Chapter 6

Secret Meetings

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Later that afternoon Rogue walked in her room to a very happy and hyper Kitty.

"What are you so happy about?" Rogue asked in her usual gloomy, solemn way.

"I was talking to Lance. We're like going to the mall together this weekend." Kitty said practically bouncing off the walls.

"Whatever." She said walking back down the hall and outside. It was cloudy and grey outside (which Rouge liked best). She walked to the wall and climbed over it. 'Lak anyone will miss meh or even know Ah'm gone.' She said to herself. Rogue was walking when all of the sudden something hit her and she fell on her back. She was about to push it off her when it jumped up trying to zoom away.

"What the…Pietro!" she said. He turned to zoom off but she grabbed his arm with her gloved hand. Rogue went flying down the road still holding on and slowing him down.

"Ah need tah talk tah ya." Rogue said. Pietro stopped (reluctantly).

"What?" he said.

"Ya need tah watch where ya goin' next tam." She told him.

"Isthatallyouwanted?" he asked her quickly.

"No. Ah just wanted tah talk. What's ya hurry?" she asked him back.

"Oh, okay. There'snohurry." Pietro said again quickly.

"Can we sit down somewhere?" she asked him. Pietro looked around for a bench but Rogue took the initiative and sat under a tree beside the road. He just shrugged and sat beside her.

"What are ya doin' ova here anyways?" Rouge asked.

"Iwasjust…endeduphere. Oh, and sorryforknockingyouover." He said.

"Ah've seen ya over here a lot. So, do ya run a lot?" Rogue asked him again.

"Yes, IusuallyrunwhenI'mstressedormad. Whataboutyou?" he said.

"Nobody probably knows Ah'm gone or cares. Ah just come out here when Ah need tah think or be alone. Ah just had tah get away from all of those happy people. It drives meh nuts tah beh around all those love crazed happy people, especially Kitty. She was practically bouncin' off the walls. It lak really pissed meh off." She told him.

"I sort of know how you feel. Sometimes you just have to get away and be alone away from everyone and everything." He said.

"Exactly, well, Ah…they'll be expecting meh back by now...that is, if they notice Ah was even gone. Maybe weh could talk some more on a long walk tomorra." She told him standing up. Pietro stood up and walked towards her. He quickly pick her up and started to run her back to the institute as it started pouring down rain. There was thunder and lightning too.

"What are ya doin'!" Rogue asked him really surprised. He just kept going until he reached the institute's gates.

"Ya lucky Ah was fully clothed and that ya didn' touch meh." She said after he set her down. Their hair looked like they had just been througha tornado and their clothes were soaked.

"So…how about weh meet here at three afta school tomorra?" she asked.

"Sure. It's a date." He said to her. She turned around climbing back over the wall and ran inside out of the rain.

She walked upstairs and into her room. "You're soaking wet and your hair is a mess." Kitty said in surprise.

"Ya think." Rogue said getting some dry clothes she went in the bathroom to change.

The next day after school Rogue went to her room to drop off her bag. She went to the desk where Kitty was doing her homework to brush her hair.

"Where are you going...You're going to meet Pietro again huh? Wait just a minute." Kitty said really excited. She bounded across the room into their closet. "Here, try these on." Kitty said holding up a black long sleeved shirt and a pair of tight black pants.

"Fine, but Ah'm not sayin' Ah'll wear it." Rogue said taking the clothes she we went into the bathroom to change.

"Come on Rouge. It can't be that bad." Kitty said. The bathroom door opened.

"Okay, Ah have tah admit, it doesn' look that bad. Ah really gotta go. Bye Kitty." Rogue said hurrying out their bedroom and down the hall. Kitty followed her using her powers to walk through some walls to not get caught. Kitty followed he using he powers to walk through some walls to not get caught.

"Hey Kitty," Kurt said.

"Shh…I'm following Rogue. I want to know where she's going or who she's meeting." Kitty whispered.

"Hold on, I'll go to vhe front gate." He said taking Kitty's hand in his they teleported to the gate.

"Let's climb on the wall so we can see better." Kitty told him.

