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"Jaden Yuki" - normal speak

'My King' - Spirit Speak/Thoughts

"Super Poly!" - Supreme King Power

A boy with brown fuzzy hair was running down the street, panting and straining slightly.

"Damn it! I can't believe you guys didn't wake me up!" This boy, by the name of Jaden, whisper shouts to, well nothing.

Suddenly, the air shimmers next to him revealing a man who has large white wings with green stripes on the top of them. The man seems to have green fur around his body, mostly around his shoulder, legs, and arms. His chest and stomach, which show strong muscles, seem to be of a grey silver color on them. On his left hand appeared to be reddish fur with four sharp claws on the knuckles. "I am sorry, my King. We were distracted."

Jaden smirks slightly as he looks at his friend in his peripheral vision. "You were up late with Burstinatrix again, weren't you Avian?"

Avian blushes slightly before chuckling. "Kinda … yes."

Jaden laughs slightly as he stumbles to a stop and panting and gasping in front of the table in front of the Kaiba Dome.

"Hello? Uhm are you here to join us?"

"Y-yeah, j-just *huff* woke up a bit late." Jaden stammers out, slouched over slightly. "M-my name is J-Jaden Y-Yuki."

The attendee looks at her list and looks across it and smiles up at Jaden. "Well Mr. Yuki, you are just on time, you should be called in a few minutes."

Jaden's face widens to a great shining smile, and he runs in, thanking the attendant.

Jaden jogs into the arena as a duel is taking place on the floor.

Instructor LP: 1900

Misawa LP: 2500

On the teacher's side of the field is two monsters, one with 2000 ATK, the other with 2500 ATK. The other side has two face downs and a completely open field.

"Well kid, you have three options. A: Give it up. B: Throw in the towel. Or C: Run home to mommy!"

"I am thinking D: None of the above." The student states as he summons a Vorse Raider onto the field in attack mode.

{Vorse Raider normal monster/ type Beast Warrior/ attribute Dark

ATK: 1900

DEF: 1200}

"Now my monster won't stay on the field for long because I activate my face down, Ring of Destruction!"

"So are you going to destroy my monsters kid?"

"No, my own Vorse Raider is who I will be destroying."

Suddenly, a ring appears onto Vorse raider, around its neck, which then emits eight fires which blows up the monster.

Instructor LP: 0000

Misawa LP: 0600

"Wow, that guy is good."

"Yeah that's Bastion Misawa, he is the number one kid to watch." A blue haired kid responds to Jaden. "Man I wish I was that good."

"Why? If you are here you probably did really good." The kid looks at Jaden confused before laughing slightly.

"Yeah, that is kinda true. My name is Syrus and yours?" Syrus says putting his hand out towards Jaden.

"Jaden, but Bastion isn't number one."

"And why do you say that?" The said kid says as he looks at Jaden in confusion. "If I am not number one, who is?"

Jaden smirks as his name is called and he starts going down the stairs. "I am!" Jaden calls back as he heads into the dueling area.

Standing in the ring is a man(?) who has a strange duel disk reaching the ground, long hair that matches it.

"Well looks like this won't take too long. Mr. Yuki you are extremely late so how about you just leave."

"Sorry miss, but that can't happen."

"Grrr, I am a man! I am Professor Vellian Crowler!"

Jaden squints at Crowler before his eyes widen slightly. "You're right, you are a guy. So are you like the cheerleader instructor?"

"No you idiot, I am one of the teachers! I have a PhD in dueling!" Jaden snorts at that before shaking his head.

"So teach, are we going to get on with this?"

"Humph pretentious brat, yes. Duel Vest on." The strange duel disk like apparatus activates and hums as the lights on it turn on.

"Wow that is pretty cool." Jaden says his eyes lit up as his duel disk activates spreading itself out.

"Beginners before pros." Crowler says with a wicked smile as Jaden smirks.

"Teachers before students." Jaden responds as he draws five cards. Crowler sneers as he gets his five cards.

Crowler LP: 4000

Yuki LP: 4000

"Well if you want to lose so fast Mr. Yuki, fine." Crowler says as he draws a card and looks over his hand.

I think I will start with this Confiscation! I give up 1000 life points and look at your hand." A hologram of Jaden's cards appear, a Monster Reborn, a Hero Signal, a Polymerization, a Sparkman, and a Draining Shield. "I remember these cards, when I was a beginner." Crowler looks at the hologram and touching the Monster Reborn. Jaden chuckles as he puts it into his graveyard.

Crowler LP: 3000

Yuki LP: 4000

"Now I set two cards face down, and then I play my Heavy Storm to destroy all spell and trap cards on the field." Jaden's eyes widen as Crowler's cards disappear in a poof of smoke.

"You must have two Statue of the Wicked cards huh?" Crowler just laughs at Jaden's question as two token monsters that look like snake like monsters with hands and made out of gold.

{Wicked Token Type: Fiend/ attribute: Dark

ATK: 1000

DEF: 1000}

"Now these two monsters won't exist for long, as I sacrifice them to summon my Ancient Gear Golem!"

{Ancient Gear Golem Type: Machine/ attribute: Earth

ATK: 3000

DEF: 3000}

"Now I end my turn, and please just let me end this quickly Mr. Yuki."

