So I saw the reunion cinematic annd as a McCree main I just had to write this. The story will dart back and forth between the present and McCree's past and unless I can find a better way to transition smoothly between them, I'm marking the switch with a "/". And yes, I know it was confirmed the McCree and Ashe were never romantically involved, but I had already started this before I found out so I'm seeing this to the end.


McCree to the outskirts of the town he grew up in. The town he's about to leave behind forever. His backpack felt heavy behind him despite containing only a few cans of food and some personal belongings. Seventeen and on the run. Where he was going, damned if he knew. The midnight breeze was cool annd yet he still found himself sweating profusely, further ruining his shirt, which was already covered in blood.

He shook his head, trying to wrap his head around what had happened but everything was a blur to him. He tried remember it bit by bit. There was his alcoholic mother getting drunk, as usual. There was a fight between his father and mother, as usual. There he was, trying and failing to fall asleep since the yells of his parents reached all the way to his room, as usual. It had started out as any other night in their household, but then everything went silent. At first, McCree thought they just managed to find a way to resolve their fight peacefully, but who was he kidding?

The silence scared him more than any fight his parents had ever had, so much so that he found himself doing what his father had begged him never to do, and interfere. He slowly walked down the steps to the living room, where the image had haunted him to the point that he froze in his place as he stared in horror. His father was bleeding out on the floor, throat slit while his mother knelt next to him, the knife in her hands.

She saw McCree standing at the stairs and she stood up. "Jesse?" she asked "Jesse, its not what it looks like. I…I didn't mean to."

McCree didn't say anything. He couldn't. His mother was standing over the corpse of his father. Scared, he shakily took a step back. His mother got closer to him, still not putting the knife down. There was something different in her voice. "Jesse, listen to me."

She may have been drunk but McCree saw it clearly. She wasn't approaching him to comfort him, she was more concerned with cleaning up her mess, which included killing any witnesses. The thought scared McCree into running back upstairs. His mother yelled after him, but he didn't listen. He just ran, ignoring the sound of his mother drunkenly stumbling down the hallway behindd him.

He ran into his room, locked the door and hid in his bathroom. The tense few seconds where nothing happened felt like an eternity to him until he finally heard his mother yelling as she banged against his door. "Jesse! Jesse get out here now!"

McCree's heart raced. Calm down Jesse, he told himself she can't do anything with the door locked if she only has a knife. She'll get tired and leave, and you can sort all this shit out in the morning.

A gunshot shattered McCree's thought into pieces. "Get out here Jesse! Now!" his mother yelled before firing another shot with what he assumed was his father's revolver. He heard another shot and his door was kicked open. The sound of her footsteps in the room made another thought creep into McCree's mind, a thought that terrified him and one look at the door confirmed his suspicions.

McCree ran for the bathroom door, reaching for the lock just as the door swung open, hitting him and sending him flying into the bathtub. He reached for the shower head and sprayed his mother with water just as she entered. She stumbled backwards and fell down, and McCree got up, barely managing to reach the discarded revolver on the ground before his mother did.

He pointed it at his mother, hands shaky as he ordered her to drop the knife. "Jesse, listen to me-"

"I said drop the knife!" McCree yelled as he pulled the hammer back.

"Your father deserved it Jesse." She said "He would always fight me. Yell at me. He doesn't love me anymore."

"You're wrong mom. Dad loved you, so much that it hurt him to see you do this to yourself every night. What you're doing, its unhealthy mom. Not only for yourself, but for our family. That's why he kept on fighting with you. He keeps on telling you, begging you to stop, to get some help but you didn't. You're too stubborn. He just wanted to help you and you fucking killed him!"


"And you tried to kill me too!" McCree yelled "You're going away for a long time mom, I'm calling the police."

His mother grabbed the knife again. "Fine," she said "you care about your father so much, you can die alongside him!"

She charged at McCree and his insticts made him squeeze thr trigger before he could stop himself. His mother fell to the ground, dead. The sight of her made him fall to his knees as the reality of what he just did sunk in. He just killed his mother. Nevermind the fact that she was drunk and bloodthirsty, that he did it in self-defense. That wouldn't matter when he's being arrested, murder is still murder.

