Disclaimer: I own neither the story nor the characters. This is heavily adapted from the SSnote thread: さんたさんへ くりすますぷれぜんとはお○んぽみるくがほしいです!by Nori/Elvira. This whole chapter was written with the song "Foul Play ni Kurari" on loop for hours. It's not really necessary but that's what I used for the fluffier parts.

"I should've known you were here."

"Ah, Saihara-kun!" Akamatsu Kaede turned from her seat to see the capped form of Saihara Shuichi. She raised her hands and gently lowered the lid of the piano in front of her. "How was it."

"Great as usual." He replied and Kaede knew immediately that it was a lie. He was obviously too nervous and that hadn't heard a single note she played. After all, her performance just now was subpar from her own nervousness. Her heart was beating a different metronome than what the piece required.

Once more, it was just the two of them. This time they were in the music room at her request. All he messaged her was how he wanted to talk to her alone tonight. On Christmas Eve. Daring to hope, Kaede dressed herself up.

The pianist stood from her seat, making sure the black baret topping her head, didn't fall. She made her way to him, her plaid scarf fluttering behind her. Shuichi watched silently, almost mesmerized. When she finally made it to his side, she just looked up at him, expectant.

"You look nice," were the first words that came out of his mouth. Kaede looked away, feeling her cheeks heat up despite the rather cool temperature of the room. He looked nice as well, the brown jacket a different look from his usual black attire. He had even replaced his cap with a blue beanie.


"Akamatsu-san, your face is red." Shuichi pointed out of genuine concern, seeing the small patches of red on her usually pale cheeks. "Are you cold?"

"No, I'm just a bit exerted, that's all."

"Really?" He sent her a worried look. "It's natural to get a cold during winter. If you're feeling sick, please tell me."

"I will." Kaede raised two fists in earnest, to dissuade his worries. Her fists then unclenched as she pushed two fingers together. She swallowed. "You told me you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes." His back straightened as his face went serious. "I have something I'd like to tell Akamatsu-san."

Kaede shivered. Something about this was different than normal. After all this time, partly due to his own insensitivity, she hadn't been able to make any progress with him at all. Just the thought of him sent her heart beating like a bumble bee in flight.

This seemed to be it. It seemed something had finally gotten past his head and he had made a decision. But, of course, it didn't mean she was free. It was very possible that he just thought of her as a friend. Just the thought made her want to shut herself off and play Clair de Lune.


"Akamatsu-san!" Kaede blinked, not realizing she had zoned out. She looked up to see Shuichi, his face showing clear reservations. "If you're feeling unwell, then maybe we should…"

"No!" Her shout rang echoed throughout the empty room, startling the both of them. Kaede coughed once to compose herself. It wouldn't do to scare him off now. "I mean, really, I'm fine. Saihara-kun. So. Please. You said you wanted to tell me something?"

"That's right." Nodding, Shuichi closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened them once more, they were full of resolve.

"Akamatsu-san, do you want to go on date tonight, on Chirstmas Eve."

"Wha…a date…" Kaede repeated the words he just said, unsure if hadn't imagined them herself. "You're serious?"

"Yes. I want to go out with Akamatsu-san on Christmas Eve."

"And this is just between the two of us?"

"Yes." Shuichi nodded once more. "That's what a date is right?"

Kaede moved closer to him, examining his face for any lies. "Momota-kun and Harukawa-san won't show up?"



"Really, they won't."

"And this is really a date?"

"Yes." Shuichi had to raise an eyebrow at all the questions she was sending him. "Are you really okay with going on a date with me?"

"I am! I am! I really want to!" assured Kaede

"Then, why do you sound like you're doubting me?"

"It's because I didn't expect to be asked out on a date by Saihara-kun.…" She looked away, her face showing slight regret for doubting him. While she did dress up, that was more of her hoping for a miracle than anything.

"But you said you were expecting…" That got a nod from the pianist but also a frown as she half pouted half glared at him.

"That's because you're so insensitive! You're always going with Haraukawa-san and Momota-kun!"

Shuichi rubbed the back of his head, not sure how to appease the blond. "That's the second time you've called me insensitive."

"That's just natural because I've been throwing my appeal to you for a while now!" Kaede raised a finger. She crossed her arms, her pout getting worse. Unfortunately, Shuichi was still as clueless as ever.

"What do you mean by appeal?"

"You didn't realize at all! Every time I asked you out to go to the pool or a festival, you always brought along Momota-kun and Harukawa-san!" The girl stomped one foot, her boot making a loud thud sound as it hit the floor. As happy as she was for them, she couldn't help but be annoyed that Maki and Kaito getting together was at the cost of her own love life. "I wanted to have fun with only the two of us."

"But," Shuichi argued, still confused. "Isn't it more fun if there are four people than two?"

"That's Saihara-kun is insensitive!"

Kaede's exclamation actually got Shuichi to step back, mostly in worry for himself. This didn't go unnoticed as Kaede moved closer to him, her chest pressing against his, as she looed him straight in the eyes. Her eyes met his, her gaze daring to drown in her own pools.

"So this time, it's only two people?"

"Yes. Yes." Shuichi nodded with more vigor than he had ever done in his life.

"Really really?"

"It's true!"

"Really? You're really telling the truth?"


"Hoh?" She took a step back, her eyes still questioning. In the back of his head, Shuichi missed the soft warmth he had felt on his chest a moment ago. Still, now was not the time for those sorts of thoughts. He had a girl to convince.

"Please believe me, Akamatsu-san!" Shuichi put one hand on his chest and extended his other. "Trust that I'd tell the truth!"

"Well, there have been way too many disappointments."

"Were there really that many?" Shuichi tried to remember something that sounded like what she implied but he drew up a blank. Maybe, he really was as she said. "I really can't remember any."

