Warning: This story contains dark themes such as death, PTSD, panic attacks, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and maybe rape if I'm feeling evil enough. Please proceed with caution as you read the very twisted past I have given my favorite Kirby character.

Also, this is the anime-verse, but there are a lot of video game elements as well.

Prologue: Man of Mystery

"Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story." - Marty Rubin

Small, spherical body. Dark blue in color. Short arms and hands that bare thumbs but no actual fingers, hands that are covered in scars of various sizes. Large, purple feet. Blue "cape" that morphs into large bat-like wings at will. Pink cheek marks, big eyes that are naturally yellow but change with one's current mood. "Scars" that mar an otherwise cutesy face.

When you look at me, what do you see?

Now, add pauldrons, sabatons, and a large sword with a deeply serrated blade. And, of course, the silvery mask that covers all but the color-changing eyes which, due to the cut of the mask, seem to be in a permanent scowl. The cape is often wrapped tightly around the body.

When you look at this version of myself, what do you see?

Go on and think for a moment. Visualize these descriptions.

What do you see?

Do not answer, my friend, for I already know.

Version A is a cute, harmless-looking creature who could melt hearts simply by smiling. Surely only someone truly wicked would dare strike such an innocent little creature.

Well, you would be half-right.

Version B is a knight. Someone with noble intentions and a chivalrous heart. He could very well be the anti-hero of his story, but that title still has "hero" in it, yes?

Again, you are half-right.

Now, you may be wondering… When I look in the mirror, what do I see?

Heh. I see a lot of things that you do not. But, that isn't your fault. You are merely...uninformed.

In my eyes, Version A is...well...adorable; I'll be perfectly honest. Battle-worn, yes, but still rather adorable. But, going beyond mere appearances, Version A is… Hm. How do I say this? Version A is a man. A man with a story to tell and no desire to tell it. A man who learned too soon that the world is a dangerous place, that life isn't fair and that karma doesn't exist.

...Or, maybe it does and is...just selective? Hard to tell.

Anyway, Version B. Confident, fearless, distant but not cold, hardened but not unkind. Someone I try to be. Someone a younger me would surely look up to. Someone others call a warrior, a hero even.


Version B is a facade. You may even call it a means of coping.

Version B is not me, but Version A really isn't either. Sometimes, even I don't know who I am. In my darker moments, I often find myself wishing that I simply...wasn't.

I am not suicidal. Not as much as I once was, though I do have my, eh, moments. If you knew what I know, if you had done half the things that I had done, you would likely have those moments as well. Only a truly evil creature would be immune to such horrors.

Reminds me of an old nursery rhyme my mother would sing to me. You likely have never heard it. Butterfly, Butterfly was quite possibly lost to the ages, but I remember it fondly.

"Butterfly, butterfly, fly, fly away.

Butterfly, butterfly, won't you stay?

I know, yes I know, that you need to leave.

But, butterfly, won't you stay with me?"

A charming little tune, but like many nursery rhymes, its meaning is rather dark. Put simply, it is about death. It is about losing someone you care about, coming to terms with their death but still longing for them to be beside you once more. Much like a how small child wants to play with a butterfly that is just not interested in playtime.

Ah, I remember those days. Chasing butterflies, listening to nursery rhymes, believing in fairy tales, eating dirt. Yes, I was one of those kids. Though, in my defense, my species can eat anything, quite literally anything, and suffer little-to-no ill effects. I once ate an old tire in one bite. No joke. I was pretty desperate.

But getting back on topic. I want you to think back to those two versions of myself. Think about those visuals, as well as everything (minus my...appetite) that I just told you. Think long and hard then tell me.

What do you see?

Vague, I know. Super vague. I think a lot of this was me trying to get into Meta Knight's character, especially since I'm not used to writing first person present-tense like this. How'd I do?