He had to get out of there. His neighbors would have called the police once they first heard gunshots. It wouldn't take long for them to reach his house. He quickly got up and grabbed his backpack, putting in as many clothes that he was able to grab with his hand and stuffed them in the bag. He even stuffed his father's revolver in there, although he wasn't really sure why. It wasn't the best memento, but it was all he had.

After grabbing some food from the kitchen, he ran out just as sirens came into view from thhe distance. One of his neighbors saw him and ran out to his porch, seeing the bloodstains on McCree's shirt.

"Jesse, what happened?" she asked "Where are you going? Why are you covered in blood?"

McCree was panicking so much he couldn't decide which question to answer first, so he answered none of them and ran while his neighbor yelled after him.

"Jesse, come back! Jesse!"



McCree woke up to the sound of Mercy's yelling who he saw kneeling next to him once his vision 0cleared. The place was on fire, gunshots in the distance which slowly mad their way to them. Mercy forced McCree to focus on her while Ana fought off multiple Talon agents in the back ground. "What happened Angela?"

"No time, here take this." Mercy handed McCree his revolvers and healed him as much as her damaged caduceus staff would allow her. It wasn't much, but it was enough to keep him going for a little longer. One of the Talon soldiers got through Ana and fired at them, managing to hit Mercy once before McCree was able to take him down.

He groaned as he forced himself to stand up, making his way to Mercy, who was bleeding from her chest. He picked up her caduceus staff "Fuck Angie, how do I use this?"

"Don't. Just…just wait." Mercy gasped.

Unsure of what to do, McCree just watched and after a few seconds, the bleeding slowed until it stopped and through the blood soaked fabric of her shirt, McCree could see the bullet wound slowly close. He took a step back as Mercy got up. "What the-"

"I'm sorry Jesse." Mercy said "I had no choice, I had to do it."

"Angie, you-"

McCree was cut off when Reinhardt crashed through the wall, carrying both Jack and Gabriel over his shoulder.

"Dear God what happened to them?" Ana asked once she saw the condition they were in.

"They nearly killed each other down at the main entrance when Talon breached through it." Torbjorn said, following from behind Reinhardt "Gabriel took most of the blast."

Reinhardt gently laid them down in front of Mercy and put his shield up to protect them. Mercy grabbed her staff and pointed at them. She activated it and watched as a golden beam attached itself to them for a few seconds before it sparked and thee yellow beams died down. Mercy groaned in frustration.

"My staff is too damaged, I can't heal them both."

"I'm out of healing darts." Ana said as an explosion rocked the room, bringing down even more debris onto to them "We have to get out of here."

"Ana, we can't let them have this place."

"We're not going to Reinhardt."

Reinhardt blinked. "Ana, what are you saying?"

"You know exactly what I'm saying Reinhardt." Ana said "And if either Jack or Gabriel were concious right now, they'd do the exact same thing and you know that."

Reinhardt sighed. Ana was right "Yes ma'am."

McCree and Mercy helped Torbjorn carry their unconcious commanders while Reinhardt shielded them. Ana picked up one of the rifles from the fallen Talon soldiers and they fought their way to the hanggar. Plastic sounding taps marked the areas where Reinhardt's shield absorbed the bulles of the Talon soldiers and Ana fired back, killing them through the one way shield.

"We have to hurry, shield's taking damage!" Reinhardt yelled over the chaos just as cracks began to form on the corners.

"Hang on Reinhardt, we're almost there."

Miraculously, they reached a plane before Rein's shield broke completely and McCree and Mercy got Jack and Gabriel's bodies inside while Torbjorn set the coordinates for the plane's autopilot to fly to, all while Ana and Reinhardt held the Talon soldiers back. A few more shots and the shield finally broke, the bullets now finding Rein's armor as he jumped in front of Ana. They slowly tore it apart until one of the bullets found his flesh.

Reinhardt yelled in pain and grabbed his hammer, taking out all the soldiers with a firestrike to a nearby fuel truck. While reinforcements were approaching, Ana got Rein into the plane. "How much longer Torbjorn?"

"I'm going as fast as I can." Torbjorn said.

"Go faster. If those soldiers reach us before we can take off we're dead."

McCree listened to the multiple footsteps that got closer and closer to them, proceeded to load both his revolvers with his last two speed loaders and stepped off the plane. Ignoring Mercy's yells for him to get back inside, he focused on the footsteps, pulling the hammers back just as the first Talon soldier came into view. Twelve quick shots turned into twelve lifeless corpses. McCree had just enough time to holster both his revolvers before he was yanked back inside the plane as it prepared to take off.

