When morning came it took a while to realize that I wasn't in Texas anymore. Or Earth, for that matter. Instead, I was sleeping in a cozy little room in the village tavern; the bed was in the corner across from the door, and a table rested along the wall. Sitting up from the comfortable bed, I went over everything that happened in the last few hours.

Made a deal with a ROB, traveled through Infinity, landed in One Piece, passed out in One Piece, ate a Devil Fruit…

A ripple of green traveled throughout my body at that thought, a light breeze born from the motion. It felt… weird, like my body wasn't tangible anymore and floaty. Moving my arm back and forth created trails of wind through the air, rustling some paper on the table. With another thought my body became solid again. I guess I became a wind Logia, though I don't recall anything of the sort from the story.

Well, that means I didn't take it from anyone at least.

After rolling out of bed and dressing in a pair of blue jeans and a dark green shirt, I made my way downstairs to figure out what to do next. Down the hall and down the stairs I found myself in the tavern again, the only people there were Emi and a passed out patron at the bar. The place seemed even cozier in the light.

The young girl saw me and waved me over. "Good morning, Mister Crowe! Take a seat and I'll make you some breakfast in a bit." Before I could say anything she had already moved into the kitchen to cook.

She's the pushy kind of polite, ain't she.

So, sitting at the bar, I went over what I would need to do now. The first thing would be to get a handle on my new power, and that may take a while. Next I need to figure out WHEN I was in One Piece. If I was on Dawn Island, then there was a chance I could meet Luffy and join his crew. But if he had already left, then I'd be in some trouble. Though that'd be IF he'd want me on the crew, or if I wanted to. And that was the last problem; do I want to join the Strawhat Pirates or not. It worked for Cross and Jones, but I guess they didn't really have a choice.

Groaning, I dropped my head onto the bar top-


-correction; onto the steak and eggs Emi had just set down.

"... this smells wonderful. Thank you."

At noon I found myself in the forest behind Hornfield, far enough into it that I wouldn't disturb the people as I practiced my power.

The first thing I wanted to try was transitioning between a solid and elemental state. I thought that it would be difficult but as soon as I thought about it my body flickered. I watched as my right arm disappeared in a gale, vanishing from sight. Stopping the transition at my elbow I took a look at where I forearm once was. Instead of flesh and bone I saw a storm of green wind where the arm ended. And although I couldn't see it, I could still 'feel' my arm in its place. I let the rest of myself fade away and soon I was invisible to the naked eye.

It was… disturbing, to put it lightly. I was there, I could feel my body, but it had no shape and was 'spread' out over the area as wind. I could still see, even in this state. I could also feel everything the wind (my body) was touching, from the plants to the rocks and trees. It was weird to feel every little thing like this, so I drew myself inward to the point I wasn't touching anything. This led me to find that I could freely move around, stretching out or contracting as I wish. Going further showed that I had free range in movement, able to breeze around through the air.

Next was returning to a solid state. It was harder than I expected since I had to recollect myself and put it all back in place, but eventually I managed to pull myself together. It felt as though my body had been numb, feeling returning to me as I became solid again. As I reappeared I noticed that I could control just HOW solid I was. I could see myself clearly, but that odd numbness was still there. I wonder if other Logia people could do the same?

After that I spent the afternoon going from solid to wind and back, trying to speed up the transition.

The Wind's Romance

It was my second day there when I began to experience withdrawal. I stayed curled up in bed shaking as I realized that I couldn't do anything like play video games or go on the internet. I should have realized that as someone who had been on some kind of electronic device daily, that need for internet would pop up.

I should have brought my phone. I think I need to get out and do something- ANYthing to take my mind off of my phoneless fate. Slipping down to the tavern, I saw Big Mac chatting with some morning patrons before he noticed me.

"Ah, mornin, Crowe! I was just asking around for some help with the field and cows. You wouldn't mind-"


And with that I found a solution to my problem.

"Uh, thanks, I suppose."

