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Chapter 1

I looked around me and all I saw was darkness. It was neither cold nor warm as I could feel nothing around me. My body was non-existent and I was but an empty soul. I had so many questions on my mind, however. How did I get here? What was this place? Why was I alone? Could I leave? Would I be stuck here?

As I contemplated someway to kill myself...again as it seemed..my surroundings started to change...no my surroundings started to feel different. Instead of the lonely unfeeling darkness around me, there was now some warmth and I could feel myself in some sort of viscous fluids. A contraction occurred around my surroundings and I felt my body being pulled or pushed out towards a nearly approaching light…

You have slept in a bed. Your HP and CP have fully recovered.

With a gasp of breath, I woke up, my shirt sticking to my moist skin from the perspiration on my body. Ever since the day (or night I couldn't remember) I was born, time seemed to blur around me. It felt as if the past 3-4 years now had been a dream and I could hardly remember what went on during that time. The weirdest part was that I felt as if a fog had been lifted from my mind and I was finally starting to experience my life.

...Taking into consideration that I could still see the blue box hovering above my head after my internal monologue, I deemed it safe to assume that I was either dreaming, hallucinating, or this was somehow real. I found it interesting that I could recognize the floating characters as something that I had seen somewhere before, or maybe something I read about, but I could not remember what my past 3 or 4 years had been like. As a matter of fact, I could barely remember what I did yesterday...

I shook my head from those thoughts and focused on my current situation. My memory seemed to have been...foggy, for lack of a better term, until this morning; I had an ability eerily similar to a video game and best of all, I could remember some knowledge odd knowledge about...anime? Why would I need to have knowledge of anime unless I was placed in a situation where that knowledge was necessary...

For making an accurate judgement about your situation moments after waking, you are rewarded +1 INT and +1 WIS

'Alright, take stock of your situation and first figure out where you are'

I figured that the best way to get started would be to figure out who I was and where I am. I thought for a moment. "If this is somehow like a game, then..."


Name: Yorudan

Race: Human?

Level: Lvl 1 Next Level: 0/200

HP: 300/300 Regen: (3 per min)

CP: 200/200 Regen: (2 per min)

CC: 20%

STR: 4

VIT: 5

DEX: 3

INT: 10

WIS: 9


Points: 0

Ryo: 1000

It was only mildly disconcerting that not only had I not known my name before this, but that I appeared to be not completely human denoting the '?' next to my race. However, those were trifles compared to the matter at hand. I clicked on the stats to see what they all meant and to get a general idea of where I was.


Hit Points (HP):

HP determines the amount of damage or 'hits' you can take before your body fails to function and you essentially die. The more HP you have, the more damage you can dish out and the longer you will survive in this world. Hit Points are calculated through the following formula:

Base HP (50) + (Vitality * 50)

Chakra Points (CP):

Chakra if the life energy of every human on the planet and is a versatile and powerful form of energy. It is essential to every technique and can be controlled and manipulated to create an effect that would not be possible otherwise. Chakra Points are calculated by the following formula:

Base CP (50) + (ENGY * 50)

Chakra Control (CC):

Chakra Control determines how much or how little chakra you waste when performing techniques. For example, a CC value of 20% means that you are wasting 80% of your chakra when performing techniques and you are using 5 times more chakra than would otherwise be necessary to get the same effect

Strength (STR):

The Strength attribute determines the person's overall physical power. This attribute affects the amount of damage a person can inflict on another with Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, bladed, or blunt objects. It also affects the amount of weight they can lift, or throw. The average STR stat for an adult human, who has never trained his/her chakra, is around 10.Vitality (VIT):The Vitality attribute determines the person's overall health. This attribute also affects a person's ability to regain health outside of combat and resist specials types of damage from things such as poison, chakra draining, paralysis, burns, etc. The average VIT stat for an adult human, who has never trained his/her chakra, is around 10.

Dexterity (DEX)

The Dexterity attribute determines the person's overall movement. This attribute affects a person's accuracy, evasion, speed, and ability to land critical strikes on an opponent in close, mid, and long range combat. Dexterity also plays a major role in pick pocking, stealth, use of weaponry and the ability to dual wielding weapons properly. The average DEX stat for an adult human, who has never trained his/her chakra, is around 10.

Intelligence (INT):The Intelligence attribute determines the person's overall ability to think quickly and innovation. It also affects their ability to learn, memorize, retain information, and determines how smart they are. The average INT stat for an adult human is around 10.

Wisdom (WIS):

The Wisdom attribute determines a person's common sense and perception. Wisdom also plays an important role in learning certain skills such as Genjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu as well as defending from mental attacks. The average WIS stat for an adult human is around 10.