"There were a lot!" The girl somehow showed both disappointment yet kept her previous annoyance on her face. "I was heart broken so much I had to get counseling from Gekkhougahara-san."

"I see. I'm sorry." Shuichi averted his gaze. He hadn't realized just how much he had hurt her. Maybe, he didn't deserve to go out with her. Excuses to leave were already being formed in his head when he felt a warmth envelop right hand.

He turned to see that it was Kaede's own that had grabbed his. Gone was the anger and disappointment from her face replaced with a gentle yet proud smile. "

"It's okay. It's all okay because I was invited on a date by Saihara-kun." Kaede squeezed his hand, the feel of her delicate fingers playing with Shuichi's heartbeat as easily as any song's tempo. "My appeals weren't a waste."

"Akamatsu-san…" was all Shuichi could breath as his mind went to work memorizing the feeling of his hand in hers.

"I'm counting on you, Saihara-kun. That you'll be able to make up for all the disappointments tonight." The pianist looked up at him, her cheeks flushed and her smile expectant. It would be obvious to anyone, even to someone like Shuichi, that this wonderful girl somehow fully believed in him. "I'll make sure to receive properly."

"Yeah." Shuichi smiled back, a rare confident smile on his face. If she believed in him that much, then he had to make sure it had merit. "Leave it to me!"

"I will." Kaede took a step back, reluctantly letting go of his hand. Her own felt oddly cold without his. "So do you have any plans?"

This caused the smile to falter on Shuichi's face, though it held on unsure. "Well…not really."

"You could have hidden that better," chuckled Kaede. Well, she couldn't really blame him as she herself had no idea what she wanted to do. "I'm sure we can think of something though!"

"That's right." Shuichi then wrapped his finger around his chin in thought. "Hmm. I'm still not sure if I should propose to Akamatsu-san or not."



Kaede's exclamation of surprise met Shuichi's own of realizing he may have fucked up. They both held a silent gaze, neither moving for a second until,

"Pu-pu-pu-propopo?!" was the only thing that came out of Akamatsu Kaede's mouth, her eyes wide in surprise. Shuichi could only bite his tongue, not trusting it to not slip as he watched the girl's face turned a dangerous shade of red. "You…are you really going to…pu…propose…?"

"I-it's different." Shuichi denied unconsciously. This caused the girl's face to freeze for a moment before he could literally see the blood drain from it as it went from red to pale.

"…different…" The girl bowed her head before mururring, "So you don't want to…"

"Wait! I mean..thaat's different too! I mean…" Caught in his own mistake. Shuichi did the only thing he could do: Pull down his beanie and squat low, hoping the earth would spontaneously swallow him up. "Ah, I failed. I was planning to propose at the end of the date and now it's all ruined."

He continued squatting, trying not to cry on how big a failure he was. Maybe, the truth should remain a secret after all? He was thinking about the best way to resign as a detective when he heard laughter.

"Fu…Hahaha!" He looked up to see Kaede holding her stomach laughing. "Ahahahahaha!"


"I'm sorry, Saihara-kun but..." The girl covered her mouth, failing to block to some stray giggles. "I can't believed you spoiled your own proposal."

"Please don't laugh." If Shuichi felt like he wanted to die earlier, now he felt like he had never been born. He was sure his face was entirely red.

"Hahaha…but it's so funny!"

Shuichi moaned, stretching his beanie down even lower. He wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

"It's very Saihara-kun." Keade's laughter was all but gone though there remained some mirth in her voice. "You're usually so dependable too. C'mon, that's enough."

The blonde bent low to grab Shuichi's shoulders and pull him back up. There was little resistance to her hoisting though he still refused to face her even when he was back on his feet. This worried Kaede for a moment until he suddenly spoke up, his tone surprisingly determined.

"…Akamatsu-san." Eventually, he did turn back to her to meet her gaze. "On the real thing, I'll make sure to propose properly."

"…Of course."

The two shared a smile, small grins spreading across their faces as they stared at each other. The mood that was ruined was back and they both felt themselves being swept away by it. So overtake by the surprising turn of events and the mood, that Kaede dared to ask a question.

"By the way, I want to hear your opinion on something…" Kaede forced herself not to look away, even when she felt the heat creep up her neck.

"What is it?"

"Well…" She took a deep breath, trying to calm her heartbeat and match it with her mind's inner metronome but it was no use. "Um…Children.."

Shuichi furrowed his brows, not really understanding. "Children?"

Kaede's gaze was nervous, pushing her fingers together, as she nodded. "How many kids do you want…"


"I said, I wonder how many children does Saihara-kun want," repeated the pianist, both of their faces getting redder with every word.


"Because I'll do my best!" Kaede held up two fists. She would have looked smug If It wasn't for the blush on her face the wobble on her smile. "I-I'll do my best to give birth to Saihara-kun's b-babies!"

"Ah…yeah." Shuichi looked away, unable to face her declaration. Even so, he at least had to respond to her courage with is own. "Maybe, if possible…a boy and a girl."

"I'd also like a boy and a girl." Kaede dared to slide herself next to the detective, ignoring how wobbly her knees felt. She felt rewarded when he leaned closer as well.

"You too, huh?"

"It seems we're compatible."

"Yeah, sounds like it."

"We're already thinking alike."

"Yeah. We both want two."

"Angie, also wants a baby!"

"Tenko wants enough to make a rugby team!"

"If it is master's request, then I would give birth to both boys and girls."



Shuichi turned just to be glomped by a ball of wool. He extracted the large blanket of warmth to see Angie smiling up at him. The artist had worn an extra thick brown wool coat, unused to the winter cold as she was used to more tropical climates.

"Angie?!" exclaimed Shuichi surprised. His surprise didn't faze the tan girl as she raised her hand in the air excitedly.