"Do you have a death wish kid?" Torbjorn asked.

The plane left the hangar just as more soldiers reached it. Once they were far enough, Ana walked over to the plane's console, where she pressed her hand on a scanner.

"This is Captain Ana Amari, security number 085793, we are experiencing a code black scenario, requesting clearance for doomsday protocol."

Request acknowledged. The console beeped, and parted in the center, giving Ana access to a remote detonator. She picked it up and armed it.

"Ana, are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Ana sighed. "We don't have a choice Reinhardt."

Reinhardt gave her a curt nod. "Then its only fitting that you do it."

Ana stared at the detonator for a second before pressing the button. For a few seconds it was silent, then something exploded in the background, followed by multiple successions of it until a big explosion reduced the structure to rubble in a giant mushroom cloud. If it wasn't obvious when they were fighting their way out of there, then the explosion had confirmed it.

The Overwatch Swiss Headquarters has fallen.

Their plane landed in its destination and as they got off they were intercepted with a medical team that had been alerted prior to their arrival. They wheeled off Jack and Gabriel to the medbay and told those that could still walk to follow them there so they can be treated as well. Deciding his injuries weren't fatal, at least not yet, McCree decided to look around first, taking in the cool ocean breeze.

"Watchpoint Gibraltar." McCree said to himself "Not really the way I thought I'd visit it."

"Mum!" Pharah yelled, interrupting McCree's musings as she ran towards Ana. She wrapped her in a hug "When I heard what happened, I was so worried."

"I'm fine Fareeha, don't worry." Ana reassured her daughter "I just need to rest."

Pharah nodded and let go of her. "I understand. I love you mum."

"I love you too." Ana said, giving her a kiss on the forehead before walking inside the facility.

McCree waited until Ana was gone before he spoke to Pharah. "What about me? You weren't worried?" he asked sarcastically.

"Not really." Pharah replied with a smile "I was more worried about you coming back, and that I will never be rid of you."

McCree feigned sadness "Your words hurt me Fareeha."

"Really Jesse? Of all the things that gets thrown at you, the one thing you get hurt by is the one thing Zeigler can't heal."

McCree's expression turned serious and Pharah noticed. "Uh oh, I know that face. What happened?"

McCree sighed. "Angie did it. She actually did it."

"Oh gross! Don't tell me about that."

"Jesus Fareeha, no." McCree said, his face turning a bit red "The other thing."

Pharah turned as serious as he was. "Are you sure, how can you tell?"

"Well for one, I saw it." McCree said "Why'd she do it Fareeha? Why didn't she listen to me?"

"Jesse, I enjoy awkward conversations like this as much as the next third wheel, maybe you should talk about this with her?"

McCree sighed. He thanked Pharah and walked to the medbay where a few of the medical staff told him to just take a seat on one of the beds and someone will be with him shortly. "Actually, I was looking for Angela Zeigler."

"She's currently treating Commander Reyes and Morrison. We will have someone to treat your injuries soon."

"I wasn't…uh, sure thank you."

It wasn't until he was being checked out that McCree realized the extent of his injuries. It wasn't anything too serious, but it still hurt like hell, more so now since the adrenaline had worn off. The nurses told him he needed to stay overnight with an IV just to keep an eye on him which McCree thought was completely unnecessary since a cold shower, somee painkillers and a beer could do the same job but in a way that McCree actually enjoyed.

No matter though, at least it gives him an excuse to be there when Mercy finishes treating Jack and Gabriel. It gives him a chance to confront her in a way that she can't escape. What would she do, kick him out of the medbay? He fell asleep for a while and woke up just as Mercy had exited the operating room, taking of her gloves as she sat down after what McCree could only assume was a very tiring ordeal, which almost made him too guilty to do what he was about to do. Almost.

"Are they going to be ok?" he asked, easing her into the conversation.

"Their condition is stable at the moment. I'll keep an eye on them for the night, make sure that if anything changes I'll be the first to know."

McCree couldn't think of anything else to say other than what he was going to say in the first place so he just said it. "You shouldn't have done it Angie."

"Done what? Save our commanders?"

"You know what I'm talking about Angie." McCree said "And you know how dangerous it was."