Energy (ENGY):

The Energy stat determines the amount of energy the individual has and can be increased through training. The Energy of this world is Chakra, therefore increases to the Energy stat will increase your chakra pool.

'Interesting' I thought as I looked at the information present. There were only two worlds off the top of my head which had chakra and in which I could possibly be, namely Highschool DxD and Naruto. I highly doubt I was in Highschool DxD since humans did not use chakra in that series, assuming that the '?' did not denote me as a partial Youkai. The only other obvious option was that I was in the world of Naruto…in the body of a 4-year-old.

Sighing, I stood up and tried to think of what my game plan would be. I was young so I had time to train, but the issue was that I didn't know what part of the timeline I was in nor what nation I was in. It's possible that I was in some small lackluster area of the elemental nations, however, I would never know unless I left my room.

I took a pause to really take a look at where I was. The room was quite large and I could note the sleeping forms of a good number of children around me. Taking that into consideration, and the fact that all those sleeping forms were on beds, I could make one of two guesses as to where I was. Either I was in a large ass rich family or, knowing my luck, I was in an orphanage that was well sponsored. I was more inclined towards the latter, but this was also somewhat good news as a well-sponsored orphanage which could afford beds for every child could only be located in a well-off area.

For using amazing deductive reasoning to understand your situation, you are awarded +1 INT and +1 WIS

I rubbed my temples as I contemplated what exactly I was to do next. I made a mental list in my mind for my impromptu plan:

Find out what country I am in

Train to get stronger


I pinched the bridge of my nose

"This going to be a long day."

I had finally found my way to the dining table after one of the Orphanage Caretakers woke up the children who had been sleeping. We were all eating breakfast at some large ass table and I contemplated a plan to train. There was no way I was going to live a life of mediocrity especially since I had such an advantage to my disposal.

I needed to find some way to get out and exercise


There wasn't really a place in the Orphanage that I could work out and not get caught.


Though I don't think that it would get me in trouble if I started working out in the House. I just wouldn't want to raise suspicions if I started acting differently than I was usually perceived.



I turned towards the source of my distraction and regarded her for a moment. She was cute in a childish kind of way with her short black hair and dark blue eyes. She looked to be around 5 or so. Looking above her head, I noticed dull glowing words hanging in the air.

Emi, Orphan

Lvl - 1

Rep - 15

"...Can I help you?" I asked

She had an adorable pout on her face as she replied.

"We're going to the park later today. Remember you promised to play ninja with me?"

"...Yeah, I did say something like that." No, I actually didn't remember, but I might be able to take this chance to learn more about myself

Seemingly satisfied for now the black-haired girl turned and walked away. Not a second later did she seemingly remember something and turn towards me with an 'I'm laughing at your misfortune' kind of smile on her face. "Also Miss Ayami told me to remind you that it's your day to help wash up the dishes. HAVE FUN!"

Who the was Ayami?


Quest Alert!

Clean Plate Club

Miss Ayami is the Orphanage Matron and she requires (demands) your assistance in cleaning up after breakfast. Show her your amazing skills in plate cleaning and make sure there are no spots left unclean.

Rewards: 25 XP. +1 Stat Point.

Failure: Decreases Rep with Miss Ayami. You'll probably have to do them again regardless

Do You Accept?


Well, the game thing didn't give me much of a choice in the way of options seeing as the "N" button was greyed out, so I mentally accepted the quest and got to work in cleaning the table.

With the gathered dishes I made my way towards the kitchen and noticed an older looking woman washing the dishes in the sink. I noticed other caretakers and a few other orphans doing what they could to help out.

Since I didn't really know what they wanted me to work on, I just stood around the area shifting awkwardly for a moment until I was noticed by the woman washing the dishes.

Yasaka Ayami, Orphanage Myron

Lvl - 15

Rep - 20

"Ahh, Yoru please be a dear and help me with these dishes. I have a few other things to do that need my attention."

With that said and done she left me to my own devices and I walked up to the sink. It seemed as if I was trusted enough around here is she left me to take care of fragile objects unsupervised. I lightly sighed in relief as I scrubbed the plates clean. So far it seemed as if no one really noticed anything off about my behavior or if they did, they didn't call me out on it.

My mind wandered to what the outside of this home would look like. If that girl Emi was telling the truth, then the Orphan Matron would be taking the orphans out to the park or something. This would give me the opportunity to familiarize myself with my environment.

With these thoughts, I continued to clean the dishes and made sure I could, at the very least, see my reflection on the plates. I was a neat freak, bite me.


Quest Completed!

Clean Plate Club

Rewards: 25 XP. +1 Stat Point.


