Underland was a misnomer. It was not beneath the earth, rather it was attached to it. To put it simply, the two worlds were connected in time and space but not physically. Wonderland was slightly more correct, however no one that lived there called it by that name. Their world was ordinary, as far as they were concerned. It was earth that was the strange one. Though very few were aware of the other world, only those that had cause to discover it. It had been tied to the planet for millenia. And the cause of many a myth and legend. But the supposed ordineriness of Wonderland was of no concern for John Watson. Who had been falling through a colourful void for what felt like hours. His journey only coming to an end when something large and very strong latched onto his coat. He instinctually pulled away only for the thing to clutch the material harder. However despite it's military quality it ripped, sending the intruder falling through a seperate tunnel and leaving Watson to wallow in his increased confusion.

Until the ride came to an abrupt halt. Watson fell flat on his face, which he supposed was an improvement. Especially since said face felt grass against its cheeks. He lifted his head, giving the ground a glance before pulling himself up and dusting his trouser bottoms. We must say trousers here as to not give other readers a confusing image.

"You're late." Said a voice that sounded oddly familiar. John looked up, surprised to see a stripe-suited man in front of him. He was holding a clipboard in one hand and a pocket watch in the other. He wasn't going to think about the umbrella, standing in the air on it's own. It gave off the same disproving energy as the man. In not thinking about the umbrella, he had succeeded in thinking of it. And it seemed to know this.

"I'm sorry?" Watson replied, unaware that he was meant to be anywhere, anytime soon.

"You should be. I expected you three minutes ago and here you are, late. Do you have anything to say for yourself?" John Watson could think of a few strong words to give to this man but bit his tongue. Nothing he could say would make for a good excuse because nothing made sense!

"I'll take that as a no. Please follow me and try not to get lost. We are already behind schedule."

The man turned abruptly, the umbrella hopping after him as both disappeared into the woods. The woods? Watson gave his surroundings another look. He was no longer in the park. But the tunnel to nowhere had told him that. But these woods and these trees looked nothing like he'd ever seen before. Several were even jumping out of the man's way as he followed down a path John couldn't see. The doctor ran after him before he disappeared entirely, the trees were not so kind to him. He swore on even deliberately hit him with it's branches. The suited man seemed to fade in and out, only maintaining a solid form when Watson attempted to talk to him.

"You didn't tell me your name." He managed after picking himself out of a cackling bush.

"No I didn't." What a git of a man.

"Right then."

After what felt like twenty minutes of walking through heavy terrain did Watson finally managed to match the man's pace. Who seemed pleasantly surprised and kept a solid form throughout the remainder of the journey.

"Sorry but, where exactly are we going?"

"Does it matter?" John though it very much did.

"Well, yes actually."

"If I told you it would mean nothing and since you already know nothing, what good would it do you?" There were few people John would like to punch the living daylights out of but this man was suddenly on that list, however true his words may have been. John grumbled under his breath as the man smiled smugly and gestured towards a derelict bridge.

"We're almost there."

John supposed that was the man's attempt of comforting his charge. But pointing at a bridge that could collapse at any minute, whilst being an absolute git wasn't really working for him.

"We're supposed to cross that? It could drop at any moment!" The man didn't seem to sense the danger, or didn't care, crossing it with ease. It didn't make him feel any better.

The man tapped his watch and Watson mustered up his courage and took a step forward. The bridge wobbled but held fast. Within a few seconds he'd crossed it, relieved to be back on solid ground. The man however had already continued walking ahead of him, thankfully not very far. He appeared to be searching for something in the trees. John saw nothing but more trees. The forest seemed to be endless. With a satisfied hum, the man finally picked up the animated umbrella, pointing it at a space in the trees. The forest suddenly glowed with green light and a door appeared. An ordinary wooden door, painted blue. It even had a door knocker. One of those frightening looking ones that could bit your hand off at any moment.

"This way. It's only a door." The man seemed to sense his inner most thoughts. He knew it was just a door. A door in a forest. Attached to nothing, that just materialised out of nowhere. He just needed a moment. A few moments. The other man became impatient and went through the doorway leaving Watson with his thoughts and a very angry looking umbrella. Which was an impressive feat for a brolly. Not wanting to find out what an impatient, angry umbrella might do, he followed the suited man through the door and into...well he wasn't sure.