Author's note: Hello! I am Emazing Pete! This is my first fan fiction, so please don't hate! Also, I do not own Doctor Who, nor Gravity Falls, as a I mention Bill's last name. Okay, here goes!

I lay alone on the ground. I had NOBODY left. Only, I didn't care. In fact I didn't feel. Anything at all. My name is Eliza. I am the lost girl.

Suddenly, a strange noise echoed through the broken town. A blue box appeared. It was small. Suddenly a man emerged. He had up hair and a long coat. "Hello, I'm the Doctor!" He cheerfully said. Great. Another doctor who could "cure my depression". "Go away." I said. Odviously he didn't like that "Hello", because he said. "Hello, go away!"

"No, my name is Eliza. And you are here to 'help' me. Only, I don't want help. So, go away." He stopped. "Why would you need help? If you don't mind my asking." I sighed. "I have depression. It started at the battle of chiper falls." "Oh. Oh gosh. The battle of chiper falls, 2013. I am SO sorry. The lost girl." I looked away. This man was disturbing, but I ripped the scab of a scar.

"You could come with me if you like." I gasped. What! "Really!?" Yeah, I recently lost someone too. At the battle of Canary Wolf. We understand each other. Come with me. Experience every part of the universe." My eyes widened. "Yes, I would love to come."

The end

Authors note: I know it was short, but I hope you enjoyed this short story! Please review!