Name: Yorudan

Race: Human?

Level: Lvl 1 Next Level: 25/200

HP: 300/300 Regen: (3 per min)

CP: 200/200 Regen: (2 per min)

CC: 20%

STR: 4

VIT: 5

DEX: 3

INT: 11

WIS: 10


Points: 1

Ryo: 1000

With all that set and done I relaxed for a moment as I contemplated the mechanics of this system. If this was similar to the Gamer mechanics I was familiar with, then it stands to reason that I should have the basic skill set that came with the package.


Skill List

Gamer's Mind (Passive) Intensity (90%).

Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Grants immunity to psychological status effect. The intensity level dictates how much Gamer's Mind influences your emotions. An intensity of 100% completely shuts off your capacity to feel emotion while an Intensity of 0% returns your emotional capability to its maximum possible state.

(WARNING: Due to your unique circumstances, the intensity of Gamer's Mind is unable to be adjusted)

Gamer's Body (Passive) Lvl 0:

Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. After a quick sleep, it restores HP, MP and all status effects. Allows you to master techniques and adapt to external stimuli much faster. Training Gamer's body allows you to increase your healing rate. Your body is made with a high level of adaptability and improves on itself. Sleep allows for your body to fully restore itself to its peak condition.

0% increase to HP and CP regeneration rate

I hummed in thought as I looked over my skills. Gamer's Mind solved the issue of why I hadn't had a mental breakdown as of yet. Waking up in a new and dangerous environment with foggy memories and knowledge would drive most people insane, so I was pretty thankful my mind was intact.

The ability to adjust how much effect Gamer's Mind has on me was new though. This would definitely help me in controlling my emotions when necessary and I wouldn't have to act like ROOT ninja all the time.

The most interesting thing, however, was the Gamer's Body skill. Not only did it have a level which was unfamiliar to me, but this ability even allowed me to have a greater ability to learn techniques and adapt to stimuli. I'm assuming it meant things like poisons and burns would have less effect on me the more I became exposed to them.

This was even more unusual than what I noticed with Gamer's Mind but it seemed as if I could improve on it to no foreseeable limits. I could work with this. The only thing that sort of bothered me was my inability to adjust the intensity of my Gamer's Mind perk, but I guess the only thing I could do was wait until something changed.

"Thank you so much, Yoru you did an amazing job! Why don't you clean yourself up before we leave." Ayami said as she can back from whatever errands she was running.

I let a ghost of a smile appear on my lips before I nodded and started to walk off. However, as I was doing so, I noted the peculiar look Ayami was giving me which made me somewhat uncomfortable. Had I done something wrong?


She scrutinized me for a little longer before she seemingly found what she was looking for, "No, it's just that I have never seen you smile before. I'm glad you're at least starting to open up!" She finished with a smile on her face.

I took a moment to digest her words. Had I really been so emotionless? What was I really like in the past? Regardless I continued my journey to the bathroom to get a quick rub in. The bathrooms were large with multiple shower heads, but in order to accommodate the number of children here, there was little room for privacy. I went over to the sink to brush my teeth before I took a look at myself in the mirror.

To be honest I hadn't even bothered to see what I looked like beforehand. Like with my name, I had no idea what I looked like and the only thing I knew was that I was male. As a result, looking at myself in the mirror was like seeing myself for the first time.

Light Brown skin covered my 3 foot 7 inch frame. I was taller than most kids my age, on that note, and from my skin color, I guessed that one of my parents probably came from the Land of Lightning or maybe even Kumogakure itself. Silver eyes stared back into mine with short white hair draped on my head. My body was actually well proportioned and while I didn't have any muscle at all, I still looked like I went for the occasional jog to keep myself in shape-or whatever equates to that on a 4-year-old body. It was a little weird for me to see this strangers body as my own, but I had to thank Gamer's Mind that I wasn't going all angsty and depressed at my situation. Having a nervous breakdown was not a good thing nor something I wanted to experience anytime soon or ever.

Overall, I guess I could call myself cute and as long as I didn't ruin myself somehow, I would grow up to be quite handsome. I wonder what my old body looked like….

With those thoughts, I finished brushing up and went to the shower. The warm water flowed down my body submerging me in a state of bliss until it was time for me to move on. With a turn of a knob, the shower turned off and I went to get myself prepared for the day.

Coming out of the Orphanage Building, I took a look around the environment I found myself in and took in the sights of all the activity going on around me. I rotated my body as my gaze shifted around when I suddenly froze. The great news was that I had finally realized what Hidden Village I found myself in. The OK news was that I was in Konohagakure, also known as the village hidden in the leaves, which was home to a great many talented and strong people. The shit news, however, was that I could only see 3 faces on that mountain...I squinted my eyes and stood on my tiptoes in a futile attempt to hopefully catch a glimpse of another face on that mountain; of course, I found no such thing.