"So how many babies do you want, Shuichi-kun?"

"B-baby? What are you saying!?"

"Angie is Shuichi-kun's fiancée!" answered the girl, her excited expression contrasting from Shuichi's confused one.

"When did we become engaged!?" asked Shuichi, distressed. He definitely did not remember anything like that happening. To the detriment of his sanity, Angie happily supplied the reason.

"On Angie's island, women marry the men they drink the blood of. Since you promised to let Angie drink your blood, then that would mean making Angie your bride. Nyahaha!"

Shuichi had no response, his jaw almost hanging open. He then forced himself to close it to turn to the person next to her.

Tenko raised a palm, smiling. "Don't worry, since Tenko is your little sister, I'm not planning on becoming your wife."


"However." The martial artist got into a battle stance. "My master told me it is the job of the little sister to give birth to the older brother's child! This is especially important to train a new disciple in Neo-Aikido!"

"There's no such job!" Shuichi felt his brain threatening to snap so then turned to Kirumi's stoic face for a semblance of hope. She closed her eyes and briefly bowed her head.

"I am the same as Chabashira-san. As I am already Saihara-sama's maid, I cannot become your wife."

"When did I become your mas-"

"However, Master said you wanted a boy and a girl." She gave him a sharp look of duty and stubbornness. "As a maid, I have to respond properly."

Shuichi sighed and raised his hands in front of the three. "Okay, the three of you calm down for a moment. Also, why are you all suddenly talking about-Hii!"

Whatever Shuichi was about to say was cut off short as a monumental tremble went through his spine, causing his whole body to shiver. It didn't help that the temperature of the room seemed to have decreased dramatically, especially coming from behind him.

He turned to see-


"A…Akamatsu-san?" Shuichi asked, not really sure if the person next to him exuding such a dark and malignant aura was the same girl he was talking to earlier.

"Saihara-kun…what is this?" Kaede(?)'s voice was eerily calm yet harsh. Fingers that were used to play funeral marches made Shuichi's shoulder's creak with how hard they grabbed them.


And Shuichi was happy to comply as he explained what exactly he had been doing with the other three and how he had asked them then promised to get what they had wanted for Christmas. Throughout the whole thing, the light in Kaede's eyes started to come back and by the end of it, there was only a slight dullness left.

"And that's how it is…"

"Hmmm, so you've been asking what people besides me what they wanted for a Christmas gift…"

She turned to her three classmates, with crossed arms.

"Angie just wants to drink Shuichi-kun's blood!"


"Tenko wanted to become his little sister."


"We were going to go to a hotel after dinner date."

"Hey Hey!" Kaede grit her teeth, her eyebrows locked together. "I have something to ask all of you but first of all…"

She turned back to the source of the chaos, who tried and failed to shrink into himself. "Hey, Saihara-kun. You said we're going to have a date with just the two of us! So, what's this date Tojo-san is saying?"

"W-well," Shuichi sputtered, under her glare. "Tojo-san's date will be tomorrow on 25 while Akamatsu-san's date will be today on 24."

"And the hotel!?"

"I didn't know about that!"

"I booked a love hotel." Kirumi added neutrally, though that only seemed to incite Kaede's anger more much to Shuichi's detriment.

"Then what's this about being Chibasara-san's brother?"

Tenko spoke up before Shuichi could. Unfortunately for him. "It's exactly what it means. Shuichi is now my niisama! We have become siblings!"

"Hoh?" scoffed Kaede. "So what changed between the two of you?"

"We've gotten along better than ever!" suppled Tenko excitedly. "We've taken a bath together and even slept in the same bed!"

The aikido expert then paused before tuning away a blush on her face. "Also,….I've helped with niisama's…libido control…"

"Don't add that!" cried Shuici. Kaede didn't say anymore but Shuichi swore the temperature around them had dropped by numerous Celsius. The blonde turned to the final girl in the room who didn't seem bothered by Kaede's newfound mad enhancement.

"Angie-san. Why did you even want to drink Saihara-kun's blood?"

"Angie always thought that his blood looked delicious," answered the artist, her tone as chipper as her smile. "And then I heard Atua-sama tell me that I should! Nyahaha! I'm sure his blood will be exquisite.!"

"…and marriage?"

"It is the custom of Angie's island. A woman must marry a man who has let her drink his blood. If you break it, Atua-sama will be angry." And with a dull shine in her eyes that could rival Kaede's own, Angie raised a warning finger. "If you get in the way…you'll be punished."

Shuichi shook as he watched the two, the world around them seeming to warp as their gazes clashed. Eventually, Kaede looked away and prevented a fight much to Shuichi's relief. The bad news was that she now turned back to him, her bangs barely covering her dull eyes."


"Y-yes! I'll do anything for forgiveness! Shuichi stood up straight, like he had been called upon by a teacher. At this point, he was willing to do anytjing to stop the possibly literal bloodbath that felt like it was about to break through. He was tense, ready to kneel down at a moment's notice. "Do you want me to kneel down? Should I lick your shoes?"

"…. Will you not do the same to me?"

"….Eh?" Shuichi looked to see the dull gone from Kaede's eyes only this time the light in them seemed to burn way too fierce.

"Let me drink the blood of Saihara-kun."

"Let's take a bath together."

"Let's sleep in a bed together."

"Let me help with Saihara-kun's libido control."

"Let's stay at a love hotel after this."

"Let me.." Kaede grabbed his shoulders and from the dangerous glint in her eyes Shuichi knew there was no escape. "Please make me your bride!"

"Uh..um…" Shuichi wiggled in her grasp to no avail. Had Kaede always been this…off-key?

"You said anything right? This is fine, right?"

"No, that's-"

"It's fine, right?"


"Fine, right?"



