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chapter 1


Thirty five year old Naruto Kazama-Uzumaki looked out over the barren wasteland that had once been Konoha. He was all that remained of the once great and powerful village hidden in the leaves. Scattered around his battered form was the bodies of all the Akatsuki members, including Pien, their sub-leader and Madara Uchiha, their true leader and puppet master. He had finally beaten them all but at a heavy price...all his friends...everyone he had ever cared for were now dead.

His long black trench coat with crimson and orange flames flapped in the winds along with his thickly braided ponytail. He wore black cargo pants with many pockets to hold his spare weapons and storage scrolls, his feet covered with black combat boots and torso covered with a black mesh netting muscle shirt that showed off his hard toned muscles and the numerous scars he had obtained from both abuse as a child and wounds from battles.

The truly sad part of it all was that they were dead because Naruto had been exiled from Konoha fifteen years ago by the corrupt members of the council. Why? Because he defeated and killed Sasuke Uchiha in order to stop him and a Sound Army advance. The Council forced Tsunade's hand by threat of civil war, due to those few who sided with Naruto. Either she execute Naruto for killing the oh so precious Uchiha heir or he be forever banished from the Village hidden in the leaves. None of them even cared that he was the biological son and heir of the fourth Hokage and last of the Kazama/Uzumaki clans. Rather fear and ignorance won that day and Naruto willingly left the village. Only a select few of the Shinobi clans sided openly with Naruto and even that was not enough.

To further add insult to injury Tsunade was then ousted as the fifth Hokage and the council appointed a man from ANBU ROOT to take her place, his name was Danzo. She was then forbidden to leave the village along with Jiraiya in fear they would seek out and join Naruto who was now classified as a SS-Class Missing Ninja.

Naruto was saddened that his dreams had been shattered by the corrupt council and that he was forced to become a missing-nin but he continued to live his life, using his skills to help others. He took on the job of a free lance bounty hunter or mercenary and traveled through out the elemental nations, learning, training and growing more powerful. He studied and trained in everything from Seals to Forbidden Jutsu and Samurai styles in hopes of bettering himself. He even befriended the demon within him, apparently a side effect of the seal was that it cleansed Kyuubi of the evil within her and allowed her to gain emotions. Naruto had been utterly shocked to discover his tenant was a female. An unfortunate side effect of the seal however was by the time Naruto reached twenty five Kyuubi would cease to exist and all her power would be Naruto's.

This all eventually led up to Naruto becoming a half demon due to absorbing all of Kyuubi's power, all that remained of the demon fox was its soul that was kept safe within Naruto until that too vanished, he had been unable to free her without killing himself and her in the process, she accepted her fate and faded out when her time finally came. He even gained possession of a powerful chakra enhanced sword, a Zanbato called the Requiem, a katana that had control of the elements called Griever and another katana that could split into segments held by adamant wire, a sword/whip called Beowulf, both katana rested on his back or on his belt. Kyuubi had collected these three special blades during her many centuries of life and had them hidden away, before she faded she showed Naruto their hiding places. He also gained super human physical attributes and senses along with a faster healing ability due to his unique constitution. The name Naruto Kazama-Uzumaki eventually became a feared one as he was soon called the Crimson Death for the color chakra he sometimes used and the merciless way he destroyed his enemies. He actually had two different chakra sources. Red for Demonic, Blue for human.

He kept his Nindo and lived by a strict moral code of ethics in hopes of one day being allowed to either return home or find a new one...sadly the only place willing to accept him for even a small amount of time was Suna, and that lasted only until Gaara was killed by Akatsuki members who extracted Shukaku from him...they in turn perished at Naruto's hand and Shukaku was destroyed.

In a last ditch effort to force a conflict with Naruto, the Akatsuki attacked Konoha with their full force decimating the city and killing almost everyone there. They had figured it would lure Naruto out so they could subdue him and extract Kyuubi...they all paid for it with their lives as Naruto went into a berserker rage at the sight of his former home and the carnage they had caused. A half demon in a berserker rage with the power of a nine tailed demon spoke of only one thing...total chaos and utter destruction. The fools hadn't even realized that Kyuubi was no more.

"So...this is how it all ends huh?" Naruto asked himself. "I may not have liked most of the people here but none of them deserved to be slaughtered like animals...DAMMIT!"

Memories of his previous life and the people he cared for flooded his vision. All he had truly wanted from life was to protect his precious people and maybe have a family of his own...perhaps even revive the Kazama/Uzumaki clan. But once again he was denied his hearts simple and selfless desires. All of his friends dead...no one left to be with or seek comfort from. Being Hokage had been a nice dream but it was one of several Naruto had that were now lost. His former home now lay in utter ruins with those he cared for and even those he hated littering the ground with their corpses.

Tears welled in his icy blue eyes as he looked down upon the corpses of Tsunade, Shizune, Jiraiya, Sakura, Iruka, Hinata, Kakashi and various others. They didn't deserve this...he didn't deserve this. Once again he had failed to protect them...at this moment he truly had nothing left to live for. No one wanted him, he was feared the world over and all alone.

