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True Love Goes Wrong

Chapter 1 Conflicts

Rogue rushed downstairs into the crowded kitchen for she was running extremely late this morning. Things were not going her way at all, for example: someone tripped, spilling orange juice all over her, then Rogue missed her ride to school because she had to change her sticky and slightly orange tainted clothes, finally, all of it caused her to be late for class which landed her in detention.

After school Rogue stayed for detention and wasn't at all surprised to see Pietro sitting in the back of the class. She gave the teacher there her note from Mrs. Andrews, Algebra 1 class. The detention teacher present told her quietly to please take a seat, which she quickly did. Rogue chose the desk across from Pietro without saying a word until the teacher left for coffee but everyone knew wouldn't be back to almost the end of detention. "So whadja do?" Rogue bluntly asked in her usual bored non- expressionistic tone.

"I picked a fight with Summers." He replied after a short pause. "What about you? Never seen your little goody-goody face around here. Whatyoudo, refusetoanswerateacher'squestion?" Pietro said his usual fast sarcastic way.

"I missed my ride and was late for class. Stupid, I know, but so is the teacha's around here." She told him, her deep southern accent coming out like it does when she gets mad.

After detention Rogue used the restroom before leaving to go back to the mansion but while she was washing her hands some cheerleading prep grabbed her gloves from above the sink she was using while she dried her hands with some brown paper towels. Rogue ran out chasing the girl. "Hey, give those back!" She called after her.

When Rogue arrived outside the girl had given her gloves to her boyfriend who happened to the co-captain of the football team. She ran up to the group of jocks and cheerleaders standing around in the almost empty parking lot demanding she get her gloves back immediately. She jumped once, twice, and repeatedly to grab her gloves while he held them just out of her reach, but also being careful not to touch him with her bare hands. "Give them back. Now!" She yelled with an angry expression.

"Aww, the poor little Goth girl wants her gloves back guys." He said looking around at all of his friends whom all started laughing at her. Then he turned around heading the driver's side of his shiny new red corvette.

"Don' turn you back on meh!" Rogue yelled at him. Rogue punched him in the stomach, catching him off guard as he turned around then quickly retrieved her gloves from his grasp. When she took them he in turn took her wrist tightly in hand, which was on part of her sleeve. Rogue tried pulling away but he didn't show any sign of letting her go. Pietro had just walked outside to see the incident, which surprised her seeing as she thought he would have been out of the school as quickly as he could but he used his speedy powers to run over there.

"Chad let go of her." Pietro told him firmly. "I said, let her go." He repeated.

"You better watch your back. Your friend won't always be around to save you." Chad replied in her face before climbing into his car with his friends.

"He's right you know. Iwon' shouldbemorecareful." He quickly replied after the jocks had driven off expecting some word of gratitude or thank you.

"Ah won't need ya help next tam and Ah didn't need your help this tam either." Rogue said as rudely as possible. He just stared at her. "What?" She asked getting annoyed.

"Nothing." He said and walked away as if hurt.

Later that night Rogue lay in bed thinking about today after school. 'Ah should beh more careful. Ah wonder what would have happened had Pietro not been there? No, Ah could have handled it without him. He had no business helping me...but Ah shouldn't have snapped at him lak that though. He was only tryin' to help.' She thought about it deeply, fighting with herself, till she drifted off to sleep.

The rest of the week Rogue showed up late to class. She started enjoying detention more and more though because she could actually talk to Pietro without having to fight him. Pietro though was always there, as if finding new ways to get it on purpose. It always ended up that he had gotten in a fight with someone or he had skipped class to be with the rest of the brotherhood. The teacher supposed to be watching the students in detention was always out of the room doing something or other to just stay away from them and had no complaints from the principal, yet. Everyone in the there basically did whatever he or she wanted for an hour. It was quite fun some days.

"So what's the story for today?" Rogue asked Pietro.

