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Full Summary: Sawada Tsunayoshi always had a fuzzy feeling in his head when he was around his friends, his family, but he never thought it was a warning. He realized he shouldn't have pushed it off his mind, but it was too late.

Now, moving on and leaving everything behind, Tsuna transfers to Kunugigaoka from Namimori to get a clean, fresh start. But what happens when he finds out he and his class have to kill their teacher before he destroys the world? And what happens when the past comes crawling back?

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Assassination Classroom do not belong to me, they belong to their respectable owners. Thank you!

Sawada Tsunayoshi shuts the door that he had cracked open before quietly, quickly moving from it and rushing away. He peeks quickly beyond the corners of the halls to check for other students or teachers, hastily moving through the school to get to the shoe lockers. Adrenaline painfully pumps through his head, his heart pounding agonizingly, eyes stinging with the prickling sensation of oncoming tears. He could feel his legs start to ache and turn into jelly as he continued to sprint, finally making it to the lockers. He felt like he was going to throw up.

Quickly moving to his own locker, Tsuna pulls his school shoes off, opening his locker while ignoring the hateful letters that fell out. He grabs his shoes, stuffing his feet into them and shoving the other pair into the locker. Tsuna seizes his bag that he had placed beside his feet and starts to move towards the front doors.



Two voices call out, making Tsuna flinch and hesitantly turn to the silver-haired and raven-haired males who had artificial smiles placed on their faces.

"G-Gokudera-san, Yamamoto-san..."

Yamamoto swings an arm around Tsuna's shoulders, "Wanna go to the arcade?"

"Baseball-Freak, don't act so casually with Tsuna-sama!"

Tsuna stiffens up, watching Yamamoto and Gokudera create a one-sided fight, inching away and closer to the doors. He flinches again when Gokudera calls out for him, his foot barely brushing against the ground outside.

"Tsuna-sama, where do you want to go? I'll go wherever you want to," Gokudera inserts on a face with a faux determination colored all over it with a dull crayon.

Tsuna mentally grimaces, somewhat disgusted with himself.

'How did I not notice how fake their expressions are? I'm such an idiot...'

"No, I-I would like to be alone-if you don't mind," Tsuna averts his eyes, already moving out the door and towards the entrance.

"S-sure, whatever you want, Da-Tsuna-sama," Gokudera slips up, quickly catching himself, but not quickly enough.

Tsuna flinches but continues to leave the school's property, taking his chance to dash away once he couldn't be seen. He could feel his legs start to burn once more as he pushes himself to go faster, taking big gulps of air, tears finally starting to prick and stab his chocolate colored eyes. He could feel them swell as they hung on to his bottom eyelid before sliding and tumbling down his pink-flushed cheeks, cascading down like a spilled drink trickling off a table. Some advance all the way down to his chin, while others were flung off to the side, the warmth quickly and bitterly whispering away with the running wind.

Tsuna turns corners-ran as fast as he could-until he makes it home. He takes a minute or two to calm himself down, roughly rubbing the tears and their trails away. He could feel his eyes become heavy, tired, but he illustrates a delicate and beautiful smile on his face, inhaling deeply. He opens the door, keeping his shaky breaths deep to keep himself from breaking down as he pushed his shoes off, not bothering with the slippers. He softly whispers his arrival home, not expecting an answer back.


And as he thought, there was no answer. Just silence.

'I guess Okaa-san went out with the kids,' Tsuna quickly stumbles up the steps, almost tripping thrice, his socks hushing his footfall.

Tsuna pads down the hall to his room, already feeling his eyes burn, sting. He pushes the door to his room open, shuffling inside and softly and gently closing it. He flops down on to his bed, feeling his weight hardly shifting it. He closes his eyes, causing a tear to be severed away and gliding down his cheek. He could feel his heavy eyes become heavier, he could feel his body sink into darkness as he starts to doze off.

'Did these blankets always feel so soft?'


Tsuna wakes up with a jolt, gasping for air, tears biting the corners of his eyes. He could hear the soft, muffled laughter of his mother and the kids, also hearing the quiet voices of his frien-guardians, as well as his older brother's. Rigorously rubbing his eyes, Tsuna pushes himself up, shaking. He moves up off the bed, staggering to the door and opening it. The sounds of the now-unmuffled voices and giggling made Tsuna's headache pound sharply as he moves down the stairs, tripping almost halfway through. He lands on the ground with a thump and a soft groan, the voices never once pausing. Tsuna ignores the possibility of bruising and drives himself up off the floor, walking into the kitchen where Nana, Fuuta, Lambo (who really was just ordering the others around), and I-Pin were cooking dinner together.