Mercy looked like she was going to deny further, but she didn't. "I told you Jesse, I had no choice." Mercy said "When I heard the first explosion I ran to the lab. I had to find a way to safely carry my nanomachines out of there but all the containers were already broken from when the scientists were evacuated and I panicked. I grabbed a syringe and injected them into me."

"That was dangerous Angela, what if something happened to you?"

"Something did happen to me Jesse." Mercy said "I got shot while I was making my way to the rest of you. I got away but I knew the bullet hit an artery so I just found a place to hide and I waited. But nothing happened. I didn't bleed out Jesse, I didn't die. The nanomachines, they work. They actually work."

"What if they didn't?" McCree asked "What if the minute you injected them, you die. Did you think about that?"

"It doesn't matter Jesse. I didn't die, did I?"

"What do you mean it doesn't matter?" McCree all but yelled "You made a reckless decision Angela and yet for some reason you can't understand that."

"I couldn't just leave those nanomachines behind Jesse." Mercy argued "What if Talon got their hands on it? How can we fight them if they can regenerate from any injury we inflict on them?"

"You should have destroyed it! That's a safer way to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. A way that doesn't put your life at risk."

"That is my life's work Jesse!" Mercy yelled, on the verge of tears "I can't just throw it all down the drain."

"I remember when you first told me about these machines." McCree said in a calmer voice "I remember when you made the first prototype batch and I remember how sad you were when they killed the poor lab rat you injected them into. I remember going to your lab at three in the morning so I can literally drag you to your bed since you stayed up countless nights trying to work out the imperfections. Anyone that dedicated to their work is capable of duplicating it. If you had destroyed them, you would be able to whip up another batch in a month, tops. But you didn't, you intentionally put your life at risk."

"Don't act like you can make these nanomachines Jesse. You can't chastise me for trying to save my work when you have no idea how hard it was to produce." Mercy said, not calming down despite McCree's efforts "We may be together but that doesn't give you the right to tell me what to do. I am a grown woman and my decisions are mine and mine alone."

"I'm not trying to tell you what to do Angie." McCree said "I care about you, so excuse me for getting mad when you pull some shit that could cost you your life."

"Get out."


"You heard me Jesse." Mercy said "You always say your fine whenever you get hurt don't you? Well for once I'm going to listen to you. If you're'fine' then you don't have any reason to be here. Get out."

McCree looked like he was going to fight with Mercy, and she would have been prepared to fight back but instead, he just pulled the IV out, grabbed his hat and left. He couldn't believe it, she actually kicked him out of the medbay.

Mercy sat down at her desk, clenching her fists to stop herself from crying. The worst part about their fight was the fact that McCree was right. She understood why he was pissed at her but she still can't accept it. She won't. Those nanomachines were a product of her blood, sweat annd tears, who was he to tell her she was better off destroying them?

She groaned as she rubbed her eyes. She needed to clear her head. Getting up, she walked to the restroom to splash some water on her face. As she walked back to the medbay, she heard a rapid beeping noise, a noise that could only mean one thing. She raced back, reaching the medbay just in time to see Gabriel flatlining.

"No, no, no." Mercy whispered to herself as she grabbed a defibrillator from the wall. She grabbed the paddles and prepared to use them on Gabriel. "Please God no."

She shocked his chest and looked at his heart monitor. Nothing. She rubbed the paddles and tried again. Still nothing. Her tears returned as she rubbed the paddles to try a third time, begging to whatever god was listneing to her to help her save her commander. She shocked him again. The heart monitor didn't change. It was still flat, Gabriel was dead.

Mercy didn't bother to hold back anymore, finally allowing herself to cry as she slid down to the floor. She had been a doctor for nearly ten years now, losing count of all the lives she had lost and yet each death still hurts as much as the first time someone died in her arms. After a while, she got up and walked to the comms machine on the wall where she would call for some more medical staff so they could wheel Gabriel out of there and give him a proper burial. She pressed the button on the reciever but something caught her eye before she got the chance to speak.

Her caduceus staff.

It was just sitting there, propped up against the wall. Torbjorn had fixed it as best he could while she was working on the others, using his work to stop himself from worrying about his friends. Mercy didn't blame him, she would have done the exact same thing. She grabbed it and examined it in her hand. It wasn't good as new, but it was in pretty good condition, especially after what it had gone through.

