Stepping out of the shower was a dripping wet McCree that was so out of it thanks to the thing that for some reason was able to keep crawling back into his mind that he would've missed the other person in the locker room with him if she hadn't said anything.

"Took your sweet time, didn't you?"

McCree jumped slightly at Echo's voice. "This is the men's locker room, you know that right?" He would've been more offended by the lack of privacy he was being given, but Echo had her back turned to him so it was probably fine. Not to mention he did this to Ashe earlier that day.

"I can change into a man if you want."

"It'd be pointless by now." McCree said as he went to grab one of the countless identical pairs of pants that he has. "Why are you here anyway?"

"After you left to go after Ashe, Reyes grouped us up." Echo said. "Looks like we'll be riding together again."

McCree scoffed. "I can't get away from you, can I?"

"I don't see why you'd want to, cowboy." Echo said, grabbing the hat on top of McCree's locker and turning to face him now that he was actually dressed.

"Just us two?"

"Nah. Lena's coming with us, she just wasn't comfortable seeing you like this."

McCree took the hat from Echo's hands and put it on. "Yeah, you should be like her."

"I thought you said me changing would be pointless by now."

"Not what I meant asshole." McCree said, rolling his eyes. "So where is she then?"

"By the hangar." Echo said, waiting by the door of the locker room. "Reyes wants us ready to go as soon as Fareeha reports back."

McCree shut his locker after getting the last of what he needed and followed Echo out of the locker room. "Makes sense." He said. "Where'd he say we were going."

"Nepal. They have several shrines and temples dedicated to the omnics who devoted their lives to peace between us and humans there."

"It's the weekend, so it might be crowded."

"Not to mention with all the shit Ziegler has been doing, more people decide to turn there for help." Echo said. "I can see why she'd target that."

"I don't know." McCree said. "On one hand, I want to believe that Angela was telling the truth, but on the other, I don't want to have to fight off the omnics attacking that area."

"Either fight a losing battle or lose any leads we have on Ziegler." Echo thought out loud. "It seems we're fucked no matter what happens."

"Well, what else is new?" McCree asked. "Its feels as if we never left the losing side."

"That's because we never did." Echo said. "Damn, if this was what waited for me, I think being in that pod wouldn't be so bad now."

"Hey, I didn't break you out just for you to trample on my hard work."

" Your hard work?" Echo teased. "From what I heard it was Ashe who got me off that train."

"But I had to get you back from them, which was arguably harder." McCree said. "But since you mentioned it, yeah, you owe both me and 'Liza now."

Echo scoffed. "Good luck getting anything from me." She said. "As for Ashe though, I have a good idea on what to give her."

"Really now?" McCree asked, raising an eyebrow. "What could you possibly have that she would want?"

"My word." Echo said proudly. "It may not guarantee it but it will certainly give her chances a boost."

"No need to bother with all that. Ana and the others already said all remaining Talon members won't be killed."

"I know that Jesse, I meant about her becoming an agent." Echo said. "She asked if Overwatch would take her in after all this. Ziegler showed up before I could answer but to be honest, I wouldn't have known what to say either. Plus chances that we won't even live long enough for that too matter are so low that its better to just wait and see."

"But still, for 'Liza to have actually asked for that…"

"The end of the world changes people, cowboy." Echo said.

"Who said the world was ending?" Tracer joined in, having heard their conversation as the two finally reached the ship they were supposed to already be at. "We're all still here aren't we?"

"That would've convinced me if Ziegler hadn't been handing our asses to us in every encounter we've had, Lena."

Tracer pouted. "I was trying to hype us up, but fine." She said. "Be that way if you want to, Jesse."

Fair enough. Being excited for a job did help him face everything a lot easier back then. "Fine, I'll bite."

"Well its too late now. I changed my mind."

Echo grabbed both of them by the shoulders and faced them towards the ship. "Ok children, that's enough. We have to be out the door by now remember?"

"Do we even have the word yet?"

"No, but if everyone left the hangar as soon as we did, we'd all get stuck at the door." Echo said. "Now please don't argue and just do as I tell you."

McCree and Tracer looked at each other as they sat down at the front and reached the same conclusion. "Definitely Mina."

"I heard that."

As soon as Tracer fired up the ship, Reaper's voice came on the loud speaker, telling them Pharah had just reported back. She wasn't exactly sure what state Ana was in, but she was there at the Swiss base, as advertised.

