Chapter 2 : Beginning Anew

Naruto woke with a start as he sucked in a rasping breath, his eyes wide and flashing between Red, Blue and Purple. He shook his head and groaned...damn that had hurt like hell. Checking his calendar quickly he discovered that today was the day he was assigned to team seven...he groaned slightly, he'd have to do this crap again. His head was still throbbing from the influx of information on his new Reaper powers, who ever said subliminal training was painless needed to have a kunai shoved up their was almost as bad as using to many Shadow Clones to train with.

"Just what I need...I have to go through all this shit all over again." He muttered and was surprised that while his voice did sound was still a bit deeper. "Still...better than the alternative."

Getting up from his bed he walked into the bathroom to look himself over. He looked just as he had in the future but he was thirteen years old again. He frowned slightly...his body was that of a sixteen year olds but at least he wasn't a complete shrimp again like he was last time. His height was at least 5' 11" and would eventually reach 6' 4" when he reached his late teens. Lifting his black muscle shirt up he found that his seal was indeed gone and he still couldn't feel the presence of Kyuubi but he still held all of his feral features. His clothes were a bit to long for him now so he performed a quick matter manipulation jutsu to resize his attire. He was very relieved to find that all his storage scrolls and swords were still with him and he wouldn't have to wear those horrible jump suits again, damn things made him into a target. Not that it mattered...since they had been the only thing the...more interesting...villagers had let him a hefty increased price to boot...wasn't he a lucky soul?

He made quick work of the jumpsuits by simply dumping them out of his window and into the dumpster below. Hell would freeze over before he ever wore those ugly damn things again...sometimes he couldn't believe he did it as a kid just to gain a sliver of attention. He then quickly tied on his forehead protector; the same one Iruka gave him a week ago.

He let out a sigh and rubbed his clawed hands over his face.

"So...I'm back in time to when I was thirteen and just before I got placed on team seven. I know that there are several things that I need to change but some shit I'm not even going to bother with. That bastard Uchiha is one of think the arrogant prick only saw me as a stepping stone/tool to gain his Magenkyo Sharingan."

"I'm going to have to approach things differently this time around. Danzo needs to be eliminated soon as well, preferably before he can get his ROOT ANBU to grow in numbers. Orochimaru and the Akatsuki will be dealt with...I will send their souls to Shinigami-sama as requested. I am not going to hide behind a false facade this time around and I wish to rebuild my clan as per my parent's wishes. Not sure how I'm going to do that all things considered. Few women would want anything to do with a Hanyou, a Half Demon...not to mention I'm supposed to take multiple mates. Oh well...I will just have to see what happens."

Naruto's thoughts were interrupted by a faint tapping on his window. He opened it and accepted the message from the hawk. The small scroll was from Sarutobi requesting his presence in his office.

"Well...might as well get this part over with so I can get to the academy." Naruto mused and vanished in a swirl of fire.

Akira Sarutobi, The Professor and the Third Hokage of the village hidden in the leaves sighed deeply as he sat in his office. He idly packed some tobacco into his favorite pipe, lit it and took several calming drags from it. It was very early morning, so early that the sun had yet to rise. He had been sleeping peacefully when once again his dreams were interrupted by the god of death Shinigami.

This had only happened once before just two nights after the death of the Fourth Hokage, Arashi Kazama/Minato Namikaze, when the death god had told him that he allowed Arashi's soul to pass to another plane so that he could be with his wife and to make sure that Naruto was well protected. This time however Shinigami came to him and showed various points of Naruto's life to the man...some of which he didn't know had happened and other that had taken place after his death.

To say that it was a shock to discover that Konoha had been so cruel to the boy and then to only have it be utterly destroyed by Naruto's enemies as a way to provoke him would be an understatement. He was both saddened and enraged by the whole thing but as it was there was little he could do or so he thought.

Shinigami further surprised him when he brought the souls of Arashi and Kushina with him and entered his soul-scape. They then took time to explain what was going on. Everything from Naruto's exile, to his becoming a half demon and a reaper to Kyuubi's death. The death of the demon fox had turned out to actually be a tragedy as it was discovered that had a group of ignorant Konoha ninja not attacked her, then she wouldn't have countered in defense, it worsened when Madara Uchiha took advantage of the situation and forced his taint upon her. It tore at the old mans heart as they showed him the interaction with the fox demon, which in truth had been a guardian of Fire country. sad as it was...had been Naruto's first real love and he had been powerless to stop her death or the loss of her soul. The boy had taken it hard but moved on with his life...he had been used to feeling such loss that it didn't seem to affect him as much as it would others.

