're over the top like that and will feel like you have to one-up yourself every year."

Hiccup pouted.

"I'm not that bad."

They both hugged him again, stretching up to kiss his cheeks.

"Whatever you say love."

For all Astrid's talk of Hiccup trying to come up with a better gift each year than the last for their anniversaries (which he couldn't easily forget, with them celebrating Beltane every year on the same day)...

Lillian reckoned he'd not be able to beat Astrid's gift that year. Or any year.

She'd told Lillian the day she found out, and they agreed to save the news for a week later, and because it was a second anniversary she even jokingly got some cotton to wrap it in.

Hiccup's bemused face as he unwrapped the fabric shifted to one of pure shock and disbelief as he held up the positive test. It was only one of about four Astrid had taken, just to be sure before they broke the news to their husband.

"You're really... wait, who's is this?"

Astrid lifted her hand.

"Mine. And yes, really."

It wasn't planned - they'd agreed the three were open to having kids down the line, but after Hiccup was finished at university, and while he'd officially finished all his tests and handed in everything he could possibly hand in, he wasn't graduated or working yet. And truthfully, Lillian had sort of expected she would be the first to have a baby, as Astrid was less enamoured with pregnancy on the whole. But, well, birth control wasn't always one hundred percent, and Astrid had changed the pill she was taking a few months before, the one she'd taken for a few years before not agreeing with her as much as it used to. Lillian could relate - she'd gone with an IUD when they ditched condoms with Hiccup, after neither the pill or the injection had agreed with her.

"Wow. I... wow."

They sat and waited for Hiccup to process, looking dumbfounded for a good three more minutes before his face broke into the widest smile Lillian had seen since their handfasting.

"That's amazing!"

He got up and circled the table, grabbing Astrid into an exuberant hug. Peering over her shoulder, he gestured for Lillian to come get in on it too.

"You don't seem surprised, so I'm guessing you knew?"

Lillian nodded, squeezed tight by Hiccup too.

"Yeah, I knew. But I'd have noticed a few days later anyway when Astrid hadn't got her period."

Their cycles were basically the same, give or take a day some months. But Astrid had needed to tell someone, and Lillian was the instinctive choice while there was a minor freakout about how Hiccup might take the news. She'd reassured Astrid Hiccup would be ecstatic, and was being proved right there and then as he let out those joyful sounds of his.

"Wow. Just... wow!"

"So this is good news, yeah?"

Hiccup nodded, all but bouncing on the spot.

"It's kinda soon and we'll have to talk about whether we stay here or find somewhere bigger and I need to make sure I secure a job and then there's stuff like childcare and, and-"

"And breathe, Hiccup!"

He stopped, sucking in a deep breath but still beaming.

"Yeah. Yeah. Breathing is good. But yes! This is amazing news. Best news ever."

Astrid relaxed a little more, leaning into Hiccup.

"I was gonna say let's not tell anyone til tomorrow, because Beltane get together tonight will mean a few dozen drunk pagans getting excited, but there's no way everyone is going to miss that I'm not drinking."

Lillian wondered how much Astrid was going to pout that night. She really liked the homemade brews.

"Yeah, thats true. Uh... then can I call mom and dad to tell them now, rather than risk my dad fainting and breaking a table tonight?"

Laughing, Astrid nodded, smiling when Hiccup leant down and kissed her soundly. Lillian was next, before Hiccup was bounding over to get his mobile phone. Lillian slid her arms around Astrid, nuzzling her sisters hair.

"Told you so."

"Yeah, yeah. He raised some good points though."

Hiccup rocked back and forth on his heels, practically jumping on the spot as he waited for the phone to be answered.

"Oh, hey Mala. Is my mom there?"

Lillian smiled - they were a sweet couple, and at that point she wouldn't be surprised if next Beltane was another wedding.

"Mom! Mom! Guess what?" Hiccup laughed at the response "yes, I know what time it is. You're normally up this early... I won't ask. Anyway... Astrid's pregnant!"

They heard Valka's response through the speaker then, a sort of high pitched "oh!" before mother and son were enthusing back and forth about Astrid's carrying the next member of their family.