Seeing the hangar door nearly clog up with how many ships were trying to leave at once made Tracer and McCree scared to look behind them, knowing how Echo gets when she turns out to be right. Thankfully she was kind enough not to tell them off, but her expression was a different story. Eventually, they, along with everyone else, were wheels up, getting ready for a mission that they knew not everyone would be coming home from.

Looking through her gun's scope, Ashe saw Ana hooked to several machines in the medbay, repurposed to help her turn into whatever the fuck Mercy wants her to be more easily. That's not what caught her attention though. No, that went to the several OR-15 units guarding her. Granted, the amount was accurate to what Mercy told them, but it was still enough for clearing them out to be challenging for just the three of them.

"Ok, here's what we're doing." Ashe said, unconsciously slipping into the leader role she had always been used to. "I'm willing to bet Ziegler didn't have enough time to properly program those, so they should be on their basic functions. The first threat they see is what they'll focus on. Fareeha, you get their attention, and Brigitte and I will-"

"You really think I'll let you be the one to go get my mother?"

Shit. Ashe wasn't expecting to get into it this early, but here she goes. "I get that you want to get her yourself, but we need someone to be a distraction and you are the most mobile out of all of us. The more time they spend chasing you, the more time we have to save Ana."

Pharah stepped up to Ashe. With her armor, she towered over her, but if Ashe was easily intimidated by things like that, she wouldn't be where she was now. "You think I don't know why you're here?" Pharah asked. "I'm not stupid. I'm also not letting you kill her. As long as there's still a chance to turn her back, you'll have to go through me."

"Fareeha, we don't have time for this."

"You think that will stop me?"

Brigitte stepped between them. "Guys, please don't do this."

Despite glaring daggers at Pharah, Ashe knew there were more important things at stake. With a sigh, she unslung her rifle and shoved it to Pharah. "Fine. Here's my gun. Everything else I have, I can't kill Ana with before Brigitte can stop me. Is that enough for you?"

One of her dumbest ideas yet, giving her weapon to someone who was ready to throw down, but to her credit, it did work. Pharah grabbed her rifle and flew off, leaving Ashe and Brigitte to wait by dilapidated ruins of what used to be the hall that would lead to the medbay, ready to bolt to Ana as soon as the coast was clear.

Ashe sighed. Even without the guards there to bother them, she still felt naked without her rifle. It didn't help that in their haste, she didn't have time to get Bob ready and loaded onto the ship. She was actually going to put her life in someone else's hands. Not that she didn't believe in Brigitte, she just really hated depending on someone else.

"Get ready." She whispered. "Once they're gone, we go in and out."

Brigitte nodded and soon enough, the sound of Pharah's rockets filled up the previously quiet atmosphere. From where the two of them were, they heard all the OR-15's scurry after her, and after waiting several seconds, they sped down the hallway, into the medbay, then immediately back out once they saw one more OR-15 waiting for them inside. Thankfully they were quick enough not to get shot by it, but that's about all they were quick enough for. They were definitely too slow to not get gunned down before they could get Ana outside.

"Why didn't that one go with the others?"

Ashe popped her head back in to get a quick peek. "It's chained to the wall." She said. "Ziegler must've done that to make sure Ana is still guarded even if someone had the same plan as us."

"What now?" Brigitte asked. "Should I shield you while you get Ana?"

"Too risky. Against one of those, I don't know if your shield can last long. Plus I don't think I can carry her on my own that fast, that far."

"Then we switch." Brigitte said. "You cover me. I should be able to get Ana up and out of there before my shield breaks."

Ashe gave Brigitte a good look. She was definitely fit enough to do what she just said, but even then, it was still a risk. Her inexperience with the shield she was about to be given, not to mention said shield being just big enough to barely cover all three of them was still enough to deter her from jumping on board with the plan.

"No. Still not confident enough that it'll work."

"Fareeha can't stay out there forever, Ashe." Brigitte reminded her. "We need to do something now."

Ashe peeked inside again and this time took long enough to notice the room wasn't completely lit, meaning the right side of the omnic was encased in darkness. Perfect.

"I have an idea. Can you keep its head down?"


"No time to explain." Ashe said. "Can you or not?"

Brigitte took her flail into her hands. "Yeah."

