I never really watch the news so excuse me for any mistakes in the report? I don't know? I'm not all that proud of it to be honest

The TV switched through channels swiftly, Madeline propping her elbow against the couch arm. Pausing on the news channel, the subtitle catching her eye. The report lady resumes her speech.

'—Say this is nothing they've ever seen before, their injuries of being from an attacker, both falling into comas, and their actions being alike while they are unconscious. Renee Casper say they are somewhat connected, and is wanting to work with their doctors, Cassandra Writ and Diablo Arrendez. They will be observing them for the time being. It is unknown when it happens, but Jones has been believed that sometime, she will awake, if her results stay as they are now. Vargas may not be as lucky, but it is still uncertain. All we can do is hope that someday, Jones and Vargas will be back. That is all I have for you right now, we will be back after these short messages.'

Madeline stares blankly at the screen, she had straightened her position sometime during her report. Her shoulders shake, gripping the edge of her jacket tightly. She let her tears drip down her face, paying no mind to the door opening from the other side of the room. A man, dressed in a long sleeve shirt, quietly shut the door, and crept over to Madeline, sitting next to her, wiping away her tears.

"Dear, what's wrong?" Madeline was pulled into a hug, the man stroking her hair.

"Papa.. Amelia.. She—" Her father shushed her, Madeline sobbing. All that was heard were her quiet sniffles, as she recomposed herself.

"Arthur.. Amelia may.. I think.. I hope.. She could possibly wake up...! And.. I—We could.. I wanna hear her again.. I want her to say she's my hero. She is! She's everyone's hero... And I miss her, I don't even care if I'm not noticed, I want to be dragged along to wherever again. I want to see her in upcoming movies again! I want her to sing, right here, like she was performing on the street corner! Why did this have to happen? But if she doesn't wake up..?" She wiped her eyes, blurry with hot tears.

"Please, don't think about it now poppet, it's not good to stress over the future," Another moment of silence settles into the conversation.

"Can we go see them..? Please? Since Marianne is already in New York, right? We can stay with her for a little bit and.."

"Yes, we can go see them, it will be good for the both of us, don't you think?"

Madeline nods her head into Arthur's stomach, gripping the fabric of his shirt.