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Chapter 2

I opened my eyes and took stock of the environment I had found myself in. The best way to describe my environment was that it seemed so...structured. It was a world made of gears and parts that fit together to create a complete working unit. It almost felt...mechanical in a way, how everything was set up.

"You like the scenery?"

I whipped my head in the direction of the voice and standing in front of me was...me? He looked exactly the same as I did except that instead of donning silver irises, his were golden and slitted, kind of like a snake's. I was kind of jealous of them though, they looked so cool…


"In short and simple terms, you."

"Did you just-"

"-Read your mind?."

I stared at him oddly, unsure of what to do or say as it was apparently meaningless for me to do so.

"Haha don't be so startled kid after all this…" My look-alike paused and gestured to the surroundings, "is our soul…well, at least its surface layer. I pretty much live here so anything you think, I know."

I looked around with interest and took in the surroundings. There were so many questions running through my mind that I didn't even know when to start. Like what did he mean when he said 'our' soul? Who was he? What else did he know?

"Relax kid or you'll short-circuit your brain…speaking of, I shouldn't be out here for too long."

"W-Wait!" I said, catching the guy's attention, "You nev-"

"Who I am is irrelevant. As I am simply a shadow of my past self, you can just call me J." The man spoke before continuing, "As for the other question, I brought you here because the sooner we met face to face the better. Furthermore, I just so happen to be doing a small adjustment to your body, so this was the perfect time to meet."

I digested his words for a moment before asking, "…Then what now?"

"Now…" The man started before snapping his fingers causing a clock to pop up in front of us. He glanced at it for a moment before continuing, "It's about time for you to leave."

My eyes widened and I opened my mouth to protest, however, my mind reading doppelgänger replied before I could ask.

"The next time we will meet will be done through your own power. Level up Meditation to 100 and you'll be able to come here on your own instead of me having to drag you here." He paused before looking into the distance and following his gaze, I noticed a streak of black lightning appear and bounce off the "gears" in my soul. "…There's still a lot of work I have to do so I can't keep these meetings sustained for too long. The system isn't ready to run on autopilot just yet…"

Before I could even question him about what he meant, And my body started to fade from the environment as whatever force keeping me in place dissipated. Right before my body left, I noticed my doppelgänger turn to me with a slight smile as he said.

"I'll see you in a few years Yoru. Stay safe and don't get killed."

You have slept in a bed. Your HP and CP have fully recovered.

I groggily woke up and had to fight a grimace as a pounding headache assaulted me. My hand came up to massage my temple in a futile attempt at dulling my aching cranium. I quickly shook my head in order to clear it and shakily stood up from my resting position, idly noting that my body felt slightly…different. "I wonder what he meant by 'adjustments'..."

Figuring that sitting on my bed wasn't going to help me figure that mystery out, I got up and stretched a little bit before making my way towards the bathroom, intent on understanding what had changed physically about my body. After arriving and entering the bathroom, I made my way to the mirror and froze…I was perfect. If yesterday I looked kinda cute, today I looked s adorable that it shouldn't have been possible. For one thing, I had some definition on my body even though I was only four and that should not have been possible or even look right, yet somehow I made it work. My face was the perfect shape and had perfect symmetry on both sides and everything just fit. My silver eyes almost seemed to glow and my white hair looked perfectly well kept. My brows were a tiny bit thinner but perfectly symmetrical and I had a little less baby fat on my face than I did yesterday showcasing some hidden sharpness in my jaws which would no doubt become more pronounced as I aged. You couldn't really tell unless you looked more closely than I was comfortable with, but it was there and I could tell. I was inhumanly adorable and I wasn't embarrassed to admit that, the only problem was how I was going to hide my changes from the Orphanage Personnel?

The changes I had were quite noticeable and there was no way I could hide it from them...I tore a large sheet of cloth from my navy blue shirt and wrapped it around my face. The makeshift mask covered the portion of my face from the top of my nose downwards till it reached my neck. It wasn't perfect and I would definitely have to get an actual face mask, but It was enough for my purposes, plus I think I made it work better than Kakashi. I really didn't want to have to explain to everyone my physical changes, plus I kinda thought that the mask look was pretty cool.

"…Maybe I could say it was like a Kekkei Genkai?"

With that, I brushed my teeth.

Obviously without the cloth on.

