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Chapter 22

"Now that you met your real family members, Would you ever consider about moving out from the Louds to the Burlington's house?" She asked. This seemed to grab everybody's attention. Every student and staff gathered around the interviewer and Lincoln. Lincoln looked to his left and right side. He then noticed his sisters Lucy and Lynn staring at him. He also saw a small tear escape from her right eye as she stared him.

"I guess whatever Lynn wanted to tell me was very important. I mean look at her, she's trying to hold back tears" Lincoln thought. He then looked up his blood type family. They too were waiting for an answer along with the reporter.

"No, I'm not moving out with the Louds" He answered calmly as Lynn began to smile while whipping away the tears.

"Is there a reason why you say no? This is your real family Lincoln" She retorted.

"True yeah, they are my real common blood family but I really think that I truly belong with the Louds. It's chaotic but that's how I like it and it wouldn't be the same without them" Lincoln confessed.

"So you truly want to be with the Louds? I say that's a very nice answer, what do you think Mr. Burlington?" She asked as she placed the mic in front of him.

"Well like he said, if he feels happy with the Louds, I'd say keep him there" Luther said as he smiled at Lincoln. Lincoln just mouthed "thank you" to his father witch he gave a nod to.

The Alzheimer's Fundraiser soon came to a conclusion. All of the staff and students left for their lunch. Lincoln was about to leave when the Burlington family called him over.

"Well since that's over, we better get going" Alexa said as she picked up her belongings.

"Will I see you again?" Lincoln asked.

"Only time will tell" Luthor said making Lincoln sad.

"Ahh.. just kidding son! Come see us anytime. Also here's a little something" The father said as he handed him an envelope.

After school had let out, Lincoln and his sisters walked home together, since the school became half Elementary and half Middle School.

Walking into the house, they spotted Lori sitting on the couch, watching Tv.

"Hey guy, glad you're home. I've heard that Lincoln's family were at the school raising money for Alzheimer's disease" The eldest sister stated.

"They're not my real family, you guys are" Lincoln said smiling at her.

"Funny you said that Lori, The reporter asked him if he's going to move in with them and move out of our home" Lucy said. Lynn then spotted Lincoln taking out aan envelope out of his bag.

"What's that Lincoln?" The three girls asked pointing at the envelope.

"I don't know, the father gave it to me before he left the school" Lincoln said as he opened the card. After opening it, he read the content inside and soon fainted. Lynn then went over to him and picked up a piece of paper that fell from her brother's hand. Her eyes went wide.

"One million dollars. You received a check from them that's worth one million dollars!" She said out loud.

"No way, Are you serious?" Lucy and Lori asked as the ran over to Lynn. The two read it. To their disbelief, it really is true.

"Did you just say one million dollars?" The twins asked as they entered from the kitchen. The four siblings just nodded in confirmation. The rest of the sisters then came inside and was told about the check than Lincoln received.

"I say, we buy you a electric guitar, mate" Luna suggested loudly.

"No don't get a electric guitar. Get a new wardrobe. You wear the same clothes year after year" Lola comment witch earned her a jab from Lori.

"No help me buy new tools to fix the shed or you can use it to expand the house on your side of the house. After that statement, everyone turned to face Lana.

"I never really thought of that. That's a great idea, Lana?" Luan said breaking the silence.

A few hours later, Lynn told Lincoln to wait for her in his room. He asked her what's so important that only required his attention. Lynn then knocked on his door.

"It's open!" He shouted as the door opened to reveal a shy and nervous Lynn.

"Hey what's up Lynn? You look like you have something bothering you" Lincoln said as she sat down on his bed.

"Yeah I do's just..."

Lynn hesitated.

"Just what, Lynn?" Lincoln asked.

",..I love you Lincoln" She said.

"I love you too, Lynn" Lincoln said smiling.

" Lincoln! I love you as in love you love you?" Lynn stuttered as she began to cry softly.

"Oh...I see. Is that why you were crying at the interview I had with reporter and now?" Lincoln asked. She nodded as Lincoln brought her into a hug followed by a kiss on the lips.

A month later, Lincoln got his room expanded with the money he'd received a while back. He also started a 'fun" relationship with Lynn.

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