She grabbed the high tech syringe she used to inject the nanomachines into herself and pressed it against her arm. She pressed a button and after a beep, she flinched as a needle penetrated her flesh. She waited until it got enough before pulling the needle out. She looked at it under the bright white lights of the medbay. She walked over to Gabriel, staff and syringe in hand, ready to inject some of the nanomachines she has taken from her body and inject it into him.

It wasn't until the needle was pressed against Gabriel's arm did Mercy hesitate. She knew Jesse wouldn't approve of this, and she would understand why, but if she had a way to save Gabriel then she was going to try dammit. She injected the nanomachines into him and raised her staff. Pointing it at him, she pressed a button and a golden beam of light slithered out, connecting itself to the machines now inside Gabriel's body.

A bright light shone in front of her and through it she could see Gabriel's body start to take shape once more. A smile crept its way into Mercy's face. It was working. It was actually working. Her celebration was cut short when her staff sparked and and the light died down. Mercy dropped her staff in disappointment. She knew it was too good to be true.

She was about to call the medical staff when a light began to shine once more. She looked at her discarded caduceus staff on the ground where it sat there, no evidence that it had been activated. She just stared at the bright golden light, watching as it slowly turned into black smoke. A hand reached out through the smoke and grabbed her by the neck. A figure walked out of the smoke and into the light, giving Mercy a look at what had grabbed her.

She knew it was Gabriel, but he was unrecognizable. His body was in bad enough shape as it is from the blast, but whatever she had done to him had only made it worse. Black smoke came out of his major wounds and his expression towards her was different. It was different from any expression he had ever given her. It was scarier. More sinister.

"Hello Doc." He said as his grip tightened around her neck.

McCree flicked the lights on as he entered his room. He had calmed down a bit, but was still pissed enough to not notice the small wrapped package on his bed until he had nearly sat on it. He picked it up and unwrapped it, revealing a folded cloth and a note from Mercy.

Sorry that we have to be on duty for your birthday. Again. It wasn't really the way I imagined I'd show you around the place I grew up in but duty calls. Anyway, all those cowboys in the movies you always watch had one of these so I figured my cowboy should have one as well.


McCree unfolded the cloth and spread in on his bed. It was a red serape, with yellow intricate patterns embriodered along the sides. He tried it on and looked at his full body mirror. A perfect fit. She knew his size. She knew everything about him. McCree sighed, he and Mercy rarely fought, which made it hurt more on the few occasions that they did. He took the serape off and went to go back to the medbay to apologize for what he had said earlier.

On the way to the medbay, he felt off. Somethig was wrong, and the flickering lights coming from inside. Pulling one of his revolvers out, he slowly pushed the door open, hitting the knocked over lamp on the floor as he did. He pushed it all the way open and upon seeing the clear signs of struggle in the office, he raised his gun.

"Angela?" he called out "Angie its me. Where are you?"

He heard some footsteps behind him and he turned around to see Mercy with a shotgun pressed to the back of her head by…something.

"What the fuck?"

The creature laughed, or at least tried to, at McCree. "What's wrong kid? A little black smoke make you forget who I am?"

McCree stared in a mix of horror and confusion. "Gabriel?"

"In the flesh, or at least what's left of it." Gabriel said "You have Ziegler to thank for that."

"Angie, what is he talking about?"

Mercy's eyes were glistening with tears. "Jesse…I…I didn't…"

"Getting tounge tied are we Doc?" Gabriel said "I was dying and I felt it. No one will ever be able to tell you this but you feel everything. You feel your life slowly separating itself from your body. I was about to reach that light and the end of the tunnel when I felt something was pulling me back. I thought something was bringing me back, and I wasn't complaining, but it didn't grab all of me. It left something behind, I wasn't whole, but it was too late and I was back in the medbay, but I knew I wasn't the same man anymore."

McCree slowly lowered his weapon. "I get why you would be mad Gabriel, I would be too but if you could just put the gun down, we can talk about this."

"As much as I hate this body, if you can even call it that, its not somethinng I would kill someone over."

"Then why are you doing this?"

"You still don't get it, do you?" Gabriel asked.

"He's working for Talon, Jesse." Mercy said "He was the one who let them inside the Swiss headquarters but Jack caught on. He wasn't supposed to be inside when Talon breached through but Jack had delayed him long enough for both of them to get caught in the blast."