I came back to the room soon after and got a change of clothes. I didn't have many, but it was enough for me so I didn't complain. I laid down on my bed and decided to practice my Meditation a little more before the sun fully rose. Fun fact: you actually didn't need to be crossed legged while you meditated; that was just a generalization. The most important thing was how comfortable you were in your position and needless to say, I was more comfortable laying down that sitting cross-legged anyday. I was really curious about who my look-alike was and what we were doing here so I took his advice to heart and decided that I would practice meditation whenever I could.

After some time, one of the Orphanage personnel (who was kind of cute I might add) came into the room to wake up the sleeping kids. I opened my eyes knowing that she would eventually come my way and when she did, she had this look on her face.

Kotoe, Orphanage Assistant

Lvl - 62

Rep - 70

"...Is something on my face." My face and tone betrayed no emotion. I filed away her high level for later.

She quirked a brow. "Do I actually want to know?"

"I think it looks kinda cool…"

And with that, she moved on.

After getting everyone up, we were made to set the table up for breakfast. It was interesting how we were taught some basic home skills even at such a young age.

I was now eating breakfast with the rest of the orphanage kids and I honestly didn't know how I was going to waste my day. I could go to the library but I think I needed like an escort or at least someone who was willing to put up with me. Most 4-year-olds couldn't read books with more than a paragraph a page, but then again kids were forced to mature quickly in this world. I mean Kakashi was a genin at 5 (at least if my memory wasn't wrong) so he had to be able to do what shinobi were required to know as a genin.

I gulped down my OJ as it really started to hit me how boring being 4 was. Why couldn't I have regained consciousness (Or whatever had happened that caused me to forget most of my 4 years of life) when I was in the academy or something. At the very least I would have something interesting to look forward to.

I quickly finished my breakfast and washed my plates. Hmm, Maybe I could sneak out or something if we went out later today. I could find my way back to the orphanage at any time so I wasn't worried about getting lost. Hmm yeah, that could work.

After putting the plates on the rack, I made my way to my room and just relaxed on my bed. No one expected much from us kids. Though I did notice that I was treated slightly more maturely than the other kids my age and even older. Probably just due to how I acted because apparently, I was a complete loner before, but I always did what I was told to do without complaining. As a matter of fact, Kotoe couldn't tell me a moment when she saw me cry, though she did admit that she wasn't always here and that this was more of a part-time job for her.


I signed and opened an eye as I was forced from my meditative state. Well, speak of the devil.

"…Kotoe." I began as I looked towards her. "…Don't you know that children my age need sleep to grow?"

There was mirth in her expression as she replied, "The fact that you refer to yourself as a child even though you don't act like one is interesting don't you think?"

Was she always like this? " …what can I help you with Miss Kotoe?"

"I just need some help fixing up the beds and I know that you are the only one who can actually do it correctly."

Quest Alert!

Bead Head

Miss Kotoe is a part-time Orphanage worker and she requires (demands) your assistance for setting up the beds. Just make sure they are well made and presentable.

Rewards: 25 XP. +1 Stat Point.

Failure: Decreases Rep with Miss Konoe. It would not be in your best health interests to fail

Do You Accept?


I sighed and got up from my bed. "Fine, but I'm going to mess up my bed anyway, so I won't bother fixing it."

"That's fine." She said as she looked satisfied. Why couldn't she just ask the other personnel to help her?

I decided I didn't care enough to find out, so, with my face mask still on, I made up some of the beds as Kotoe did her end. It didn't take too long to fix them up and with a little bit of time, we were all finished.

Quest Alert!

Bead Head

Rewards: 25 XP. +1 Stat Point.

Seemingly satisfied, Kotoe let a smile don her features before regarding me for a moment. "So, do you have any plans for today?"

"I'm 4…"

I honestly thought that alone would answer her question, after all, what kind of 4 years old has plans for the day? The only thing we could really do well was eat and sleep. Apparently, she didn't think so.

"We both know that you don't act 4. Come on I promise I won't tell on you?" She responded with a wink.

I decided that I might as well let her know what I was planning on doing. It wasn't like any harm would come to telling her and she seemed to treat me more as a boy and less as a child. "...I was planning on ditching everyone if we went outside. I'm so bored you wouldn't even imagine. Maybe I might find something interesting along the way."

She looked at me carefully before smiling while shaking her head, "Sometimes, I don't even know what is going on through your head. You're a pretty interesting kid you know?" But then she leveled me a stern gaze. "Just make sure you don't cause any trouble for anyone ok?"

