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It's incredible how much sense can be given to a word.

Fuck, I fucked up is one.

Fuck, I really didn't want to be here at this moment is another.

Fuck, the saline smell I had smelt the day before, mixed with a great deal of manure, came from the girl and not the Cyclops, making the girl in front of me a demigod like me, is even another one.

Fuck, because now someone who was, probably unknowingly, deeply connected with the Moonlit world was in front of me shouting, in the middle of the launch break and of the mess hall, with a lot of children around who were looking at both of us with bewildered expressions and a silence not usually connected with young ones.

Fuck, because damn my E root damned rank luck is even another one.

So I did the first thing which came in my mind and wouldn't make me blow my cover.

I put her hand on her mouth, letting her shout in it, while I commented, a smirk on my lips and my eyes staring into her:

"Good, you found me. Now, don't you have to run into your base and scream my name? Aren't we playing hide'n seek?"

The children around, all of three to four years older than my physical body, laughed loud, a cacophony of sounds coming out like a storm against a tree.

And that tree was the young girl, red faced to the roots of her black hair and with angry tears slightly showing from her green eyes, and I could see a slight trembling coming from her body.

It was what I wanted, to shame her and make her retreat, using the other children, or the false matureness that the young teenagers wanted to have, as a coil for mosquitoes.

Then I felt something warm and wet touching my palm.

I only raised a brow at the girl, who defiantly stared at me, and not only she didn't move away from the table, but she sat in front of me, getting out of the reach of my hand, and making a little angry face, who probably would have made the most cold hearted bastard coo at her.

The problem was that I wasn't only a cold hearted bastard, so the action didn't make me feel nothing more than slight amusement at how kids would be kids.

So, with that amusement fuelling my own smirk, I talked to the child, who was busy pouting angrily at me:

"Oh? Aren't you going to tap me? Strange, I thought that you found me."

The girl looked at me, still pouting, and then she shouted with that kind of voice you recognize in children, fortunately drowned by the other excited talks which happened around us:

"You know what happened yesterday! I want to know too!"

I only stared at her, my smirk still in place, while my hands were put under the table, my own lunch still inside its bento.

But my eyes were unfocused, and my mind was whirling between two streets:

Letting her bask in the ignorance, blessed by it, or give her knowledge of the world lit by the Moon, and dragging her, and consequently me, into it?

'The biggest matter is' talked the goddess inside my mind, her own tone serious: 'That she already knows about it, or at least she is aware of its presence. It wouldn't be kind on your part to not let her know about it, but sadistic.'

'Than what would you do, oh wise goddess?' I rebutted, my own mental voice caustic, while my eyes focused and a small snarl came into light, making the girl sat in front of me instinctively sat herself straighter, her own pout becoming a thin line, and the light in her eyes, which before was bright at her anger, dulled to something almost invisible.

I wouldn't understand the true reasons for it, because at that moment, while I noticed it, I still was discussing with the annoying voice in my mind:

'I can hear you, old soul, but I won't be angered by your own pettiness. I would advise to not tell her too much, only the general explanation, and do not, in any case, tell her that she is a demigod. It would be the death for her.'Voiced the goddess, a bit of concern for the mortal seeping through her tone.

Cursed by someone if I do, cursed by myself if I don't.

I sighed and, focusing my eyes at the girl, who sat even straighter and gulped at me, now that I was completely focused at her, and then I said:

"Please don't talk for a moment, I need to set up a boundary field."

I only noticed the flash of curiosity on her face, but I had already closed my eyes and I imagined the gun's hammer falling down in front of me, along with the muttered words of:

"Trace on"

When I felt the now strangely comfortable feeling of my new Circuits heating, I pumped a bit of my produced prana on my index and started drawing three runes in a faint white light, paying attention that no-one was able to see me:

A straight vertical line with a equilateral triangle on the right side of it, the base being the line itself; this was thurisaz, the rune of protection. This would be the base for the other runes.

Then in the right of this rune I wrote two other symbols, two H, one with an oblique line, the other with two, measured in a way that let me make the range of this bounded field as roughly the table were on; this was hagalaz, the rune of air and tempering. This would reinforce the field and connect it with the last rune, along as the way.

A single line. Only a single, straight, vertical line. Isa, rune for Ice and illusion, the last being what I wanted the bounded field to do: to show an illusion of us talking about another thing entirely.

This bounded field, coupled with the effect of this 'Mist', would have made a good bounded field even for Rin's standards.

'You did good, old soul. Now lets take this bitter medication out of the way' commented the goddess inside my mind, her tone both grave and…proud?

"Ehmm… Sorry if I'm disturbing you from the pretty magic, but don't you have something to say about me?" asked shyly the girl, an hand rising slightly like I was a professor.