"Good." Ashe said, grabbing a bundle of dynamite and lighting it. "Once this pops, we go in."

Bracing against opposite sides of the doorframe, Ashe threw the dynamite at the OR-15's feet amd once it went off, they ran inside, with Brigitte in front, shield up and weapon ready. With the omnic stunned, she was able to get close enough to wrap her weapon's chain around its head before it could get a shot off.

Yanking as hard as she could, Brigitte kept it looking at the ground, where it couldn't properly aim anymore, although it made no difference. With how close she was, it didn't really need to aim. It started firing, chipping away at her shield so quickly that she almost didn't have time to notice that Ashe wasn't with her anymore. As soon as she did, her shield broke and she took a few shots to her chest plate. Nothing lethal, but enough to knock her off her feet and onto the ground, where she was now vulnerable to her enemy.

Before it could finish the job though, Ashe jumped on its back and barrel stuffed her sawed off at the joint connecting its head to its body and took it off with two shots. It fell to the ground just as Brigitte was getting up from it.

"You couldn't have let me in on that plan?"

"Like I said, we had no time." Ashe said, ejecting her spent shells for two new ones.

"You also said you didn't have anything else to kill Ana with."

"Not my fault she didn't notice what else I got." Ashe said, an once she noticed Brigitte wasn't backing down, she groaned and tossed her shotgun to her. "There, now I really don't have anything else."

"I highly doubt that." Brigitte said, but ultimately dropped the issue and went to unhook Ana from everything she was connected to.

Rolling her eyes, Ashe went to go help her, all but uninterested as she looked at the unconscious woman in front of her. Getting ready to help lift her as soon as they could move her, she sighed, knowing how much harder it felt carrying someone who was out cold.

"Ready?" Brigitte asked, about to lift Ana.

Before Ashe could answer, almost as if Ana heard her silent complaints, opened her eyes and shot up straight, startling the two women at her side. Something about her was different though. Not only was she silent, she had a thousand mile stare, if her eyes actually had pupils instead of being completely black. Understandably, Brigitte and Ashe were unsettled to say the least.

"Ana?" Brigitte slowly reached her hand out to her former captain, and for her troubles got her wrist gripped so hard that it felt as if it would break, even though it was armored.

As she wailed in pain, Ashe tried to grab Ana, who just head-butted her away, lifted Brigitte by her hand, and threw her at her, sending both of them flying across the room. They hit the wall pretty hard before falling to the floor, Brigitte pinning Ashe with the weight of all her gear.

As they struggled to get back up, Ana stepped of the bed she was strapped to not too long ago and slowly approached them.


"I know!" With her good hand, Brigitte swung her flail at Ana, who caught the end of it, and shattered it in her hand.

She reached the two of them and easily lifted Brigitte again, throwing her aside, now she was face to face with Ashe, who had her sawed off in hand. The split second it took for her to hesitate, Ana stared at her, before easily flicking her gun away from her hands and grabbing her by her neck.

Ashe struggled with Ana's grip on her as she lifted her up, her lifeless eyes staring into Ashe's as she choked her. Looking to her left, Ashe saw her companion who couldn't recover fast enough to save her, and to her right was her discarded firearm that served her no purpose from the ground. She was on her own on this one, and she was beyond fucked.

As her vision stared to darken though, a shot rang out and went through Ana's head. They both dropped to the ground, giving Ashe a chance to look at her savior, and upon seeing that it was Pharah, wielding her own rifle none the less, she wished she passed out instead. She was already mad at her for simply being there, what more if she was the reason she had to take her own mother out.


"Shut up." Pharah said, walking past her allies that were lying on the ground so she could go to her mother, who she promptly double-tapped without a single word. She then tossed Ashe's rifle to its rightful owner before helping Brigitte up, who was just as silent.

Ashe, however, had a curiosity that was infinitely more powerful than her will to keep her mouth shut. "Why did you shoot her?"

Undeterred, Pharah picked up Ashe's discarded sawed-off and gave that back to her too. "Why didn't you shoot her?"

Looking back, in the heat of the moment, she decided not to take Ana's life, but for the life of her, she can't tell why. The same must be for Pharah, doing something completely against what she was just saying not too long ago, despite not have a clear reason to. And what she did was huge too, all the more reason she should've thought it through, but Ashe wasn't complaining, since she was still alive because of it.

