A/N: The winners in this series are Owen in Island, Duncan in Action, Heather in World Tour, Cameron in Revenge, Mike in All-Stars and Shawn in Pahkitew. A while ago I cancelled all of my TD fics because they weren't making me happy writing them anymore. However recently I've been getting some inspiration to write some more fics for a franchise that I love more then anything...I have decided to take one last crack at writing a complete SYOC. lol. Anyways I have selected six of my favorite TD contestants and Topher to return for another shot...I'll be posting the app in the reviews so you can access it. Apps close on December third and the first episode will be up in early January when I have my new laptop because the desktop I'm currently using is missing allot of things like spell and grammar check. Enjoy

A black screen is seen before it fades in to a beach. Behind the beach is a forest of lush green pines. In the distance are several pine covered hills cuving up and outward to form high cliffs along most of the visable coastline. The sun is beating down from high above and only a handful of clouds dotted the sky. It is then that everyone's favorite narcissistic host walks on screen.

"Season seven otherwise known as our final season of Total Drama, folks!" Chris McLean opened sadly, "I know its sad but the producers have green lit us one final season" he says excited as he plasters a large fake smile on his face.

"Since this season is our last one we have decided to go all out" Chris says his smile growing wider, "We've found a new island and we've invited some of your favorite contestants from seasons past for one final chance at the million dollars, however this season we are giving 10 new contestants the chance to make a name for themselves and go down in Total Drama history" Chris says as he turns to his right and begins walking down the beach as the camera follows him, "So if you think you have what it takes to be on Total Drama the head online now to our website and fill out an application. Then all you have to do is send in an audition tape and boom your golden" Chris exclaims, "I assure you, you do not want to miss out on what could possibly be the best season of Total Drama and knock another reality show that shall not be names off the airwaves" Chris says containing his smile even though it obvious he is slightly agitated, "So if you want a chance at competing make sure to apply before December third" Chris says, "Also be prepared because this season will be the toughest season in Total Drama history" Chris says as he stops walking, "So buckle up, this" he says as the camera cut backward to show more of the beach, "Is Total Drama!" The camera cut back even further getting the forest and cliffs in the shot, "Last Chance!" Chris says as the entire island is shown in full view.


1. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. Everyone has flaws that's what makes us human. No one is perfect.

2. Please use my app and don't leave anything out. Everything on it is there for a reason.

3. I am going to be posting the personality of each character that gets excepted so please read them when sending in your character because the last SYOC I attempted I got multiple characters with the same personality.

4. PLEASE! only send characters through a review. DO NOT! PM me your characters because I will not read them.

5. Since there are only nine spaces open I will be accepting only one character per person however you may send in up to two OC's.

6. Please make sure your character has a fully descriptive personality so I can write them properly. I will be posting an example of what i'm looking for at the bottom.

7. Please do not give your character an extremely tragic backstory. This is a bothersome trope.

8. Unless I ask please do not give me story ideas or plot lines. However challenge ideas are much appreciated.

9. Please no magical, robotic or non-human characters. For me Total Drama takes place in a somewhat form of reality so these characters wouldn't make allot of sense.

10. Please no mute characters. Because they don't talk its allot harder to write them properly and portray their personality.

11. Please no religious or political characters as I don't want to offend anybody.

12. Please try to review every now and then. If I don't hear from you for awhile then I will be forced to assume you have stopped reading the story and I will have no choice but to eliminate your character. If something has come up and you can't read the story for awhile just try and send me a PM letting me know whats up. I won't eliminate your character then because i'll know your coming back.

12. Please don't stop reading the story if your character was eliminated. No one likes a sore loser.

14. And MOST IMPORTANTLY! have fun and be creative.

Returning Contestants:








New Contestants:

Alissa Svatur (Mine)











Full Name:




Brief Bio:

Age (15-17):











If Yes What Kind:


Race/Skin Color:

Body Type:



Hair Style/Color:

Eye Shape:

Eye Color:

Normal Clothing:

Sleeping Clothing:

Swimming Clothing:


Facial Features:

*Actions During The Competition*

Would They Start Or Join A Alliance:

How Loyal Would They Be In A Alliance:

Would They Cheat:

Would They Manipulate Others:

Would They Betray Their Friends:

Would They Use Violence:

Would They Use Blackmail:

*Interactions* (Please describe in both how they would act and things they would say)

Interactions With Chris:

Interactions With Chef:

*Reactions* (Please describe in both how they would act and what they would say)

Reaction At Being Eliminated First:

Reaction At Being Eliminated Pre-Merge:

Reaction At Being Eliminated Post Merge:

Reaction At Being The Runner Up:

Reaction At Winning:

*Other Stuff*

Would They Want A Relationship:

If Yes With Who:

If No Why Not:

Reason For Entering:

Strategy To Win:

Running Gags:

Audition Tape:

Accepted Characters so far:

Full Name: Alissa Svatur

Personality: Alissa is the literal definition of an ice-queen. Cold and unfeeling she moves through life without a purpose or so it seems. Alissa has a very cynical and pessimistic outlook on life. She can also appear heartless at times not caring if she hurts someone's feelings and ignoring their troubles as if they don't matter to her. Alissa tends to spend most of her time in her own head ignoring the outside world and focusing solely on her own thoughts. Some people describe her as being narcissistic and self-centered because she never attempts to make friends but in reality the only person she trusts is herself. Alissa has severe trust issues that stem from multiple betrayals rendering her completely shut off from the rest of the world. She isn't incredibly talkative by default and will only speak when necessary. Alissa feels that interacting with other people is just a waste of time and will only get her heart smashed to pieces in the end. She's terrified to open up to someone due to her fear of being let down once again. Alissa absolutely despises backstabbers and liars. Alissa is the type of person that when she gives her word she keeps it. She is extremely loyal to those she cares about and will do anything to protect them and hopefully prevent them from experiencing the same betrayal she's gone through. Alissa also has a deep hatred for herself and criticizes herself whenever she can.

So once again i'll be posting the app in the reviews so you can access it. Apps close on December third and the first episode will be up in early January...have a great day:)