The Wind's Romance

Oh my god I regret everything. Why did I ever think I could help on a farm? After an hour of moving bags of feed and big ass milk jugs I found myself laying down on top of a cow. It didn't seem to mind as it calmly kept eating with a quiet moo.

"Ya don't seem all that strong. Just how weak are ya?"

Speaking to me was the young son of Big Mac, Junior Mac. The munchkin was a smaller, skinnier version of the big guy right down to his red hair, roughly ten years old. Ten years old and working more and longer than I could at that.

"Leave me alone, I'm just a city boy."

"Nah, we've had city boys from town come down here for a quick Beri before, and you didn't even last half as long as they do."

"Erk!" Right through the heart! My fatigued mind took a while to process the kid's words.

Wait, don't tell me; am I weaker than a regular person here? Does that make me weaker than Spandam?!

Oh hell no!

Slipping off the cow I rushed over to the remaining jugs I still had to move, ignoring the strain that I had been feeling.

"Hey wait, if you're tired then you should be getting some rest!"


With that I grabbed two jugs full of milk and began lugging them over to the barn like a man possessed!


Big Mac and his son stood over the unconscious body of Crowe, who had completely tired himself out by his second trip.

"Is he dead?"

The Wind's Romance

Once again I found myself out in the forest, practising my moves. My arm was a whirling maelstrom of green wind from my wrist down to my elbow. Clenching my fist, I drew back my arm and punched out at the tree in front of me, launching the miniature storm forward. The bark splintered as the tree caved in, a large dent joining several others of varying depths.

I was about to repeat the move when I took notice of my little visitor. For the last two days I have noticed the crow following me around, ever since I saw it on that first night. I swear it wanted something from me, with the way it kept staring at me.

Hmm, actually…

"You wouldn't happen to be acquainted with a certain ROB, would you?" I suppose if it was sent by the Entity, then that might explain why it was following me around.

The crow adopted a look of confusion before shaking its head. "Caw."

Huh, looks like I was wrong. Not like it was really that important, anyway.

Whipping up another gale I shot at the tree again, trying to get it to spin faster. As the wind bullet drilled into the tree I asked the crow, "You can obviously understand me, though the same could probably be said about many animals here I guess. So what's up with you following me around?"

"Caw." The crow shrugged as it hopped closer, inspecting the torn up tree. Turning back to me it seemed to ask why I was working so much at this.


Not even questioning on how I could sorta understand the bird, I replied, "I'm trying to get stronger is all. If I can't do that with brawn, then I'll do it with brains and wind. And considering how much stronger everyone in this place is, I have a long way to go in order to catch up."

The bird said nothing in return as it continued to watch me practice.

The Wind's Romance

One of the villagers had asked me if I could help him out with some fishing. At first they were wary of me because of my Devil Fruit power, nevermind the fact that I popped up out of nowhere, but soon they were beginning to warm up to me.

Mostly when someone needed some help, but still…

In this case the villager in question, Gambi, was an older man who had hurt his arm the day before and needed me to propel his fishing boat and cast out the net.

So that was how I found myself sitting out in the ocean with an old man and a crow.

"Despite the danger of falling in, this is actually pretty relaxing."


"Ha ha, indeed it is!" Gambi adjusted one end of the net as the rest dangled into the water, lined with bait. "It's even better when yer on a bigger boat, watching the waves go by with yer mates, drinking an' laughing!"

"Oh? Did you serve on one before?"

Sitting back in the small fishing vessel, the older man nodded. "Yep, I worked on a merchant's ship for years before settling down here. We went where we wanted, bought and sold what we wanted, partied where we wanted until the Marines tossed us out of town; there's no greater freedom than that of life on the ocean!"

As Gambi began to go on about his past on a merchant's ship, I gazed out over the calm waters of the ocean.

'Freedom, huh?'

Later that day I visited my usual spot and began practising another move. Gathering some wind I began to 'flatten' it, condensing it into a thin blade shape. Once I was satisfied with it I took aim at a new tree and swung my arm out, launching the wind blade. It hit the tree near the middle and left a diagonal gash in the trunk, barely two or three inches deep.

"Hmm, what do you think, Henry?"