"We have to go." Brigitte said, finally speaking.

"Not yet. There's a crematorium at the basement. Mother wanted it for the agents that she and the medical staff couldn't save. Its only fitting for her to go out like that too."

Ashe sensed that Brigitte wanted to argue, and she would've did the same if Pharah didn't just save both of them. They had no time for that whatsoever, but it was the least they could do for the late captain.

"You're right." She said. "We don't know if what took over her is still there. Cremating her is the best way to make sure."

With it now being a two on one, Brigitte had no choice. On their way down, Ashe and Pharah locked eyes for less than a second, and yet she could still see it. In her eyes, she was grateful.

"Got it." Reaper said into his radio as he stepped off the jump ship and headed towards Torbjorn and Reinhardt. "Hurry back once you're done. The other teams need help."

"Who was that?" Torb asked, looking over the bustling nightlife present in King's Row. Or at least that's what it was before they evacuated it.

"Fareeha. They were too late to save Ana."

Reinhardt and Torb were unsurprisingly disheartened to hear the news, both of them unable to imagine what Pharah was going through, thinking her mother died twice already, and actually seeing her die for real on top of that. Even Reaper, all gruff and emotionless and hating Overwatch members as he was couldn't help but feel their loss. But at the same time, they all knew they had no time to be grieving, something he didn't hesitate to remind them of.

"We may have lost Ana, but the fact remains that she was exactly where Ziegler said she'd be." Reaper said. "If that was legit, then the locations she gave us were too. Stay alert."

Watching his own portion of the perimeter they had initially set up, Reaper saw the statue honoring that one omnic Talon had killed way back when. For the life of him, he couldn't remember the poor bastard's name, all he knows is that Talon didn't want humans and omnics getting along and he was getting in the way of that.

Looking back though, they actually helped him. Being a martyr to one's cause only solidifies their position in it. King's Row became the place where that one guy advocating for peace between man and machine got taken out and as a result people came here to honor the idea that the guy died for. A lot came to live in the area and even more of their less sentient predecessors were given jobs in the many stores and restaurants that lined the place.

With it being an area that has such an importance on the peace that Mercy wanted to take away, of course this would be one of the places she'd hit.

"Everyone with a radio, report." Reaper barked into their comms. "How are things on your ends?"

"Too quiet for my liking." McCree responded, followed by the representative of the other strike teams who said something similar.

Reaper took in the eerie silence that surrounded them. He didn't like this. Not one bit. "This isn't right. We haven't seen so much as one foot soldier."

"Maybe Angela gave us wrong info." Torb suggested. "Told the truth about Ana to make us think everything else was true too."

"Maybe. But even before all that, Ziegler herself said she wanted to start a new omnic crisis. Making people distrust omnics will make things a whole lot easier."

"Going to a place with a lot of omnics present also means more for her army." Reinhardt added. "This is the most logical move from her standpoint."

"Where the fuck is she then?" McCree's voice came blaring from the radio. "I think we should cut our losses here Reyes. We're too spread out, if she does show up, there's too few people to make a difference anyway. We already evacuated all of the marks, I say we just let her in and regroup so we can focus on taking it back."

To be completely honest, McCree's offer was tempting, and everyone else agreed. Going home with your hands empty always hurt, but it was better than not getting to go home at all. As stubborn as he was, even he knew when to pull the plug.

"Everyone pack up." Reaper finally caved in. "Grab a surveillance drone from the ship's emergency kit and leave it behind so we still have eyes on site."

Despite none of them actually saying it out loud, that was the best decision anyone had made. Though letting Mercy just walk in and take what she wanted wasn't particularly ideal, it certainly beat severely shorthanded strike teams staying at places that weren't even confirmed targets yet. At least this way, they could all fight together and they knew exactly where and when they'd be fighting.

Stepping back into their jump ship though, Reaper felt a wisp of smoke that quickly turned solid as it wrapped itself around his neck. It hoisted him up before throwing him back out and right at Reinhardt and Torbjorn's feet.

"Leaving so soon?" Mercy taunted as she materialized in front of the three of them.

Reaper growled as he got up, pulling two shotguns out as his companions also prepared to fight. "Well you were taking so damn long."

"Knowing you people were waiting for me, I thought it would be rude if I didn't show up at my best, so I took the extra time to prepare." Mercy said, taking delight at the disheartened faces of her adversaries. "You think I didn't know about the old Ziegler selling me out?"