Nana notices Tsuna as he comes closer, "Oh, Tsuna! I'm glad you're awake, could you do me a favor?"


"Could you go to the store and get some ingredients? I'll write them down," Nana grabs a random piece of paper from the table, not checking to see what is.

She grabs a pen that sat on the kitchen table, scribbling down a few ingredients that they needed. When finished, she clicks the pen and hands Tsuna the list, already turning back to the kids. Tsuna slightly clenches the paper, flipping it over and seeing a big 45 circled and written in cerise ink. It was one of Tsuna's test papers. He had left it on the table in hopes that someone would notice it was a better grade than what he usually got (he normally got way lower, such as 20 and lower), but it seems that no one noticed or even cared. Shaking his head, Tsuna turns out of the kitchen and shuffled to the door, taking a quick peek in the living room.

His guardians were hanging with his older brother (only by a year), Ieyasu. Ieyasu was an exact copy of Primo; the same hair, eyes, even his personality was the same. He was the perfect friend, the perfect student, the perfect son. How could Tsuna compare to that?

With a shaky sigh, Tsuna turns back to the door, moving over to push his shoes on, and walking out without a word. No one noticed.


Tsuna stumbled along the sidewalk, a white grocery bag hanging loosely by his hand. It crinkled as it tapped against Tsuna's leg, the light from the street lamps having an dim affect. If Tsuna hadn't felt so numb, he would have been scared out of his mind. But he felt too numb, too cold, to feel anything else. Sighing lightly, Tsuna brings his gaze back up, his eyes slightly narrowing at the sight of three figures standing around the third-to-last corner from home. He tenses up but continues to walk closer, already knowing that he couldn't avoid the beating he was about to get. He sighs again, walking a bit faster to get it over with. He slows for a few seconds, placing the bag down with his wallet behind a small bush, and then speeds up, finally stopping in front of his smirking bullies.

"Well, well, well. Looky here, guys; Dame-Tsuna in all his no good glory."

One of the guys-Mochida Kensuke (one of Tsuna's main bullies)-steps forward, leaning into Tsuna's face. He mockingly smirks, eyes narrowing and staring into Tsuna's dull ones, searching for any reaction. The upturns of his lips falter slightly but stayed on strong, Mochida leans back up straight.

Backing up a bit, "Hold 'im, guys."

The two other males circle behind Tsuna, lashing out, and restraining his arms and body. Tsuna puts up a weak struggle, knowing he couldn't avoid this, cringing mentally at the two male's greasy hands that had tight grips on him. Mochida swings a fist back, his fist becoming 'friends' with Tsuna's face.

Mini Timeskip

Tsuna curls into a ball, feeling the sneers and smirks and disgusting stares on his small form, keeping his low groans and hisses quiet. Mochida steps back, signaling for the others to do so too.

"I've had enough for tonight," he turns and starts to walk away. "Let's go."

The two goons follows their leader, walking away and leaving Tsuna without a second thought.

Tsuna stays on the ground, keeping his groans quiet until he couldn't hear the footsteps of the group. Not detecting any of the males, Tsuna pushes himself up on to his knees with a sharp intake of breath with the pain. Forcing himself to stand and straighten up, he shambles over to the bush where the bag of what Nana needed was hidden, slightly bending over to grab it. He starts to slowly shuffle the way home, trying to ignore the pain and future bruises that consumed most of his body. On the way, the plastic bag, once again, lightly tapped against Tsuna's leg, creating a crinkling sound that gave a chance for Tsuna to not lose a bit of sanity.

Another Timeskip

Tsuna gently shuts the door, not wanting to gain any attention (in which he somewhat succeeded), and shoves his shoes off. He pads into the kitchen, setting the bag down without a word, and turns to go to the stairs.


Tsuna pauses, eyes slightly widening but remained neutral as Ieyasu kind of towered above him. Tsuna averted his dim eyes, his legs already moving to go up the stairs.

"Tsuna," Ieyasu grabs Tsuna's wrist. "What happened to you? Why are you so beaten up?"

Tsuna attempts to yank his arm away, failing miserably as Ieyasu tightens his grip, "I fell-now let go!"

"There's no way a fall could make you start bleeding so much! Sure, maybe a scrape or two, but multiple cuts like that? I think not!" Ieyasu's eyes widen. "Did you get jumped?"

"No!" Tsuna moves his eyes downward and said weakly, "Just let me go..."

Ieyasu's grip weakens enough for Tsuna slide his wrist out of it and run up stairs and to his room, almost slamming his door shut. Ieyasu looks up the stairs to where his younger brother was with concern-filled eyes.


Word and Page Length: 4.8 pages · 1650 words

Finished: August 3, 2018

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