Looking over to the confused crow I shrugged. "Well I can't just call you 'Bird', now can I?"

I drew back to prepare another blade, but I stepped on a rock and slipped, falling backwards.


I tried to stop my fall, waving my arms out, when I suddenly stopped mid-fall. Floating above the ground a few feet in the air, I was glad that no one saw me do that.


Almost no one.

Ignoring the crow, I straightened myself out and floated there in place. I was still in a solid state, though I noticed that the breeze had gotten a little stronger.

"Okay, so apparently I can still fly like this. Good to know."

… I wonder how high I could go.

Willing myself to go up, I began climbing altitude. Once I floated above the trees I began to go faster, climbing above even the low mountains of Dawn Island.

Once I was above the distant castle of Goa Kingdom I stopped, the wind kicking around me. Up here I saw a sight that I had never seen before; endless blue dotted with far flung islands in the distance, stretching out uninterrupted into the horizon. Looking down I could see the island in its entirety, the kingdom taking up nearly half of the western side and smaller villages here and there among the mountains. Pushing my fear of heights to the back of my mind I continued gazing at the horizon, a strange feeling welling up inside me.

The Wind's Romance

Today marked my first foray into Goa Kingdom, or at the very least Edge Town. I stood on top of the wall surrounding the great city with Henry, sizing it all up. It was easy to see the separation of the classes, with how different the nobles' home looked compared to the rest. Tall, towering mansions hiding behind another wall surrounded by the common folk and their less fancy homes.

What a bunch of jerks.

"Let's go, Henry."


So, dropping down to the ground in an elemental state, I began my exploration of Edge Town. As I snuck through the streets, I became aware that I could feel the people walking through the breeze, from a couple holding hands to some children running around. I could even feel a dog chasing after them as well. I also felt what they were all saying, as their voices traveled through the air.

It was overwhelming. Disorienting. It was a complete mess to feel it all at once. I quickly went down an empty alley and pulled myself together, before walking out with Henry on my shoulder.

I will definitely need to work with that.

After a while I ended up walking down to the harbor, where I could see a commotion of sorts. A crowd blocked my view of what was happening so I sought out another spot to see the action, from on top of a building.

From my new perch I could see what was going on; a fight between a bunch of pirates and a single marine, and the pirates were losing. The pirates were dressed in stereotypical grunt clothes, so they were obviously nothing special. The marine on the other hand was different. They're a woman, from what I could tell from up here, with long red hair tied in a ponytail and some covering her left eye. For some reason her skin was blue, with a sleek shine to it.

Wait, are those fins on the side of her head? Is that a fishman? Er- fish woman? The more I watched, the more she became increasingly familiar to me, like I had seen her in something-

Oh god. Oh no. It can't be. I mean, it's probably a coincidence that she looks just-


Nevermind, she just fucking suplexed that poor bastard.

"Undyne is in One Piece. She's in One Piece and is a Marine. Holy shit."


We watched as Undyne beat up each pirate with either her fists or spears that she pulled out of the air. Wasn't sure how she did that since magic ain't a thing here. I think. Some kind of offshoot of Fishman Karate, maybe?

Fourteen pirates had just been brutalized by the blue marine. Some other white coats came up to arrest the fallen men as the crowd began to chatter below me.

"Wow, can you believe she beat all those men by herself?!"

"She's only been here a few weeks and she's caught nearly fifty pirates alone!"

Yikes. I better steer clear then.

With that I took my leave of Edge Town.

The Wind's Romance

Today I decided to journey into the mountains, try my powers on some animals to see how my wind stacks up now.

Standing in the middle of the wooded mountainside, I began to feel out the area through the breeze. Feeling the smaller animals scamper around the field like they were running through my body, causing me to shiver. Finding nothing bigger than a squirrel, I traveled down an old worn down path.


"Floating down the trail is not lazy, it's practising."

After a while I came across a small clearing with an old log and a cliffside view of the mountains. I could see a smoke trail drifting off of the farthest mountain. I guess that's where Dadan and her bunch live.