"IskippedallmymorningclassestodowhateverIwanted. Youshouldcomewithmesometime." Pietro offered.

"Ah'll hav to think about et. Ah was late again this mornin'." She told him.

"Whyareyoualwayslate? Nevermindyouprobablydoitonpurpose." He said.

"Actually, Ah don' do et on purpose. Just forget 'bout et." She replied.

The two of them sat in silence for the rest of the time thinking about what to say. It seemed like forever just sitting there, especially for Quicksilver. Rogue finally decided to say something to break the silence, she hated silence or at least this kind of silence where you couldn't think of anything to say to the other. "So..." but Pietro cut in.

"Someofusarehavingapartyatourhouse. Iwaswonderingifyouwouldcome?" He quickly asked her.

"What about Mystique? She would kill ya all fo ruinin' her house." Rogue stated.

"Don'tworryaboutit. Willyoucome?" he asked again.

"Ah'll hav to think about et. It depends on who all's goin' ta be there?"

"Justacoupleofpeople, notalltheprepsandall."

"So et's jest the four of yeh guys playin' music, am Ah righ?" Rogue questioned curiously.

"YeahIguessyoucouldsaythat." Pietro said defeated by her figuring it out.

"Ah can' tonigh but how 'bout ya get a favoret girl for tha otha three and Ah migh beh able to do a couple of things for ya." She suggested waiting for a reply as he thought about it.

"Soundsgoodtome. I'llcallandtellyouwhattheysay." Pietro said and as soon as the bell rang about two seconds later he was out the door.

Rogue went straight home after detention then up to her and Kitty's room. Kitty walked in to see Rogue quickly doing her homework, which she never did. "Oh Kitty, you're here. Ah was talkin' ta Pietro an," Rogue quickly said as she walked in the room but was cut off before she could finish her sentence.

"You were talking to Pietro? Oh, my gosh; I wouldn't have imagined that you and like him," but then Rogue it was her turn to cut Kitty's sentence off.

"It's nothin'. Just let meh explain. Weh've had detention togetha for the las week an a half. He's talkin' 'bout havin' a party tomorra nigh and wants meh to come. Ah'm invitin' ya even though Ah havn' asked yet but Ah'm sure Lance wouldn' mind. Ah told him ta ask the otha two who Ah can bring for them and he said he would call meh later tonigh." Rogue finally finished and she was for once, out of breath from talking too fast.

"Wow. Okay, well, now that you like got me excited, I'm going to like go get some ice cream. Come with me, it'll be like fun." Kitty said jumping up from her bed and heading for the door.

"Alright but if this comes out ta beh a disappointment, Ah'm goin' to blame ya." Rogue warned closing her math book and leaving the room following an excited and jumping Kitty.

Later that night about six o' clock Pietro called like he said he would and talked to Rogue for not even ten minutes telling her the time, place, and people the rest of the brotherhood was counting on her to bring. Then Kitty took the phone away to talk to Lance for about the next hour or so. Rogue told herself to not be excited but she couldn't help it, Pietro was actually inviting her to something but most of all, she was being invited to a party. She sat on the roof watching the sunset and also the stars coming out into the sky. To entertain herself she started to identify some of the constellations before getting bored and heading inside to try and sleep.

The next morning though Kitty woke her up at seven thirty in the morning to tell her that it was 'like' Friday and she needed to hurry up or she would be late for class yet again while jumpy up and down. Rogue finally got Kitty to go away by telling her that she needed a shower. She got up out of bed and practically crawled into the shower making the water as hot as she could stand it, just letting it soothe all her soar muscles. She finally got out at Kitty banging on the door and yelling at Rogue to quit hogging the bathroom.

Rogue went downstairs, after dressing and applying all her heavy make-up, grabbing an apple from the kitchen and eating it on her way back upstairs to grab her bag and slowly walking her way to school. She was late again to class but started to not care at Mrs. Andrews lecturing her after class to try and be a better student by coming to class on time. Detention wasn't all that bad either; talking to Pietro, having time away from the institute, and staying away from all the stupid people that lived there.