"Then why did you let her do it then?" Torb asked.

"I didn't. I'm in control most of the time, but the times that I'm not, I'm so powerless that I might as well not exist."

Reaper took the opportunity to get a shot off while Mercy was too busy talking. The hole he blew in her face healed so quickly they could see her usual expression before she looked so pissed that she could have killed all three of them on the spot.

"You are so fucking rude!"

"Manners don't matter here Ziegler. Not after everything you've done."

"I don't want to hear that from you of all people." Mercy snarled. "If it weren't for me coming back, everyone would still be hunting you and your sorry ass group down."

Reaper scoffed. "Do you want a thank you?"

"What I want," Mercy said, grabbing a car parked nearby and lifting it up. "is for you to stay out of my way."

Reinhardt was quick to act, stepping in front with his shield up and taking the brunt of the attack, just the sheer force of Mercy used enough to throw him off balance. Seeing her chance, she moved in and struck Reinhardt in the center with the palm of her hand, shattering his chest plate as she sent him flying through the statue honoring Mondatta.

While all that happened, Torb managed to set up and along with Reaper, they started emptying what they had into Mercy. The volume of firepower was enough to knock her down momentarily, a moment that wasn't nearly enough as she was back on her feet before either of them could fully reload.

Reaper was the first to go, being grabbed by the neck and thrown through the window of a nearby shop. Mercy then turned her attention to Torbjorn, tanking a few shots from his turret before reaching him and shoving a smoke tentacle through his chest that quickly turned solid.

"If you plan on hiding behind your tech, why are you even here?"

Before she could finish him off though, Reinhardt was back on his feet and charging straight towards her. With the help of his rocket, he pushed her back a few feet, until she regained her footing, then neither of them moved. Grabbing his hammer as soon as he ran out of fuel, Reinhardt swung it at her only to have her catch it in the palm of her hand and crush it into pieces.

Undeterred, Reinhardt raised his fists. He was determined to go down the only way he knows how. Mercy knew this too, and she also knew he stood no chance of beating her, but it was going to be fun nonetheless. He was the only one standing at the moment anyway.

Turns out though, the others didn't need to be standing to piss her off, as Torb proved when he sprayed her back with molten metal, scorching her down to her bones. As she writhed in pain, she saw Reaper teleport next to Torb from the corner of her eye. He picked him up and dragged him to the shop, taking the chance to flee while she was still recovering.

To his credit, they would've gotten away if she hadn't swiped the key card when she first threw them onto the streets. Burnt and pissed, Mercy was determined to end it right then and there. Grabbing a stop sign and yanking it straight from the ground and hurled it like a javelin that would've gone straight through Reaper if Reinhardt hadn't stepped in front of him at the last second.

Without his chest plate, the german giant was impaled straight through his heart and collapsed on Reaper, who was mortified at what he just did for him. Reinhardt looked at him and used his last words to answer the question Reaper was too speechless to ask.

"I am everyone's shield."

Before Reaper could say anything, Mercy lifted Rein's body and threw it aside. She stepped on Reaper's wrist just as he was about to reach for his shotgun, and instead was the one who grabbed it. She aimed it at him at first, ready to brain him with his own firearm, but instead settled for taking out Torbjorn just as he himself was about to get a shot off on her.

All alone, Reaper was ready to take the shot that was waiting for him, but instead of letting him join his fallen comrades, Mercy tossed his gun away and leaned down to take his mask off so that they were face to face. The pissed off demeanor she had while taking them all on no longer present, instead she had this condescending look to her, which was infinitely worse if you asked Reaper.

"Hey Gabe."

"Finish me off already you bitch."

"No need to hurry, Reyes." Mercy said. "I could still use you."

Reaper scoffed. "You think I'd help you?"

"Why not? You grow a heart all of a sudden? I know that the enemy of your enemy is your friend and all, but don't tell me you actually care about these people."

"I don't. I just really hate you."

Mercy flicked Reaper's forehead with her finger, further pissing the man off, but they both knew there was nothing he could do in this situation. "I'm not thrilled about you either, but here I am asking you to join me anyway."

"You have a fucking army, not to mention a way better version of my abilities. What do you need me for?"

"Someone on the inside. The others won't turn so easily so why not ask someone who already did it once?"