Wait, how close to Mt Corvo am I?

I felt a large presence lumber up behind me, and a peek back revealed a huge fucking tiger glaring at me.

"I forgot those lived here." Henry immediately vacated the premises.

On reflex I thrust out my hand, pushing a wall of wind against the big feline. It staggered back before it leaped at me, and right through me. As it turned back to me I fired a gale at its face, jarring its head a bit. It began to circle around me looking for an opening before it took another lunge at me. Turning my arm into a wind blade I lashed out at it, catching it in the shoulder ripping a deep gash down its side.

With a yowl of pain it backed off, circling around once again. I gathered as much wind through my arms as I could, waiting for the perfect shot. Once it was between me and the cliff I charged at the tiger, slamming both palms against its side and released the wind in a great blast. A look of surprise adorned its face as it traveled through the air, carried by the wind off the cliff. It yowled all the way down its drop, disappearing into the forest far below me.

Breathlessly I fell backwards on my ass, Henry returning to my side. My hand grasped at the front of my shirt, over the rips the tiger left behind from its first lunge. If I had been any slower, then I'd be dead. That realization sent a wave of nausea through me, causing me to lean over and throw up away from the birb.

A short while later, after checking that nothing else was nearby, I laid back on the log going over everything that happened in the fight. I was almost too slow in fading into wind, nearly got myself torn apart. Those wind blasts seemed kinda ineffective against the great feline, though I could understand that it was several times larger and heavier than a regular human. The blade kinda worked, though it didn't cut straight or clean. It took both arms releasing powerful gales to really move the damn thing, something that took time I only had because the tiger got too cautious to do any more. And the only reason I was still alive was thanks to my devil fruit powers.

Sighing, I dropped my head back on the log. Still got a ways to go.

The Wind's Romance

I sat on the roof of the tavern with a cup of tea, watching the kids chase the gale down the road. Henry was next to me picking at a plate of ham, not caring about anything at the moment. I could feel someone make their way up here on a ladder, and from how big they were it was Big Mac. He sat down next to me as I directed the small windstorm to chase after Junior Mac.

"Ya seem to be having fun up here. Nothing planned for today?"

I took a sip of my tea before replying. "Nah, today I'm gonna take a break. Both Doc and Emi were getting on me to take one. Honestly, I think I needed one as well." Laying back on the tilted surface of the roof, I sighed. "Though I wish I didn't get so bored easily."


"Ha! Ain't that the problem every young person has."

The kids took to riding the gale one at a time now, pretending to fly like they had seen me do. Other than the kids laughing it was quiet up here, before Mac asked, "So ya set on leaving? Going out to be a pirate?"

Ah, that's right. I still need to figure that out, don't I?

"Yep. Don't get me wrong, living here would be amazing! But, it'd be no different than how I used to live. Other than the wind powers, mind you."

"I see. Well, you obviously have your reasons, and I won't pry. Just remember, there's always a place for ya in Hornfield."

"Oi, I'm not leaving yet you know." Despite that, I was thankful. I think I might need to send these people some treasure.

I was taking a break from practising, but I still decided to do some investigating. I still needed to figure out the current point in the timeline, so I figured the best way to do that was to check out Foosha Village.

Touching down on the dock, much to the shock of whoever was there, I looked down the street. It looked exactly like Oda depicted it; small, homey, and a couple of windmills quietly spinning in the distance. It shouldn't be too hard to find out about Luffy here, I guess I should start at the b-


… running down the street toward me was just who I was looking for, stars in his eyes and a wide smile on his face. Stopping right in front of me with a skid, he continued, "I SAW YOU FLYING ABOVE THE CITY, THAT WAS AWESOME! Hey, can you teach me to do that?"


"Wow! So you really came from another world?! What's it like?"

"A lot more boring and stifling, for one."

I found myself at Makino's bar eating ramen with Luffy, which was incredibly surreal, considering that he was supposed to be fictional. I guess it's finally sinking in that I was in One Piece.

"Holy shit I'm in One Piece. Holy shit."