'Is the bounded field stable?' I asked the goddess, wanting to avoid any unwanted witness to this.

'It's good. Stop stalling.' Rebutted the voice sharply.

Another sigh made its way outside, and, without anything more to do, I started to talk:

"What you saw yesterday was a one eyed monster, kin of one enemy of Odysseus. A beast of the Moonlit world."

"Are you talking about the Cycl-HMPHH!" started to ask the girl, but I stopped her before she was able to speak the name of the monster and, while she restarted to shout inside my hand, I said seriously:

"Names have power, girl. If someone, even only an Awakened, said the true name of something deeply rooted in the Moonlit world, be it a monster or a god will make it aware of it. You don't want that kind of attention, in any case." Then I let her mouth free again, and again my hand was licked just before I made it go away.

I wasn't even fazed by it and, with my tone still emotionless, I prepared to continue my explanation, but the girl beat my words and made a barrage of questions, her eyes again bright while she voiced them:

"Wait, why are you calling me girl, aren't you a boy too? And what do you mean with 'Awakened'? What kind of gods? Greek ones? And why wouldn't I want that attention, if the-" then she stopped at the calm stare I was giving her, and it, coupled with a raised brow, made her squirm a bit and then mutter a 'sorry', letting me continue:

"About the 'girl' part, I don't know your name, so-"

"Penelope Atalanta Jackson!" she shouted, her voice bright again and her lips morphing into a megawatt smile.

I just continued to talk, like nothing happened:"-I can't use anything else as a name, sorry. Now, could you please let me continue?"

The girl looked at him like a kicked puppy, but I didn't hear any objection, so I resumed my explanation:

"The Moonlit world is where the legends came from, and there is where the Gods, which yes are Greeks, come from and have most of the power. All of this is protected from mundane eyes by the 'Mist'.

The 'Mist' is, from what I know, a phenomena birthed by the ever growing distance that humanity had from myths and religions. It's extremely powerful, and usually all the normal humans are fooled by it.

The problem is where people like you come in." at her face, which from kicked puppy had transformed into child curiosity, morphed into confusion:"You are an 'Awakened', or, as I heard some monsters call those who have the same skill 'HEY!', a 'Clear sighted mortal'. You can see what happens into the Moonlit world, and you are under the same dangers as those who have been cursed to be born there due to some god being unable to not-."

'She is a kid' came the voice inside my head, amused at my belligerence against the other gods, for some reason.

'Like I am' I wanted to add, but I had some other things to say, to sate her curiosity and not let her wander around and ruffing feat hers which shouldn't be even seen while making sure to not give her too much knowledge, for her own sake:"*cough*so a normal mortal would saw what you saw yesterday not as a one-eyed monster, but probably as a big, ugly man. Who probably stunk a lot as well"

The child stifled a giggle at the last part, said like it was an afterthought, then with her voice curious and her eyes lightened by it, the slight fear gone, which he could see even when she hid, in some way I couldn't understand, so well, she asked, her voice eager:"But didn't the Cyc- the bad big monster say that you were a demigod. Are you one? Do you know who your father is?"


Not asking about the 'another' part?

I had already prepared a good half-lie about that too.

'Probably the poor girl is still shaken about what happened, and probably your own hypnotism has done something as well. I would say the first, though, being your ability with the latter rather lacking' talked the voice with something akin to a teasing tone, making my brow twitch, the only variation to my otherwise apathic face.

Then, without any change to my tone, I talked:

"Yes, I'm a demigod, and yes, I have an inkling about who my divine semen donator could be."

'Whoa. A bit colder and the Etna could become a glacier instead of a volcano, freezing the God and his merry band of smiths inside' commented the goddess, her voice amused at my own coldness at the gods and above all their behaviour.

It was interesting to hear such thoughts coming from a Primordial, and even more if it was the one I thought she was.

'Ya know that I can't give you my name, even if it is mentally, old soul. Our bond would be found out in no time, and there are some gods and above all one goddess who would be very much at home with your 'magi', so it's better to let your hypothesis to yourself.' Answered my thoughts the voice, her tone calm and a bit lecturing.

I grumbled under my breath, but I accepted it nonetheless.

It was better to not attract the gods' eyes, it was true in his world and it's true in this one.

This was the reason he had created the talisman as well.

And this was the reason he was tracing one under the table.

He was jaded, not completely heartless, and he would let children be children until their destiny came.

That was one of the reasons he wanted his life be finally done.

Fuck gods, goddesses and their uncontainable libido, along with their misuse of power.

"-So, can you train me?"



Did I hear well?

"Sorry, could you please repeat?" I asked, my steeled voice covering my own confusion and slight dread.