"Mom said do you know how far along?"

"Uh, only one missed period so probably no more than a month, we'll have to wait for a doctor to know more specifically than that."

He relayed it back to Valka, and they continued to chatter away before Hiccup realised he had another call to make. Valka had him put the phone on loudspeaker so she could congratulate Astrid too, which made Astrid smile.

Stoick was just as thrilled, his booming laugh and Scottish accent audible even without loudspeaker as he passed the news on to his girlfriend of about eight months, Hanna.

"I'm gonna be a grandpa!"

For just a second, Lillian's mind went back to their own biological parents, and how they'd not know all the joys and milestones in the twins lives because they couldn't ever recognise how absolutely incredible Astrid was. Still, now they had an ample family who all adored Astrid, and thought she wsa pretty darn wonderful. Lillian agreed. Then she dismissed those thoughts of them, happy to discard it to the depths of her mind.

"Yeah, yeah, we're still coming tonight. I'm just gonna make up a batch of alcohol free mead for Astrid to bring with us. Lucky we always have so much honey in for Beltane. See you later."

After he hung up, Hiccup immediately resumed hugging his wives, practically vibrating with a happiness so bright it outdid the flowers all around their home.

"You don't have to-"

"Shhh. Yes I do. It's not that hard anyway. Skipping the alcohol-making part means it'll only take me a little time. Then it just has to be cooled and strained. We have hours til we go over to everyone else."

Astrid's eyes lit up.

"That's true, we do."

Hiccup chuckled.

"One track mind."

"Well, that is how you got me in this situation!"


"Well, Lils certainly didn't knock me up!"

"Alright, alright. Partially my fault. Let me go get this going, then you can drag me to some form of flat surface all you like while it cools down. Plus, breakfast!"

That got Astrid's attention, and even if it hadn't, Lillian reckoned a nudge to remember she had more reason to eat right would have done the trick. She made them all porridge while Hiccup got started on the mead mix, humming to himself as he mixed and spiced, beckoning Astrid over for a careful taste.

"Wow, thats amazing. I'll almost not even miss alcohol with that."

Hiccup laughed at the compliment, kissed Astrid and sent her to sit down since Lillian was almost done. Astrid was even happier when she saw chocolate porridge put down in front of her. It wasn't Lillian's favourite, but she wasn't making three seperate batches and it was nice sometimes. Hiccup's love for cinnamon would be sated later, so he wasn't really all that concerned either and ate it up quite eagerly in between stirring his mead until all the honey vanished.

"That was lovely, thanks Lillian."

"You're welcome."

He'd barely finished turning the hob off and rinsing out his breakfast bowl when Astrid was done, and seemed wholly intent on misusing the kitchen table now Lillian was no longer eating off of it herself.

There was really only one reason they needed a new table about once a year, and that reason was Astrid's 'bedrooms too far' pounces. Not that either Hiccup or Lillian ever really put up much of a fight. Or wanted to, for that matter.

Between the pregnancy announcement and their anniversary, the three of them had much to celebrate that day, toasting with mugs of tea and smiles when Astrid finally let them up for air. Quieter moments were spent reflecting on their two years of marriage, their vows and their future together, and once Hiccup had strained off Astrid's alcohol-free mead and put it in the fridge for later, the three went out for a long walk to enjoy the way spring was giving way to summer all around them. Most of the people in their local area were used to the three slightly quirky Pagans who spent so much time just looking at trees and fields and flowers, and so it was rare they were even asked about their holding hands or group hugs by then.

With Astrid's pregnancy, Hiccup had raised a good point about possibly needing to move; sure, their place was technically big enough, but there was also whether or not it would still be in a couple of years if a second child came along, and whether they wanted to find somewhere they could feel more like a 'forever' home.

But really, she mused, as they wound their way through the woods so they could head back and prepare for joining everyone for Beltane later, Lillian was content to call wherever she ended up with the two loves of her life home.


I was snickering to myself a lot writing about honey this chapter, and I wonder how long it took for Hiccup to even look at a jar again before he remembered the sweet, sticky mess they made on their wedding night... hehehe.