Chapter 2


It didn't take long to get to the brotherhood's but the four enjoyed the ride with their hair blowing in the wind. When they pulled up the house was completely dark and quiet. "So are we the only ones here?" Kitty asked Lance.

"The rest of the other people are coming but other than us now, yes." He answered back.

Pietro turned on the lights. "Wow." Said Rogue and Kitty together. It was somewhat decorated and super nice and clean inside, compared too the way it usually looks.

"Howaboutsomemusic?" said Pietro to break the silence. He walked over and turned on the stereo with some CD's like Linkin Park, Skillet, Blink 182, Lil' J, and some others.

"You wanna like dance?" Kitty asked Lance and there was a knock on the door. Lance went to answer it and saw that Blob and Toad's girls plus about seven or eight other people. He let them in unsure of who invited them but decided what the heck. Everyone came in and talked, greeting each other then some of the not so popular guests started dancing followed by Kitty and Lance.

"Wow, youlikelookawesome." Pietro said looking at Rogue who was standing off by the corner watching everyone else.

"Thanks, but it's not all that great." She replied looking down at her clothes.

"Iloveseeingyourskin. It'ssosmoothandperfect." Pietro said quickly kind of embarrassed.

"Oh, well, thanks, I wasn't,"

"Want to dance?" Pietro quickly asked not wanting to talk anymore about her, too embarrassed by what he had said.

Rogue just nodded at him as she wearily draped her arms over his shoulders each and starting to slow dance. Pietro had his arms gently wrapped around Rogue's waist, her cool maroon silk top covering her perfect body. The two danced through one then another slow song, which Pietro pulled her close into his body making her heart beat much faster. It took her a minute or two to relax before she completely wrapped her arms around his neck, laying her head on his shoulder. Rogue couldn't explain, to herself let alone anyone else, but she felt safe in Pietro's arms, like all her problems would vanish for a while.

There was a third slow song on the CD, by Celine Dion. Rogue just kept on dancing as one song ended and another began, her head on Pietro's shoulder, eyes closed as she held on tightly not wanting to let go. Pietro did the same, keeping his arms tightly wrapped around her waist enjoying the moment, hoping that it would never end. A single thought passing through both young minds: 'He/She's so wonderful.' Pietro pulled her flush against his body and her heart rate increased again. She had never been this close to anyone before, especially a handsome looking guy. It scared her to think this all was even possible. Rogue had always doubted her ever having a love life since she received her powers on the one fateful day a couple of years ago. A fantasy, she told herself. This is all just a fantasy or a dream that she will wake up from but she didn't care. She would continue the fantasy world as long as she could, taking in everything with grace.

Rogue opened her eyes, keeping her head laid on Pietro's shoulder, and looking around the room as everyone danced with their couples except for Blob. For some reason, he said he refused to dance in front of anyone or with anyone else, that dancing wasn't his thing. She looked over and saw Lance and Kitty though across the room. They held each other, their faces close together as they whispered to each other, Kitty giggling like she always does. They danced slowly like everyone else but then Lance was caressing her face with one hand, embracing her lower back with the other. Then, she saw the two kissing, lightly at first then more deep and passtionately. Rogue felt many emotions arising inside that she closed her eyes. There was anger, jealousy, and happiness for the couple, but the one emotion that took over her entire body was sadness. She could never have what Kitty and Lance had, with anyone. The tears started welling up in her eyes. She desperately tried to hold them back but it was no use, her emotions were getting the better of her. 'He can' see meh cry; Ah won' let him.' She vowed to herself. Showing emotions was a weakness and Rogue couldn't show Pietro her weakness. They just came, running down her face till Pietro felt something wet drop on his neck. He realized it was tears; Rogue's tears. She hugged Pietro tighter wishing he could make the pain go away, but this time, he couldn't.

"Rogue?" He questioned.
"Yeah." She replied her voice unstable.

"Areyouokay?" Pietro asked concerned about her.

"Ah'm fine. Ah just need a lil' fresh air." She said breaking away from him, weaving through the other people and heading out the front door, tears streaming down her face in little rivers. Pietro followed, quickly at her side in an instant. "What's wrong?" He asked hoping that she would give him some kind of answer.

"Nothing." Rogue simply replied turning her face away from him, barely being able to speak.

"You can tell me." He urged placing a hand gentle on her shoulder, as he stood behind her.

"No, Ah don' want tah talk 'bout et." She said in a very unstable voice shrugging off his hand at the mere touch.

"Rogue, I'myourfriendandIpromisenottolaughormakefunofyou." Pietro calmly, but quickly told her. "Ifitwasme, I'm sorry." He continued. There was a long pause before Rogue broke the silence.