"Oh right, you said this was a story, didn't you? I don't get it though, everything seems real to me."

Shaking the shock off I replied, "Of course it does, it's only a story in my world. One all about the adventures you take, actually."

"Really? Wait, don't tell me! I wanna find out on my own!"

I couldn't help but laugh. "Don't worry, I wouldn't dream of it. At this point I have no idea what could happen now."

"Ah, okay. So, slurp slurp, what made you come to this world, anyway?"

Hmm, how to answer that? "A chance for freedom, I guess. It was something I wasn't really able to get back there, so I traveled here for it."

"Oh! Slurp slurp. What are you gonna do now though?"

Leaning back, I thought about it. "Well, there have been stories where others had come to this world, and they would join your crew in them. I was thinking about it at first, but now I'm not too sure."

"Ah, so you don't know if you want to join my crew or not, huh?"

"Right. Don't get me wrong, it'd be pretty amazing to join you, but I'm not sure if I'd get the freedom I'm looking for there."

"Oh, like you wouldn't really be free if you answered to someone else, right?"

I nodded as I stirred my own soup. "Right. Figures you would understand that part. The Pirate King has the most freedom since he doesn't listen to anybody, right?"

"Shi shi shi! Yeah, that's right! Besides, those others you mentioned joined my crew in their stories, right? Who said you had to do that in your own?"

I was silent for a minute contemplating what he said, before a wheezing laugh erupted from my throat.

"Kheh heh heh, I never thought of it that way. I guess I have a few things to think about. It was nice meeting you, Luffy."

"It was great meeting you too! I'll be heading out to sea soon so maybe we'll see each other again!"

As I left the bar I stopped at the door. On a spur of the moment idea I called back.

"Hey, Luffy!"

"Hmm?" The boy looked up from where he was devouring my old bowl.

"Your story was nowhere finished back home. Make sure you end it on your terms, alright?"

He was silent for a second before he laughed. "Shi shi shi, alright! Make sure you do the same!"

With that I stepped outside. I felt a bit lighter, like a weight was lifted off of me. Taking to the air again, that odd feeling from before came back stronger than before.

Hmm, I wonder.

Deciding to take a detour, I flew off to Mt Corvo. Rushing through the trees, that feeling blossomed out again, filling me with a sense of euphoria. A grin worked its way onto my face as I passed a cottage, and over the mountain.

I began to rise higher and higher, before letting gravity take over and falling. I could feel the adrenaline pumping as I curved my fall, aiming for the city in an elemental state. My body hit the Town Square in a wave of wind, scaring everyone in the vicinity, before I rushed past them in a gale through town.

Through the streets and over the harbor, I flew out into open waters before rising again. Reverting back I gazed out over the ocean, the feeling in my chest blazing out now. Back home I could never feel this rush, this lightness, this freedom in my life.

Ah. So that's what this feeling is. Freedom.

'The Pirate King has the most freedom…'

My grin felt like it would split my face. I was sure of what I wanted.

The Wind's Romance

"Alright Henry, this will be our last hit so we'll need to make it count. Which noble are we hitting today?"


"That one? Okay then, it's showtime."

In the time since I met Luffy I made a few more trips through Edge Town and Hightown, where I managed to sneak into the homes of the nobles and take their stuff. From Beris to jewellery to little knick knacks to be sold, I wanted to nab some cash to fund my coming journey. And get a boat, I don't wanna have to carry all my shit everywhere.

Today would be my final heist, since I decided to sail tomorrow. And the lucky target would be whoever lived in this fancy house.

Sneaking around in a Faded state checked the top story windows, looking for an empty room. Coming across what looked to be an extravagant study I slid through the window panes, thankful that this world didn't have insulation yet. Once inside I popped the window open to let Henry in, carrying a sack.

Inside I saw that there wasn't much in here aside from books, a couple plush chairs and a gaudy statue on one side. On the other however, was a desk laden down with two chests; one decent sized box laden with jewels, the other smaller and made of a dark wood with golden decals. It was the smaller of the two that screamed 'important'.

"Well that seems valuable, don't it?"


