Rosario Vampire: Sleet and Flame

Chapter Three: Confrontation

It burned like a scorching flame, it felt so much like acid instead the course texture of alkaline. The soap gave off foam from being rubbed and pressed against skin. Masahiko sat on a plastic stool in the boys' baths, it was late at night and no soul could be seen or even heard. He was lost in thought on the day's event: his first day at the monster school Youkai Academy.

They sat around the bench, Moka and Tsukune on one side, Kurumu and Masahiko on the other. Tsukune was the first to speak.

"So, are you going to introduce us to your friend Kurumu? " he asked.

"Oh, I'm not her friend. Well, I guess I am, but —" Masahiko began, before being cut off by Kurumu.

"Get to the point Hiko-chan."

"Fine Sis. I'm her brother. Well, adopted. Kurono Masahiko."

"Her brother? Adopted?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Do I look alluring enough to be an incubus? You know what? Don't answer that…."

Eyes stared at Masahiko and he just stared back, fairly uncomfortable with the attention. There was a silence for a few seconds, but then that was broken when Kurumu spoke.

"It's a long story, but yes, I have an adopted baby brother."

"Come on Sis," said Masahiko rolling his eyes. "Baby brother? I'm in high school now." There was a giggle from Kurumu's friends, and Masahiko joined in.

"Welcome to the school then," said Tsukune, as Moka leaned against his side.

"Thanks," Masahiko replied, smiling slightly.

"What year are you?"

"Third year, I skipped a few."

"Ah, so you're the smart one in the family?" asked Moka, looking at Masahiko, then at Kurumu. Kurumu just rolled her eyes.

"Before someone else asks, would you like to join our club? It's the Newspaper Club," Tsukune continued, showing him a flyer that was used for recruitment.

"No thanks, I'm not a writer like my sister. Gomennasai."

"That's okay," Tsukune replied.

They spent a while getting to know each other and telling stories before heading to the next class.

The second lunch period had come around, and Kurumu had her arms crossed. Standing in front of her was Moka Shuzen, her silver hair swaying side to side and her red eyes staring at Kurumu, burning and blazing.

"You're dating Kuyou?" she asked.

Kurumu slouched a bit, not liking where this was going. "So what? And where'd you hear about it?"

"I saw you with him before he left. You know what he did to us Kurumu." There was calmness emanating from Moka, but Kurumu could see there was a slight hint of anger.

"I know what he did to us, to Tsukune, but things are different. He is different now Moka," she protested, unfolding her arms and clawing her nails through her hair, before gently resting her hand on the nape of her slender neck. She sighed. Moka looked over her shoulder, keeping her anger from bursting out. She knew Moka was being cautious, not just looking out for her boyfriend, but her as well.

"How is the Security committee?" asked Kurumu wanting to change the subject. Moka looked at her straight in the eye, changing the subject would be best. If Kurumu said he was different now, she'll have to trust her word on it.

"Good, glad I got out the Newspaper club. I couldn't deal with the deadlines and creative writing. I will just stick to my specialty; kicking ass. Though I still miss being near Tsukune working." Kurumu closed her eyes for a second, it was torture the way she had to look at them flirting while working when they got together the previous year. At least now she too had someone to mackle over, well, only in the holidays. Her gaze returned to Moka.

"Speaking of Tsukune," Moka continued, "does he have any good news of late for his newspaper? He was working a bit for ideas during the holidays."

"The new issue is underway, as discussed in this morning's meeting." As they turned to leave, they noticed figures in the distance. It appeared to be a boy surrounded by girls.

"Oh god," said Kurumu rolling her eyes, "that boy is an incubus. First year by the looks of it. Thinks he's hot stuff."

Moka gave out a snort, "Reminds me of you back then."

Kurumu gave a half smile and looked to the ground, "Yeah."