"It's meh okay!" She quickly turned around saying in a raised voice. The tears had stopped but there were watery paths from where they had fallen, staining her cheeks. "It's meh." Rogue repeated, continuing in a soft almost inaudible voice. "Ah will never be able to touch another person again, but you wouldn't be able to understand that would you?" Her voice said becoming sharper by the end of her sentence, before slowly walking over and sitting down on the top step of their small porch.

Pietro waited a second or two before walking over to the steps sitting down next to her trying to think of something comforting to say. "Ah don' know why ya even bother." Rogue said to him but keeping her gaze down at her gloved hands. "Ya can' touch meh anyways. I'm a waist of your time." She persisted keeping her gaze away from him.

"I don't care about that. I like you despite your powers." He said trying to comfort her.

"That's a lie. Ya never talked to meh before, ever. At least not unless ya were insultin' meh lak usual." Rogue said starting to cry again.

Pietro touched her shoulder. "Rogue." Pietro said with a sigh.

"Don' touch meh!" She yelled jumping off the steps then turning around to face him.

Back in the house Kitty and Lance were dancing in the center of all the other love crazed couples. Lance whispered little things in Kitty's ear making her laugh in that special way that he had come to love so much. He caressed her face gently while gazing intently in her bright blue eyes. He leaned in kissing her gently on her soft pink lips then kissing her again but this time more passionately. They were so wrapped up in one another until the door was shut kind of hard then there was the fast zip of blue passing out the door but this time it was shut much more softly. Kitty still had her small delicate arms wrapped around his neck while take a full view of the room seeing everyone but Rogue and Pietro.

"I have to like see if she's okay." Kitty told Lance quietly.

"What's wrong?" Lance asked her.

"I don't know but you have to like let go of me so I can go find out." She explained trying to pull out of his arms.

"Stay here with me. Don't worry about her. I bet it's nothing too bad." He said trying to persuade her.

"She's like my best friend, so I have to like check on her." Kitty told him walking away and out the front door as everyone else resumed their dancing.


"Why would ya want tah hang out with someone ya can' even touch?" She asked.

"CauseIreallylikeyouandIloveachallenge." Pietro told her then figuring out how bad it sounded aloud.

"Is that what ya think Ah am, just a challenge for ya?" She yelled angrily.

"No, Ididn'tmeanitthewayitsounded."

"Save et. Just shut up." Rogue said feeling defeated and weak inside as new tears rolled over the old ones.

Kitty walked outside just in time with Lance closely behind, to hear and see Rogue yelling at Pietro. "Ah shouldn' hav even though' 'bout comin' here! Ah though' ya migh' beh different, changed, even. Ah guess Ah was wrong!" Rogue said turning around.

"Rogue, wait." Kitty said hurrying to catch up to her. "What's wrong?" She asked, deeply worried about her friend.

"Nothing." Rogue answered harshly turning back around and walking a little further but Kitty grabbed her shoulder. "Don'. Just leave meh alone." She yelled at her making Kitty for a minute before bravely continuing.

"Rogue, let's just talk about it. Come on we're friends." She said back trying to calm her down some.

"Friends? None of ya are mah friends. Nothin' against ya Kitty but just cause Ah talk to ya everyday don' make us friends. Ah only talk to ya cause there's no one else around. Ah need to figure this out on mah own, without your help. Okay?" Rogue said a little softer this time. Then she turned around and left, walking up the rest of the short street and around the corner.

Kitty turned around yelling at Pietro. "What did you say to her?"

"Nothing. ShestartedcryingandIfollowedherouthere. Sheblamedherselffornotbeingabletotouch. Thensheleft." Pietro replied talking faster by the minute, getting upset that Kitty would suspect him of doing anything wrong.

"I know what it was. It was because she like saw Lance kissing me. Rogue is very sensitive about other people getting like sentimental. I totally forgot for like a minute." Kitty explained for her friend.

"It's not your fault, it kind of just happened." Lance comforted standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her stomach to which she rested her head back against his shoulder.

"Getaroom." Pietro cut in disgusted by their team leader's love life.

"I have to follow her. Who knows what kind of trouble she might get into? You guys can come if you want but I have to like find her before she hurts herself. I don't think she would like go back to the institute though." The two guys just nodded their heads in agreement.