"Yes ma'am." I guess she was satisfied enough since she just nodded and left me to my own devices. Now with that out of the way, I could meditate in peace until it was time for the rest of the kids and I to leave.

Hopefully I would see something interesting.

Good news is that I was able to successfully ditch the group of orphans and managed to evade Emi, though I kinda felt bad for the poor girl. I'll make it up to her sometime. We had left the orphanage after eating lunch and we were to go on a little walk around the village just to relax and stuff.

Bad news was that I was kinda maybe definitely lost. I may have taken a couple backroads and shortcuts around the village so that I could see as much of it as possible in as little time. Only problem was that I didn't actually know where these shortcuts lead to and asking villagers for directions either resulted in me being ignored, or if they did answer, I didn't actually know what to make of the directions.

I didn't have eidetic memory so even if they pointed me at some places and would tell me the rest of the directions, I would forget about which left I was supposed to take at which street. Why did I believe that I knew my way around the village when I had only been to the park?

Well that was how I found myself in a forested area of the village. How I went from populated to forested was beyond me, but hey maybe I could use this place to practice some things? I eventually came across a clearing and damn did it look beautiful. I could see the peaks of two small mountains where the valley in between them could hold the setting sun, creating a wonderful picturesque view. I noted the three cylindrical wooden beams jutting from the ground around which were some broken or damaged kunai. Finally, there was a clear pond ahead of me that just added more beauty to the picture.

I got myself out of those thoughts and looked at the area. I might as well start doing some other forms of practice and start making some new skills. I walked up to a tree and placed a foot on it while channeling chakra in that direction. Not too much that I would explode off, but not too little that I would just fall.

When I thought that I had put enough chakra in my foot, I tried to stand...then promptly fell on my ass.


I grumbled as I rubbed my sore behind and looked at the tree sternly and decided that I would not leave this area till I could step up on that tree. With more determination that I thought possible, I decided to give myself a running start and channeled chakra into the soles of my foot as soon as it came in contact with the tree.

I promptly cracked the tree,

And fell unto the ground.


Chakra Reinforcement (Active/Passive) Lvl 1 [34.26%].

Chakra Reinforcement allows the user to focus chakra internally through their body for added offensive, defensive, and evasive capabilities. It is a basic chakra manipulation skill that becomes practically second nature the more you use it making it effectively Passive.

Grants a 1% increase in STR when active

Grants a 1% increase in DEX when active

Increase Durability by 0.5% when active.

Cost: 100 CP

Gamer's Mind saved me from acting out at this embarrassment which told me that getting angry wasn't going to help me win this war against nature. I decided to look at the bright side and appreciate the skill I made, though this told me that I was obviously using more chakra than I should have in that last stunt.

I took a deep breath and tried again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Chakra Reinforcement has leveled up by 1!

Chakra Reinforcement has leveled up by 1!

Gamer's Body has leveled up by 1!

Gamer's Body Has leveled up by 1!

Until finally-


You have created a new skill!

Tree Climbing (Active) Lvl 1 [34.52%]

By using your chakra to stick to surfaces you can now move more freely and better use your chakra.

Increases CC by 1%

Uses: 25 CP per min

"That took much longer than expected…" I thought as I created the skill after all that time. It had taken me a couple hours from me accidentally using Chakra Reinforcement and wasting my chakra to having to meditate in order to restore my CP. I never thought it would be so difficult to climb up the tree with chakra, though I did wonder how I knew to do that…I shook my head before finding my way back to the base of the tree.

With that all set and done I decided to take a break and look over my stats and skills to see what miniscule improvements I made throughout this time.

Chakra Reinforcement (Active) Lvl 3 [34.26%].

Grants a 3% increase in STR when active

Grants a 3% increase in DEX when active

Increase Durability by 1.5% when active.

Cost: 100 CP

Gamer's Body (Passive) Lvl 12:

12% increase to HP and CP regeneration rate

12% Increase to HP and CP

Meditation (Active) Lvl 15 [48.67%].

Passively increase INT by 30%.

Passively increase WIS by 30%.

HP and CP regeneration increase by 150% when active.

(NOTE: Cannot be activated during combat. At higher levels you are able to better sit still and the rate of HP and MP regeneration increases.

Name: Yorudan

Race: Human?

Level: Lvl 1 Next Level: 100/200

HP: 504/504 Regen: (5.64 per min)

CP: 100/504 Regen: (5.64 per min)

CC: 30%

STR: 7

VIT: 8

DEX: 8

INT: 14.1

WIS: 13


Points: 7

Ryo: 1000

(NOTE: Do the changes made to your physique, 'Gamer's Body' has been improved. The improvements have been shown accordingly.)