Shuichi hung his head down. There was no choice. He knew there was no more point in continuing. This was his end.

"Y-yes, Akamatsu-san."

"Are you sure, you're okay with this, Nanami?"

Hajime Hinata turned to the girl sitting next to him on the bench. In his hands was a familiar document that had caused him a fair share of dread. The marriage registration document was light for something so heavy. They'd be going to the City Hall on the next day.

"…yes." The girl smiled up as Hajime filled in the registration with his personal stamp. Even in the cold winter's afternoon, Chiaki looked warm with her Gal Galaga themed orange sweater. Hinata wore a matching one, the green coming from the player 2's spaceships' colors. "All that's left is to send this to City Hall."

Hajime sighed, his breath creating icy mist. "Till now I'm still surprised that I'll be married tomorrow. I don't feel really feel anything for something so…big. I don't think it's sunk in yet."

He felt a slight pat on the back and turned to Chiaki, her smile warm enough to make him forget that it was the middle of winter. "It's odd for me too. My heart feels all fluffy…I think."

The boy returned her smile with his own, one tired but hopeful. "It's just that we're getting married so suddenly even before we started dating. My heart's a little shaken, that's all."

They held their gazes before Chiaki looked away and bowed her head, forlorn.

"…sorry, Hinata-kun."

Hinata was surprised to hear an apology from her. Was she already regretting this? Cold Feet? No. He should believe in Chiaki like she did for him.

"What's wrong?"

"Because I forced this event to happen without properly raising the flags, it must have been annoying for Hinata-kun…I'm sure."

While he wasn't entirely sure on the first part of what she said, Hajime did know that he didn't feel anything she had suggested, rather it was the opposite.

"Don't worry about it, I was just surprised that's all. You don't really get have Marriage registration forms for Christmas gifts anyways." Hajime smiled seeing how his words brought the gamer back up from her wallowing. "It's just…marriage already? Why didn't you want to start as a couple first?"

"It's because I didn't want you to be stolen by anyone." Chiaki glared at him which Hajime always found to be more adorable than threatening, especially with her puffed cheeks. "It's because Hinata-kun is a player."

"Player? What do you mean?"

She raised a finger, her brow still furrowed. "You may not be aware of it, but a lot of girls go to Hinata-kun for help. You're like a player character in a dating game."

"Seriously, I didn't notice anything like that." Hajime rubbed the back of his head. She couldn't be talking about her classmates, but they were the only girls he regularly got along with. He then felt a slight nudge on his shoulder.

"Insensitive as usual."

"Well, even if I am insensitive, from now on, I'll put Nanami's feeling's above everyone else's!" Hajime declared which got an open smile from the gamer.


"I also have to change how I call you to Chiaki because you'll be Hinata too." Hajime averted his eyes for a moment. "And you can call me Hajime, as well."

"So I'll be…Hinata Chiaki now." The gamer stared up, as if downloading the new bit of information. She finished with a small blush. "Hehe. I'm happy that I could share a name with my favorite person.

"I wouldn't have minded taking your last name." Hajime meant it. While the alliteration was nice, Hinata was way too common a name for him. Nanami would have been fine.

"Well, I wanted Hinata-kun's last name." Chikai reached over and took his hand in her own. Her hand was so soft for a girl who spent all her time playing games. "When I think of the name Hinata Chiaki, I can truly feel how we're connected. It's like a hidden passive boost to all my stats."

While he was listening to Nanami, his brain singled out on a single part of her line. Combined with how warm and soft felt, Hajime couldn't stop his mind from wandering on certain things married couples did. This didn't go unnoticed by Chiaki,

"Hinata-kun, R-18 things aren't allowed yet." She poked his arm with her free hand.

"I understand." Hajime smiled apologetically. It wasn't like he was ready to go that far yet. He already felt like he was going to die just holding her hand. "We'll save all the fun for after the marriage."

"Yep." Chiaki squeezed his hand agreeing with him, however, she did scoot closer to him, making sure their shoulders were grazing when she looked up at him once more. "Kissing is okay…I think."

"K-kissing." Hajime watched Chiaki's face, to see if there was any chance that she was joking. All he could see was a readiness and acceptance for him that, if it were any other time, he would envy. Yet now, he couldn't help but want to believe in the girl that believed in him. He swallowed and steeled his determination. "Then, maybe somewhere more private."

"What about…your room."

"My…you sure?" Hajime watched Chiaki nod while pumping her free hand. Sure, he had recently cleaned his room up, so it wasn't a problem but then again it was still a problem. On the other hand, this was Chiaki who didn't mind inviting him to her room for game sessions so maybe he was overthinking it.

"Then, let's go." Fighting the heat creeping up his face, Hajime pulled the hand he was holding, trying his best not to look back. If he did, he'd have noticed she was trying to do the same.

They walked back to Hajime's dorm, hand in hand, not saying a word. They also didn't happen upon a random Komaeda or other Ultimates much to their relief. By the time, they reached his room, most of the awkwardness was gone although Hajime did fumble his keys for a moment.

They both sat on his bed, staring at each other. This wasn't even the first time Chiaki had visited his room. Back then, her intent was to just play some sort of video game with him but this time her intent was anything that innocent.

"So…" Hajime finally managed to speak after who knew how many minutes. The tension was so thick it didn't even feel like his room anymore. "Are you still okay with…you know…"

"Yes." was the small but sure affirmation next to him. Hajime swallowed.

"Sorry, I'm just so nervous."

"Me too. The throbbing in my heart won't stop."

"I've only seen kisses in movies and dramas."

"I know only of kissing scenes in games."

Hajime nodded to himself. Of course, the both of them wouldn't have had any previous experiences. He had to be the one to take in charge for once. He turned to Chiaki, almost flinching in the innocent look in her eyes. He gently placed his hand on her shoulder, not realizing just how small she was.