Rogue didn't have any idea of where she was going. She didn't really care much either, just as long as she got away from everyone. Tears still streamed down her face staining her perfect, delicate pale skin a light shade of red. She stopped in front of a bar deciding whether or not she should go in. Finally, she thought it would be alright if she just went in for awhile. Kitty wouldn't think of looking in a bar for her anyways. She quickly wiped the tears from her face before walking in, but when she did, it was kind of dark and had a thick screen of smoke in the air. Which really didn't bother her that much, considering the fact that she loved the smell of cigarette smoke, always had for some reason. Rogue then picked a booth in the darkest corner, noticing all the stares she received from all of the drunken men in the vicinity on her way, praying none of them came over to sit with her.

Instead, one of the two bartenders started walking over to her. She scooted in as close as she could to the wall, hoping he wasn't coming to kick her out for being too young. "Are you alright Miss?" The bartender asked after sitting across from her.

"Yeah Ah'm fine." She quietly replied, wiping another tear away trying to back away even more.

"I'm not goin' to hurt ya but I saw such a pretty face walk in but then I noticed the stained face and came over to see if I could cheer someone like yourself up a bit." He kindly told her.

"Does it really look that bad?" She said putting a gloved hand to her face.

"No, not a bit. I'm sorry, how rude of me. Name's Jack; Jack Daniels." He said with a laugh and Rogue giggled a bit too at the familiar name of an alcohol beverage. "Yeah, I know the name different,"

"Ah kinda lak et." Rogue told him starting to smile.

"Aw, there we go. There's a pretty smile." Jack told her making her blush with embarrassment.

"Rogue." She said holding out her hand over the table.

"That's an interesting name. Nice to meet you Rogue, welcome to Jack Daniel's." He told her making her laugh again.

"I got that name a couple of years ago after…" Rogue just pulled her hand back looking down at her lap.

"It's okay, painful story, got quite a few myself. What can I get you to drink Miss Rogue?" Jack asked making her look up at him.

"Ah'm not old enough to drink though."

"You look old enough to me hun and I won't tell if you won't tell." He said with a sly grin.


"Yeah, I'm guessing you want something strong to take away pain." Jack suggested then waited till she nodded in reply. "Alright then, I'll get something strong then you can tell me your story." He continued before getting up to leave. He went behind the bar mixing up a drink in a shot glass then coming back. Jack set down the shot glass in front of her then putting a bottle to the side.

Lance and Kitty went one way while Pietro turned zipping off the other way. 'She can be anywhere, like she'd talk to me anyways. It'sreallynotmyfaultshecan'ttouchotherpeople. I guess I kind of understand though. That'sreallygottasuck, notdating, kissingandwell, anythingelse.' He thought with a grin upon his face then frowning realizing how bad it must be for her as he ran into different stores and shops that were still open this late at night. He was running when he stopped in front of a bar, Jack Daniel's.

Lance and Kitty were searching the school grounds, old parking lots, and lastly ended up in a deserted children's park with swings and the lot. They held hands and Kitty started shivering from the cold night's air.

"Kinda chilly out here." Lance remarked.

"It's not like that bad." She said not wanting him to worry about her but her arms had Goosebumps and her lips were a little discolored. He wasn't wearing a jacket and was starting to really worry.

"You're going to get a cold out here this late at night." Lance said wrapping his arms around her.

"We haven't found Rogue yet." She replied.

"Pietro might have found her and you shouldn't be out here in the cold trying to look for her. Besides, you heard her, she doesn't consider you a friend and if you get sick because of her,"

"Just like shut up. I don't care what she said. I know that she like needs me right now whether she will admit to it or not. If you don't want to help just go home!" Kitty said turning around and finally yelling at him.

"Woah, calm down. I'm sorry; I didn't mean it like that Kitty. It's just I don't want you to get sick cause I care about you." He said trying to fix his mistake.

"I'm sorry, it's just I can't believe she would like say something like that to me." Kitty said a tear slipping down her cheek. Lance took her arm, gently leading her over to a wooden bench, sitting side ways with her in front of him. Kitty just leaned into his chest as he wrapped his strong arms around her to keep her warm.

"It's okay, I'm here for you Kitty. Rogue can be harsh sometimes, but she doesn't mean it. It's got to be hard having her powers." Lance comforted in a soft gentle tone, as he place light kissed on her ear and on her neck.

"So, what's a beautiful girl like yourself coming into a bad place like this?" The older gentleman asked her.

"Tryin' to get away from a guy Ah know." She told him. "It's a long story and it's about me and someone you wouldn't want to know, trust me."

"Hun, with all the people through come here and tell me their problems, I think I can handle yours." Jack comforted.

Rogue drank down her first shot of whatever he had placed in front of her downing it quickly then making a most horrible face, making him laugh. "Eugh, that's awful." She told him still making a funny face.

