A/N: Hey so very quick author's note. I was half-way writing the next part of episode 5 when I ran into computer issues telling me to delete data. I accidently deleted all of the cookies on my computer breaking Grammarly which I used to write in. So all of the files I had saved there are GONE! as it won't let me sign in or make a new account as it keeps saying ERROR. So I have decided that I will be COMPLETLEY re-writing episode 5, giving it a different challenge and probably changing some of the dialogue, but mostly keeping the big plot moments that had already happened. I will be keeping the OG part 1 of Episode 5 up but only so you all can be able to review the new episode 5. The new Episode 5 will premier sometime this month before Labor Day.

Also while I'm here quick life-update. I'm sorry for being gone so long. This pandemic has really taken a tole on my mental health and for such a long time, every time I would try to write I just couldn't muster then energy. But over the past month I've started to feel more enthused when it comes to writing and I've been having so many good ideas for future fanfictions that I am so excited to begin writing again, especially with my new lap-top which has a spelling and grammar function unlike my desk-top. So be on the lookout for new stories coming soon.

Oh also one-more thing before I forget. As I am writing stories, I sometimes tend to change things I had originally planned out as I go along as I start to like that the story is taking a different direction. Basically what I am saying is that all ships in this story (except Bridgette/Wynn and Sammy/Gaius as they have been CONFIRMED) are un-confirmed and subject to change as I see fit to take this story where want to see it go.

Anyway, I look forward to uploading the new episode 5 this month and I hope you all enjoy it. Have a wonderful day and I shall speak with you all again real soon:) - Damien