Story Update:

Alright, I've been getting asked a lot about when the When the sequel to Yoru's adventures would be written or if it would be written at all. I suppose it's only fair to update you all on that.

For starters, I'm taking a break from writing to solely focus on studying for the MCAT. The only reason I can update my DC - Gamer story is because I already have the chapters written out so all I gotta do it edit and post them.

Yoru will return sometime in September latest October. My life of busy and college is relentless so time is an issue. I hope you all understand.

The sequel will be a separate story, evidenced by the fact that Yoru - Gamer Between Dimensions alright has that "complete" mark next to it.

When I'm ready to post the new story, I'll alert you all through Yoru - Gamers Between Dimensions so that you don't miss it.

Anyway, just needed to give you all that quick update before I was asked anymore about that topic.