Gears turned in my head as I turned around to catch up to the matron and the rest of the children who were going on ahead. If Minato Namikaze hadn't been instated as the 4th Hokage as of yet, then what part of the timeline had I found myself in? As of this moment, most of my knowledge of canon was irrelevant and that bothered me a lot, but not nearly as much as a realization that came to me.

If Hiruzen was still Hokage, then I could be anywhere in the timeline from the 2nd Shinobi war to the 3rd. Cold sweat seeped in my back as the ramifications of this discovery impacted me with all the gentleness of a maglev train, all before Gamer's Mind kicked in and calmed me down allowing me to think about my situation logically. There didn't seem to be a need to worry because the village looked peaceful and I couldn't see any evidence of tension on the villagers' faces, but in a shinobi, village looks could always be deceiving.

I had to fight back a grimace as I thought of what I should do. The most imperative would be to find out where I was in the timeline and the only way I could do that was to find a character in the series that I was familiar with. Through their age, I could get an approximation of where I was in time and prepare accordingly. My overall plan wouldn't change though because I would still have to get stronger regardless, but it seemed like the need for strength just became that much more imperative.

This was a world where individuals could level mountain ranges and change landscapes on a whim. I wanted that kind of strength, no I needed it. Not for some desire to protect my 'precious people' nor for some misguided notion that I could bring about world peace if I had overwhelming strength. No, I simply needed the power to keep myself alive and enjoy my life without fear of anyone taking advantage of me and if it just so happen that I find people to care for along the way, then them too.

I would break my body, reforge my bones, and claw my way from hell of it meant that I would be able to live a life with no threats to my being. I couldn't understand where this conviction came from, but it didn't matter because this was something I had to do for myself and to guarantee my life. I would not rest, I would not falter, and I would not give up unti_

"COME ON YORU!" Emi yelled as she dragged me off to who knew were, breaking me out of my thoughts. It seemed like I had been inner monologuing myself all the way through the trip here and most of the other children had gone off to do whatever it was kids did.

Regardless I forcefully pushed my thoughts to the back of my mind ad I tried to appreciate the scenery around me. I had to admit that the park looked beautiful. The trees seemed to shine with a healthy green glow and the area was surrounded by a variety of color from the different flowers around. I basked in the beautiful environment and appreciated the scenery around me as I was being dragged off to who knew where.

"KIDS MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GO TOO FAR!" I heard the Matron yell.




I could practically feel the exasperation coming from the poor woman as the kids replied in their typical childlike manner. I merely allowed myself to get pulled by Emi and we arrived at a more forested area of the playground. It was easy to get back towards the main area where the Matron was due to the visible path that lead here. I assume Miss Ayami wasn't too worried about us getting lost here most likely due to some sort of fencing of the area.

Emi and I weren't the only ones here as a few other kids decided to join up. To be honest I could care less about them and didn't even bother reading their names. The only reason I tolerated being with Emi was that she was adorable and I wouldn't forgive myself if I made someone so cute cry. Bite me.

"Yo are you all ready to play ninja!"

"Heck yeah! I call being the friendly ninja!"

"Me too!"

"Me three!"

"Hey wait just a minute," Emi said with her cheeks puffed. "It's Yoru's first time playing. He should be the friendly ninja too!"

One of the kids took a look at me and snickered. I think I'll refer to him as brat 1. "Emi why do you even bother with him? He never plays with anyone! If anything he should be the enemy ninja!"

"He's always by himself and doesn't talk to anyone." This was brat 2

And the now dubbed brat 3 decided to speak up, "and he's kinda weird…"

"Plus he'll learn the game faster by being the enemy ninja. We're doing him a favor!" Ahh, justifying your actions by claiming you are helping the supposed 'victim'. I didn't know they started out so young. This one will be dubbed annoying brat 4

My adorable and dependable Emi crosses her arms and leveled her harshest glare which looked more cute than frightening. "If you guys keep being mean to Yoru then I'm not playing!" She finished her statement with a cute head turn.

"It's alright Emi." I stated while patting her head. I just couldn't help myself.


"No 'buts' I promised I would play with you today so I don't mind playing the villain." This was as good an excuse as any to get some form of exercise in.

Emi still didn't look convinced but she acquiesced for now still with a pout on her face. She looked so cute that I couldn't help but lightly pinch her cheeks.

"stop treating me like a little kid!"

"But you are a little kid." Well, she was shorter than me so she was 'little' in the literal sense.

"I'm older than you!"