"neat…" I hummed in thought as I gazed at the improvements. So this is what that guy had meant by 'adjustments' to my body. My Gamer's Body not also increased my base HP and CP instead of just their regeneration rates which was much more helpful than the cosmetic changes I had gotten. It wasn't that the physical improvements to my face and body weren't good, they just weren't really that useful to me at my current age.

I stretched my limbs and looked at the sun. There was still a lot of daylight left and for whatever reason, I felt that Kotoe would cover for me. Call it intuition. Now I wonder what else I coul-


"Hmmm. Good on you Obito."

"You are definitely mocking me Kakashi!"

"...No those are just your insecurities."

"Obito you shouldn't start arguments with Kakashi. We are a team now after all."

"Aww Rin, you always take his side. It's no fair."

"I'm happy you all are so lively but we still have a test to take...and it looks like we have an unexpected guest."

At that I could, feel 4 pairs of eyes looking at me either in curiosity, interest, or disinterest. And it was with this introduction that I gazed upon 4 forms. The first one had spiky silver hair slightly oriented to his left side and most of his face was covered with a face mask which looked a lot better than the impromptu face mask I was currently still wearing. I almost kind of forgot I even had it on. He wore a blue uniform with a brown sword strap that created an "X" shape across his shirt. He had black eyes and a Konoha headband strapped to his head.

The next notable individual was a cute female of average height for her age. She had straight brown hair, which was cut in a chin-length bob that framed her face, and brown eyes. She also had a rectangular purple marking on either side of her cheeks. She wore a long-sleeved black top and a light purple apron-skirt, under which she wore black shorts. She also wore the standard Konoha forehead protector, along with a pair of sandals, red stockings that stopped at her thighs, and a small, red bracelet on her left wrist. As for why I was so descriptive of her attire, well it was because she was a cute girl, bite me.

Next to her was a boy that had black eyes and short, spiky, black hair. He wore a long sleeved blue uniform and a blue jacket with an orange collar and trimmings. The jacket was fastened to the rest of the outfit by two buttons on the collar. He also wore a white belt, shinobi sandals, the standard Konoha dark blue forehead protector, and a pair of goggles with orange lenses connected to ear protectors.

Those three appeared to be about double my age-about 8 or 9.

And finally, the most interesting of the bunch was a man with bright, blue eyes and spiky, blond hair. He had jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face and would be considered to be very handsome. His attire consisted of a standard Konoha uniform with two bands on both of his sleeves, a green flak jacket, blue forehead protector, and blue sandals.

It didn't even take me a second to recognize those three individuals as Kakashi, Rin, Obito and Minato respectively and as we looked and observed each other, I finally came to a couple of realizations.

Good news was that I finally realized where in the timeline I was.

Bad news was that it was around the time of the 3rd Shinobi war.

In summary, fuck my life.

It was then that Obito placed a hand over his mouth in a mock whispering fashion and said not so subtly, "Hey Kakashi, I think this kid is trying to jack your gig. You should file for copyright."


"...I think I should sue you for copyright."


As I watched Obito's actions I took a good look at him like a good look at him. There was this feeling of...trepidation my body felt as I looked at him, yet for the life of me I could, not understand why. I brought up my knowledge of the Anime to understand where this feeling was coming from, but I ended up with a blank. For whatever reason my memories of certain parts of this world were foggy and I could only recall the character names and their basic descriptions, but not who they fully were as individuals or what they would be like in the future.

For example, I was pretty sure that Minato was going to become the Fourth Hokage, but when I tried to think about anything past that, I came up with a blank. Likewise I recognized Kakashi, but when I thought about his future or what would happen to him, nothing came to me. The same thing with Rin and Obito and pretty much everyone else I put my mind to. It was as if my memory of their futures just did not exist and all I knew about them was some preliminary knowledge about who they were as of this time period. I could remember that Kushina was the current 9-Tails Jinchuuriki and that she was good with seals, but anything more than that came up as a blank.

I distanced myself from those distracting thoughts and decided to make my presence known. "…you act more like a child than anyone else here." I spoke blandly.

The black haired boy grinned and pointed to his headband, "You see this? This means that I am officially a shinobi of the Leaf and no longer considered a kid. As a matter of fact, it's the first stepping stone to my path of becoming Hokage." His grin widened, "As a matter of fact this also means that I am your superior and you can't talk back to your superior." He looked especially smug as he smug.