"If I could recall, I put my hand on your shoulder then we close our eyes and move close to each other."

"You should also slant your head slightly and stick your lips together…maybe."

"I see. You're reliable as ever, Nanami."

"If you just do it, things will turn out okay."

"…that's right."

Hajime was surprised with how soft their voices had gotten or how much closer she was to him. Or maybe, they always were, and he just never noticed. He glanced away from her soft iris' for a moment to spot her own lips. He licked his own.

"Nanami, close your eyes."

The girl didn't say anything as she complied. In the back of his head, Hajime wondered if she'd fall asleep. He placed his other hand on her remaining shoulder and gently pulled her closer, stopping a few inches away.

"Then…I-I'm going"


"Hey, Chiaki…I love you."

"I love you too, Hajime-kun."

With that one last confession, Chiaki closed her eyes once more and waited, lips pursed. Even in the darkness, she could feel him move closer to her and closer until his head was right next to hers…then swerved down to find the crook of her neck instead of her lips.

She gasped as she felt his hot breath followed by his warm lips graze on her bare neck. She wasn't sure if she should be thankful or not that she hadn't gotten turtlenecks. Still, as much as she had enjoyed this, she wanted a proper kiss.

"Hinata-kun, can you…" She opened her eyes to see tufts of brown and a gleam of glass. Like his lips on her own, an empty syringe stuck to the boy's neck. In alarm, Chiaki pushed him away, only to find little resistance, as if his body was a ragdoll.

Chiaki reached up and carefully extracted the syringe and lied the prone boy on his bed. While he was definitely still breathing from the rise and fall of his chest, his body twitched randomly but he mostly remained stationary. "Hinata-kun! Hey! What's wrong?!"

"Huhuhuhu…"' A soft voice suddenly entered Chiaki's hearing. "It seems Nemura-san's numbing medicine is pretty effective."

"You are…"

"A convulsing Hinata-kun is also nice."

"Tsumiki-san?" Chiaki looked on to see the familiar form of Tsumiki Mikan practically drool over the body of Hajime. The gamer also noticed the nurse wasn't the only other person who had suddenly appeared.

"Hey, is he really, okay?"

"Pfft. He looks like a fish dragged out of water."

Two others stood nearby one showing concern and the other showing the complete opposite.

"Koizumi-san! Saionji-san! What are you doing-" Chiaki shook her head. No, that wasn't important. "What did you do to Hinata-kun!?"

"D-don't worry, Nanami-san. The medicine only takes away the freedom on a person's body for a while there's no after effect." Mikan spoke up, the usual apologetic look in her eyes offset with the creepy smile that went below it. Chiaki also felt like the nurse wasn't looking at her at all. "P-please don't be angry. I just wanted to s-stop your k-kiss."

While Chiaki's eyebrows furrowed together to form a glare, her mind was deciding if she should pursue her anger and annoyance or her curiosity and patience. She barely chose the latter. "…but why?"

"Why? It's because, I didn't want to see my dear Hinata-kun kiss another woman," explained Mikan as if her answer was the most obvious thing in the world. She turned to the other two intruders nearby. "Right?"

"Hey! I'm different, pig barf!" denied Hiyoko while Mahiru looked away, blushing.

"Still, he could have gotten hurt!" Chiaki gestured to the still twitching Hajime. "If you want to aim at someone, aim at me!"

"I'm really sorry for doing something this, Chiaki-chan." spoke up Mahiru, looking genuinely remorseful and yet not completely so. "But even so, I don't want to let go of Hinata. Even if I'm hated or despised, even with these sorts of hands, I don't want to lose. That's why…"

Chaiki could see the redhead's shoulders slightly tremble. "Koizumi-san…"

"I'm sorry." Mahiru said once more and Chiaki wasn't sure if she was sorry for doing such a thing or that she was sorry that she didn't mind doing it.

"Nanami-san. I'd like to apologize for using such violence as well." Mikan approached Chiaki, her fingers pushed together nervously. "Can't you give us a chance?"

It took a moment for Chaiki to turn to Mikan and process what she had said.

"…a chance?"

"Yes." Mikan's smile grew wider. "We'd like to play a game with you."

Chiaki frowned, at her words. "You have courage to challenge me to a game."

"Well, Hinata-kun is originally Nanami-san's, right? So, we're in the position to steal the possession of our class rep's."

The gamer nodded, puffing her chest up a bit that the nurse acknowledged such a detail.

"Well, it'd be natural that you'd refuse but if it's a game then Nanami-san will have to accept, right? " Mikan's fingers carefully pushed against each other much like she was pushing the girl in front of her. "Surely, the Ultimate Gamer won't run away from a game match, right?"

"Tell me the details of the game." Chiaki glared defiantly back at Mikan's almost empty gaze. "Whatever game it is, I won't lose!"

"Ufufu, please don't worry, Nanami-san. The game is simple." The nurse's grin was almost manic now, slight drool leaking from the edges of her mouth. "The winner is the first person to get pregnant with Hinata-kun's child!"


"It is as I said." Mikan grasped the bandages covering her left hand, a blush never leaving her face. "We're all going to have sex with him right now and the first person to get pregnant will become the legal wife of Hinata-kun."

Chiaki nodded before asking, "What happens to the losers then?"

"They are free to do as they wish." Her classmate replied happily. "You can give up or aim for the position of mistress. The important part is that the winner will be acknowledged as the official wife of Hinata-kun."

"So no condoms, front only, full-on penetration." Another nod from Chiaki and this time she turned to the other two. "Will the both of you be participating as well?"

Mahiru's face soon matched her hair but she nodded sharply. "I'm going to because…because I'm the who will marry Hinata-kun!"

