Letters from annoyed bladers for fanfiction authors.

A/N – This is an old story written during the height of my Beyblade career way from 2006 to 2015 when I was active so a lot of things written here may no longer apply. I figured I'd reupload it for old time's sake.


Chapter One: Sincerely, Kai

Kai wasn't one for writing blog posts, but ever since stumbling across a site known as fanfiction dot net, he felt he had to say something. Enough was enough. His voice had to be heard. He opened up his blog, and wrote the following words:

Dear FanFiction Authors,

I do NOT use steroids or any other forms of recreational drugs. I'm straight-edge, don't you know? On second note, I don't wear make –up. I'm a guy – not a girl. This is face paint dammit.

Yours not-so-sincerely, Kai

He clicked 'submit post' and then sat back in his chair, waiting for the comments to come.