"...You mean to say that as long as you have a headband, you can boss around civilians and they can't talk back?"

"W-what n-no that's not what I meant."

"…Isn't the premise the same? Your headband apparently gives you the privilege of talking down to those without one and we plebeians can't fight back. Am I right?" I tilted my head as I watched him grow increasingly restless. "…I loathe to see the day where you become Hokage if that is your policy on the relations between civilians and ninja's."

"Wh-What?! N-no! Arrg." He grit his teeth as he glared at me. "You know that's not what I meant you're just putting words in my mouth." His eyes then widened as he looked at me then at Kakashi then back at me. He pointed comically at the both of us as he exclaimed, "Nooo there're two of you!"

"Obito…" Rin called in exasperation. I noticed that Kakashi was sizing me up and I was doing the same.


You have created a new skill!

Observe (Passive/Active) Lv 2 [9.89%]

Through continuous observation, a skill to observe objects, situations, and people was generated that allows for quick information gathering. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained.

Information of individuals 2 Lvls higher than you is now available

Costs 5 CP

I'm embarrassed to say that I completely forgot about getting this skill, though in my defense, I could already see the basic information of individuals before I had this skill so it just slipped my mind.

Name: Kakashi Hatake

Race: Human

Level: Lvl 23

Rep: 2

There was also the fact that everyone here was a lot higher level than me so this skill wasn't even helpful to begin with.

Name: Minato Namikaze

Race: Human

Level: Lvl 115

Rep: 10

Name: Obito Uchiha

Race: Human

Level: Lvl 15

Rep: 5

Name: Rin Nohara

Race: Human

Level: Lvl 15

Rep: 10

Ohh well, I could always train this skill anyway.

"_HEY ARE YOU IGNORING ME?!" Obito yelled at my direction.

I looked at him in confusion, "Hmm? Did you say something?"

Obito's eyes widened in horror while Minato and Rin tried to stifle their laughter. I could have sworn that Kakashi grinned under that mask, but I couldn't be sure.

Obito regained his bearing with a twitching eye. "I was asking what you were doing here?"

Hmm fair question, "I found this place unused and decided. What are you doing here?"

That seemed to boost his confidence somewhat. "As I said before I'm finally an official shinobi of the Leaf." then he grumbled, "But apparently there's another test that no one else talked to me about. Talk about unfair."

It was at this time that Minato finally made his presence known with a few chuckles, "Come on settle down Obito it isn't that bad." He then looked my way, "But he does ask an important question. Why are you out here? Where are your parents."

Minato could probably kill me in the flick of the wrist so I decided that honesty was the best policy and to not give him any sass. "I was teaching myself how to climb trees. Also, Orphan."

"Pfft." Obito clutched his stomach in laughter though Minato looked at me with some pity but soon it turned to interest and he smiled.

"Show me."

I shrugged and stood up as I dusted my pants.

"W-wait Sensei! What's so special about climbing trees?! Anyone can climb a tree!."

I could hear Rin chastised him, "Obito you shouldn't make fun of the poor kid. He's probably just here to play."

Minato just regarded them with a smile, "You are correct Obito, but you should know that there are two ways to climb a tree. You can use both your hands and feet...or you can use just your feet."

Rin and Obito's eyes opened wide in understanding.


"But how would he know how to do that?!" The Uchiha screamed in surprise. "That's not something we learned till we were in the academy! He can't be older than 5?!"

"...I was a chunin at 5 though."

"B-but you are a special case Kakashi." Obito stuttered though it was easy to note that he had a hard time stating that.

The blond Jounin raised a brow, "And why should Kakashi be the only special case?"

Obito stuttered and slumped down in defeat.

From my new vantage point on the tree, parallel to the ground, I regarded Obito, "Also…I am 4." I didn't even think it was possible for him to slump further.

"Noooo! there ARE two of you."

Everyone else ignored the pouting Uchiha as they watched me climb up and down the tree a couple of times.

"Not bad kid." Minato started with a hand on his chin, "You must have been working on this for a while am I right?"

I grumbled in annoyance, "…It took me 2 hours to get this stupid exercise down. The good news is that I was able to make an attack on all the failures." I finished by pointing around at the multiple cracked trees though I noticed something wrong when no one said anything.