Arashi and Kushina requested that the truth behind Naruto's lineage be brought fourth sooner so that Danzo couldn't ruin his chances at a happy life. After Sarutobi agreed with the request the two souls returned to whatever realm they now existed in. Shinigami then informed him that Naruto had been brought back in time and fused with his younger self to ensure these events do not come to pass. Sarutobi was made well aware of Naruto's powers and abilities and the fact that the boy would no longer hide who he was nor would he put up with anymore bullshit. Simply put...there would be no mistakes this time around and Naruto was more than powerful enough to ensure that.

A sudden flash of fire shook the elderly man out of his musings as Naruto appeared before him. Sarutobi was a bit shocked to see that the young man looked much like his future self only younger.

Naruto grinned foxily. "Hey old man...long time no see." He greeted.

Sarutobi couldn't help but chuckle. "For you it has my boy, but I just saw you the other day."

Naruto's face grew solemn. "I know...I take it Shinigami-sama has contacted you and informed you of the situation?"

"Yes...he has." The elderly Hokage stated. "I am most displeased with what happened to you, you have my promise that it will not happen this time around."

Naruto nodded. "No it won't and thank you for the promise but I can take care of myself." Naruto paused for a moment. "I do hope you plan on retiring after the Chunin exams because that is when I plan on bringing Tsunade here. As for Orochimaru...he will never leave the forest of death alive if I can help it." Naruto said, his chakra spiked a bit due to his angry thoughts of the bastard.

"Very well then...what is your plan?" Sarutobi asked. "Though we will not let it be known to anyone else unless they can be trusted I would like to consider you as my equal and it is my hope that you will one day take this job...if that is still your dream."

" is part of my dream but I also want to rebuild my clan, I'm not sure just how yet but whatever happens, happens." Naruto stated. "As for my plan. I will take my place as a Genin and start working my way up the ranks again. This time however I want my lineage to be known, my clan will be Kazama-Uzumaki but I want it made clear that I am the son of Arashi Kazama, though I might use his true name in the future. If any assassins show up...they will be dealt with. I also want those in the need to know to be made aware that...Kyuubi no longer exists and that I now hold all of her power. Think of me being a Half Demon as a sort of Kekkei Genkai since any children I will have will inherit most of my abilities."

"Most of them?" The Hokage asked.

Naruto sighed. "Yes...I have some traits I cannot pass on to the next generation should I ever have children. I am in a sense immortal. I will stop physically aging at twenty five. I can be killed if I am beheaded if I were a full demon then that wouldn't even work. I am aware that I will be required to have multiple wives to rebuild my clan and that comes to the only other trait I cannot pass. Any woman, if by some miracle they do not mind me being part demon, that marries me, she by demon law becomes my mate. This will cause our souls to bond and we will gain a telepathic link, finally she will gain my life span and stop aging at twenty five. I am not sure but it is likely that any female that I mate with will also gain a portion of my power and my healing and regenerative capabilities...but I am not sure. Though I do have a doujutsu now, a gift from is called the Omnigan. With it activated I can see mana, souls and chakra as well as shift it into different modes of sight, X-Ray, Telescopic, Heat, Night and Aura. It also adjusts to speeds so that anything I see will be moving at normal speed or slower, it makes me immune to Genjutsu and can nullify the Sharingan and its Magenkyo form. I can't copy jutsu with it though nor can I see tenketsu points or at 360 range. And yes my doujutsu will be passed onto any children I might have in the future."

"Also my status as a Reaper or the Avatar of Shinigami cannot be passed on. You might say that, that is my burden and mine alone. I will bear it though as it gives me added strength to protect those I care for and punish those who would harm others for evil reasons." Naruto explained.

"Admirable goals my boy, I am quite proud of spite of all the hardships you have endured you still wish to protect those you care for and innocent people." Sarutobi said with a smile. "I am sure you will reach your goals one day and I hope that this second chance at life gives you what you've been searching for."