That actually low key made sense. "Ok, but what makes you think I'd help you?"

"You literally just asked me that."

"You didn't answer."

Mercy rolled her eyes before picking his shotgun back up. "What do you think happens to you if you all manage to stop me? You think they'd just let you go? You'll either rot in a cell or get executed for everything you've done. I could kill you right now and get it over with if you're dead set on sticking with them."

"How can I be sure you won't kill me after I help you?" Reaper asked. "At least with them I know they keep their word."

Mercy raised her hand, showing the control she had over the black smoke she had been killing them with. "I can give you the powers I have if you do. That way even if I wanted to kill you, I couldn't."

"Any chance I can get those powers now?"

Mercy scoffed. "Don't push it." She said. "You need to prove you deserve it first."

"And you need to prove you'd actually do it." Reaper said. "I don't want to put effort into something that I might get screwed over for."

"I give you my word. Is that enough?"

"Maybe for the old Ziegler. You though, I'm not so sure."

"Then die here. It doesn't make that much of a difference anyway." Mercy said, ready to kill him with his own gun. "Last chance, dick."

It was a good run for him, and he would've died there is he didn't think that not only could he keep his run going, he could make it even better. Ah fuck it, there was no good ending for him anyway, might as well risk it.

"Alright, you got me." He said, extending his hand. "I'm in."

Mercy dropped his shotgun to shake his hand. "I hope you know what happens if you try to screw me over."

"I could say the same to you." Reaper said, knowing full well he had nothing backing up that threat.

McCree approached Pharah and her team as they stepped off their just now landed ship, knowing that the worst had happened from just seeing that their captain wasn't with them.


"Don't." Pharah cut him off. "I'll be fine man, I just really don't want to talk to anyone right now."

With a nod, he and the others allowed her to walk away and be alone so she can process everything. After a quick greeting, Brigitte also went off on her own, leaving just Ashe there with him, who may as well have something of her own to do, but if she did, she showed no signs of being in a hurry to attend to it.

"Sorry you had to do that. It must've been hard."

"I didn't do anything Jesse." Ashe said. "She put her mother down, not me."

McCree looked back at the now pretty far away Pharah. It went a lot worse than he thought. "Shit. I know how hard that is."

"I wish I'd been the one who did it. It'd be easier for her to hate me than for her to hate herself."

McCree smiled at Ashe. "Nice to see you care about her."

"Its more of me relating to hating oneself, but yeah, sure."

"Then learn to care about us then, since I hear you plan on sticking with us after all this."

Ashe groaned. "I gotta remember that not all my omnic friends are like Bob. Not all of them can keep a secret like he can."

"That's because Bob can't talk. Plus Echo and I kinda have to tell each other everything since we're your handlers."

She better not have told you everything. "I was going to tell you too. Eventually."

"What happened to never working with law enforcement?"

Ashe shrugged. That went out the window the moment Mercy forced them all to work together. "It was a dumb rule now that we're where we're at. Though for the record, you broke it first."

"All things considered though, assuming we'd even survive all of this, you've got a good shot."

Ashe raised an eyebrow. "You better not be getting my hopes up."

"They took me in because they saw my potential." McCree said. "If they see potential in me, imagine what they'll see in you. Plus, there's sadly not much left in the chain of command so my say in it has a lot more weight now."

"Looks like I'm going to be your boss again."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Aside from security access, ranks are just titles in Overwatch. Everyone's equal here." McCree said. "Besides, if it weren't, I'd be ranked higher than you anyway."

"No need to compare sizes cowboy, I was only joking."

"Nice to see we still have that luxury." McCree said. "These moments of calm only make me even more tense."

"You're starting to sound like me."

"I don't see how that's bad." McCree said, looking out of the hangar towards the approaching ship. "That's Reyes's ship. Looks like those calm moments aren't going to last long anyway."

McCree stepped closer to the recently arrived ship, heart sinking when he saw through the windows that only Reaper was sitting at the cockpit. He knew not to ask, since making him go through it all over again would just make it sting more, even for Reaper, but he couldn't beat his curiosity.

"How did it happen?" he asked before the doors even fully opened.

To everyone's surprise, the one who answered his question was the actual culprit. Stepping out for everyone to see was Mercy, cocky knowing that she just caught every one of her adversaries in one place, and off guard.

"Take a guess."