The school bell rang, signaling the end of classes for the day. Masahiko was walking out the school, towards the gates, when he noticed a commotion near the back of the building. One glance gave him part of the story. It seemed there was a large crowd of girls cheering for something. When he looked again, however, his blood became molten. In the centre of attention there was a boy, who was the object of the girls' adoration, along with two other girls. One girl in particular held his attention: Kurumu was there, and it seemed this boy was trying to seduce her and the other girl. Rage burned in his eyes as he was about to run into the fray, but then he saw the male stumble. As he continued to observe, Kurumu revealed her true form. Needless to say the incubus(at least that's what he thought the boy was) was shocked, it's not every day he sees a succubus, and this one was about the kick his ass. His lapse in concentration released his victims from his hold, and the girls dispersed, except for the one with Kurumu, who also revealed her true form: a Yuki Onna. What followed was glorious: Kurumu and the unnamed Yuki Onna proved a formidable team, their fighting styles blending together as they unleashed hell on the incubus. He tried to fight back, even managing to throw the Yuki Onna back a few meters. She hit the ground hard before somersaulting back up, dashing back into the fray. Watching them fight was a sight to behold. He was stunned to say the least, so much so that when Kurumu knocked the incubus towards him he nearly forgot to dodge. Said incubus did not stand up again. Kurumu, seeing her job was done, waved at Masahiko, mouthed 'See you later', and walked away with the Yuki Onna.

He was suddenly broken from his thoughts, and he looked down at his skin. As white as a dead person, he had been rubbing for far too long. Setting the bar of soap down he sighed. He had to admit to himself that he found the Snow Girl attractive. She had a very elegant face, her neck so slender. Again he shook his head and told himself to snap out of it. His thoughts came to her beating that incubus, boy could she kick ass. Definitely not a lady you piss off or she'd freeze your sorry arse. It was then that he felt two soft objects on his back, pressing against him. A hand went under his chin and he saw light blue on his shoulder when his head was lightly turned. He froze in fear, his breath hitched.

"Can I join you?" said the person with a husky voice.

He shot up like a firework, "NO!" and turned to see Kurumu with a towel wrapped around her body, covering her body down to thigh height. She was laughing herself sick.

"K-Kurumu! Why the hell do you have to scare me like that?" he shouted. She continued to laugh and held her towel for it may have loosened due to her sudden shakes. After a minute or two she caught her breath. Masahiko stood up with a cloth wrapped around his waist and rinsed off by dumping a bucket of water over his head.

"I'm sorry Hiko-chan, but I just had to," she eventually replied. "A joke I will be sure to remember and tell mom."

"A bad joke at that! I never want to take a bath with the old hag ever again! And this is the guys' bath! How in the name know what, I don't want to know."

Kurumu got back to her first question, "Can I join you?"

"Do what you want," he mumbled, climbing into the bath. Kurumu grabbed the soap and washed herself before joining him in the bath and sat down beside him, her arms spread, relaxed. She was so close he could feel her hips against his own.

"How's your boyfriend?" he asked getting into a relaxed position, calming down now.

"He is well, as always. We made a plan for next break."

"And in the closet?"

"The best. We immediately went at it after he came around after I got home."

"I remember that well….." Masahiko mumbled. On that day during the holiday of the second semester, he had only seen a rushed glimpse of Kuyou and could only tell that that was her boyfriend, but actually seeing him face to face wasn't something that was going to happen. That was, until today.

"I rocked his WORLD."

"No kidding! I couldn't sleep!"

Kurumu giggled. Masahiko slid lower in the water so his face was covered. He then felt his face being grabbed and pulled out the water to rest on Kurumu's thighs. He only looked up at her face, not wanting to move to the side, for he may see something he didn't wish to.

"How long has it been since we done this? You and I in the bath?"

"You ask this every time," he muttered, sighing, "It's been a week."

She smiled, "I hope we continue to do so, despite school."

He smiled back, "Indeed, what will I do without you here?"

"Have mom instead."

He shut his eyes and shuddered. God he didn't want that, the thought was hellish.

"Now, can I do your back? I know it is a little late, so we should get done."

He opened his eyes to see her holding the soap in her one hand. He sighed, and said, "Do what you want.

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