"Aw, it is, but you get used to it and it does help with the pain, or at least I say so. It works me." He explained pouring her another one, which she downed continuing the 'icky, gross' face of hers that he thought was hilarious. "I guess you're not much a drinker than." He said.

"Nope. Never tried the stuff before, same for smoking too. Well, he invited me to a party,"

"Aw, a famous party story. Oh, sorry love, please continue." Jack apologized.

"At the party everyone was dancing then he asked me to slow dance with him and I did and it was so awesome, the way I felt in his arms, the gentle way he held me." Rogue told as if not in the bar anymore but back at Pietro's house dancing. "There's something about me that I don't tell anyone, but I can't touch people skin to skin, it's…something happens to them." She said not knowing if she had said too much. "I saw my best friend kissing and playing with each other while dancing, the lights dim and the feelings inside me couldn't handle it so I ran out of the room." Rogue said taking down another shot then having Jack refill the glass for her. She finished the rest of her story, tears running down her face yet again that night as she drank another from her small shot glass, the taste getting better and better.

"I think that's…" Rogue said trying to count how many drinks she had had that night.

"Seven love, seven." He told her. "What a story, if I see him he's going to wish he hadn't after I get done with him. He can't touch a pretty lady like yourself and not be punished." Jack said making her laugh again.

"It was my fault Mr. Daniels. I ran out and yelled at him for not being able to touch him, I was just jealous." Rogue tried explaining to the elder man. "It's not his fault at all. Pietro is really a sweet guy." She continued.

"Alright then, I see what you're saying. Hold on," Jack got up and went behind the bar getting something then returning. "One last drink, to…" He said thinking what the drink should be to.

"To us and our new friendship." Rogue said probably not knowing what she was saying.

"To friendship." Jack repeated, filling both of their glasses then they both drank one first/last shot of Jack Daniels.

Jack looked over at her as she set down her shot glass. She leaned back against the red cushioned booth. Her face looked so sad and he could still the pain in her eyes but it didn't show on her face any longer. You could still tell she had been crying but he knew she must feel better; her expression on her face was a big smile. A lone tear ran down her face as she leaned forward, not being able to stop smiling at him.

"What's wrong?" He questioned, a little confused.

"I'm just so happy I've met you tonight. I now have a good friend I can come talk to once in awhile. So, what kind of drink have we been having here tonight?" Rogue said curiously.

"I'm glad I've made a new friend too, you seem like a nice girl Rogue. We've had Jack Daniels tonight of course. My personal favorite." Jack told her making her laugh once more and another tear rolling down her face, her expression falling into a frown.

"Ah don' feel too good." She replied. Jack then went to wipe a tear from her cheek but made her smile just a little bit that it brightened her face so, as Rogue caught his gentle wrist in her gloved hand, wiping the tear away for him. Jack just smiled at her, glad that he had made another customer happy.

Pietro stood outside of the bar thinking whether or not she would go into a place like this but decided to check anyways. He walked in then went to the bar describing his friend to the guy behind the bar, asking if she had been in here.

"Yeah, she's over there chatting with my buddy in that far corner booth." The bartender told Pietro pointing them out.

"Thanks." He said quickly, walking over to them. (A.N.: Yes, he actually walked over to where Rogue and Jack were sitting together.)

Pietro was walking over there seeing her frown at the guy across from her. He said something and she slightly smiled, a tear running down her cheek. He went to wipe it way but she caught his hand, wiping the tear away from him.

"Rogue," Pietro said sitting down beside her. She looked up at the light blonde haired teen who sat next to her.

"What do you want?" Rogue asked unkindly.

"Rogue what's wrong with you? You don't drink." He said. He went to brush a strand of hair out of her face but she pushed his hand away strictly.

"Don' ya even try to touch meh. How would ya know? Ya don't know meh at all." She told him.

"If only Wolverine knew. He would kill you for even touching the stuff." Pietro said in a raised voice.

"Pietro I presume?" Jack questioned with an unkind look on his face.

"Yes and ya wouldn' dare. Leave Logan out of this. Plus, it's none of ya concern what I do." She said returning her gaze back to Jack. He just nodded at Rogue letting her know he was there for her.

"Come on Rogue let's go." Pietro told her.

"No. Even if Ah do go anywhere, Ah'm not goin' with you." Rogue said raising her voice also.

"Kitty's worried. IbetshealreadysquealedtoScottyouwerediappeared." He said trying to get her to go with him.

"She wouldn' tell, and leave meh alone. Ah'm not goin' anywhere with ya, okay?" Pietro stood up as she told him this and so did Jack. went to stand up but almost fell but Pietro caught her.

