(So sorry this is so short, I have a few more chapters I'm just so nervous to post them and I have no idea why.)

Amelia stares up at the nothingness. Waiting for Lovino. Wonder what he's dreaming about. She almost never gets any dreams. Even if she does, it's a nightmare. Amelia sighs, as she starts humming, closing her eyes and daydreaming. Man, he won't be out for long will he? Well, it doesn't matter, she's been alone for who knows how long. She can take a little more, probably. Maybe Lovi will wake her up if she goes to sleep again? Well, worth a shot. Amelia allows herself to drift off into a doze.

Lovino shakes Amelia's shoulders lightly, in attempt to wake her up. Her eyes flutter open, looking up at him. Although his expression rested in his usual tsundere one, his eyes were somber. That was somewhat unnerving.

"Lovi? You seem.. What's wrong?"

Lovino hugged one of his knees to his chest, swiftly looking away.

"You were right.. I–" Lovino sighs, closing his eyes. "I do miss him. Just, don't tell anyone, or I'll spill your guts,"

"Who am I supposed to tell?" Amelia chuckled, Lovino rolled his eyes.

"Just don't, okay?"

"I won't, see, I told you! I'm right about a lotta–"

"Shut up you beef jerky."

"Aww! You have a nickname for me!"

"No! Just shut up already,"

Amelia scoots over, enveloping Lovino in a hug. He flinches, his body freezes. He exhales, releasing his tension, patting the hand resting on his shoulder.