"And I'm taller than you so that makes me the 'big brother'. Heh, get it? Cause I'm physically bigger." It was such a horrendous joke that I wanted to stab my brain for coming up with it, but I supposed it would work well enough on little children if Emi's smile meant something. For all her complaining she wasn't really making an effort to stop me from pinching her cheeks.

"Alright enough already let's play!" The peanut gallery seemed to be irritated that we were having our own little moment so Brat 1 decided to make his presence known even if no one cared for it.

I rolled my eyes before regrettably retracting my hand.

"Fine then, but at the very least tell me how to play this game."

"It's simple, we're gonna hide and as the enemy ninja, you have to catch us. Good luck with that though." He looked especially smug while I just looked confused.

"...isn't that just hide and seek?"

"What's hide and seek? We're playing Ninja!" He was looking at me as if I was some sort of idiot for not even knowing what this game was.


Quest Alert!

Ninja Hide-and-Seek?

Since you are essentially an outcast, you have been made to be 'it' in this game of dubious similarity to hide and seek. Find the brats who have put you up to this and make them regret making you 'it'.

Rewards: 50 XP. +1 Stat Point per person found

Failure: You will feel pathetic for letting children get the better of you.

Do You Accept?


I decided that arguing with him wasn't really doing my mental health any favors (again why do I even remember what hide and seek is?) so I waved them off and selected Y. I closed my eyes to allow them to run wherever and opened them to discover that they had disappeared to who knew where. To be honest, if I found Emi first I'd have probably just left the rest of them hanging, but since there was a quest I sort of had to actually try and find them. Now that I was alone, however, I decided it was time to create some skills that would help me down the line and in this game.

First I needed to get a feel for my chakra, so with closed eyes, I took a deep breath and laid down on the ground. I focused on the center of my body trying to feel for the energy hidden in my body. My focus never wavered and I finally managed to feel some sort of warmth in my navel area, where the chakra center was located. I tried to pull at the warmth any which way, but it managed to slip out of my grasp. I took a deep breath mentally psyching myself up and with greater concentration, I focused on that warmth in my navel area again. 'Breathe in, breathe out' I repeated that mantra in my head and focused only on myself, disregarding the world around me.


You have created a new skill 'Meditation'

Meditation (Active) Lvl 1 [48.67%].

Meditation is a skill created through continuous inner focus. Meditation helps to sharpen focus and order thoughts, and it increases clarity of mind and awareness of the body.

Passively increase INT by 2%.

Passively increase WIS by 2%.

HP and CP regeneration increase by 10% when active.

(NOTE: Cannot be activated during combat. At higher levels, you are able to better sit still and the rate of HP and CP regeneration increases.)

Now that I had a feel for what it was like to manipulate my Chaka ever so slightly, I focused now on trying to spread that feeling to the rest of my body. It was noticeably harder, yet it didn't take me too long to manage and I finally managed to grasp it. I'm sure that Gamer's Body played a role in my ability to quickly grasp and manipulate my chakra due to its ability to allow me to learn skills faster. I was still trying to figure out how that worked though.

"Now time for the greater test." I grimaced as I focused this warm feeling trying to spread it outwards around me. I imagined a 'dome' of chakra around me for of like a 'domain' where I would be able to sense people and living things-at least that was the general idea. It was significantly harder than expected and I quickly realized that while it was a feasible idea, it wasn't necessarily the best or most cost effective since it's range probably wouldn't be too great anyway. Plus I could feel that I wouldn't make fast headway on this technique because it was hard to get chakra to leave my skin without dissipating, let alone form a 'dome' that was large enough to be useful.

I put that idea in the backburner for when I had more chakra and control and instead tried a different approach. Instead of imagining a 'dome' I imagined a 'pulse' that would give me feedback like a sonar or a bat's echolocation. I gathered a small amount of chakra and forced it out of my skin in a 'pulse' that was connected to me. It easy to accomplish since it didn't require so much chakra or control and the results were amazing.


You have created a new skill 'Chakra Sonar'

Chakra Sonar (Passive/Active) LV 10 [5.45%] CP: 5 per pulse

Chakra Sonar allows the user to pulse their chakra in set intervals. It is useful for detecting living being with chakra and for scouting and it effectively makes the user a 'sensor'. It is possible for this skill to evolve. The skill can be passively activated to occur at the user's set interval. The range of the skill increases 10 meters per level.

DEFAULT SETTING: (1 pulse every 5 seconds)

MAXIMUM RANGE: (100 meters)

This was a very useful skill to own and the fact that it could evolve and become even better was a bonus that I had not foreseen. Nevertheless, I decided that now was as good a time as any to put this skill to good use...and play some hide-and-seek. I adjusted the pulse rate to every 30 seconds and closed the window only I could see.