"Well…" the girl's eyes went down to her hands, while her voice was more than a bit insecure:"If there are monsters around, and they can hurt me, shouldn't you help me train and get stronger and kick their butts? It would be like in the movies! The hero and his sidekick!" she ended, her voice becoming excited again and her eyes eager, looking up to me again.

That carefree smile, which shown all the youthful innocence in the child, and those same green eyes, wide of wonder, didn't seem to notice my own reaction.

I could even mirror myself at that moment:

My mouth, set on a straight line;

My own face, unmoving like a statue;

My hands, clenching the talisman like it was a sword under the table;

My grey eyes, looking at her like an hawk, and not less deadly I could say;

All of this, caused by a phrase which popped up in my mind at the mention.

*I want to be an hero like you!*.

I wasn't enraged at the girl, she didn't do anything.

I was enraged at the idea that someone else could even walk on that path, and even more that I could be the one to lead her to that solitary hill.

After a few, tense moments, when I could even feel my own Circuits heating up, I declared, my voice flat:


Then I put the talisman I had traced on the table, a simple silver sphere with a powerful mannaz rune on it, to camouflage me as a mundane, and gave it to an extremely confused girl.

"This is to make sure that you are not attacked again. Make sure to always have it with you, and don't search for me."

It would be better for you.

Then, without looking back, I took my own bento and walked to my own classroom, aware that the hour was gone.

'Are you sure that it is the best course of action?' asked the voice, concerned.

I didn't answer immediately, but the images of slaughter, of carnage, of death came into my mind.

Yet this hands will never hold anything.

"Yes. It's for the best."

Two hours and half later

"Mother. You are choking me."

This needed a bit of contextualization.

I was inside an hardware store, a medium sized hardware store, with all kind of metallic instruments, from gardening supplies to kitchenware to combat knives, some of which were produced by a small smithy in the backstore.

It wasn't big, it wasn't a chain, but it was of the Kajiya's family.

Of which my mother, who was currently smothering me, was the Smith.

"Oh, but you are always so cold, Sochi. I have to share my hugsies with you, if not you will become a mini glacier! Look, you already have the hair to be mistaken for a mini iceberg, so I have to hug you lotsies!" said the young looking woman with a self-satisfied tone, continuing to choke me.

This was Kajiya Misato, or Misato Kajiya in the Western way.

A woman who could pass for, both for her way of life and her appearance, a girl who has just passed high-school, even if she has had… my physical self when she was in her mid-twenties, and now she was thirty-four.

I think that she was Emiya Shirou's mother in his universe, if the similarities between my face and hers were countable.

Not something worth of thinking over.

I looked over at Narumi, who was looking at the scene amused, my eyes begging of her to do something.


So Narumi Kajiya, this was the name of the name of the grand-mother of my physical self, a woman much similar to Misato, if only with greyed hair and much more wrinkles, talked, her voice slightly raspy while her brown eyes observed amused:

"Come on, daughter, don't you think that a growing boy could not like what you are doing?"

"Nope! He is too emo for his age, it's not healthy! So I will shower my little snowflake with all the love I have!" shouted the woman with conviction, and then she started rubbing her cheek on my hair, purring while doing so.

She was the smith version of Taiga, complete with inability to cook anything to save her life.

"Just don't overdo it, all right? I think that little Shirou wants to have his space to do his homework, and maybe to rest a bit. You remember how you were at his age, right?" said the old woman, who then went to one costumer who was looking at the scene in a mixture of amusement and confusion, like when you see your dog trying to bite its tail.

'Well, it surely is as fun'

'Shut up' I answered to the amused voice with my own annoyed tone, but I could feel that the goddess was only more amused by my answer.

"Oi, Misato!" shouted Narumi, her voice commanding even in her old age:"Fernandez-san wants to know if his knives are ready!"

"Coming!" came the answer from above my head, and finally I was freed by the press which was the hug, which was starting to annoy me.

I used that occasion given to sneak away, open the door with his keys, going to the hallway which both directed to the smithy and to the stairs which directed to the house's floor, along with an old lift a the side of those stairs.

This was a building possessed by the Kajiya's family, using the money they got after selling their activity and house, which were extremely valued at the time, just before Pearl Harbour happened, a month or so before.

Basara would have said that his father had a 'vision' that said to sell everything, because hard times were coming.

So, after the war, and after that the family of Basara, and Basara himself, were freed from the American internment camps, they had a good sum, which miraculously wasn't touched by the then government, and with that money they decided to purchase a decadent apartment building, with six floors counting the ground floor.

It was then used as a low renting flat for those Jappo-american less lucky than them who had their houses and farms taken during the detention or destroyed in the time immediately after the war.

Like the Narumi's family.

