Story up for Adoption

A/N: I'm sorry that I'm not continuing this story, but I just can't figure out how to get the next chapter started, and I've lost confidence in my writing skills, and am horrible at writing fight scenes and making chapters longer than 1-2 thousand words, and I don't want to make people wait months for a maybe 2,000 word chapter, which may not even be very good, so if anyone wants to adopt this story, these are the requirements.

1, The story has to stay as Natsu x Erza.

2, Erza has to go with Natsu to train(obviously)

3, Erza has to have some sort of slayer magic(Dragon, God, Demon, Dragon God, Demon God, or Titan) of any element(preferably Fire or Apocalypse)

And 4, Natsu and Erza have to become members of the Wizard Saints