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water, cold water.

darkness, empty darkness.

light, warm healing light.

a voice "guardian, get up!"

"I'm up, I'm up, stop yelling"

"i wasn't yelling"

" whatever, where ware we?" asked Chloe.

"a channel near the edge of the city, a very muddy, wet channel"

"Weiss will be pissed about the staining on her robes"

"I'm sure she well, but we have bigger problems"

"oh right, wait the traveler, the light, the cabal! whats happened!"

"we've lost our light, I'll explain later but for now we need to get out of here"

"Ok, where are Weiss and Ruby?"

"this way"

Chloe's ghost lead her to a small breach in the edge of the ditch up in to a back ally where Ruby and Weiss sat, weapons in hands.

"your awake, good we need to move" said Weiss "and before you argue, without our light we would be mascaraed by the Cabal, we only have one life now so we need to play the long game to win in the end"

"I'm insulted that you think i would just rush in like some reckless idiot" said Chloe.

"but you would"

"yeah, but thats not the point"

"oh just shut up and follow me you stupid dolt"

"yeah, yeah, whatever"

and so the three of them moved out towards the wilderness, slowly moving for days out away from the city until one day something extremely lucky happened.

"hey look, a ship, and its not Cabal" said Ruby pointing at a battered looking craft passing over there camp, suddenly another passed over, and another and another until they could see a full 10 aircraft passing over them.

"well, thats lucky"

"Don't get happy yet" said Weiss "knowing out luck we'll be saved by the bloody followers of Osiris". The first of the ships circled back around and descended, the hatch opened and a odd looking woman walked out.

"looks like someone left three perfectly good guardians just lying around" she said "now i know this is gonna sound dumb coming from, ya know a 'normal human' but i think you should come with us if you wanna survive"

"i have no objection to this idea" simply stated Weiss.

"me neither" said Chloe.

"I'm good with it too" said ruby.

"well then, come with me" said the woman beckoning towards her ship "names Hawthorn by the way"

"good to meet you Hawthorn, names Chloe, this is Weiss and Ruby"

"good to meet you to, but can we do all this 'getting to know you stuff' when where somewhere safer"


"well, get in here then" she said beckoning the three guardians up the ramp, things where finally looking up for them.

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