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(Ethan POV)

It had been two days since Charlie and Silena had jumped into Tartarus and Percy, Annabeth, Piper, and Jason still hadn't forgiven the four cousins yet.

The fight they'd all gotten into just minutes after the two legacies jumped still burned brightly in Ethan's brain.


Ethan's jaw hurt from the amount of force he was using to keep it clenched. He knew that the moment he let off the pressure the tears would fall, and he couldn't cry, not yet at least.

He pulled himself up onto the ship, everyone ignoring him in favor of scrambling around to secure everything for a hasty retreat. He walked over to his cousins, who were staring at him with pale faces. He nodded his head, letting them know that Charlie and Silena had jumped. Emily and Zack hugged each other tightly while Lily's shoulders began to shake, tears pooling in her eyes.

"Hey," Ethan spoke, wincing at how rough his voice was. "They made their choice, now we need to back them up."

The three of them nodded, visibly pulling themselves together. Lily crept over to the helm while Ethan and the terrors walked over to the parents. Percy and Annabeth were down in the sickbay while Leo worked Jason and Frank to get the Athena Parthenos packed tightly into the stables. Coach Hedge had taken the little ones down to the mess hall to feed and distract them. Nico, Piper, and Hazel were the only 'adults' on deck.

"Ethan," Piper said, distracted, "where are Charlie and Silena?"

Ethan took a shaky breath. "They aren't coming back up, Aunt Piper."

Piper looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Zack stepped forward, Emily copying him on Ethan's other side. "I mean, they're not coming back up," Ethan repeated, shifting to a wider stance.

"Ethan Julian Ramirez-Arellano," Piper snapped, panic beginning to show in her voice. "What did you six do?"

"We're completing our mission," Zack told her, clenching his fists tightly.

"What does that mean?" Hazel asked, eyes flickering between the three cousins.

Emily licked her lips nervously. "Mom, what did you all think fixing Tartarus meant?"

"No," Piper whispered, her hand coming up to cover her mouth as she shook her head in disbelief. "No, they didn't. They can't!"

"I'm so sorry, Aunt Piper," Ethan said, closing his eyes in despair. He opened them again as he heard his aunt's anguished cry.

"NO!" Piper screamed, hugging herself tightly. "They wouldn't do that! They wouldn't do that!"

Hazel hugged Piper, staring at the kids in horror. Nico's eyes widened as he realized what was going on, locking eyes with Zack intently. Zack stood up straight and stared back, expression completely blank as he laid his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Everyone was jolted as the Argo ll started ascending, pulling away from the entrance to Tartarus. Piper screamed in fury and made to sprint over to the helm, where Lily was sobbing as she directed the ship away from the parking lot. Ethan snapped his arms out and caught her, quickly pinning her to the floor. Hazel went to help her teammate, only for Emily to pull out her dagger and stand in front of her.

"I'm sorry, mom," the twelve-year-old said, sadness in her voice. "We promised to do this."

"Emily," Hazel whispered, staring at her daughter with shock and a hint of betrayal in her eyes.

Emily just clutched her dagger tighter as tears fell from her eyes, Piper's angry yells a soundtrack to the pain inside. A pain Ethan shared as he forced his aunt's wrists to the floor and held them there, muttering apology after apology. Piper just bucked and kicked, begging Lily to go back.

"PLEASE!" Piper wailed, too distraught to use charmspeak on them. "Please, just go back!"

Lily sobbed harder from her position at the helm as she did the opposite of what Piper was pleading for her to do. Ethan shifted to holding her wrists with one hand and covered her mouth, hating himself the entire time he overpowered his aunt.

Five heartbreaking minutes later, Ethan finally let go of Piper, stumbling off of her as if he were in physical pain. Emily put her dagger back in its holster and crumbled to the floor, sobs wracking through her body as she finally released all of her emotions from the past day. Hazel walked over to her and hugged her, rubbing her back and telling her everything was going to be okay as she blankly stared at nothing. Zack broke off his staring contest with Nico and walked over to Lily, both of them clinging to the other desperately. Nico had a permanent horrified look on his face.

Ethan just numbly sat down and stared off into space as one sentence rolled through his brain.

'How could you do this to your family, you bastard.'

(End Flashback)

Annabeth, Percy, and Jason had reacted in much the same way. Annabeth had threatened, pleaded, and begged for it not to be true, for them to be lying. Percy and Jason had both screamed in anger and threw fits, lightning crackling through the sky while the wind raged and anything remotely liquid exploded violently as the waves crashed into the shore harshly.