"Hmm, I'm not interested in being onii-chan's wife as I'm already his little sister." Hiyoko inflated one cheek in thought before her mouth twisted into a mischievous grin. "Then again, it may be interesting to watch the development of forbidden love between siblings. I've decided! I'll participate!"

"Hmm. I understand that you want to win but-" Chiaki balled her fists into herself. "I'm not going to lose! I won't hand over Hinata-kun to anyone! I'm the one who's going to marry him!"

"As I thought." chirped Mikan, happy that everyone had agreed. She then reached into the pocket of her dress to bring out various bottles and syringes. "Now, what kind of medicine will I use."

"This is your opportunity Mahiru! You can' beat the two of them in style." Mahiru told herself. She then glanced at her two biggest opponents. "Breast size is irrelevant to pregnancy! You can't lose!"

Hiyoko just watched the three girls, amused at the whole situation. Later, she'd have to ask one to help take her clothes of for her but for now she'd let them go first. She glanced at the cause of all this and directed a smirk at him.

"Oniichan is too popular. Please do your best not to die from drying up."

The only reply she got from Hajime was a soft gurgle.

Naegi Makoto blinked, staring at the lit-up display of his phone. More specifically, he was looking at his lack of messages from his two close friends.

Today, the three of them had decided to take out the girls they had all decided to marry with. It had been agreed upon before hand that the three club mates would update each other on how their afternoons had went.

It was already evening, hours since they all had left the clubroom, yet Makoto hadn't received a single message from either of his friends. He wasn't sure if that was a good sign or a bad sign but knowing the two, he knew they'd at least have wanted to gloat.

Could they perhaps have been in trouble?

"Is something wrong, Naegi-kun?" Makoto looked away from his phone to see a small amount of worry on his date's face. Well, worry may not have been accurate. Curiosity, perhaps. Even after all this time, the luckster had a hard time reading the stoic face of Kirigiri Kyoko.

The detective sat next to him, in her winter garb which consisted of a white long coat and a matching fluffy hat. The moonlight shone through the transparent glass of the boat they were riding and made her lavender hair glow silver. The cruise had a surprisingly few amount of people riding it, especially on a day as romantic as tonight but Naegi took it as his luck helping out. Just one or two others by themselves and they sat far away from the two Ultimates.

All around them, the city lit up as buildings, trees, and ferris wheels, colored the water below with neon lights.

Brighter than any of the displays in the distance, Kyoko's own purple eyes gleamed at him, inspecting.

"It's nothing, Kirigiri-san," assured Makoto as he pocketed his phone. He replaced his worried frown with a smile, but the still detective didn't look convinced, so he decided to tell her the truth. "I was just wondering about some other people."

Kyoko nodded but that was only in acceptance of his information that satisfaction. Her eyelids narrowed slightly. "Could it be another girl?"

"A girl? Of course not!" Makoto waved his hands in denial. Well, if he were to be honest, Komaru had been irritated when he told her he wasn't coming back home for Christmas Eve but that was another thing entirely.

"Hmm." Kyoko gave his panicked face one last glance before turning her head away, finally disinterested. "Even so, I wonder if I'm boring you, Naegi-kun. You seem to have other people on your mind."

"What? How could you say that!" exclaimed Makoto. Thankfully, they were alone at the moment, so his outburst wasn't noticed by anyone but the girl. He scratched his chin, despondently "If anything, I've been the boring one. All I've done tonight is talk about myself."

"That's where you're wrong Naegi-kun. I quite enjoy hearing your normal stories." Kyoko met his eyes with a wistful look. "While I don't regret my own, there's comfort in a normal childhood as well."

"That's right. Kirigiri-san's childhood should have been more exciting than mine. Well, most peoples are."

"Exciting is one way to put it." The detective took the moment to pensively stared at the water reflecting the Christmas lights of the city. "This is my first time riding a boat for leisure. Normally, there's a murder to be solved."

"Makoto watched silently as the cruise passed by a nearby amusement park with a massive ferris wheel. The light display on the side of the ride were reflected in hid date's purple orbs.

"It's quite nice, you know. I've never known such things could look so beautiful or maybe I've never bothered looking." Her face turned back to him and Makoto had to lean back quickly, he hadn't realized how close he had gotten. "For a detective, even my own eyes can miss things."

"L-like what?" stuttered out Makoto as he felt his heartbeat flutter faster from the girl's focused stare.

"Things such as knowing my classmates, living a normal school life, the taste of a friend's coffee, the enjoyment of exchanging flower garlands, my father's intentions, this incessant beating in my chest.-" With each list, Kyoko moved herself closer and closer until she was practically all over him. "This was all because of you, Naegi-kun."

"M-me?" Makoto half-squeaked, half whispered, too busy trying to ignore how warm the girl leaning on him felt. Her face was just way too close that he could practically make out the the cold exhaled from her mouth.

"That's right." The girl finally stopped her approach and gave him a little space. The look in her eyes was still just as intense however. "You've been so stubborn in trying to befriend such an annoying girl. You keep trying to involve me in the class or involve yourself with me. I never thought I'd bother staying in this school and yet here I am."

"But you still go out for cases a lot, Kirigiri-san." Makoto pointed out. While he did try to get her involved in the class as much as possible, he always felt his efforts were less than stellar. "I don't feel like I've really done anything."

"But I always return here because I know you're waiting. I've always done cases just to expose the truth but now…" Kyoko glanced down briefly before meeting his gaze once more. "Now, I do it also because I have a place that I need to return to. A place you've created by always being there for me. And one I've come to enjoy."

"Kirigiri-san…" Makoto listened, surprised that the girl would open up so much, surprised that she had felt this way, and surprised that he had helped somehow. He was so entranced that he didn't flinch when the girl practically glared at him with arms crossed.

