Chapter 5

A Night of Dreams

"So where are weh goin'?" Rogue asked as they drove away from the mansion.

"Well, I thought we could go out to dinner." He said.

"Okay," Was all she could think to say.

"Here-we-are." He said as he drove into the parking lot of a really fancy/expensive restaurant. He got out and zoomed to the other side of the jeep opening the door for her.

"Thank you," she said taking his hand and gently stepping out of the jeep.

"Do you have reservations?" the waiter asked Pietro.

"Yes. It's under Maximoff." He said.

"Right this way, Sir." The waiter said leading them to a table.

"Ya didn' have to do this. Ah mean weh could have gone to a movie or something." She said as he pushed her chair in for her.

"It'snothing. Don'tworryaboutit." He told her. The waiter came back about five minutes later to take their order.

"Okay, admit it. Ya didn' just bring meh here to make up for what ya did." She said looking him in the eye.

"Fine, Ilikeyoumorethanjustafriend." he said quickly and a little softer than normal.

"Ah'll admit it too then. Ah lak ya more than a friend. Ya from you won' tell anyone about it though?" she asked him with a pleading look.

"Yeah, you-have-to-promise-you-won't-tell-anyone-either. He said to her.

"Ah promise. It's kind of obvious if you think about it though." She paused a moment to gather her thoughts. "Ah have a question for ya."

"What?" Pietro asked her looking deep into her eyes.

"How did all of ya become the brotherhood?" she said after a moment's pause.

Right after she had asked, the waiter brought their food. Pietro waited until the waiter left before answering her.

"Well, itkindajusthappened. It's-like-we-were-all-attending-the-same-school- and-we-found-out-that-some-of-us-had-powers. I-think-Mystique-had-something- to-do-with-it-all-though. We basically all became friends. So, how did you end up at the institute?" he asked her a little slower.

She looked away remember her old boyfriend and the accident like if it were yesterday. "I'msorry. You-don't-have-to-say-if-you-don't-want-to." Eh said seeing the saddened look on her face.

"It's alright. It's just a long story though. The first boy Ah kissed was in a coma for 3 weeks. Right after it had happened Ah ran away. Ah went into a bar and got a ride with Wolverine or Logan. At the time Ah didn't know anythin' about mutants yet. There was a crash but Ah was stuck in the car and couldn' get our. Somehow the car caught on fire. Anyways, Wolverine was attacked and then knocked out by Sabertooth. That's when Storm and Cyclops or Scott came and brought us to the institute." She said.

"Wow, you've-been-through-a-lot. Ineverwouldhavethought."but Rogue cut in,

"It's okay. Kitty and everyone else said the same thing. It's not that Ah tell everyone though." She said.


"Could ya lak not tell anyone about this Ah mean lak mah."

"Yeah, of course." He said cutting her off this time. "So is borrowing powers all you have?" Pietro asked her after a little while.

"Yeah, what about ya?" she asked him back.

"Yes. It'sreallyusefulthough." He answered looking deep in her eyes.

"Sometimes Ah just , lak Ah'm all alone." A tear slowly rolled down her cheek as Rogue thought about it.

"I'm not sure that I can say I know how you feel but Wanda would. Not that she would." he said quickly trying to think of something so say. "You-look- different. You're wearing lighter make up, I like it." Pietro said still staring deep into her eyes.

"Thanks, Kitty actually did it for meh. She's really great with that kind of stuff." Rogue told him looking into his icy blue eyes. "You-should-wear-it-like-that-more-often." He told her.

"Ah told Kitty and Ah'm telling ya too that Ah'll have to think about it." She said giving him an unsure look and finally breaking eye contact with him.

"Hey-it's-still-early, would-you-want-to-go-to-that-new-club-in-town-to- dance?" he asked.

"Sure." She said. They walked up to the cashier to pay together. Pietro walked to the car and again opened the door for her.

"Ah've never been to a club before." She told him.

"Really, don't-worry-it'll-be-fun." He said as he parked the car and ran to open the car door for her yet again. The two of them walked inside where there was loud music and lots of people. This is one only of the things that Rogue hates most is crowds. She tried not to show that it bothered her though for Pietro's sake.

"Do you want to dance?" he asked her.

"Yes." She said holding his hand as to not lose him in the crowd.

They went to the middle of the room and started dancing to soft rock music. After dancing for a while the music stopped and then a soft love song started playing. The crowd died down after the soft music played but many couples remained. Pietro pulled her closer and they danced slower.