The two couples had refused to do more than glare at them for the past forty-eight hours. Ethan couldn't blame them. He had a constant ball of self-hatred and pity rolling around in his stomach, preventing him from eating. The other three were in similar states as him.

Zack would do nothing but lie in his bunk while Emily was constantly crying and throwing up. Lily hadn't slept and stayed completely silent, not saying a single word to anyone, even Leo.

Frank, Hazel, and Leo were desperately trying to keep the crew moving toward Epirus, but nothing seemed to be working, especially since they had dropped the little ones off with Cythos and her warriors. Their allies had fiercely promised to protect the kids and get them to Camp Half-Blood. Ethan had gotten a grainy Iris Message from Will earlier today, letting him know that the kids had arrived safely. Will had been holding a giggly Gemma and looked so in love with the little girl that Ethan had almost smiled at the picture.

Now, though, everyone was seated in the mess hall. Jason and Percy were glaring daggers while Piper and Annabeth looked like wrecks. Leo, Hazel, and Frank looked nervous as the four cousins had carefully constructed blank faces. Nico silently stood in the corner of the room, observing the scene.

Hazel hesitantly opened her mouth to say something only for Percy to explode.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP THEM?!" Percy bellowed, glaring hotly at Ethan, who merely raised a disinterested eyebrow. It was all that he was willing and able to give as a response.

"Because," Zack snapped, his self-control nonexistent, "if we didn't help them, then they'd do it by themselves! And gods only know what trouble that would bring!"

Jason growled at that. "You should've told us the plan so that we could keep them from doing something so STUPID!"

"And what would that accomplish?" Ethan asked dryly, narrowing his eyes. "I'll tell you what, nothing! Our entire mission would be a bust!"

"WHO CARES!" Annabeth hollered, grey eyes darkening dangerously. "My son and my niece are in Tartarus! I don't care about anything else."

"Well," Zack said sarcastically, "aren't you selfish?"

Annabeth's hackles rose as she stared angrily at Zack. "What was that?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"I said, you're selfish," Zack repeated, unafraid.

"How dare you!" the blonde seethed, clenching her fists.

"How dare you!" Zack yelled right back, pushing himself out of his chair as he gestured wildly. "This is the job, people! We fight monsters, we go to terrifying, deadly places, and we save the world. Don't tell me you haven't realized that yet? We don't get to say 'no, I don't feel like fighting.' There is no choice! We live and we die as demigods! Godly blood runs though our veins! Charlie and Silena made the choice to be brave, to save the world. Do you honestly think we could've stopped them? Do you honestly think they would've listened?"

Zack breathed heavily as he finished his rant, staring down all of the parents before spinning on his heels and stalking out the door. Ethan let out a sigh before standing up as well, Lily and Emily mirroring him.

"They did it to protect the family. Your family. The least you can do is respect that decision instead of assigning blame," was all he said before he walked out the door, the two girls on his heels.

They walked into the engine room and sat next to Zack, who was crying into his knees. Ethan wrapped his arms around the barely thirteen-year-old, feeling Lily do the same on Zack's other side while Emily curled into Ethan's side. It was silent, with the exception of Zack's haggard breathing.

"We're gonna be okay," Ethan whispered, blinking back the burn of his own tears. "Everything's going to be okay."

Hello everyone! Welcome to Fated To Survive, the sequel to Fated To Save! If you're new to my story, welcome! And if you're from my previous story, welcome back!

Fated To Survive is going to follow House of Hades, so if you recognize the events going on, that's why.

Brief summary for Fated To Save, Charlie Jackson, Silena Grace, Ethan Ramirez-Arellano, Lily Valdez, Zack di Angelo, and Emily Zhang all went to the past to do their quest alongside their parents younger selves. The quest is to 'fix' Tartarus, Gaea made a backup plan while opening the Doors of Death and now the kids have to close it up.

While getting to Rome, they ran into numerous problems, one being Payton Lewis. She kidnapped the kids' younger siblings and followed them into the past. She continually screwed with the six of them and caused chaos.

Silena and Charlie jumped into Tartarus in place of Percy and Annabeth. They have to fix Tartarus, screw with Gaea as much as possible, and close the Doors of Death while getting the hell outta dodge. Topside, Ethan, Lily, Zack, and Emily are riding with their parents to Epirus to get to Silena and Charlie.

All caught up now? Cool.

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