"Isn't this invading Rogue's privacy?" Kurt asked her.

"No, this is finding out information. There's a big difference." Kitty continued.

Meanwhile…Rogue climbed over the wall and waited. She started to get impatient so she went to look at her watch when someone grabbed her wrist.

"Hey, SorryI'mlate." Pietro quickly explained.

"Pietro!" Rouge almost yelled jumping back a little. "Don' scare meh lak that." She told him.

"Sorry, didn'tmeantoscareyou." He said taking a few steps toward her. "Shall we?" Pietro asked her softly taking her gloved hand in his.

"Rogue and Pietro?" Kurt asked Kitty with a puzzled look on his face.

"Yeah, like I never would have believed it. That is if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes." Kitty explained. The two of them sat there watching them as they slowly walked away together, hand in hand. As they watched Logan came up behind them unnoticed.

"What are you two doing?" Logan asked grabbing them by the bottom of their shirts and yanking them off the wall.

"Nothing." Kitty said guiltily.

"Really?" Logan said. He walked over to the gate to see what they were looking at. "Spying are we? Get inside before…" but before he could finish Kurt took Kitty's hand and teleported inside.

"Ah didn' vant to know bhat he vas going to say." Kurt said letting go of Kitty's hand.

Back outside… "Youlooknice." Pietro said quickly.

"Thanks, Kitty's never endin' supply of clothes. Ya look nice too." Rouge said back softly.

"It'sareallyniceday." He told her getting a little tense and uncomfortable. Rogue saw this and took his hand in her gloved one. They walked in silence for awhile when Pietro spoke.

"Do-you-want-to-go-get-ice-cream?" He tried to ask slowly.

"Okay…last one there pays." Rogue said starting to run. It ended up that Pietro let her win so he paid anyways.

After they left the ice cream parlor, they took their ice cream and slowly walked back to the institute.

"Remember-when-I-said-you-should-skip-school-with-me-sometime? Well, I-was-wondering-if-you-would…maybe-Monday?" he asked nervously and trying to say it slowly for her.

"Ah'll have to think about it." If Ah do want to where should I meet ya?" Rouge asked him.

"Just meetmerighthereinfrontofthemansion." He said stopping in front of the gate to the institute.

"Well, Ah guess Ah'll see ya Monday mornin' then." Rogue said.

"Yeah, I'llseeyouMonday." Pietro told her back. He watched as she turned around and walked towards the wall. Rouge was about to climb over the wall when he called out to her.

"Wait, Iwaswonderingifyouwouldliketogoseeamovieorsomethingwithmetomorrow?" Pietro asked her really fast.

"Okay, Ah'd love to." She said. "Call meh tomorrow. Ah'll see ya later. Bye." Rogue continued then climbed over the wall.

Rogue tried holding in all of her excitement for as long as she could. She finally decided to go and sit on the roof to see if that would help any.

'Ah think Ah can finally trust him. Ah mean he took meh to dinner and Ah even kissed him that one morning. Ah'm glad it was him that Ah kissed though. Ah just feel the need to do it again. If only it wasn' mah stupid powers.' She thought to herself then said out loud, "That's enough, stop it. Rouge said firmly.

"Sorry, I" Scott said but Rouge turned around quickly.

"God, ya scared the hack out of meh. Ah didn' know anyone was up here." She said.

"I didn' either. Well, I was on my way in so I guess I'll see you later." Scott said and then he went back inside.

She sat there until it started getting late, watching as the sun set behind the mansion and dark black forest. 'Ah wish that Pietro could be here with meh to see this. Ah just want him to hold meh lak he did before.' She thought and then let out a sigh staring out into the emptiness of the forest. The sun had already gone down but there was still very little light left in the sky. Rogue sat there looking out into the sky.

She took a quick look at the ground when she thought she saw something race across the yard. She sat there looking for about ten more minutes but didn't see it again. 'Ah'm probably just getting' really tired. Ah guess Ah should go in.' Rogue thought silently as she climbed down off the room back onto her balcony and into her room very quietly just in case Kitty was sleeping. Rogue got into bed and slept peacefully dreaming of Pietro and her without their powers.