Rogue laid her head on his shoulder and they got even closer to each other. She fell into a fantasy world like if there was no one else around. It felt as if she had been dancing for hours. She wished they could dance forever and never stop. When the music stopped Rogue returned to the club crowded with people. She was thankful that there was another slow song. Pietro pulled Rogue even closer to him. She leaned close to him to whisper in his ear.

"Ah wish we could dance together forever."

"I do too. We can keep dancing when the music stops if you want." Pietro whispered back to her.

"Okay." They didn't stop dancing and they danced through the next two songs. At the end of the last song Rogue broke away from Pietro slowly. "Can weh sit down a minute?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure." He answered her taking her gloved hand and leading her to a table.

"Sorry, Ah just had to sit down for a minute." Rogue just sat there looking at him for a minute. "Hey, would ya happen to know what time it is?" she asked him.

"Nope. Sorry, I don't have a watch." Pietro paused before saying anything else. "So has Evan said anything about you and me?" he asked her.

"He actually is kind of ignorin' meh right now. It's not lak he talks to meh much anyways." She told him.

"Oh, well, you-know-that-he-doesn't-really-consider-me-a-friend." He told her.

"What do ya two have against each other anyways?" she asked looking him in the eyes again.

"I don't know. We just don't get along I guess. Like almost everyone else at the institute. We are all enemies. You know how it is. The brother hood goes and causes trouble while you guys, the X-Men, come to stop us." He said looking back at her.

"Ah guess ya're right. Do ya want to dance some more?" she said standing up.

"Sure." He replied. This time she grabbed his hand leading him the center of the room.

Rogue and Pietro danced for hours and hours or it seemed. She fell into another fantasy world with her head dancing. After a long while they stopped dancing.

"Hey, you-want-to-come-back-to-my-house?" he asked.

"Yeah." She said. He led her to the exit and they walked holding hands to his car (jeep).

When they got to the brotherhood's he took her upstairs and into his bedroom closing the door behind him.

"What time is it?" she asked him. He looked at his alarm clock beside the bed.

"It's only 10:30. Come on." Pietro said. He walked over and opened the window.

"What are ya doin'?" Rogue asked walking over to the window beside him.

"I'm going to sit on the roof." He told her climbing out the wind. "Take my hand and I'll help you up." Rogue climbed out the window holding onto the gutter. "Here, take my hand and close the window with your foot." She did as he said and then climbed on the roof with his help.

"Why did ya want meh to close the window?" she asked sitting next to him.

"Becauseifsomeonewalksinmyroomandseesthewindowopenthey'llcheckouthereformebu t ifit'sclosedthey'llthinkI'mnothere." He quickly explained.

"Oh, okay. So, do ya come up here a lot?" she asked scooting closer and leaning against him.

"Yeah, I also go-to-that-park-by-the-institute-too. Iactuallygototheparkmoreoften." He sped up as he talked.

Pietro opened his arms and Rogue moved over sitting on his lap cuddling up close to him. He took off his jacket and covered her up with it and then slowly wrapped his arms around her holding her tight. "It'spastyourcurfew." He said teasingly.

"Oh well." She said looking up into his face.

"You sure Scott won't flip?" he asked looking don into her sparkling emerald eyes.

"He will, let him though." She said staring back into his blue icy eyes.

The two sat there not a care in the world. After an hour and a half Pietro realized she had fallen asleep. He soon drifted off to sleep himself holding her in his arms as the hours passed by.

Rogue woke up suddenly as the sun started to rise waking up Pietro too. "What tam is it?" she asked him.

"Idon'tknow." He told her softly.

"Ah gotta go." Rogue told him climbing back into the window, Pietro right behind her. "Ah really hav to go." She said looking at the clock seeing that is was six-thirty in the morning. She quietly hurried down the stairs and outside when Pietro grabbed her arm.

"The least I can do is to give you a ride." He said turning her around so she faced him. Picking her up he zipped over to the institute in two seconds, setting her down at the front door.

"Thanks Pietro. Ah'll see ya later. Hey, do ya think ya could take meh to the back?" she asked looking up into his deep blue icy eyes again.

"No problem." He answered picking her up again.

"Thanks again Pietro. Ah had a wonderful night. Don' kiss and tell now." Rogue said giving him a short kiss on the cheek leaving him breathless; she quietly slipped in the back door.

As she entered Logan as usually was sitting there supposedly reding the newspaper and drinking coffee. She almost made it across the room when, "Do you know what time it is?" he asked her.

"Past curfew?" she said barely about a whisper.

"Get upstairs before anyone else sees you." He partly growled at her. She did as he said hurrying upstairs before Evan or worse, Scott saw her.

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