"Naegi-kun. Please take responsibility for what you've done. I thought that I could live and die as a detective but, because of you, I've started to see otherwise." The girl's stare relaxed softly as a small smirk grew on her face. "You've singlehandedly ruined years of Kirigiri tradition."

"That…sounds bad?" Makoto asked in alarm, unsure of what it meant. He knew how important that was to her so it should be a bad thing, yet the detective seemed perfectly calm about how much trouble he sounded he was in.

"It's okay because I broke some of it myself to meet with him." Kyoko smiled assuredly as she squeezed his hand in her own. "If it's for family, I wouldn't mind doing it again."

"F-family, you say…" The luckster rubbed the back of his head. "So a Kirigiri, then?"

"It doesn't have to be Kirigiri, no. As I said, I've grown to see myself more than my family, both the talent and the people it brings with it. I can be a Kirigiri detective and the daughter of that man and yet be more. Family is more than blood and names. You've done more than enough to prove yourself by creating a place for me." Kyoko then placed a gloved hand over his own. "I wonder if you feel the same way…"

"Kir-no- Kyouko-san. I…I have what you wanted." Grasping the hand with his, he reached into his pocket with his free one to bring out a small black box. The sight caused the girl's eyes to widen in surprise which allowed Makoto to speak more. "You know, at first, I thought it was just another of your jokes. I mean, why would you want to marry someone normal like me. Een now, I'm still don't think I've really done anything but want to be your friend. But, for a moment, I wanted to hope even a little that it could be true."

Taking her hand off Makoto's, Kyoko silently took the box from him with both hands. She opened it to see a simple gold band lacking any stones or jewelry.

"Sorry, it's so plain. It's the best I could do," apologized Makoto. He had wanted something more special, but he couldn't even get an engraving. He had been guaranteed it was pure gold, at least. "I-I'll make sure the wedding rings will be better."

However, he had no need to worry, as Kyoko's astonished expression melted into a smile warm enough to melt the snow around them. Even something that was normal to him, looked absolutely precious to her. As per usual.

"It's perfect, Naegi-kun."

"R-really?! Thank goodness." Makoto sighed in relief, his body visibly slumping from the lack of tension. He noticed the girl removing the ring and trying it on her finger. "I wasn't sure about the size, so I got one that was bigger than normal. I didn't know if you wanted to wear it over your gloves or, if not, you could at least grow into it."

"I see." Kyoko noted from how loose it was even over her gloves. She placed the ring back In the box. "It was partly my fault for not giving you my size. We can return to the store and get one more fitting."

"Eh? But that's-"It was hard enough talking to the sales attendant and convincing her he was serious in buying a ring. He didn't want to go back there just to disappoint her that he got the size wrong.

"Please look forward to it."


Silence crept up once again after Naegi pocketed the box once more. The couple decided to enjoy it, watching the scenery outside, their hands intertwined.

"By the way, Naegi-kun," Kyoko suddenly spoke up as they passed the halfway point of their cruise. "You'll still have to talk with my grandfather about this."

"Eh! Really?"

"Of course." Kyoko's showed a mirthful smile. "I'm sure he'll be anything but happy that I'll be giving up the Kirigiri name so early."

"But, Kyoko-san, I don't really mind if I take up your name."

"And I feel the same way for yours." She stared into his eyes, squeezing his hand. "I think it'd be a good opportunity to update the family tradition and make it my own. Our own."

"If that's what you want, Kyouko-san, then I'll do my best."

"And I know you will. You always tend to surpass my expectations." Kyoko paused for a moment, before brushing her a stray strand the wind had blown out behind her ear. Her cheeks glowed pink. "Say, isn't there still one thing you're forgetting."

Makoto biinked. Was there something else she wanted besides a ring. "Um…"

"What usually comes after a proposal." The detective pressed herself closer to him all the while averting his gaze. "It's rude to make woman say it, Naegi-kun."

The idea immediately connected in his head. Of course! There was still that. The whole proposal had gone so smoothly that he hadn't time to worry about what would come after.

Makoto steeled his gaze as he turned to her. "Then…can I kiss you, Kyoko-san?"

"Don't make a girl answer a question like that, cheeky Naegi-kun" The girl sighed but still turned to face him. The cruise had gotten far away from the city so only the light of the moon leaked from her back.

"Sorry." Makoto felt he was about to faint from how fast his heart was beating but forced himself to only concentrate on the girl next to him. "Kyoko-san, close your eyes."

"Okay, Makoto-kun."

And to his wonder, she did. She sat there, patiently waiting. Although, really how long has he had her waiting for this? He couldn't let her wait anymore.

Two hands grabbed shoulders and pulled the other closer, smashing lips together. One of the pair leaned forward, hungry as if pushing harder against each other would cause their minds and bodies to melt faster than it already was.


A tongue forced itself into the others mouth, crashing through soft lips and inspecting every nook and cranny it could rub against. It's counterpart was helpless as the intruder swished and thrashed against it.

"Please do it quickly."

The two hands then moved up from shoulders to cheeks, grabbing them and locking the head in place. This prevented any possible escape as the kiss was impossibly deepened even further; the two participants' faces practically melding together.

"Makoto-kun, not yet?"

Kirigiri Kyoko opened her eyes just in time to see a pair of lips separate themselves from the boy's mouth, a trail of saliva hanging between them. As the hands holding his head finally let go of him. Makoto fell backwards into his seat. his face flushed and breathing heavy.

"Thanks for the meal," said Maizono Sayaka as wiped her fingers across her glossy lips. Her tongue followed, peeking out to wipe away anything left and to give her lips a glassy sheen.

"You…what are you doing?"

Her smirk still on her lips, the idol turned to the detective feigning surprise. "Oh Kirigiri-san, you were there after all?"

