Hey! So uh, you've probably already noticed that I put "Hiatus" in the title, in fact, at least a few days ago (I don't remember when). I'm updating to give a little more about that, and to share the news of my tumblr, which I'm dedicating to my fic and news about my fics.

Starting with hiatus, I don't know how long it's gonna be for. I can't give a set date, and honestly, that annoys me. I'm pissed off at myself for going on another hiatus not too long after my last one; what can you do though? Within this hiatus, I'm going to try and plan this story out more, while working on other stories, and, for now, my classwork (which I've been hardcore procrastinating on-please help aaaaaahhhhhh). Please be patient with me during this time, and I'll try and do my part. Thank you!

Moving to my tumblr, it would make more sense to make a social media account instead, right? However, on all my social media accounts, there is at least one family member following me. While I love writing for you guys, it'd be kinda embarrassing for any of my family members to read what I write; they aren't my target audience anyway. So, to remedy posting tons of author notes on this fic, I'm keeping a tumblr to share any news or updates about this story and other stories. I've cleaned it up of all my other things that I don't want on there, and now I believe it's ready to be shared with you guys.

I'm 'iamlowkeycrying" (Crappy Author at Your Service), so please at least check up on there to see if there's any updates. I'll try to make the titles pretty easy to tell what's a story and what's an update. Thank you!

Futhermore, please stay safe! Please don't be one of those idiots who are not social distancing; that's incredibly selfish-you're not the only affected, think about the people who have to work! I love each and everyone of you! See ya'!