The CrystalQueen was not the best at quietly whispering.

Selina heard exactly what she said. Bruce was the Batman? Despite her temporary shock it really wasn't that hard for her to believe. She knew Bruce well enough to know that him growing up to be a vigilante who terrified but didn't kill street criminals wasn't all that surprising.

The bat thing though was a little stranger. Vigilante sure, but where did Bruce get "Bat-man" from? Would he be bit by a vampire at some point? Was it possible he already had been? Maybe not vampire per say, but bat powers some other way? Maybe Bruce had had bat powers for a while and hadn't told Selina. The first option seemed much more likely, but It was Gotham City. What wasn't possible? (This is the DC universe. She has no idea!)

Apparently Bruce used to be afraid of bats though. She hadn't known that before today. Maybe that was the cause of the bat theme for some reason, or maybe it was just a coincidence?

Jim also thought he heard CrystalQueen tell Bruce that he was Batman, but he wasn't entirely sure. It didn't make a whole lot of sense. How could that bat-guy going around threatening to throw people off buildings be Bruce?

There's no way innocent, good believing, pure hearted, Bruce could be that Batman guy thought Jim. Although if Bruce was supposed to be the main character of the movie, who kept his identity a secret and used a nickname, well...the introduction kinda made a little too much sense.

"Ed!" whispered Penguin.

"What?" asked the Riddler.

"Did CrystalQueen just say Bruce Wayne was Batman?"

"I think. It's hard to believe, but he was fighting muggers like the ones who killed his parents"

"But he's supposed to be our enemy!"


"So? I don't want to fight that guy!"

CrystalQueen paid more attention to the audience than she did to the movie. She was glad Batman was having the effect on Gotham's criminals that he was intended to.

"Yeah I think it's Bruce" whispered Selina. "That's what I heard"

"That's what I heard but..." Jim stopped himself. This was going to sound stupid. Here was confirmation from three other people of what CrystalQueen said, but he still couldn't really see how Bruce Wayne could become Batman. He decided to rephrase. "You don't really think the Batman is Bruce Wayne do you?" Jim whispered. "Come on, it's Bruce!"

"Everyone whispering in the front left corner please shut up!" yelled Barbara from much further back as everyone around her thanked her.

"Sorry" said Jim quietly as he went back to watching the screen.

One of the men was dragged away in an ambulance groaning.

"I thought Batman didn't seriously harm them" said Selina.

"He overdosed on drugs...I think" said CrystalQueen. "Or something like that. I'm pretty sure Batman didn't directly cause whatever that is"

"Let me guess. Giant, flying, supernatural thing, kinda like a bat?" asked a detective smoking a pipe. The two police officers talked insisting that there was no bat when a certain reporter came over.

"Honestly If I wasn't from Gotham City and we didn't just see the Batman I wouldn't believe the thing about the giant bat either" said Harvey.

"Christ, Knocks!" said the detective.

"Hello Lieutenant Egghart I hear we just had us another bat attack" said Knocks. "That's what, eight sightings now in under a month?" I hear the Commissioner has even opened a vile now, true?"

Bruce fought a smirk.

"Sorry Knocks" said Egghart "These two slipped on a banana peel"

"Banana peel?" huffed Alfred.

"I'm telling ya man, it was the bat!" yelled one of the criminals being dragged away.

Bruce was glad he was scaring the he'll out of criminals without killing them.

Since the opening of the movie when he'd seen himself as Batman he'd been sitting in silence. As soon as CrystalQueen had told him he was Batman a spider web of ideas formed in his head as a chain reaction of realizations was kicked off. Sure he still mostly paid attention to the movie, but not really anything else. He only became aware of his surroundings again when one of CrystalQueen's servants offered him popcorn.