I flipped open the small chest, revealing a diamond the size of a softball. As soon as it was in the light, the room was bathed in the entire color spectrum! Blinking the spots out of my eyes, I plucked the jewel out of the chest to examine it.

It was a round diamond, sitting comfortably in my hand. It was an oblong sphere, but it didn't look like it was shaped by human hands. The diamond's cuts weren't sharp at all, leaving the stone feeling unnaturally smooth. I had difficulty seeing through it as the light seemed to bounce around inside it, looking like bursts of color.

It was beautiful, I'll admit. It was otherworldly.

It was starting to hurt my eyes.

Dropping it back into the chest, I turned back to the other box and dumped its contents into the sack. After a quick look around the room I shut the diamond's box and picked it up. As Henry landed on my shoulder I gave the box a shake.

"Alright, let's get out of here and-"

"Who the devil are you and what are you doing in my study?!"

Turning back to the door I saw an old gentleman wearing a blue suit and top hat, graying hair combed back and a thin mustache on his face.

Wait, this jackass looks kinda familiar. Ain't this Sabo's father? And behind him is- yep, that's Shelly. So I managed to burgle the Outlooks, then. Cool.

Panic flashed across Shelly's "AH! Father, he has my gift to the king!"

'Gift to the king' huh? This trinket must be something special then.

The older man puffed himself up. "As nobility of the Goa Kingdom, I command you to return that jewel! The Dragon's Eye has no place in the hands of a pauper like yourself."

My eyebrow rose as I contemplated the diamond's name. Whoever named it must have had a thing for the dramatic. I replied, "Well since you asked so nicely- nah."

With that I kicked up a whirlwind, scattering everything in the room around and obscuring their sight. Jumping out the window with Henry in tow, I flew up to the roof to hide. From below I could hear the so-called nobles go into a frenzy.

"I think that went pretty well, don't you?"


The Wind's Romance

I hitched my travel bag over my shoulder, excited because today was the day I'd be setting out. Nervous as well, but mostly excited.

Downstairs I was met with the sight of several people waiting for me; Emi, Mac and his kid, Doc, and several other villagers.

"This isn't an intervention, is it?"

A chorus of chuckles rang through the room, before Big Mac replied, "Nah, nothing of the sort. We figured that you should at least have a proper send off."

I felt a wave of emotion through my body as the villagers agreed. Emi reached below the bar and brought a bundle of cloth.

"Here you go, Mister Crowe! I heard that it can get pretty cold on the sea so I made this cloak for you!"

Unfurling it, insane that it was a large black cloak that would cover me from the neck down to my knees, one side opened. It was embroidered with green lines on the back of it. The collar was clipped together by a small clasp shaped like a green spiral.

Taking it from her, I doffed my jacket and wrapped the cloak around me. It was extremely comfortable, and it was nice and warm.

"Oh my god this is so friggin amazing! Thanks Emi, this is wonderful!"

The others gave me gifts as well, from a compass to a map of the East Blue, even a bag of snacks for when I'm traveling.

By the time I was out the door I started tearing up at the generosity of these people. I was glad that I left behind that bag of Beris back in the room.

The Wind's Romance

Before leaving the island, I had decided that getting a weapon might be a good idea. So I had taken some time to find a smithy.

Several minutes later, I spun around my new weapon; a kriegsmesser hidden in a staff. Measuring five feet in length, the sheath and hilt were made of a black lacquered wood with. A thin golden band separated the hilt and sheath, concealing the straight blade within the stick. Made from a black metal, the blade itself held a sharp edge on one side. It held no name of its own, so the smith had let me name it.

I had decided on the name Schwarzwelt, Black World.

"What do you think, Henry? This is pretty cool, huh?"


"Wha- I am NOT a chuuni!" Jerk.

Making my way down to the harbor. I passed by a book shop when something caught my eye. On the display shelf was an issue of Sora: Warrior of the Sea. It was the first volume, and I admit that I was curious about it.


"Shut it. It's not like I'm gonna buy it right now, ya know."