"I knew you were smart Doc. What you did to me was fucking stupid, but you're smart. It's a shame I have to kill you, you had so much potential." Gabriel said "But then again, so did Liao. What good did that do her?"

"You killed Liao?" McCree asked.

"Right again kid." Gabriel said, a hint of a smile on his scared face "You know, the night that I killed her I didn't have to break into her room. She showed up at my doorstep as I was about to head out wearing nothing but an oversized shirt. Originally I was going to kill her then and there but I played along. Who knew the shy nerdy girl was super kinky behind closed doors?"

Gabriel chuckled and Mercy elbowed him in the side. "Fucking pig."

In response, Gabriel hit Mercy in the back of the head. "As much as I enjoy talking to you two, I really have to get going." He said, raising his gun.

McCree raised his gun as well and Gabriel shot him in the arm. He fell to the ground, hand clutching his bleeding limb while Mercy was yelling in the background. "For the love of God Ziegler, shut up!"

Gabriel raised his shotgun and Mercy closed her eyes. McCree did as well, expecting to hear a shot but instead heard Gabriel struggling. He opened his eyes to see Gabriel's finger slowly dissolving into black smoke, going through the trigger with each futile attempt to pull it. The smoke spread to his hand and the shotgun fell through it which had distracted him long enough for McCree to get three shots off, all of which all went through Gabriel.

Once the arm around Mercy's neck turned to smoke as well, she broke free and ran to McCree, who was watching as the rest of Gabriel turned to smoke as well. As he slowly turned into nothing more than a wraith. The three of them were too caught up in the moment that they hadn't even noticed the alarm go off until two guards burst into the room. The fired at Gabriel, who just ignored the bullets as they went through him.

"We're not yet done Ziegler." He snarled as he escaped through the window.

McCree grabbed Mercy's arm, bringing her attention to him just as he passed out from blood loss.

"Give it to him straight but give it to him slowly, you understand?"

"Yes Ana. This isn't the first time I had to break news like this."

McCree groaned as the sedative wore off and he started to wake up just as Ana left him and Mercy alone in the medbay since Jack had already gotten up once he heard the news about Gabriel. Mercy realized he was awake and put the package she was holding on her table before walking over to his side.

"What happened Angie?"

"Jesse listen to me and no matter what happens I want you to try to stay calm, alright?"

"Why?" McCree asked nervously to which Mercy sighed at.

"I tried to save it Jesse but it lost too much blood."

"Save what?"

He saw Mercy's face scrunch up as she thought of how she was going to tell him. In the end, she decided to just show him, so she lifted the blanket, revealing a metal prosthetic where McCree's left arm is supposed to be. "W…what the fuck?"

"Jesse please calm down." Mercy pleaded.

"I…but I can still feel it. I can still feel my fingers."

"Those are phantom pains Jesse, they usually come with amputations." Mercy said "This prosthetic is the closest we have to an actual arm. Torbjorn made it himself, after a while you won't be able to tell the difference."

"Won't be able to tell the difference?" McCree asked "I lost my fucking arm Angela!"

"I understand Jesse, but there's nothing we can do about it anymore other than to move past it. It will get better, I promise."

McCree grit his teeth to keep himself from screaming. The fact that Mercy was talking to him like she does to her patients, the same condescending and motherly voice only served to piss him off more. "This shouldn't have happened in the first place!" McCree yelled before he could stop himself "I tried to tell you not to fuck around with those…those machines Angela. Injecting them into yourself was bad enough and then you go and do this?"


"No. You have no right to defend yourself Angela." McCree cut her off "You have to stop experimenting on the lives of others in the name of your fucking research. You can't play God because it always backfires but its not always you who gets affected by it and I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about Gabriel. Sure it turns out he was dirty but look at him, what he turned into, that's a fate worse than death and its because of you."

"I just wanted to save him Jesse."

McCree scoffed. "There you go again, saying you just wanted to do the right thing as if it would justify the shit you did to do it." He said as he removed the needle of the IV and got up.

"You're not cleared yet, where are you going?"

"I'm done Angie. I can't do this anymore."

"Done with what?"

"With everything." McCree said "With blackwatch, with overwatch and with you."

With that, McCree grabbed his hat and belt and left the medbay. He walked to his room, where he ran into Pharah who wrapped him in a hug. "I was just about to go see you, are you ok?"