During the day Rogue talked to the people that Pietro had requested after promising lots of favors for the next couple of weeks to get them there at the party. She also did a little of adding people to the list herself just to make it a better party, even though she knew the brotherhood didn't have a very big house. Kitty had to have a couple of her friends come too with their boyfriends, which as Kitty said: 'The more the merrier, I like always say.'

During detention though Pietro and her talked about the plans for tonight. "Emily said she's not comin' unless there's alcohol, good music, an of course a food table. Ah told her this was just a hang out, not one of Duncan's stupid rich jock parties. Ah could help ya with that though; just not the alcohol part. Ah also told everyone to come and eight o' clock lak ya said on the phone." Rogue explained.

"Alrighteighto'clockitis. Don'tworryaboutthealcohol, Ihaveacoupleoffriendswhoowemefavorsandalittlebito'alcoholain'tmuchofabigfavo r." Pietro said in his speedy voice. Rogue wasn't sure of everything he said but knew kind of what he meant.

"I could pick you and Kitty up in the jeep." He told her. "I'llevenbringLancealongwithmeforKittyofcourse." Pietro continued right as the bell rang for them to leave.

"Well, Ah gotta go." Rogue said once outside starting to walk away.

"I'll come with you. Imeantokeepyoucompany." He said quickly to fix up his first comment.

"Sure. So why you havin' a party tonight?" Rogue asked him out of curiousity.

"Just because. The guys and I just wanna have some fun for a change."

"Why are ya'll havin' a party anyways. Et's not yar kind of thang." She commented.

"Well, actually, umm...weneedtohavealittlefunforonce. It'llbefun, trustme." He assured her.

"Ah'll take ya word for et," She replied stopping in front of the mansion. Rogue continued to say on her way up the driveway, "Oh, and just to let ya know, Ah don' trust anyone." Rogue practically ran up to the mansion not watching where she was going, she ran up the steps and right into Scott. "Hey Rogue. What's the hurry? And why were you talking to him?" Scott asked with a disgusted look on his face.

"He was walkin' meh home from school. Weh were just talkin'. It's non of ya business anyways." Rogue replied sarcastically.

"It is my business and I care about you a lot. I just don't trust Pietro or the rest of the brotherhood, that's all." He told her.

"Whatever." She said kind of angry and went inside.

Rogue went straight to her room to find something to wear to the party. Kitty walked in about half an hour later to see Rogue's half of the room trashed with clothes. "What the heck are you doing?" Kitty asked shocked at the mess. Rogue was usually neat and noticed the slightest thing touched or moved on her side of the room.

"Oh Kitty, you're here great. Ah kind of need ya help findin' somethin' tah wear tonight. Pietro will beh hear at eight tah pick us up." Rogue explained.

"Wow, you've made like a huge mess. Kitty said picking up clothes and putting them back on hangers to put in the closet. "I'm not like wearing a dress, but only a simply short skirt and nice shirt. It's not like a formal, I mean it is only the brotherhood you know." Kitty reminded her.

"Yeah, ya're righ, but Ah still don' know wha tah wear." Rogue told her friend sitting down on her bed and looking up at Kitty as she continued to clean up all of the clothes. "Oh, today, Pietro actually walked meh home like a nice guy." She said smiling a real genuine smile.

"I'm really happy for you. It's been awhile since I've seen you smile. Really." Kitty said both her and Rogue laughing.

They spent the next two hours trying to pick out something to wear. Finally, Kitty had picked short black plaited mini skirt that one of the cheerleaders might have worn. For a top she picked a tight light pink shirt with short sleeves that had white sticking out the neck, arm, and bottom holes of her shirt. Rogue's final choice, with Kitty's help, on the other hand was almost the total opposite. The one that they had picked out together was a pair of black leather pants with a pair of borrowed black lace up boots from Kitty. For a top she wore a silk maroon spaghetti strap top and of course her black leather gloves, but then only went a little above elbows that still left the rest of her arms exposed.

