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Chapter 1

"Hey, Lincoln Loud here. Today's a key game for my older sister Lynn. Lynn,now feels bad for believing me to be a jinx" He frowns.

"But I'm just glad that she realized her mistake" he added. Meanwhile outside in the hallway three sisters are in the middle of a argument.

"Ugh, why did you invite Lincoln to your game. You know he's bad luck" Lola commented.

"Shut up lola. Lincoln and I are cool now. After a week ago after we've let him back inside, him and I had a conversation. Some words were said and all but he said that whenever something goes wrong, you should always work to make things better for you and for others. And you know what? He's right" Lynn explained.

Lola then tries to argue with no avail as Lynn walks back to her room.

"Ohhh, just stop it Lola. She does have a point. She knows now that she can't blame others for her loses" Lori countered as she walked towards the staircase.

Sunny skies, temperature at seventy degrees. Top of the ninth with no outs. Lynn Loud Loud on the mound.

"Could be this another win for Lynn or is it going to be tied? Is she going to blame her brother again if she loses. A lot of folks now know what she did about two weeks prior to this one"'The game announcer questioned over the mic.

First pitch fastball for a strike. Second pitch is a curve inside. Third pitch is a changeup for a grounder for an out. The second batter of the inning walks up then strikes out on a fastball, slider and a changeup. The last batter flew out on a first pitch high up in the strike zone.