McCree gestured with his metal arm. "As ok as I can be."

"Damn, and it was the dominant arm too."

"As if my penmanship wasn't bad enough." McCree said "Looks like I'll be using one revolver from now on. The prosthetic is great but its not as good as my actual shooting arm."

"You think you can adapt with your right arm?"

McCree shrugged and entered his room. "I have to Fareeha." He said as he began to pack.

"What does it look like? Ana said that with all the bad press overwatch has at the moment, its best if we lay low, disband for a while until it all dies down, if it dies down."

"So that's it?" Pharah asked, somewhat offended "You're leaving just like that? Had I not run into you I wouldn't have had the chance to say goodbye."

"You're my best friend Fareeha, do you really think I wouldn't come see you every now and again?"

"I would have still appreciated a goodbye though."

"Sorry Fareeha, but the more people I see, the harder it would be for me to let go." McCree said "I hope you understand."

Pharah looked at him silently then offered her fist with a goofy grin. "I do. Don't forget our bro code."

McCree shook his head and gave her a fist bump. "I've been telling you since you were twelve and I'm still telling you until today, you don't count because you're not a guy."

Pharah shrugged. "I like girls, is that good enough for you?"

"Careful now, your mother might hear you." McCree teased "You have to come out someday Fareeha."

"Maybe, but that day is not today." Pharah said "Good luck Jesse."

McCree gave her one last hug. "Thanks. Don't tell anyone I left please."

Pharah nodded and watched as McCree walked out of the base and out of overwatch.



McCree woke up when the driver of the truck he hitched a ride on found him. He grabbed his things and jumped out before the driver could react and ran as far as he can as fast as he can from him. He heard the truck start back up and he just kept running. Nevermind the fact that his feet hurt from walking the whole day yesterday, he needed to get out of there.

He cut through the space between two buildings and looked back once he was through to the other side. The driver yelled threats at him but eventually just left. Once McCree had calmed down, hee looked around to see where his legs took him, which just happened to be a gas station. He entered the bathroom and looked in the mirror. His reflection stared back at him, basically rubbing in his face how shit he looked. After taking a piss and washing his face, he stepped out where a nearby billboard told him where he was.

Deadlock Gorge.

The smell of cooked hotdogs made their way up his nose, grabbing his attention. He looked at the convenince store and thhe mere sight of someone else eating was enough to make him drool and his stomach rumble. He sat down on one of the benches and rummaged through his bag only to be reminded that he eaten all of his food on the first few days he had been on the run. He rummaged through his bag some more. If it ever came down to it, his father's revolver still had one round left…

No. He warned himself You are not going out that way.

A luxury vehicle pulled up to the gas station and stopped to let out a large omnic and a woman barely older than he was. The woman told the omnic something and went in the convenience store while she went to fill up the car. A thought crossed McCree's mind and he hated himself for it, but he was desperate. Grabbing his father's revolver, he approached her.

"Hands off the pump now." He demanded at the woman, who looked ready to scream. "Yell for that omnic and you'll be dead before he gets here."

The woman stared at him, more in anger than in fear. "Fine then. The keys are in the ignition, just take it."

"Lady, it's a nice car and all but that's not what I'm after."

"Ok, how much do you want then?"

McCree thought about it before deciding it wasn't money he wanted either. "Money is useless if there's nothing to buy. Keep your money, I have no use for it where I'm going."

"What do you want then? I can only think of one last thing and I'd rather die."

"Food." McCree said, sounding desperate "I need food. Please."

The woman's expression towards him changed. She raised her hands in a sign of goodwill then slowly opened the car door to retrieve something inside it. McCree was expecting a bag of chips, or maybe some leftover fast food if he was lucky, but the woman surprised him with container after container of home cooked meals. Still speechless, he put the containers in his bag.

"I'm sorry." He apologized.

He stowed his weapon and turned to leave when he heard metal clanging. The sound kept getting closerr and closer, like something was running towards him.

"Bob wait!" he heard the woman yell from behind him, but the omnic ignored her. Instead, it kept running towards McCree and backhanded him with his metal fist. McCree flew through the air and landed on his back.

McCree craned his neck to see the woman yelling at the omnic which was still advancing towards him to stop which got the three of them more attention than Jesse needed. While the people were distracted by the omnic, he got his things and ran away.