Hey there, everyone! Sorry that I'm not updating with new chapters just yet, but I wanted to inform everyone that I've started a page as well as a Ko-fi! The is specifically dedicated to getting art and comic panels drawn up for three of my stories: Thieves Can Be Heroes!, The Shield's Dragon, and The Gunslinger! I really want to get comics drawn up for these three stories but it doesn't come cheap. So if you guys feel the same as me, please go and donate to the ! If we get enough support, I'm going to get comics drawn up of either iconic moments in each story or even have entire chapters illustrated, if we get enough support!

I can't post links here, but you can find the link to my on my twitter, just find MN0Luffy and it'll be pinned!

Oh, on top of that, I also got a ko-fi! If you guys could show your support by giving me a little tip like that, I would definitely appreciate that as well! That one's more dedicated to personal art and myself, but it would definitely mean a lot to me to get tips, however small, as a show of thanks for the stories! You can find the link to my ko-fi in my twitter profile as well!

Oh, and since I'm making this announcement across my stories, let me update on progress: I'm around halfway done with The Shield's Dragon's next chapter. Once that's done, I'll fulfill my obligations to patrons who get the premium tier! Once that's over, I'll move onto The Gunslinger's next chapter and the Thieves Can Be Heroes! I'm taking a little break from A Devil's Diamond as I want to work on certain things and save that for when I'm fully recharged on my writing. Apologies, but I promise to get back to it soon!

Thank you all for your time and apologies if you were expecting an update, but I promise to give real ones as soon as I can! (I'll also make sure to take this announcement out before I post the next chapters as well)