I could feel that the building had some sort of protection, along with the protection he had created, given by the fact that, even though the criminality in the neighbourhood wasn't exactly like the one in Fuyuki, and the price of renting was extremely low, no one tried to arson the building, or to rob the store, nor there weren't any mysterious (or not) fights nor grievous injury, but the goddess didn't talk about it, only giving some half-assed excuses like 'Fate' or 'Luck'.

In every case, it was during that time that Narumi and Basara encountered each other, and, in the sad '70, Misato would be born, when both the parents were thirty.

Now, thanks to a still good economic situation (which I knew wouldn't last), the flat was half empty, with only three of the ten apartment used, with one of them being ours.

So here I was, in front of the door of our apartment, after having taken the stairs, and I found it open.

I shouted inside, my voice clear, while I put my keys on Misato's copper plate:

"Oi, old man, are you sleeping?"

'I bet half an hour of training that he is eating.' Quipped the goddess, her voice clear, and I nodded at the bet.

"Brat, I'm in the kitchen!" came the voice of Basara, his rumbling voice coming a bit clogged.

This was the tone of someone who was eating.

'Now you have half an hour less of training today.' Said the smug goddess, her tone more than bit pleased at herself.

I only grumbled when I made my way to the kitchen, having taken off my shoes as tradition dictated.

"Hello, brat!" shouted the man, and I was (un)expectedly taken up in a bear hug when I entered the fifty/sixty styled room.

I suffered silently the extremely too warm welcome.

'Ooh, look at how similar is the reaction of your mother and your grandfather upon your return! Same exact!' giggled the goddess inside my head, even more entertained by what was happening.

My only reaction was a deep growl meaning 'Shut up!', or as much deep my nine years old body could produce.

It was true that Misato took her personality completely from Basara, like she took her features from Narumi.

So it wasn't that strange that now I was being choked.

Unpleasant, but not strange.


"OW! My back!" came the pained booming voice from above, and the old man let me finally go and went to sit down on a multiple shaded chair, which creaked slightly when the one meter and ninety for one hundred and ten kilos of Japanese bear was on it.

After a few moments, in which the old man was moaning in pain and rubbing his back, I talked, my voice faintly amused even if it didn't show in my eyes nor on my lips:

"I don't think that you are in the condition of rising anything else than a sandwich, old man".

"Damnit, brat! I just came back with the groceries for the whole building from New Jersey and let me say that it was freaking hard!" was the response of the old bald man, who, despite the words, was openly smiling behind the thick white beard, his back pain being momentarily forgotten at the tale of his heroic deed of taking the fresh food (not that chemical substances which were passed off as food in East Harlem) for the other people in the building, along those for the Kajiya.

I successfully tried to imitate his smile and then, with my voice filled with innocence, or as much innocent I could do it, I asked:

"Oi Jiji, can I go on the roof to do my homework? It's almost summer and the weather is good now."

I could see Basara's smile flatten, and his eyes were no longer twinkling, while his whole appearance became much more serious.

Then he talked, the voice losing its childishness:

"Shirou" I twitched at the mention of that name, but the old man didn't notice it:"I know that you feel more mature than the other children. Damn, you are more mature than the other children, if what your teachers say is true. Probably you took it from your Ba-chan, because neither I nor my daughter were ever that mature. But you can't think only about it. You are young, after all. You should treasure these times while you still can."

I knew that this was masqueraded as a normal lesson given to a young child, but I also knew that they were aware of who my sperm donor was.

'They know that you will have to fight for your life sooner or later. For them, you are still the young boy who shouted at night for food, and the one who they saw grow up. Could you really fault them for trying to make your childhood as carefree as possible?' talked the primordial inside his head, her tone kind and understanding at what would be something good for me.

Unfortunately, I didn't want it. I didn't need it. I didn't deserve it.

I only needed that training to reach my sixteenth birthday, and then all of this would finally end.

"But Jiji," I said, my voice still as innocent as I could while I made my eyes as much similar to the puss in boots as possible:"There are still some exams I have to do, and I don't want to lower my grades just before the summer's holydays."

The old man remained strong for the great time of three seconds, before sighing and accepting:

"Ok, you can go and do your homework, and I will try to let you do it without your mother and grandmother trying to disturb you."

I was already bolting out, but before I could go out of the kitchen I heard him saying in a calm tone:

"But, when the summer holydays come, you will have to go to the kids park and make friends, and an adult will be with you every time."

I frowned for a moment, irritation seeping through my façade for a second's portion, but I was able to reign it immediately and I nodded, my face mimicking an happy child, while my tone was one of false irritation:

"Ooookkaaay, Jiji. Now I will go!".

Then I bolted outside, like a child of this age would do, taking my bag on the way, but I was able to hear the last phrase when I was getting out of the flat:

"If you need me I am down here cleaning the house!"

'Remember, today you have half an hour less of training. So two hours and half. If you will train more than that, I will make sure that you have nightmares about your mother's cooking.' Warned the goddess, her voice as threatening as the threat itself.