"...Why are you all so quiet?" Rin had stars in her eyes, Kakashi was actually paying attention to me, Minato looked slightly interested and Obito somehow had a rain cloud above his head. Interesting, did he have some variation of Storm Style?

The future 4th sighed, "No it's just that it usually takes a few days to a week to get down tree climbing to the level you have it down especially if you are new to using chakra."

"H-he must be exaggerating right sensei?" The poor black haired boy was in denial, though I didn't know that the technique was that hard.

"No, I could tell that he was upset by his speed of progress." Blue eyes locked to mine as he started looking at me in a new light. "Not bad kid, but you really shouldn't be here." I felt as if his gaze was looking past me into the distance before it refocused on me. "...well you should be fine if I show you the way out."

I nodded since it wasn't my place to impede on their training. After pointing me in the general direction I should take I was about to head out until-

"Obito Uchiha."

I looked back and noticed the Black-haired Obito was looking at me intently, renewed vigor on his gaze. "That's the name of the future Hokage."

Interesting. I glanced back at him lazily, "...Yorudan."

"I'm Rin Nohara." the brown haired girl stated with a smile

Kakashi landed his lazy gaze on mine, "Kakashi Hatake."

Then Minato smiled, "You can call me Minato. Maybe I'll work with you in the future?"

I nodded my head, "I would like that Mr. Minato. I hope you guys enjoy your training." and with that, I made my way through the forest in the general direction he pointed me towards.

I took a high vantage point on one of the taller trees every now and then in order to check my progress back to my destination. I climbed back to the ground to rest for a moment since my chakra was so low.

After a moment I stood up and dusted my pants.

"I'm almost the-"

My body suddenly froze as a foreboding feeling welled up inside of me. My heart rate screamed as I felt something, but for the life of me, I could not understand what was putting me on edge.

It was at that instant that I felt a danger to my wellbeing and I hastily tried to dodge out of the way of whatever was being thrown my way.

It was too late.


I groaned in pain as a sharp stinging sensation came from my neck. My vision began to blur I felt my body impact the lukewarm dirt beneath me.


Danger Sense (Passive) Lvl 10 [45.0%].

Sensing danger is a natural survival instinct. The higher the skill level, the earlier it can sense danger. It allows the user to sense when a bad thing might happen.

10% chance of detecting Danger.


Poison Resistance (Passive) Lvl 1 [35.0%]

Poison Resistance Increases your resistance to poisons. As you get infected with more forms of poison, their effectiveness to you will decrease.

Decreases effectiveness of all poisons by 1%

I couldn't even appreciate the new skills as I thought about my situation as my vision darkened. Well, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to die...at least not yet. If my assailant wanted me dead, there would have been no need to poison me, he/she could have just as easily cut my head off.

I was more than frustrated that I had been targeted for some reason unknown to me.

"Why can't my life be easy…?"

Minato gazed at his excitable new team with some pride. They had passed the bell test and he could tell that they were all excited about their results even if one of them had a harder time showing it.

"HA! Not even a secret test can keep me from my goal of becoming Hokage!"

"*sigh* Obito..."


"Oi! You making fun of me Kakashi!?"


The future Hokage smiled as he gazed upon their impressional forms, before looking thoughtfully at the direction the young boy left. Aside from the boy, he had noticed another lifeform in the area, but he knew it wasn't an enemy since he could feel no malicious intent from the individual. He thought it might have been the kid's hidden bodyguard or something but ruled that out when he found out the silver-eyed boy was an orphan. There was only one other reason why a shinobi would be out here in the training field without his knowledge and that would be if they were stalking something or someone.

"Root." The blond-haired Jonin thought. He knew how they operated for the most part and wasn't surprised they were stalking a kid so talented. With war rearing its ugly head, it was no surprise that they were taking more direct methods in acquiring talented prospects such as the young boy. A child no older than 4 with such maturity and aptitude was very rare and the only other individuals he knew with such character were his little Silver Haired Genin and Mikoto's own kid.

He was shaken from his thoughts when his team approached him and Obito spoke up. "Hey sensei! Are we going to do missions now? Oo, maybe we can save a princess or something! Or save a country! Right! Right!?"


The poor kid had no idea.

I just want to get this out of the way before I get assaulted with PM's. I know that canonically, Itachi is about 9 or so years younger than Kakashi, but this isn't canon now is it? My thing is kind of AU and so the characters might act slightly different than their canon counterparts.

On a couple other notes, I wasn't the greatest fan about how this chapter turned out but I didn't really know what to change.

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