The Story of Salamander and Titania

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"Heavily monstrous voice"

'Fox Thinking'





Chapter 1 - Setting off

It has been 4 days since the Fairy Tail Guild destroyed Tartaros and Erza Scarlet is currently sitting inside her Fairy Hills apartment thinking, when suddenly, she hears someone knocking on her window, which has pink curtains in front of it.

Erza then goes to open the curtains and sees Natsu hanging outside her window, "Natsu? What are you doing there?"

"Um, can I please come in to tell you?" Natsu asks nervously.

Erza sighs, "Alright. You can come in." and promptly opens the window to let let Natsu in.

Once Natsu come inside, Erza asks once again, "So what are you doing here Natsu?"

Natsu then tells her, "Well, I've come here to tell you something, and then ask you something else."

After a short pause, Erza says, "Well, get on with it, just tell me."

Natsu sighs, "Alright, what I've come to tell you is that… I've decided to go on a year-long training journey."

"WHAT?! WHY?!" Erza questions rather loudly.

Natsu responds with, "I'm doing this so that I can become strong enough to protect all of my friends no matter what!"

Erza sighs, "Alright, I guess that I can understand your reasoning" She then inquires, "So, what is it you want to ask me then?"

"Well.. uh, what I'd like to ask is.." Natsu starts.

"Well, what is it?" Erza asks, starting to get annoyed.

"Well, uh, would you be willing to come with me?" Natsu finally asks.

"W-what?" Erza stutters, "You want me to come with you?" Natsu nodded. "W-why me though?" erza asks a bit curious behind his reasoning.

Natsu blushes, "W-well, uh…"

"Why Natsu?" Erza asks once again.

"Well, it's because.. " Natsu starts.

"Natsu. Tell me." Erza states rather forcefully.

"It's because, I love you Erza." Natsu finally says, with a fierce blush on his face.

"W-what?" Erza stutters, "Y-Y-You l-love me?" Erza then says, while deeply blushing.

Natsu nods and says, blushing fiercely, "Yes, I love you Erza and I have for a long time. But, I didn't realize my feelings until the Tower of Heaven, and soon after that Jellal came back and everything, so I tried to bury my feeling for you, but I just can't do it anymore."

"R-really?" Erza stutters.

Natsu respond, "Yes, I really do love you, but I know that you probably don't feel the same way abou-" Natsu is then promptly cut off by Erza suddenly tackling him to the ground and kissing him. Natsu doesn't respond as a result of being too shocked to do anything.

"W-What?" Natsu says confused.

"I love you too, idiot." Erza responds while blushing.

"Y-You do? But, what about Jellal and everything." Natsu says confused once again.

"I thought I loved him too, until recently, a day or so after the Grand Magic Games I think, when I realized that he wouldn't even be willing to return my feelings, and I started to see if liked anyone else, and I ended up realizing that I had feelings for you, but I didn't completely realize that I was in love with you until you came and rescued me from Tartaros, but I do now, and I am fully ready to embrace that feeling." Erza informs Natsu, fiercely blushing all the while.

"R-really? You really feel that way about me?" Natsu asks excited.

"Yes, I really do." Erza responds, smiling happily.

"Then, I hope you won't object to this." Natsu comments.

"Object to wha-" Erza starts, but is promptly cut off by Natsu kissing her full on, on the lips. She quickly responds, leaning into the kiss, and forcing her tongue into his mouth, battling for dominance with Natsu's own tongue.

A minute later, they break the kiss, gasping for air. "So, did you object to that?" Natsu says cheekily.

"No, I didn't object to that." Erza responds, laughing.

"So, uh, will you be my, uh, girlfriend?" Natsu asks nervously.

"Of course I'll be your girlfriend." Erza responds happily.

"Alright!" Natsu exclaims happily grinning.

"You are really happy about this aren't you?" Erza asks while laughing.

"You bet!" Natu responds, "So, uh, does this mean that you'll go on my training journey with me?" Natsu inquires.

"Hmm, I guess I will." Erza responds.

"Yahoo!" Natsu exclaims, jumping in the air. "Uh, by the way, Happy is coming with us, if that's ok with you." Natsu adds.

Erza sighs, "I guess that's ok, but I was hoping to have some fun with you during the journey." Erza says grinning.

Natsu blushes and says, "We can do that if you want, when Happy isn't there though." causing Erza to smile and blush. "Besides, Happy has to get used to the idea of being around you more often if you're going to be around you more often if you're going to be my girlfriend. After all, he still is too scared to be around you when it isn't just for a job or something." Natsu adds.

"Alright, but only if we have some fun right now." Erza responds, blushing.

"I-I can do that." Natsu agrees, fiercely blushing.

Erza then proceeds to tackle Natsu onto her bed and remove his vest, while he removes her blouse, causing a fierce make-out session to begin.

3 days later, when Lucy heads to her apartment, she hears a sound coming from inside while outside the door and exclaims, "Someone's inside! I just know it! It's gotta be Natsu and Happy, right?"

She then slams her door open and sees a letter on the table and proceeds to read it. The letter says, "Me, Happy, and Erza are going on a training journey. Erza's my girlfriend now by the way! Would you believe it?!"

Lucy then pauses reading the letter to make sure what she just read was correct. Once she realizes that it is she exclaims in shock, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ERZA IS NATSU'S GIRLFRIEND NOW?!"

Once she calms down, she continues reading the letter, "We'll be back in about a year. Tell everybody we said hi and bye! Catch you when we get back! From, Natsu, Erza, & Happy."

Once she finishes that letter, Lucy runs out the door crying and exclaims, "Wh... Wh… What in blazes?! Taking off on a journey?! What is he thinking?!" She continues running across that cobblestone path and continues, "Doesn't he… Doesn't he know… how lonely I'll be…?! That dummy!"

Mirajane also receives a similar letter from Erza stating, "Hey Mira, I'm going on a training journey with Natsu and Happy and'll be back in about a year. If anything happens that we need to know, I'll be calling your private lacrima in about a month for updates. I couldn't find any lacrima around, so I'll be buying one then, in case you think you can contact me now. Anyway, in case you are wondering why I'm going with Natsu, well, he sort of… asked me out and I agreed to be his girlfriend… so yeah. Anyway, talk to you in a month, and see you in a year! Bye!" After reading that letter, Mira was crying for a few minutes, before smiling and saying to herself, "I'm glad you got together with Natsu, Erza. I hope you have a good time on your journey. Who know, maybe you'll even have a kid or something. Ha Ha Ha! That'll be the day. Goodbye Erza and Natsu, hope you get real strong!"

Natsu and Erza then got together with Happy near the end of town and set off on their long journey. Just as they were about to set off, Natsu and Erza stopped walking and exclaimed in unison, "Fairy Tail! We'll see you in a year and be lots, lots stronger! We're sorry about leaving, but we've got to do it in order to protect our friends!" And with that, the journey of Natsu and Erza to get stronger began. With lots of great times, and possibly new magics to learn, they set off, ready to protect their friends!