I just huffed at the 'threat', I had done and seen worse things.

'…You know that they are doing it for your own wellbeing, right? They are good people.' Said the voice, her tone letting seep through something akin to concern.

I continued climbing the stairs, and then, my mental tone tired, I answered:

'This is why I need to stay away from them as much as possible. My own presence could spell doom on them, like it happened countless times before and after my guardianhood. Even if they will be sad by my own death, it will be much better than being cursed by my own selfishness.'

'I wouldn't call what you did 'selfishness',' said the voice, her tone strong: 'It could be called 'Hardheadedness'. It could be called 'survivor guilt'. It could be called 'selflessness'. It could be called even heroism. It washero-'

'Don't call what I did heroism!' I almost openly shouted, but I was able to only growl while ascending, my steps becoming far more louder along with my anger: 'It was hubris! It was foolishness! It was pure selfishness! And that selfishness didn't only spell doom to me, but even to those that I cared about! Like you. Already. Know! So don't press that button again, Primordial, because it's only due to your own brand of selfishness that the curse that is my own presence still roams this world, instead of being erased like it should be!'

I breathed heavily, even if my body didn't feel any exhaustion, then I declared, my voice tired:

'Just… I just want for those people the best, and for them the best is for me to not being around anymore, to avoid my own curse. So… don't try to sway me. It would only be pathetic.'

The goddess remained silent for some moments, the only thing which made noise now being the steps on the stairs, then she talked, her voice calm on the surface:

'I understand. I don't like it, nor accept it, but I understand. Now lets get this training done, I want to see some pincushions.'

I nodded, feeling drained at my earlier outburst, and I climbed the last set of stairs, before finding myself in front of a thick, white door, with an equally hard keyhole.

I took my own keys and opened it.

It was a dusty, dirty roof, long around fifty meters and wide forty (AN: 165 feet long, and 130 wide), with a metal box in a corner, where the backup junction boxes were.

There was nothing particular about this particular roof but the hundreds of numbers written in white chalk.

For the Mundanes, that is.

If someone was able to look at the other's side, then that person would notice the hundreds of small runes which were etched on the low walls that limited the building to the concrete floor to the walls of the entrance, filling the whole air around with tens of different aromas, from flowery to ozone to fresh snow to just spilled blood.

Then I put both my hands on the ground, just in front of the door, and, while feeling my circuits heating up and my hammer falling down, I muttered:

"Trace on."

Those which before were just a resemblance, a pale shadow of fragrance and smell, exploded, rose up, became stronger and much more vivid, like a blooming flower, a spark becoming fire, a trickle before the flood.

This was my own workshop, and what I had just activated were its defences.

From runes like the ones I had used in the school, to runes which reinforced the building, to runes which helped training, to runes which created bloody deathmatch.

Sometimes the mutt was more useful than I wanted to say.

And I was the one who created it, following every teaching given by every Rin, Sakura or Bazzet in the multiverse.

This was both a defence system, and an epitaph for them.

'Less reminiscing the past, more looking into the future, old soul.' Called out the goddess, her tone annoyed at me: 'I don't think that's useful to yourself if you don't use this time to train yourself.'

I sighed, knowing that she was right.

It was incredibly amusing though: I was training to become stronger so I could reach my sixteenth year and then die.


Then, with a deep breath, I summoned my own black bow, its length remaining the same despite my own physical form, and then I said:

'Give the numbers.'

Two hours and a quarter later

'One hundred, thirteen, sixty two, seventy four, twenty five, three, thirty one!'


The moment the goddess gave the numbers, a penny was traced a meter above the numbers where they were written, and, in that same moment, the same number of arrows flew true and through, exactly in the centre of them.

I remained in position for a few moments, then I lowered the bow and exhaled, my muscles only now feeling a bit tired, after a few hundreds of shots.

'Your Reinforcement is good, old soul. I would say that you are physically reaching your peak when you were a Servant.' Commented the goddess, proud for some reason, but I was reflecting about my own performances.

It was something incredible.

While my Magical abilities had worsened a lot after my own reincarnation, due to reason I already talked about, my own physical part had become much more prominent.

Now all my statistics were probably around the D- rank with Reinforcement, something unheard for all mortals in my own world but the strangest and most powerful Enforcers or Executors.

In normal terms, now I could probably lift a town car, run at an hundred kilometres an hour for minutes without tiring, survive bullets with only my skin as protection.

I had not tested completely my limits, but in Summer I would be able to take some time to try them.

But now I could only use the runes, while making sure to not damage my own body due to overuse of the muscles and regret it down the road.

But that left me a lot of time to train my own brand of Magecraft, and talking about that…

I needed to try that.

"Trace on: Judging the concept of creation."