"Is he bothering you Rogue?" Jack asked looking down at her.

"No, he's fine, Ah just want tah go home." Rogue told him swaying a little bit. She slid to the edge of the booth, using the table to help her up. Jack took her arm and helped her stand as she was wobbly and couldn't stand on her own two feet.

"You're drunk. Let's get you home. Letgoofher,youjerk. Youdon'tevenknowher." Pietro recommended.

"I'm helping her and if you don't cool it, I'll call the cops and say you won't get out of my bar." Jack threatened the ruthless Pietro.

"No, it's okay he'll help me home." She told him.

"Alright, you take care of yourself Rogue." He told the young girl.

"I will." She said as Jack carefully helped her into Pietro's grasp that now helped her stand.

"Let go of meh. Ah'm fine and can stand on mah own." She tried to convince him.

"You'll fall but okay." Pietro let go of her just enough for her to see that she couldn't do it on her own. "Letmecarryyou." He offered her.

"No, I…feel dizzy." Rogue finally came out with, as she wrapped her arms around his neck then Pietro picked her up.

"You take care of her or," Jack warned the adolescent.

"Iwilloldman." Pietro told the second bartender. He looked down at Rogue founding out that she had passed out.

Pietro ran her back to his place, laying her in Mystique's room. Pietro laid her in the big queen sized bed with maroon sheets then racing off to get a cold washcloth to place on her forehead. He then zoomed around town till he found Lance and Kitty sitting on a park bench together, making out. Pietro couldn't control himself; he had to ruin the moment between the two.

"Aren't you supposed to be looking for Rogue?" He asked standing right in front of them. Kitty immediately pulled away from Lance blushing a deep crimson. After messing with the embarrassed couple for a while longer Pietro told them everything on the way back to the brotherhood's house.

Rogue woke up and couldn't tell where the heck she was. She tried sitting up but when she did the room started to spin so she laid back down. Someone walked in and sat down beside the bed to replace her washcloth with a colder one. For one thing, she knew it wasn't Blob or Toad that was there with her, they were too gentle and quiet.

"How do you feel?" A male voice asked.

"Ah feel dizzy and sick. What happened?" She asked in a very quiet voice.

"Pietro found you in a bar drinking with some guy and passed out so he brought you here. You're at our house in Mystique's room." He answered her. It was definitely Lance. "Where's Kitty? What time is it?" Rouge asked weakly.

Pietro's trying to convince her everything is fine. She's downstairs pacing like crazy. It's 10:50. Past curfew huh? Kind of stupid if you ask me but the institute for ya." Lance told her with a laugh.

"Okay. 10:50, weh have to get back. If Ah'm not back by curfew, Logan or someone else will come lookin' for meh, us." She said a little worried.

"You need rest. You have a fever and you don't even have the strength to stand yet. Pietro said you were drinking. You never drank before, that's what we're for, to talk to. Anyways, get some rest and quit worrying. It'll be fine." He said calmly like he usually did during a bad situation.

"Lance, thank you." Rogue said really quietly. She rolled over towards him curling her body up in a ball trying to sleep. It wasn't easy though because she kept on waking up.

Rogue was awaked from a bad dream by Lance, whom was sitting beside her. "What time is it?" She demanded to know, out of breath from her dream. He replaced the washcloth on her forehead yet again. She took in a deep breath relaxing at the touch of the new cold washcloth. It eased some of the pain of the huge she had.

"It's 12:30," He answered.

"What? I have to go now. Please!" She said louder than she meant, wincing at the pain of her head pounding.

"You need to rest Rogue but if you really want to go back it's no use arguing with you. Okay, but stay right here. I'll be right back." Lance left the room bringing Pietro back with him who lifted her and had placed her in their in seconds. Lance drove Kitty and Rogue back to Xavier's Institute for the Gifted while Pietro sat in the back comforting Rogue who was half asleep.

Pietro ran her upstairs to her room, carefully placing her into bed being extremely careful not to wake anyone up. He stood there staring at her sleeping form for a little while when Kitty came up next to him putting another cold washcloth on her forehead to lower her fever. Well, IbetterbegettingbackbeforesomeonelikeLogancatchesmehere." Pietro told her.

"Thanks for all of your help Pietro." She said gratefully.

"Yep. Let her sleep in tomorrow. She's going to have a bad hangover." He told her slowly.

"Good night." She said. Pietro then slowly backed away towards the door and then zoomed off making her laugh. About a second later she heard the engine of the jeep start then drive off, getting softer and softer till it was gone.

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