Naruto smiled at the old man, looking him straight in the eye. It was then that the elderly Hokage saw just how old Naruto truly was...they do say that eyes are the windows to the soul. His eyes showed a man who knew deep loneliness, grief and despair, a man who in spite of these has risen up with undying determination, an unbreakable will and a set of diamond hard standards and beliefs.

"I hope so to Ji-chan and thanks. I've...been alone for so long, sometimes I can't remember what it's like to have friends...having lost them all once...I will not let that happen again. I haven't loved anyone since Kyu-chan died...or rather faded from existence." Naruto said softly. He didn't usually open up to people but he knew he could trust the man he saw as a grandfather and he really needed to get this off his chest...pent up emotions could be dangerous if left to long.

"I still wish I could have saved her...she didn't deserve what happened. It sucks that not even Shinigami-sama can help her since her soul ceased to exist. My only comfort is that when she passed...she was happy. I will admit that I am afraid to try to feel such emotions again...scars on ones heart like that never fully heal...but it's against my nature to just roll over and die now that I have another chance. I will move on in this time period just like I did in the future but it might take some time and I doubt that anyone within my generation would be interested or even want to be in a relationship with me due to my...unique situation...but I am patient...I can wait a few generations." Naruto said solemnly.

"I am sorry you had to go through such things but I do not think you put enough faith in those your age." Sarutobi said sagely. "I know for a fact that there is at least one young woman who would give anything to have just your would be a gift beyond measure to her."

Naruto looked rather surprised. "Who the hell would like me like that? Sure I made a few female friends in the future but nothing I would have considered a deep friendship...then again I was rarely in Konoha before I was banished so I really wouldn't know." Naruto frowned in thought.

Sarutobi smirked...he didn't usually pry in peoples private lives but this time he would make an exception.

"You always were kind of oblivious weren't you?" Sarutobi chuckled.

"Well what do you's not like I had any real experience, hell I didn't really get to know Kyu-chan well until after I was exiled and marked a missing ninja." Naruto stated flatly.

Sarutobi sighed. "For many it is obvious...have you not noticed a certain shy girl who frequently watches you and has always been nice to you?"

Naruto's eyes widened slightly. " don't mean Hinata Hyuga do you?"

"Yes...I do indeed. Iruka-san has often mentioned it to me during progress reports, he and even a few Jounin had a betting pool going on to see if she would either crack first and admit her feelings to you or if you would actually start to take notice and do something about it." Sarutobi chuckled at Naruto's annoyed look.

" now my personal life is for everyone's entertainment pleasure...just wonderful." He grumbled.

He sighed. "So...Hinata has a thing for me huh...I did wonder at times but I never really had a chance to think about it for long with how busy I used to be. Perhaps...this time I should get to know her better...but I don't think she'd think so highly of me if she knew my secrets."

"I think she might surprise you. Unlike most Hyuga, Hinata has a very kind heart...perhaps to kind to be a ninja all things considered but she does not seem to be one to judge someone based on something they had no control over...if anything I would think it would draw her more towards you."

Naruto glanced outside and noticed that the sun was now up and he would have to be at the academy soon so he schooled his features back into his usual impassive mask and took better control of his emotions. For some people he wouldn't have seemed emotional at all but for him this had been allot of emotion for him to show...sad isn't it?

"I will take what you have told me into consideration but please do not expect much. Further more I want a meeting set up with the council later today...after my team announcements. And before you ask...yes...Danzo meets his end today, without him ROOT will fall apart, I know for a fact that he is working with Orochimaru." Naruto stated and turned to walk out before stopping for a second.

"Just so you know...paperwork doesn't have to be the bane of your existence. Try using a few Shadow Clones to do it for you since you will retain what they know after they are dispelled. Oh! send a message to Iruka-sensei to let him know of both my lineage and a Kekkei Genkai, I trust him fully as well as the people on this list. See ya later Ji-chan." Naruto tossed Sarutobi a small scroll and gave a two fingered salute and vanished in a swirl of fire.

Sarutobi sat there for a moment stunned...he, the professor had forgotten one of the most useful purposes of the Shadow Clone. A grin much like Naruto's trademark foxy grin crossed his aged features as he summoned several clones and then pulled out his favorite orange book to get in some quality reading time while his clones took care of the paperwork for him.

"Well now...things are sure looking up." Sarutobi mused with a slight blush. " naughty girl..." He let out a small perverted giggle causing his clones to sweatdrop.