It was a scabbard, a splendid scabbard, made by the powers of nature themselves.

"Hypothesizing the basic structure."

It was given as a protection for a sword as much, if not more, marvellous sword.

"Duplicating the composition material."

But it wasn't just a protection for a sword, oh no.

"Imitating the skill of its making."

The bearer himself wouldn't fear any grievous injury while having it.

"Sympathizing with the experience of its growth."

Its name made this sword feel humbled, its memory made this sword feel sombre.

"Reproducing the accumulated years."

Its name was Avalon. The Everdistant Utopia. The scabbard of Excalibur. Her scabbard.

My eyes were closed while tracing that Noble Phantasm, but the feeling of familiarity and warmth filled me while the scabbard I had in my own inner world was copied into the material world.

'Every time I see it, I feel like the first: I've never seen anything like this in this world. Even the Asclepius's staff pale in front this scabbard. It really makes me remember of how powerful you really are, old soul.' Commented the goddess, her voice both amazed and humbled for some reason.

'It's still not perfect. Much better than the first time I made it, and this broken world help, but it doesn't reach the original by a long shot.' I answered, my own tone technical and calm, while I was now inspecting the scabbard both with my now open eyes and with my Structural Analysis.

It was, at not adept eyes, completely identical with the real Avalon, from its golden metal to its azure details to its Fae runes on the front.

But I could see the differences.

"I'm not able to surpass that threshold." I muttered, noticing that, while Gaia wasn't eating away the traced object, it was much less powerful than the real deal.

I would say around the twenty percent of the original Avalon.

Not noticeable with less powerful Noble phantasms, but a stark difference when it's an high ranked one.

It was like this for almost all my weapons but Kanshou and Bakuya, those last ones due to my familiarity with them.

And it was damning irritating, because in this world I would think that my weapons would be as powerful as their originals, not much less.

"Damn. I can't understand why it's like this. Maybe it's because these weapons are not from this world? Or because of something else?" I was now completely taken by trying to find the reason of this problem.

'Could it be because you still can't summon your own inner world? If it was the different world then your own then your favourite blades would be too weakened, and they are not. But you have problems at summoning your Reality Marble, and it's the only big difference I can find between you and your peak self.'Considered the primordial, her tone unsure and concerned.

'It could be… but the only problem I have is summoning it, not the weapons. I don't think that it's that the matter. But it doesn't hurt to try it.' I pondered, my own tone reflective.

'…Then lets try it again. But pay attention, the last time it came too close to an unrecoverable mistake , so if I say to stop, you will stop.' Accepted the goddess, while her voice was hard as steel.

I only nodded and, after having put the traced Avalon beside me so it could cure my wounds if that happened again, I closed my eyes.

It had passed only one month since I had tried to summon my own Reality Marble, after I was sure that no-one would be able to sense what happened, for the first and only time: Unlimited Blade Works.

It was a complete failure.

Not only I was unable to summon it, but it backfired, with swords coming out of my body and liquid fire flowing out of those wounds, which were cured only due to all the healing objects that I had in my Marble.

It could have gone worse if I had died and forcibly resurrected by the goddess, and it would have been noticed by the Gods, and most of them Ades, someone I didn't want to be on his bad side.

That would have spelled eternal punishment, and not being able to finally erase myself.

So someone could say 'Why are you doing this? Wouldn't it make you become some kind of beacon?'

Yes, it's true. But I needed to have an overwhelming weapon in case that some kind of being was able to find and corner me in a mortal situation.

If I used the Marble, it could be masqueraded for a time, and even pass unobserved if I was lucky.

If I died, I already said what would happen.

So I had to be able to summon my own Noble Phantasm.

Even if it was dangerous to do so. Not like it had ever stopped me.

I inhaled deeply, and, with my voice deep and my Circuits warming in my body, I started chanting:

"I'm the Bone of my sword."

This was a barren wasteland, filled with bloodied and broken weapons.

"Steel is my body and Fire is my blood."

The only thing which illuminated that miserable graveyard was an almost set sun, red and cold.

"I have created over a thousand Blades."

Red dust flew around, rose by those words of power, clinging to the swords like liquid.

"Unknown to Death, nor known to Life."

Above that land of death, almost hidden by red clouds, tens and tens of cogs descended, like gravity had finally come.

"I have withstood pain to create many weapons."

Those cogs were reddened by the rust, those cogs were agened by the broken soul.

"Yet these hands will never hold anything."

Such an hopeful sword shattered, such a sharp soul abandoned.

"So as I pray:"

And, in that moment, finally those cogs collided with the earth.

"Unlimited Blade Wor-GAHH!"

And that wretched world remained in that wretched soul.


And, while the old sword was falling in the warm embrace of darkness, it could almost hear its old lover screaming before the noose, despairing.