I finally stood up, shaking my legs to get rid of all the cramping, before I ran deeper into the wooded area with my chakra constantly pulsing. I had to set it to 30 seconds because my chakra control was currently ass and at the same time I didn't have much chakra to work with. I would be using 5 times as much chakra, due to my control rate of 20%, in order to produce the same result is I had 100% control. If I had left the skill on its usual default passive state, I would have run out of chakra in 40 seconds...let that sink in.

I was cut out of my minute-long musing after I felt a life signature on my feedback loop and quickly approached the source. Since I wasn't being too subtle, I wasn't surprised when I heard a "-EEP" and a scuttling of footsteps away from my direction. I picked up the pace of my footsteps and ran towards the sound of breathing and rustling leaves before I caught up with my target. I wrapped up my vict-target in my arms before hauling her up.

"I found you Emi."

"Okay okay, Yoru put me down! I surrender!" She turned around and gave me the most adorable glare she could before I acquiesced.

I simply shrugged in a 'what can you do?' expression patting her head, "It's alright Emi, it's just a game after all."

The little girl in question turned her head in a huff, "Fine but you better quickly find the others so that we can play again!"

I rolled my eyes, "Fine but you have to keep up." I could hear her growl in frustration as I ran ahead of her. I sent out another pulse of chakra and picked up a couple signatures in the vicinity. I slowed down and stood a good distance away from them before I noticed Emi coming up behind me.

She shot me a baleful look, "YORU_"

I slammed her mouth shut with my hands and gave her the universal hush sign. "There are a couple of them around here. I don't want to scare them away so I have to do this quietly."

Looking rightfully skeptical as she couldn't sense them as I did, she replied with a more level tone, "How do you know that?"

"Because I'm that good. Now sit still and watch me work." With that, I left the huffing little girl and snuck around the forested area. I used whatever pitiful knowledge of stealth that I could recall and tried to make sure I didn't make a cliche mistake of stepping on a branch or something. I send out another pulse to make sure that they were still in the same place and tiptoed around the trees while keeping my head low.


You have created a new skill 'Stealth'

Stealth (Active: ON) lvl 5 [23.45%]

Stealth is the fundamental skill that all ninjas learn to become, well better ninjas. Having good enough stealth allows you to more easily infiltrate enemy lines, assassinate priority targets, and spy. This skill is subconsciously activated when you need to go into stealth mode. It grants you increase stealth where your every movement is subconsciously inconspicuous, making it more difficult to notice your presence and find you.

Stealth infiltration, avoidance, and concealment ability are at 5%.

For stronger opponents, -2% for each level they surpass you by

With the presence of this skill, I felt my body correct itself in order to better utilize my surrounding and decrease the amount of noise I made. My breath grew quieter, and my head lowered even more and I snuck up on one of the unsuspecting kids. When I got right behind him, I quickly slammed my hand on his mouth to stop him from screaming and used my other hand to stop him from struggling as much.

"Quiet down, I don't want to alarm the other one." I could feel him squirm less as he heard the sound of my voice no doubt recognizing me. He turned an annoyed glare my way yet had a face of begrudging respect which was when I noticed that this was brat #1. I told him where I left Emi and went on to confront my other prey.

Quest Completed!

Ninja Hide-and-Seek?

Rewards: 50 XP. +5 Stat Points

It had been relatively easy to find the remainder of the kids and they forced me to play a few more times since I was so good at being the enemy. It was a good enough excuse to practice my Meditation, Sonar, and Stealth skills and it had been a while since I had played hide-and-seek...at least I think it had cause I couldn't honestly remember. Nevertheless, I played along; unfortunately the quest didn't reward me for the extra times I played so I had to be satisfied with the increase in my skills.

Gamer's Body (Passive) Lvl 10:

10% increase to HP, and CP regeneration rate

Meditation (Active) Lvl 5 [48.67%].

Meditation is a skill created through continuous inner focus. Meditation helps to sharpen focus and order thoughts, and it increases clarity of mind and awareness of the body.

Passively increase INT by 10%.

Passively increase WIS by 10%.

HP, and CP regeneration increase by 50% when active.

(NOTE: Cannot be activated during combat. At higher levels, you are able to better sit still and the rate of HP and CP regeneration increases.)

Chakra Sonar (Passive/Active) LV 18 [5.45%] CP: 5 per pulse

DEFAULT SETTING: (1 pulse every 5 seconds)

MAXIMUM RANGE: (180 meters)

Stealth (Active: OFF) lvl 10 [23.45%]

Stealth infiltration, avoidance, and concealment ability are at 10%.

