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A/N If you read the summary, you know this takes place at just after season 4 episode 11. I just watched that episode and haven't seen anything beyond it. Although it's unlikely, it's possible something might be contradicted in the next episode or later ones, but hopefully not.

One moment ago Bruce had been in the taxi. Now he was in his living room and not really sure how he got there.

There's no way I was THAT drunk thought Bruce.

"Eat this," said an old lady. Not really paying attention to what he was doing, Bruce ate it before thinking. If you're wondering what it was, it was a weird golden apple.

Suddenly, Bruce didn't feel drunk at all anymore. Nor did he fell hungry, tired, or really uncomfortable at all. Then he remembered the old lady.

He jumped up. He was about to demand to know how she got into his house and what she gave him.

She must've seen the anger in his eyes. Then the old lady turned into an about 8 year old girl.

Okay maybe I am still drunk thought Bruce.

"You can't stay mad at a little girl can you?" asked the kid.

"Uh" said Bruce. Then the child turned into a 25ish woman. This woman had a tiara in her hair, odd. As well as a sparkling tank top under a black jacket. She also had a purplish streak in her hair.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" Asked Bruce.

"I am the CrystalQueen. I got into your house using my powers. The same way I brought you here and gave you that golden apple," said the woman.

"Get out of my house right now" said Bruce raising his voice slightly.

"Relax I'm not going to hurt you. If I was, I could've done it by now" said the woman calling herself CrystalQueen.

"Do you want me to call the police?" threatened Bruce.

Bizarrely the CrystalQueen giggled.

"I'm sorry it's just... I know you're only 16 now, but by the time your an adult anything the police can do you could do 10 times better!"

"What? How could you know that? asked Bruce.

The Vigilante thing! realized Bruce. But how would whoever this is know about that? And why would she claim to know the future?

"Because you're a fictional character". said the CrystalQueen.

A silence fell across from the room as that sunk in. Bruce Wayne was not real. He figured he must be accepting that so easily because he really was fictional.

"I take it you're not?" asked Bruce.

"Not really," said CrystalQueen. "See, I am the writer, and I put a personification of my pen name in the story so I could speak to you directly. Which is why I can take all these different forms," said CrystalQueen before turning into the old lady again.

"Can you please stop switching ages?" Bruce asked.

"Ok" said the CrystalQueen who then turned into a 16 year old girl wearing the same clothes as the adult. "I thought you'd like to speak to someone your own age".

"So you're the author that created me?" asked Bruce.

"No I am not. I am writing a fan fiction, which is basically a story someone writes about another story without paying for the rights or profiting on it" she said. "Which brings us to, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?" yelled CrystalQueen.

"Wha?" asked a startled Bruce.

"Why on earth are you being so mean to Alfred? Alfred has been so good to you, and will be the best person ever to you and your kids, and also always puts up with all the crap that comes when you bring home other superheroes!"

"What's a superhero?" asked Bruce.