"Hey, you interested in Sora too?"

Turning to whoever had spoken, I faltered as I saw a smiling Undyne standing beside me. Being up close to her was different, I could see the scales of her skin. Her hair was thicker than a human's, and her teeth were pretty sharp. Not to say she wasn't attractive, in a monster girl kinda way, but still.

"Uh, you okay dude? You're kind of staring."


"Ah, sorry about that. Just wasn't expecting to see a fishman- er, fishwoman here in the East Blue is all."

Thankfully it seemed she bought that as she nodded. "Yeah, I got that a lot when I got here. It was kind of annoying, like the people here have never seen one before! Well, I guess they haven't, huh?"

"That's true. So what brings you out here anyway, if you don't mind me asking?"

Her grin widened as she flexed, "You're looking at the world's first fish(wo)man marine! Apparently it was done to bring the Fishman Kingdom closer with the World Government, or something like that."

"Really? That's kinda cool!" I definitely would have never believed the World Government would do anything like that. I guess they were more progressive than I thought. Before I knew it, we ended up walking down to the docks as we continued talking. "So how's that working so far?"

"It's so BORING! Other than a couple of upstart punks looking for a fight there hasn't been any kind of danger here! All of these newbie pirates are just so weak!"

"Well, considering that this is the weakest sea, that'd make sense. Only a few people from here were powerhouses."

"Bah. Anyway, enough about that. What're you doing down at the docks?"

"Me? I'm buying a boat." More like figuring out which one to nab. "I'm planning to set sail on adventure and gather up a crew for myself." A few of the boats here looked decent for a small group, at least until I can get something larger somewhere.

Undyne hummed to herself, "A crew, huh? Most people wouldn't decide to do that on a whim, you know."

I shrugged, feeling a group of people gather behind us as others began clearing out. "Well, I can't very well sail into the Grand Line by myself, now can I?"

"I see. You might want to change that plan since I'm gonna apprehend you here and now."

"Is that so?" Looking behind me I saw the line of marines taking position, trying to box me in. "On what grounds, if I may ask?"

"Breaking and entering, grand larceny, vandalism, and refusing the order of nobility," She counted out. "Though I was made to say that last one, by the way."

"I understand, nobles seem like a bossy bunch."


I took hold of Schwarzwelt from under my cloak as Undyne summoned a spear made of water, the marines keeping the forming crowd away from us. Henry ducked down into my collar, safe from the upcoming fight.

The fishwoman grinned. "Listen here, it's my job to bring in punks like you who break the law, so make this easy and turn yourself in."

I couldn't help but grin back. "Sorry, but no sane pirate would consider surrendering to a marine. I have no intention of letting my story end in the first chapter."

"Alright, you asked for it, punk!"

Undyne struck first, launching her spear and chasing after it. I blocked the spear with a swing of my staff, sliding to the side to dodge her charge. A wide swing and a harsh gale blocked three more spears headed my way. I shot a blast of wind at her, trying to get her to back off. She ducked under it before creating several spears above me.

I flew back to avoid them as they fell, eyeing the abandoned junk boat that caught my eye. Gathering wind around my staff, I pointed the end at Undyne before firing off a green corridor of wind. The marines behind her were blown off their feet, but Undyne herself had anchored herself to the dock with a couple of spears stabbed into the wood. I then threw my hand out at the boat, a gale pushing the unanchored boat out to sea.

Undyne charged at me again, a spear aimed for my body. Finding no reason to stop the attack I rushed forward, letting her pass through my body. A startled yelp rang out as I flew out to sea, landing on the junk's cabin. Turning back I held in a snort at the looks of sheer shock on all the marines' faces. I spread arms out, cloak billowing, and called out to them.

"You'll always remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Crowe!"

The junk surged forward as another gale pushed it farther, taking me away from the scrambling marines and an angry Undyne.


Laughing, I dropped down to the deck and tossed my bag into the cabin. Grabbing hold of the wheel I released the wind and let the junk drift off to the west, beginning my journey for the greatest freedom.

"This is it, Henry. This is the start of our story!"