"Weh still hav an hour an a half till eight. What should weh do?" Rogue said starting to clean up the rest of the clothes still thrown on the floor, bed, and dresser. "Let's go and get something to eat then we can start getting our hair and make-up done at about seven. How does that sound?" Kitty asked helping put the clothes back on their hangers and in the small dresser drawers. "Great. Let's hurry and clean this up first." Rogue answered back.

When they finished, the two went downstairs, snuck into the kitchen and took some sandwiches that were on the counter for the rest of the institute to eat in about another half hour. They went back upstairs and ate in their room while talking about the night ahead of them. "Pietro probably has everything ready by now but Ah still wonder about Mystique. Ah just hope that she doesn' kill him for this party." Rogue said feeling kind of sorry for them.

"It'll be fine. She's probably like too stupid to find out anyways. Lance said they haven't seen her in three weeks. I think like one night will be okay. Let's start getting ready. I can't wait for eight o'clock to come. It seems like forever and I can't wait." Kitty said with a big sigh.

"Ah know what ya mean. Ya've been going out with Lance before but this is the first time Peitro's asked meh somethin' lak this. " Rogue said a little nervous.

"Don't worry about it. Everything will like be fine. What could go wrong?" She asked her friend.

"Let's see...he could try an kiss meh then pass out, somebody could take mah gloves as a joke again and then somebody would touch meh hands and pass out. The," but then Kitty cut in.

"Okay, fine but think like positive. Nothing's going to happen. I promise." She said with a huff. "We still have half an hour. Let me like do your make-up and hair." Kitty offered but Rogue was kind of leary.

"Just don' make meh look lak some porcelain doll." She warned her.

"Okay, I'll be like nice with the make-up and hair but you can't like look till I'm done." Kitty replied. She brought different colors, pinks, blues, greens, purples, and even some blacks to Rogue sitting away from the mirror so she couldn't see. It seemed to take forever and then there was the hair. Kitty brought the curling iron out and started curling and curling. Rogue was starting to regret her decision of letting Kitty do it all for her until she yelled, "Done! You can look in the mirror now.

Rogue walked over to the full-length mirror by their vanity and looked at her clothes first then her face. She drew in a deep breath as she looked at her hair and face. She turned and turned then stepped closer, viewing herself. It just didn't look like herself anymore, like she didn't recognize the young lady before her. Her face look so bright and colorful while her hair was curled and let down hanging over her shoulders, falling down her back. It was like a new her, someone different, a nicer and sweeter, Marie D'Acanlo.

"Kitty, I, you," Rogue tried to say something but couldn't find any words that would come out of her mouth; she was speechless.

"You're Marie again and I like totally love it. You let me do this more often. They should be here any minute. There's the doorbell. Come on, you look fine, no, beautiful, I'm jealous." Kitty said ruining the moment and pulling Rogue out into the hall.

The doorbell rang a second time as the two girls reached the top of the stairs. 'Uh oh' Kitty and Rogue thought as they both saw Scott answer the door. "Hey. IsKittyandRoguehere?" Pietro questioned in his speedy voice.

"Why would you two need them? You guys don't belong here." Scott said in an angry voice a cross look on his face.

"It'snoneofyourbusiness. Butanyways,we'retakingthemsomewhere." Scott almost said something back but Rogue cut in.

"Hey Scott. Well, weh'll see ya later. Bye." She said walking out the door followed by Kitty.

"Curfew is at ten." Scott called after them as they were halfway down the steps.

Kitty turned around, "Yes daddy, bye, don't worry too much." She said sarcastically then turned around as Lance helped her into the jeep.

"Shall we be going?" Lance asked sitting in the front seat with Kitty while the other two sat in back.

"Yep, like let's go." Kitty replied in an excited voice.

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