The day after. At school.

Ahi. Ahi. Ahi. Ahi.

It happened again.

Now I was like a mummy, and the only saving grace was my own long sleeved shirt and jeans, which saved a lot of awkward questions.

'If you had heed to my words when I said to stop then you wouldn't have injured yourself again.' Said the goddess frostly, making me shiver like it was winter again.

But it didn't deter me to do this comeback, while walking out of the school and controlling the Traced bandages and their runes:

'Oh, are you concerned about me, oh great goddess? I didn't know that little old me had stroke your heart true.'

'Concerned about a mad, uncouth, idiotic man that I have cursed on a path that he didn't want? What would give to you this idea?' shot back the goddess, her tone angered and yet so sad.

I slowed down minutely, and my face twitched a bit, then, with a tone that I hadn't used in a long time, I talked in my head:

'It seems that I have wronged you greatly with my actions. I apologise for them.'

'In every case you would do it again, wouldn't you?' accused the goddess, deceptively calm.

I only smirked at that.

The goddess sighed and after a few seconds, in which we had gone out of the school and were in the schoolyard, with a false depressed tone, she said:

'Oh, whatever did I do to have to help this mortal? I only did something wrong in millions of years and now I'm struck with a sword-for-brains. O woe me!'

'O woe you? O woe me! It isn't you who could be mistaken as a moony for talking with himself!' I bounced back, my smirk remaining.

'Oh? So you don't like having the awesome goddess with you, old sword? Maybe you are a bit too rusted for my incredible self.' Came back the goddess with pride and amusement in equal amount.

'It's a bit difficult to know how awesome you are when you don't even give your name, o great goddess.' I joked back, my tone teasing and sarcastic.

'Look, it's little Penelope there who is stalking towards you.' Commented the goddess, changing the subject abruptly and awkwardly.

'I can understand that you don't want to give your name, bu-' I was starting to say, then a child's voice came from behind me with an incredible strength:

"Train me!"

Why didn't I sense that freaking sea hurricane coming from behind me?

Oh yeah, I had given her the talisman.

Wait, even better: why couldn't she understand the meaning of no?

I quickly activated some privacy runes before all went to hell and then answered with my favourite word:

"No." I answered calmly, now walking in the direction of my home, without stopping nor calculating her.

"Why?!" shouted the girl now beside me, her green eyes peering into mine from her slightly smaller frame.

"Because I don't want to. Hasn't it been taught to you to not make others do things they don't accept to do?" I asked, my voice tinged with a bit of amusement as my lips morphed into a sarcastic smirk from the much softer one I had before.

"But why don't you want to train me?" asked the girl again, her tone accusing while her eyes were trying to bore into me from the side.

It only made me more annoyed.

*Can you train me in Magecraft, please?*

And in turn that made me more than a bit angry.

So, when the girl put herself between me and my way, stopping me on my tracks while a small river of humans flowed around us, unconcerned and taken with their lives.

I only stared into her eyes.

She froze, her eyes became wide, her breath quickened, her Mediterranean complexion became much paler, and I could feel even the air around form some small drips of water.

I noticed all those things and finally understood what those instinctual actions meant.

That only steeled myself. I couldn't add my own cursed self to that.

I sighed for a moment, and then I said, my tone deceptively calm and my eyes penetrating into hers like daggers:

"I can't train you. I don't want to train you. I will not train you. Do not try to move me, it will only annoy me more."

The girl's eyes were starting to water while looking down, and her fists were trembling, but I continued, ruthless:

"You can live a good life if you will stay outside of this. I can only give you death, hatred and despair for you and your loved ones. So please," my tone became begging, so much was my desire to not let someone be drowned by my own ideals:"please don't ask me to train you. You have that talisman, if you don't go into my side of the world you will be left alone, and you will live a good, long, fulfilling life. If you go into my side, instead of becoming an hero, you will only find those things that I said, and even worse. Just forget about me and what happened, and you will be good."

I was tired, so, so tired.

I could almost fall asleep at that moment.

"I don't want."

It was so small, so feeble, so low that it would be impossible for almost anyone to hear.

Then she rose her head and, with her green eyes a bit reddened and her nose runny, she declared, her voice watery:

"I said that I don't want to not train! I don't want to forget about anything! I don't want to let something that could help my mama go away! And even if you don't help me, I will find a way to do it!" Then she run against me, knocking me out of the way, and she went away, passing through the passer-by's, who continued with their lives none the wiser.

I remained there numb for some moments, then I leaned against the wall on my side and exhaled slowly, my eyes closing and the loud noises of the big Apple softening around.

Alone in a bursting city.

Happy to have made a young girl cry.

How much twisted was I?

'…You are approaching this in the wrong way, old soul.' Commented the goddess suddenly.

