Thirteen months earlier

Down on the Tony's yacht "The Jolly Rogers" Steve finds his best friend and brother in all but blood sent a cryptic text.

"See you in a couple of months, Punk. Found an interesting puzzle to solve."

Connemara, Ireland

In the predawn light, nestled in the hills of Connemara the horse farm of Nuadha's Bend, began awakening within the light fog. Warm bodies of both workers and animals begin the day, greetings are exchanged as the sound of a baby's cry intermingle with the noise of the new day.

In the middle of the courtyard as the horses are brought out for inspection. Old man Éibhear watches his twice great-granddaughters and nephew with satisfaction. At 110 he is a staunch believer in traditions but not a fool nor blind. His bloodline is as old as these hills with roots just as deep. Although never considered for the position lead family they held power, through the land and horses. Strong in stock and blood but like all families, bickering and ambition whittled their lines to almost naught. More squib children were born and in search to prove themselves loyal to the land many became entrenched in the IRA. Adding to the thousands of lives lost. Others chose to leave in search of better opportunities on the continent and the Americas. Slowly all lost contact until a golden-eyed witch came asking for an audience worthy of the old ways bringing a leaf from a forgotten branch.

A force of nature that one, calm like a breeze then hits with the force of a hurricane.

Town square - The Tipsy Leprechaun

Mid-day and the regulars are cursing the world cup, England and Germany's game going strong and the pub's door frequency opens. Cpt. Rodgers and Col. Rhodes listen to the gossip around them. It was some time before Bucky contacted them. Per Tony's calculations Bucky traveled from Greece to Amsterdam then Berlin, popped over to Madrid only to stop in London then completely disappear off the face of the planet. At first, none thought much of it, just about everyone in the team was trained to blend then disappear. His check-ins were frequent, but untraceable which is like throwing a red cape in front of a bull named Anthony Stark. He began tracing Bucky's steps and once too many times he was led on a wild goose chase that left six of his suits on the cusp of a pile unsalvageable parts.

As Sam says "Good lord save him from a tech guru's ego."

Of course, Tony's response, "God, the alpha and the omega."

The last check-in left them nervous, as it was within what is considered to be a mountainous wasteland of China, a giant dead zone, his signal came in clear with a side of unknown giggling females dancing in the background.

For a lone wolf-like Bucky it was too out of character to be ignored.

"A, Sean did you see Eibear's new grandbabies?

"Naw, Labhrás what did they have?"

"Twins! A cute little girl, Siomha and strappin' lad, Cormyn."

"Really, I didn't know Dagda and Aurnia were having more."

"Naw, man Aurnia threatened to castrate that boy. Tho' four lads are more than enough fo' 'er. It's from tha' Yank, Buchannan. Eibear said the boy found them on some heritage web site and decided to come back to his roots. Liked it here so much he and his wife decided to stay."

"Well bless 'em. That clan needs more seed!"

"Yeah, it is a blow to the community if the Ó Bearáin were to die out. Right shame."

Too many months later they finally have a solid lead to this out of the way part of Ireland.

11 kilometers from the Town Square - Echthighearn Estate

Posing as a socialite Wanda periodically scans the crowd from the upper tier of the old estate for Bucky's signature. Both Natalie and Anthony are on the ground as Steve and Rhody feed their intel from the car on their way to the FEI Competition.

Announcements of the horse jumping around blare in the background as Wanda gets a quick fix, the rest of the team begin to converge on the staples.

The crowd within and just outside the staples was thicker than all anticipated as they made their rounds. Quickly with Steve and Rhody's arrival, they were able to cover more ground, both Natalie and Clint sixth sense were starting to tingle and not in a good way.

To the side near the winner's tent, a group of women freely gossiping. "I hear Maella O'Shea girl still smarten over tha' new Ó Bearáin boy.

"No, isn't' his wife, Hermione I think, expecting twins?"

"Right dosser Maella is. I heard her father clambering for a rich heir to float their land."

"O Lord, he should be scarlet over her antics."

"Naw, Connor's a real cute hoor. Blackmail is a powerful tool. Altho' I did get a gander at him. The Ó Bearáin boy, Buchannan, he's a fine thing fo' sure. He'll make some strong babies there."

Wanda quickly walked away from the cackling hens as she began to develop a headache. Breathing deeply, she can smell the horses, hay and pungent odor of the stables. Her stomach turns as she turns a bit green.

"It seems you have a problem there, little girl." A curvy woman of average height with hair redder than should be legal stood before her. Surprised Wanda flexes a muscle.

Before her physic shockwave completes the first wave a crowd of trainers walks by, her focus becomes smaller as Wanda found herself looking up to the sky at three claws. No one notices the strange woman becoming a Guinea pig quickly snatched by a trained falcon. Than banks to his trainer a few feet away, a stocky man with laughing brown eyes and flirting grin.

Aurnia sneers at the caramel and cream color rodent, as Dagda plucks it from his falcon, Sur. As he tucks it away into his hip satchel, he kisses his wife's temple, "Don't worry love, this will set ta right."

Pft, "Damn amateurs. Letting tha' walking disaster around untrained! Jesus, Mary n Josef." Taking a shell flower from her hair, she concentrates then releases it to the gentle breeze. "Let the games begins."

On the second circuit around the stables, Clint notices a woman walking her horse. Considering they were at a horse show that wasn't what drew his attention. It was the Spanish cut riding habit, as she sat side-saddle with poise. Some shell flower petals float by as she pauses, raising her gloved hand. It seems something caught her attention; more curls escape her lone braid. Suddenly she looks down, Clint now can see her profile. A dark woman unremarkable but there was something that screamed trouble. A man's hands wrapped around her waists pull-down contently right into Bucky's arms.