"I'm asking you what you think you're doing." The detective stood from her seat to confront the new annoyance. Her face remained neutral but the look in her eyes would have been enough to kill a person twenty times over.

Sayaka met her fury head-on, not even flinching at the barely concealed rage directed at her. Instead, she adopted a surprised look, her hand going over her mouth that formed an "o".

"Didn't you see Kirigiri-san? I was able to take the first kiss of Naegi-kun." The detective's glare intensified but the idol took it in stride. "Are you frustrated? Something that was meant to be yours was taken right in front of you."

Kyoko's mouth opened, baring teeth. "I'm sure you'd know a lot about that. You had such a lead early on but Makoto-kun was here with me tonight."

The only sign that her words affected Sayaka was the barely susceptible twitch on the idol's cheek. "Well, Kirigiri-san's pretty cute after all. Your face as you stuck out your lips for a kiss that wasn't coming gave me a good laugh."

The two continued to meet each other's gazes, never once blinking. If it was possible, lightning would have crackled between them.

"Well, it's only fair. Kirigiri-san gets an engagement ring, so I took his first kiss." Sayaka spoke up first, her smile never leaving her, one as hollow as her eyes. "And I'll also be to taking Naegi-kun's virginity."

"You already stole Makoto-kun's first kiss and now you're trying to negotiate for his virginity?" Kyoko scoffed, a very dry and cold bark that would have sent any murderer confessing. "Don't even try joking. As Makoto-kun's wife, I can't forgive such a thing."

"Joking?" Sayaka tilted her head in jested confusion. "Aren't you the one who's being impudent by already pretending to be his wife?"

Without breaking eye contact the Sayaka pulled out a card from her pocket. "Naegi-kun, don't you want to leave this woman alone to spend Christmas with me? I booked a reservation suite at a high-end hotel. Let's make a hot Christmas for only two people."

To that, Kyoko cracked her knuckles before raising a fist. "Just wait there, Makoto-kun. I will erase the existence of this ignorant girl. After we'll have a Christmas dinner and I'll introduce to you a restaurant with a beautiful night's view."


The two turned at the same time only to find the spot the luckster had previously been to be empty. They both immediately turned to the end of the cruise to find him being held up bridal style by another of their classmates.

"Makoto-kun, we need to get you disinfected," muttered Mukuro as she put down the boy in her arms. "It's still too early for someone like you to be involved in such things. The only girls you need in your life are your sisters."


"You alright, Naegi? That looked awful and I was all the way over here."

"Asahina-san?" Makoto turned between the two not sure what was going on. "Why are the both of you here? Did I slip up telling someone my plans?"

"Ahahaha…kind of?" Aoi nervously chuckled. In truth, it was all because Kyoko had gloated about their plans to the chat box of the girls of Class 78, mostly as a show of dominance to deter others. It backfired completely, of course. "Let's just say we heard it through the grapevine?"

Makoto opened his mouth to ask her more but found himself closing it when he felt the incredible amount of malevolence directed at the three of them.

Reacting immediately, , Mukuro threw the knives at the direction of the vast killing intent close by, aiming to immobilize them more than kill.

"What are you doing taking my husband?" In one smooth effortless motion, Kyoko flicked away the knife speeding towards her with the hand continuing up to flick her long hair back behind her shoulder.

"It seems Kirigiri-san is not the only insect around here." Sayaka just continued walking, not even flinching as the knife almost grazed her as her body made the minimum amount of movement to get out of its path. "How troublesome."

"N-no way? Ikusaba-san's attacks didn't work!" Aoi held up her hands to her mouth in shock and partly in fear.

"…Naegi-kun, hide behind nee-san." Mukuro stepped in front of Naegi defensively, pushing the boy behind her with an arm.

"Ikusaba-san, please leave." Kyoko crossed her arms, her expression unamused. "You don't want to become a person like this girl next to me, the type to tear apart a couple's love."

However, Mukuro stood firm, her eyes narrowing dangerously. Few men had ever been able to keep standing at such a sight. This because the rest died painful deaths and the few that did survived. "It is a sister's role to protect her younger brother. Neither of you will pass."

"Naegi-kun isn't your younger brother! He's my milk server!"

"No, my husband!"

"No, my brother!"

"It seems useless no matter what I say."

"Yes, it's impossible for a pest to understand words after all."

"I'll make sure not to kill either of you. It'll be a disgrace to show my brother such a sight."

Makoto gulped. He wasn't entirely sure if he had peed himself or not, but he was sure no one would have blamed him. The atmosphere between the three felt like some sort of Killing School Life was about to occur. He knew he should stop this, but he wasn't sure how. It had to be very carefully and controlled as the tiniest movement could unleash this storm.

Unfortunately for Naegi, next to him, Aoi had an epiphany. The swimmer had realized just then that this was an opportunity for her. If she claimed Naegi for herself, then the three people would also stop fighting. She could actually swim while carrying Naegi back to mainland.

She thought about what Sakura would say, something about taking the hard and thorny path and decided. Elsewhere, Oogami Sakura had an intense urge to massage her temples while shaking her head.

Aoi pulled the boy's sleeve and whispered, "Hey, Naegi-kun. Let's escape now!"

Before Makoto could reply, three voices spoke up in unison.


"Wah!" Aoi jumped when she heard her name come from the trio nearby. They hadn't moved or even turned to her but somehow, they had known.

"I won't let you run away."

"Please stay there quietly."

"If you run away…you understand, right?"

To emphasize the last point, a knife had stuck itself in front of the swimmer's feet.

"Y-yes, ma'ams!"

As quickly as possible, Makoto checked his phone. Only ten more minutes till the cruise ended. Just ten more minutes. He could survive that, right?

[Death is spelled with D-A-T-E with some H in the end]

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