For stronger opponents, -2% for each level they surpass you by

All the running around really helped level up my Gamer's Body skill which was really going to help me down the line. We were now following the pathway back to the entrance of the park where the matron was most likely waiting for us and the other children.

"_and you were like an actual ninja! I couldn't even see you until you got me. How did you do it Yoru?!"

"...Practice" Was my short reply. Apparently, I was some sort of badass to these kids now that I had displayed my dominance in hide-and-seek (I refuse to acknowledge it as anything else). Apparently getting the drop on them like a ninja everytime we played convinced them I was cool_not that they were wrong though. If it wasn't for the fact that they were so young and had almost no awareness of their surroundings, I don't think that I could have been able to sneak up on them as often as I did. They made amazing practice dummies for the skill though so I wasn't complaining.

"_hey! Do you think you could teach me?!"


Brat two spoke up at this, "man that's no fair, you're always so nice to Emi."

"That's probably because she's nice to me and it also helps that she is adorable." I stayed with a blank face. The girl in question squirmed under the attention and looked on with a bashful face.

"WE'RE SORRY!" All the brats chorused together.

I quirked a brow at them and looked on in interest. With a chortle, I waved my hand back, "yeah yeah I forgive you, now let's hurry up and get to where the Matron is waiting for us." Since they looked so remorseful I decided to not refer to them as brats but instead as kids.

"So will you teach us now?!"

"Ahh wait me first!"


I ignored whatever else was going on behind me and continued moving. Eventually, we came back to the area where the Matron had been waiting for us and made our way back to the Orphanage.

I took a shower as I thought about my day. After coming home from the Orphanage, we all ate lunch and I helped clean up the plates again since I didn't really have anything better to do. Being a 4 year old allowed me a lot of free time as I didn't have any responsibilities to worry about for a while.

There really want much I could do during the day, however, I planned to make of my night. I was pretty sure that Gamer's Mind allowed me to survive without any sleep so I needed to take advantage of that and work on my skills and at the same time try to create new ones.

I turned off the warm water and dried myself off before putting on my snuggly 1-piece pajama...bite me. With that went over to my room and into my bed where I kept a small stack of leaves.

I picked them up during my time at the park after thinking about what skills I could practice indoors and it dawned on me how suitable this skill was to practice indoors plus, it wasn't hard to sneak some leaves in either.

I looked at the leaf in my hand and immediately placed it on my forehead before closing my eyes and feeling around for my chakra once more. I had already gotten a feel for my chakra this afternoon allowing me to more easily direct the flow into my forehead.


Congratulations! You have created a new skill!

Leaf Concentration Practice (Passive) Lvl 1

The Leaf Concentration Technique is an introductory chakra control exercise taught to all academy students. This training method is done by placing a leaf over your forehead and directing your chakra onto the leaf, using it as a focal point. Every level, a new leaf can be added. This technique helps hone your concentration.

Increases CC by 1%

Uses: 15 CP per min

You have gained +1 ENGY!

Due to all the activities I had done throughout the day, my STR, VIT, DEX, and ENGY stat had increased by a bit. It wasn't much, but it was definitely something I welcomed. The fact that chakra control exercises could also help increase my ENGY was very helpful and provided me with a different approach to increasing my chakra.


Name: Yorudan

Race: Human?

Level: Lvl 1 Next Level: 75/200

HP: 400/400 Regen: (4.4 per min)

CP: 400/400 Regen: (4.4 per min)

CC: 21%

STR: 6

VIT: 7

DEX: 6

INT: 12.1

WIS: 11


Points: 6

Ryo: 1000

I was very happy with the small increases I managed today as I had managed to double my CP and increase my other stats by a good margin for the little work I did. I looked back down at my leaf as I mentally did some calculations. Since my CC was at 21%, that meant that I would be using about 4.7 times more chakra for any given technique. The Leaf Concentration Technique used 15 CP per min which for me meant around 70 CP per min. Taking into account my regen rate of 4.4 CP per min and my 400 CP worth of chakra, my skill cost a total of around 65.6 CP per minute and I would be able to continuously use it for around 6 minutes before I suffered from chakra exhaustion.

Just to be safe I planned on stopping a little bit before that, in order to prevent myself from getting a case of chakra exhaustion. I knew that when the body had no chakra left, it would die and I wasn't sure if my version of Gamer's Body would protect me from dying when I had zero chakra left. It was best not to chance it.

With that, around 5.5 minutes passed going by the amount of chakra I had left. I made sure to check my status at regular intervals but even then I felt myself getting tired. It sucked how my crappy control caused me to get tired so quickly, so I took this time to practice my Meditation skill. I might as well be killing two birds with one stone while I had the time.