Jaden draws his next card and looks down at it, smiling as he activates it. "Go Pot of Greed! Now I can draw two more cards." Saying this, Jaden does it and looks at the two cards he got, Clayman and Dark Calling.

"No extra cards are going to help you. After all not many elemental heroes are strong enough to break down my Golem."

"Well just let me try teach." Jaden activates Polymerization, to fuse the Sparkman and Clayman in his hand to summon Elemental Hero Thunder Giant.

{Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Type: Warrior/ Attribute: Light

ATK: 2400

DEF: 1500}

"HA! That monster's ability is powerful, if the points are just right. You really are a beginner."

Jaden's smile widens as his eyes turn to a deep molten gold as he laughs. "Yeah he himself isn't strong enough to destroy your Golem, even with his ability. That's why I must dip him into darkness." Jaden states as he activates Dark Calling. "With this I can fuse monsters in my hand or in my graveyard. So once again I fuse my Sparkman and Clayman to summon Evil Hero Lightning Golem!"

Darkness swirls around as the two Elemental Heroes appear and start spinning together, the forms mixed together looking much like the Thunder Giant but darker. Where gold was, his chest and arms, are more spiked and blue and purple.

{Evil Hero Lightning Golem Type: Fiend/ Attribute: Light

ATK: 2400

DEF: 1500}

"H-how can heroes be evil?!" Crowler says backing up slightly voicing the thoughts of the entire stands.

Up on the railings at the side two people standing there, one a golden blond girl, and the other a dark black haired boy. The girl in question has her eyes like dinner plates as she looks at the darkened hero. "Wow that's kinda weird but impressive, don't you think Zane?"

The boy looks at the monster smirks slightly. "This year is going to be interesting Alexis."

Back with our dueling duo, Jaden starts speaking. "An Evil Hero is a hero that will do anything that is necessary to win. The difference between my Giant and Golem is that, my Giant can destroy a weaker monster with a sacrifice of one card, while my Golem." Jaden says as he holds out his hand pointing at the Ancient Gear Golem. "Can destroy any monster no price, no limit." Jaden declares as the Golem widens his hands and golden lightning streaks up and hits the Ancient Gear Golem and gets torn apart smashing down around Crowler. Crowler runs around trying to avoid the falling rubble. "Now with your field open, go both of my monsters! Thunder Voltic and Hell's Lightning!"

The two beings raise their hands, the small lightning filled orbs shooting two streaks of lightning. The streaks combine together before exploding right onto Crowler, as his life points drain to zero.

Crowler LP: 0000

Yuki LP: 4000

"And that's game teach!" Jaden proclaims happily as he starts walking off, a large grin spread across his face. Crowler gets left behind, fuming like mad that a kid managed to beat him.

"Congrats Jaden, that was impressive." Bastion says laughing and clapping slightly.

"Thanks man, though I better get home. Have to prepare everything for leaving. Bye!" Jaden says waving his hand and runs past them and down the street.

'That was really easy.' a voice much like that of a woman states following Jaden.

"Yeah I agree Yubel." Jaden hushedly states to the voice. "That guy seems to be really prideful, so he is probably gonna put me in Slifer." Yubel growls at this as they fly right next to Jaden.

'Well that's just horrible. So what are we going to do until tomorrow?'

"I dunno Yubel, I don't know."

*Time Skip*

Alexis Rhodes was walking down the hallway on the cruise ship taking them to Duel Academy. She was nervous, with two main things on her mind. One was that of who the kid that one turned Professor Crowler was. 'Jaden Yuki, he's probably going to be in Obelisk.' The second and most important thing was that of her brother, Atticus. She bites her bottom lip as she thinks of her brother.

Suddenly, as she was lost in thought, she bumps into someone. "Oh sorry I wasn't paying attention." She states as she sees a hand over her.

"Don't worry, I wasn't either." A voice jokes over her. When the two hands touch, a small jolt goes through her body as she looks at the person she walked into. It was a brown, fluffy haired boy in a Slifer red boys uniform. "Sorry about that." He says scratching the back of his head. "Uhm, I'm Jaden, Jaden Yuki."

Alexis blinks once before frowning slightly. "I'm Alexis, Alexis Rhodes. Why are you wearing a Slifer uniform? I mean you beat Professor Crowler in one turn after all."

Jaden laughs slightly as he shrugs. "The guy must have a really big thing of pride, so he probably sees this as a way to have his revenge."

Alexis nods slightly understanding his reasoning. "So how long have you used those weird Evil Heroes? I mean I have never seen those cards before, and they seem powerful."

Jaden frowns slightly as he looks to the horizon. "From when I turned 10, and my parents got caught in a gas explosion. My parents kept them in a weird chest that they gave to me before they well…" Jaden trails off with slight tears in his eyes.

"I am sorry about bringing that kind of stuff up, I know how it is to lose family." Alexis states sadly, tears welling in the corners of her eyes.

"S-sorry for dragging down the mood." Jaden states nervously as he rubs the back of his head again. After a few seconds of their awkwardness, their PDAs go off. A message is on screen, stating that the ship will be pulling into port in a few minutes, and for all students to return to their rooms.

"Well, Jaden, I will see you later then?"

"Maybe Lex, see you later." Jaden responds before kicking himself in his head for already giving her a nickname. Jaden leaves quickly leaving Alexis by herself, slightly stunned.

'Lex? I like the name.' She thinks as she turns around to head to her room.

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