Grabbing Beowulf he put it to his neck preparing to behead himself...the only real way to actually kill him anymore.

"Is death what you truly desire?" A ethereal voice asked.

Naruto turned around to see the legendary and dreaded figure of Shinigami appear before him. His head looking like a fanged human skull surrounded by black fire, his skeletal body covered in black robes with silver trim and gold runes. Hovering next to him was a long battle scythe, it's handle obsidian with veins of gold and silver running through it, the but held a wicked looking spike that could impale anything without fail. The blade was crimson with purple flame-like designs on it and a glowing green crystal sat on top. It was a beautiful master work of a weapon.

"Why wouldn't I? What else do I have left to live for?" Naruto asked not fearing the death god in the slightest.

"Truly? What if I told you there was a way to stop this from ever happening? That you could have a second chance at life and correct all that once went wrong?" Shinigami asked.

Naruto arched an eyebrow. "I'd ask what the catch is." He said dryly.

Shinigami smirked, he liked this boy. He was sharp with the tongue, quick with the wit and showed no fear.

"The catch is that you become my avatar or rather a living Shinigami yourself. You will be given some of my own power added to your own and the knowledge that goes with it. The price is simple...I want you to send me the souls of the Akatsuki and Orochimaru as well as any other evil soul you should cross. It will be your job to protect innocents from the wicked and fix the corruption in this village. Also...I ask that you save the life of the third Hokage, Sarutobi, as his death was partially what caused all your problems in the first place as he kept you safe from the corrupt humans in your village, with his aid and some others you will be able to flush it out. With my power you will command Life and Death...Light, Darkness and Shadow." Shinigami explained.

"So let me get this strait...your going to give me my old life back in exchange for giving you the souls of my enemies. And just how do you plan on doing this? Make me into a baby again or something? And what of Kyuubi?" Naruto asked.

"No...I will send you back to the day your team was picked...early morning, also to simplify matters I will personally see to it that Sarutobi is informed of this change so no undue problems occur. It won't be the first time I have visited him in his dreams; I did the night your father passed as well. Also you will be sent back with all your current knowledge, power and skills...though your body might take a day or two, to properly adjust to it all. Sadly there is nothing I can do for the nine tailed Kyuubi, her soul in now forever lost and when you are sent back she will once again cease to exist...I am sorry." Shinigami answered.

"Do I have to act like a moron again? I really don't want to go back to my old ways and facade." Naruto stated. He was a bit upset about Kyuubi but there was nothing he could do about it so no sense in letting it get in his way.

The death god chuckled; it was eerie and freakish but not evil.

"I think it would be best that you remain who you truly are, no reason to hide. Now, if you accept I have a few gifts for you." Shinigami said.

Naruto thought it over for a moment...did he really want to go through all of this again? Well...Jiraiya always did say that he never knew when quit...so...

"I accept, this time things will turn out differently." Naruto said confidently.

"Excellent...your first gift will be a special seal on your right arm like the one on your left that contains your sword Requiem. This scythe next to me will be your Reaper weapon, it is called the Soul Edge, it will be sealed into your right arm. Like Requiem it is slightly sentient and will only obey your commands. Soul Edge though can cause wounds to demons that cannot be healed easily."

"Adding to your current powers and near limitless chakra will be power over life and death as well as the sacred Light, Dark and Shadow elements and a Reaper form. I will place the knowledge in your mind so that you may work on creating jutsu's for them, though I will also grant the knowlege of several useful techniques and you already seem to know a few special Light and Dark based jutsu. You will still retain your half demon look though, the fangs, slit pupils and claws stay. You are lucky that you didn't gain tails and fox ears after absorbing Kyuubi's power, though I suspect she had something to do with that. Now...claim this Scythe and I will send you back." Shinigami said as he began doing complicated hand seals.

Naruto grabbed the Soul Edge and watched it flare with black fire before fusing into him and creating seal tattoo simular to the one for his sword. For Requiem a black Chinese dragon spiraled down his arm, its head resting on the back of his hand. Soul Edge created a runic band on his upper arm and forearm and a Ying-Yang on the top of his other hand. His arm felt like it was on fire as his body was surrounded with white, black and grey energies. He could feel the powers Shinigami promised him fusing into his own. The pain continued to climb as the massive powers in him fused into his soul and expanded his already massive Chakra core. The remains of the no longer seal on his navel shattered. At that moment Shinigami finished the seals.

"Death God Arts - Chronos Avatar Resurrection!" Shinigami roared as a massive portal appeared around Naruto as his entire being became a swirling mass of raw power, within the raw energies rest his soul, blood and genetics. The portal flared once and in a flash vanished with Naruto.

"Now...that is done, I'll just make sure that old Hokage is prepared for what is going to happen." The death god mused before vanishing as well.