I felt myself lapse in a state of concentration and I could feel my chakra regenerating at a greater rate but to be honest, it wasn't a large increase by any stretch of the imagination. My current natural regen rate for my HP and CP was 4.4 per min. Actively meditating increased that rate to 6 per min, still, it was better than nothing. It took me a little less than an hour before I was able to regenerate my chakra and it was the longest hour I had ever experienced.

Seriously, it took me only 6 minutes to run out of chakra but 10x that amount of time to regenerate it to full capacity. The only upside to this crap was that I was leveling some skills, but who knew getting strong would be so tedious? The increase to Meditation's level somewhat lessened the time it took for me to regenerate my chakra, but it definitely was not enough.

With that, I took up my leaf and pressed it upon my forehead and went through another round of boredom. I distanced myself from the surroundings and instead focused on the internal of my body.

I felt the chakra sloshing in my core and flowing through my body. With greater concentration, I forced my chakra to flow upwards towards my head but met with resistance. My own life energy was resisting my pull and command as it sought to flow freely, but I couldn't have it. So I redouble my efforts and sank into a deep concentration to the point where I was able to my mind was crowded with the single thought of leveling up this skill.

I felt some sort of mental switch turn on and suddenly, I could feel my energy circulating in the direction I wanted it to go. I felt my skills improve rapidly and the feeling I was getting was exhilarating. I hardly noticed when my hand instinctively grabbed more leaves to stick on my head and I couldn't even feel the strain that focusing on multiple points on my head should have given me.

I was so deep in concentration that I barely noticed my chakra go critical and dig into the low double digits until my body's natural reaction of exhaustion overcame me. I was begrudgingly forced to exit my enhanced state of concentration, but no sooner did I notice a dull throbbing in my head and a slight dampness on my body.

I couldn't even describe that experience in words, but it was definitely novel. I felt like I was in my own world where the passage of time was meaningless and I could actually feel my skills improve quickly. Comparing this to before where I barely noticed any improvement in this when they leveled up. The only thing I was upset about was that this state barely lasted and yet I felt exhausted. What the hell was that!?

Congratulations for Achieving a state of 'Hyperfocus'

Hyperfocus (Active) Level 2 [64.57%]

Hyperfocus is a state achieved through the combination of 'Meditation' and another skill that is compatible. Compatible skills mainly include those that do not require any movement to use or execute. Hyperfocus drastically increases the rate at which those skills level up by increasing brain activity to an extreme. By focusing your all your brain activity on a singular skill, you essentially 'Meditate' with that skill in mind. The user burns through CP more when in this state due to the extremely rapid use of the compatible skill. Leveling of this skill will increase the amount of time you can spend in this state as well as increase the number of times you can use it per day.

USAGE: (1 per day)

DURATION (2.64 minutes)

Ping! Ping! Ping!

Congratulations! 'Leaf Concentration Practice' has leveled up by 3!

Congratulations! 'Meditation' has leveled up by 2!

Leaf Concentration Practice (Passive) Lvl 4 [23.43%]

The Leaf Concentration Technique is an introductory chakra control exercise taught to all academy students. This training method is done by placing a leaf over your forehead and directing your chakra onto the leaf, using it as a focal point. Every level, a new leaf can be added. This technique helps hone your concentration.

Increases CC by 4%

Uses: 15 CP per min

Meditation (Active) Lvl 7 [1.67%].

Passively increase INT by 14%.

Passively increase WIS by 14%.

HP and CP regeneration increase by 70% when active.

(NOTE: Cannot be activated during combat. At higher levels, you are able to better sit still and the rate of HP and CP regeneration increases.

I nodded in appreciation at the increases I made. In that one sitting of less than 3 minutes, I had increased my CC by an additional 3% and my Meditation skill by a couple levels. Even though I was completely drained as of now, my excitement barely wavered. I was only slightly upset about the limitations of the skill but the benefits all but made up for it. Furthermore, if I was reading this correctly, even if I was able to use this skill for a much longer period of time, it still would have burned through my chakra pool at the same rate, so I had to increase my ENGY in order to get the best out of this ability.

I deposited my thoughts to the back of my head as I focused on restoring my chakra. I didn't feel tired even though it was pretty late at night, which was a good sign that Gamer's Mind was effectively keeping me as an insomniac as long as I wanted to stay awake, yet without any of the negative repercussions.

My heart was still quite excited and I couldn't wait to practice that skill again tomorrow. I had no idea what the next day would throw my way, but as long as I was given time to grow strong and train, then I was sure that I would be able to tackle the obstacles in my way.

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