The foundation and rise of the Nothlit State was one of the most unprecedented events of the 21st century and the New Tens. No one could have predicted, no one could have known that the Yeerk nothlits, those Yeerks who were made to take human and animal forms following the defeat of the Yeerk invasion of Earth, would come together to rise up against the American government and establish their own nation within the United States. The nothlits, being a minority, have always been treated as such at best, and as undesirables at worst, and they notably have had less rights than the rest of the US population and even those Yeerks who refused or were unable to take on the morphing technology and become nothlits and are now being hosted by voluntary humans.

The nothlits established the Nothlit Rights Movement to raise awareness about their deplorable situation and the conditions in which they have been forced to live by means of the tenements that have been constructed in cities across the United States to house the tens of thousands of Yeerks who became nothlits following the end of the invasion. The Nothlit Rights Movements championed a noble cause, and their intentions were good, but some of its members warped the core ideology of the Nothlit Rights Movement and turned it into their own vision of a nothlit-dominated nation-state in which the nothlit reigned supreme over the human. Edril Kesshaan, the nothlit formerly known as Eldril One-Nine-Two of the Kes Shaan Pool and held the rank of Visser Eight, rose up in infamy to become the leader of the Nothlit State, which claims to have been inspired by the biggest terrorist threat of this decade, the Islamic State.

The rise of the Nothlit State, which started off as merely being a radicalized wing of the Nothlit Rights Movement, proved to be one of the greatest challenges in the last years of the presidency of Barack Obama, and the actual physical establishment of the Nothlit State itself in sovereign American territory (specifically in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) became the first big challenge for the new president, Donald Trump. And Trump rose to the occasion, with the Nothlit State barely lasting a month simply because the Pennsylvania National Guard have been able to contain the Nothlit State to a single city in a single county near the state's biggest city, Philadelphia, before the Nothlit State was eradicated in its physical form. Eldril escaped the Nothlit State before it fell to the National Guard, but his second in command Immib Irresbhek (formerly Immib Two-Seven-One of the Irres Bhek Pool) who was widely believed to have commanded the Nothlit State's ground forces, was killed in action, and Immib's death is widely believed to be the cause of the collapse and defeat of the Nothlit State simply because the commanders who followed Immib were simply incapable of managing small-scale conflicts, let alone take command on both the strategic and tactical layers.

But the truth about the Nothlit State, the real reason why Eldril established it and why Immib and its fighters fought to the death to defend it and keep it alive, would not come out until the publication of The Extremists: An Average Girl's Encounters and Experiences with the Nothlit State by Jennifer Carson, an autobiographical account of Carson's brushes with the Nothlit State and its predecessors, the radicalized wing of the Nothlit Rights Movements. In her book, Carson revealed that the Nothlit State was merely a cover for the Yeerk Empire, which was apparently still alive and actively waging war against the Andalites in the far reaches of space, to return to Earth and restart the invasion that had failed all those years ago. This, of course, came as a shock to the majority of humanity as we had long believed that the defeat of the Yeerk invasion also meant the defeat of the Yeerk Empire itself. But all that had proved was that humans were still pretty much self-centered and arrogant to believe that we had helped bring down a star-spanning empire simply because fifty to sixty thousand Yeerks and their associated hosts and support personnel decided to lay down their arms.

Everyone else has already told their stories. The Animorphs were the first one to do so. Then followed the Controllers; first the involuntary ones who had been freed from their Yeerk masters, then the voluntary ones who admitted to collaborating with the invaders, and finally those who either remained Controllers even after the war or the ones who chose to become Controllers in the post-war times. Now it is time for the nothlits to tell their stories or, for those who are no longer with us, to have their stories told. It is only right and just and fair for those who have been both the oppressors and the oppressed, for every side of the story needs to be told to present a full, if not necessarily fair, account of the events and circumstances that have led us to where we are right now.

This is the story of the Nothlit State. This is the story of its rise and fall, and this is also the story of the Yeerk nothlits who, even though they had been abandoned and left for dead on this small insignificant blue planet by their commanders, officers, and Emperor, still worked their hardest to help the Yeerk Empire take over the Earth once again. But above all, this is the story of the nothlits, those who were not born human but became one, and all of the struggles, the trials and tribulations that these beings have had to go through to finally be recognized as our equals.

As I have said earlier in this introduction, I intend for this to be as full an account as possible of the rise and fall of the Nothlit State. I have attempted to be as impartial in this account as possible but, seeing as I am drawing mostly from second-hand accounts and from nothlits who have, for lack of a better term, nothing good to say about the Nothlit State, it is inevitable that these accounts will be biased against them. But, having said that, their stories still deserve to be told, for to suppress these stories will make us no better than those who seek to deny the history that has brought us here.

Always remember, there are stories everywhere. They are all around us. All they need is someone to tell them.

Godfrey Raphael

A/N: Once again, I hope you don't mind that I'm using a bookish-style intro for the second entry into my After the War series. This second part was originally supposed to be told from Jen Carson's perspective once again but then I got all sorts of ideas of how the nothlits that became part of the Nothlit State came to become part of it in the first place, and I just couldn't drop this idea or even find a way to sneak it in organically into the story for The Extremists. This was a fun journey for me, and I hope that you will appreciate it just like you appreciate my other stories. And even though this is just the introduction, I would still love it if you could drop a review, just to let me know if you would like me to go ahead with this concept. Knowing myself, I would still publish the lot now that the first part is here, but still, I would love to know what you guys think! - GR