I didn't move nor even twitch, but I asked, tired:

'Do you mean by avoiding to give to the girl the same curse that was passed to me by that man? Or maybe do you mean that I should have cursed her for a lonely death?'

'If your end was to avoid that destiny, then you have failed.' Said the primordial, her tone calm in its finality.

'What do you mean.' I asked, my tone suddenly active and my eyes open.

'If your end was for the girl to not walk your path, then what you did was one of the worst way to do it.' The primordial said with a frigid and surgical serenity.

I didn't have that same calmness:


I could almost feel the goddess grin when she talked for some reason:

'Didn't you think about it? You are letting her walk that path alone, and for demigods being alone means death. Even for the trained ones it means so, and those don't have that kind of parents behind them, nor do they have the king of the Underworld automatically against them. Adding to that, you are not stopping her from following your path of 'heroism', in fact you are strengthening her will of walking it alone. What you did was foolish, old soul, but not irredeemable at least.'

'What should I do then, teach her? Make the same mistake that Kiritsugu did?' I snarled, my tone becoming angry and filled with my own hatred.

'Yes. Teach to her how to fight. Teach to her how to think tactically. Teach to her how to weight her life with the life of those around her. I think that you are able to do so, or at least some of the 'yous' are able to.'


An headache hit me hit me, and a growl escaped my lips when that thrice damned word hit me, while the wall on my back made sure that I didn't fall over.

But the goddess wasn't done:

'Teach her how to use her powers. Teach her how to use her magic. Teach her how to know about herself. Teach her about yourself. Teach her how to not walk your own path.' Ended the goddess, her voice final.

"I…I…" I was still attached on that wall, my sheer stupidity hitting me like a truck, while a cold feeling came into my guts.

I gulped and, with a voice that I never heard even in my mind, I asked:

'Will you help me?'

'You have two streets in front of you. Decide which one you will walk on but know this: I will follow you and be with you if you want to have me. Always.'

I closed my eyes and sighed.

It seemed like I would have to show more than I wanted in this world.

I smirked.

Damn my E ranked Luck.

It seems like I will have to find my new apprentice.

Twenty minutes of searching later

"Well, at least it's not like ereyesterday."

I had found her, after having become a hound for what felt like hours.

If I knew it would have happened then I would have taken out Gàe Bolg and be done with much less time.

Even if I think that I would have died due to the salty corpse's smell.

A few runes after, and I was talking to a black haired girl who was rocking aimlessly over a swing:

"So here we are, in a playground in east Harlem, the great one hundred and third, with its concrete and its splendid visual to a muddy river. Which is probably contaminated as well. And we are here, swinging on-"

"What do you want?" asked abruptly the young girl, her head not moving from watching that muddy river.

I only continued to smirk, and, trying to maintain my tone as jovially as possible, I said:

"Well, I thought that I could bargain a deal with you, about the training."

"And why" continued the young girl, without missing a beat:"Would you choose to do this after you decided to not train me for two times?"

Bullshit time!

"The first reason I did so because you asked in such a rude way, totally unfitting for such demand." I said, trying to channel my own inner Gilgamesh.

I would need a lot of soap for my own mouth.

"The second reason was because you didn't give me anything as an exchange." I continued, my voice taking a greedy undertone while I stared at the side of her head.

This needs to be explained: I wasn't asking some payment because I was greedy, but I needed some way to make her more trustful.

If someone who has something you want came under your home and gave it as a present after refusing to give it to you, would you really trust them?

If you trusted them, then you are a fool.

"Then what do you want to train me." Asked the girl, turning and looking at me with her green…hazel eyes?

'It seems that her connection with the fish god is deeper than I thought if only the nearness with a river makes her change colour of her eyes.' Commented the goddess, and I could hear some sense of urgency in her words.

It seemed that this girl would be a trouble magnet.

"I'm in need of an apprentice, not a sidekick. You will follow my own orders, and if I say to not do something, you will not do it. Everything you learn won't be said to anyone without my explicit acceptance, and we will work with my rhythm, so don't ask me anything I don't want to say. If you accept, tomorrow I will give you a magical contract, a Geass, which will make sure that everything will be respected by both parts." I listed, my tone calm while my smirk remained in place.

It wouldn't look so bad of a deal, but she would give me something, and that would lower her barriers.

All according to the plan.

The girl stared at me, but I remained calm and bored into her own eyes, making sure to not move them and, finally, she took her hand from the chains and prepared it for an handshake:

"My mum has always said that to accept a deal you have to shake both hands. I will not regret this deal, but you still have not said your name."

Ops. I forgot about that.

Welp, I could as well present myself:

"My birth name is Shirou Kajiya, and you, Penelope Atalanta Jackson, will spit blood when we will train you."

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