"Cosima!" Delphine screamed from the kitchen.

Cosima tensed, her 7 month old daughter balanced carefully on her hip as she sorted through books on their newly installed bookcase in the entrance hall.

"I'm going to kill you!" Delphine continued, the anger clear in her voice.

"Uh oh," Cosima said looking down at Nova who was kicking her legs happily.

"Don't judge me for this," she cooed down at the baby as she hoisted her up to her chest and turned her around carefully to face outwards.

She walked slowly to the kitchen and was met with a dishevelled Delphine who, was frantically pulling baby bottles out of the sink to place into the steriliser.

"You can't kill me, I have a baby and I'm not above using her as a human shield," she answered holding Nova up for emphasis who giggled at the motion.

Delphine looked over her shoulder at her girlfriend as she blew a stray hair out her eyes.

"You didn't sterilise the bottle after feeding her this morning. Add that to the other three that you had already left in the sink, and now we have none clean for when we drop off her Alison's. On top of that, it is two days before Christmas and you have spent an hour re-organising the book shelf when we have the whole house to clean and several other tasks that are a much higher priority than your god damn books!" She huffed as she straightened herself and began cleaning down the kitchen counter.

"Oh wow," Cosima said lowering the baby back down to rest comfortably against her chest.

"You're really pissed," she said in surprise.

As much as they had adored their life since Nova had entered their world, things hadn't always been easy. Lack of sleep had taken its toll on the two, Nova proving not to be the best sleeper. She was an incredibly happy baby and rarely cried but she seemed to have the ability to function on the most minimal amount of sleep.

Delphine had proven to be an incredible mother, as Cosima had always suspected she would be. However, she was reluctant to leave their baby with anyone, even Cosima's sisters so it had meant from time to time tempers had been frayed. The last month has been much easier, the two of them settling much more comfortably into life with a small baby so Delphine's current mood had more than surprised Cosima.

"Wait here," Cosima said as she walked backwards in to the living room and placed Nova in to her walker.

"You stay here a second, ok?" She said to the baby who immediately started banging on the brightly coloured buttons adorning the walkers front.

It was still early in the day and Nova was still in her bright yellow sleep suit.

"I need to go calm your mamma," she whispered as she bent down to place a gentle kiss to Nova's head.

She raised herself and made the few, short steps back to join Delphine. She stepped closer and took the cloth from her hand.

"Go take a shower, babe" she said re-assuringly.

"I've got the baby, the bottles and the kitchen under control," she continued.

"But," Delphine began.

"But nothing, you're right. I haven't helped enough today. I got caught up with the books, you know how I get about them but you're totally right it isn't the time." She said as she stepped towards Delphine to place a gently kiss to her cheek.

In truth Delphine wasn't even really mad at Cosima, she was stressed about leaving the baby with Alison and about Christmas and was venting her anxiety at Cosima. She knew that but in the moment she hadn't felt much like being rational.

"Ok, thank you," Delphine said quietly, guilt niggling in the back of her mind.

"I won't be long," she finished, grabbing Cosima by the bottom of her oversized T-shirt as the smaller woman began to step away. She pulled her her back towards her and leaned down to place a grateful kiss to the smaller woman's lips before smiling softly and exiting to make her way to the bathroom.

30 minutes later the kitchen was clean and the battles were sterilised and put away in the cabinet. Cosima made her way to the living room and the baby who has been happily playing 10 minutes prior was now asleep. She smiled to herself as she took in the sight of the napping baby.

Reaching down she gently picked up Nova and bought her up towards her chest, turning her head to rest her lips to the top of Nova's head, placing a soft kiss to the steadily growing, mop of dark brown hair there.

She carried the sleeping baby up the stairs to her nursery. Taking care to place her gently in the crib without waking her. She held her breath as she watched the small human, looking for the tell tale signs of her waking. Nova let out on small sigh as she continued to slumber.

Cosima smiled and raised herself beginning her journey to her bedroom.

She entered the room looking for Delphine. When she didn't find the taller woman she sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled out her phone, scrolling for the to-do list for the day saved there.

Delphine entered the room wrapped in a crisp while towel and Cosima looked up briefly, smiling.

"I'll start cleaning the bathrooms soon babe," she said absentmindedly.

"Where is Nova?" Delphine asked as she scanned the room for the baby.

"She fell asleep in her walker so I put her in the crib for a bit, she was due for a nap," she explained.

Delphine stood at the door regarding her girlfriend. A thoughtful look crossing her features. She turned back and reached for the edge of the door, closing it softly.

She turned again and slowly made her way towards Cosima and stood in front of her.

"Everything ok?" Cosima asked confused.

"You tell me," Delphine replied in a low voice as she pulled the edge of the towel wrapped under her arm and let the white material drop slowly to the floor.

Cosima swallowed loudly as she looked up at the sight before her. A sight she would never grow tired of. She threw her phone down on the carpeted floor and licked her lips hungrily.

Delphine stepped forward and lowered herself on to Cosima's lap. Pressing her breasts against against Cosima's own clothed chest.

She placed her arms around the smaller woman's neck and linked her hands together at its nape.

looking down at Cosima with a predatory gaze, pupils dilated and breath quickening.

Cosima's hands raised to rest on Delphine's hips.

"I think things are getting better by the second," Cosima said looking up at her partner.

"Is that so?" Delphine asked, bringing one hand up to cup Cosima's cheek, her thumb finding its way to run the length of Cosima's full, bottom lip.

"Hmmm." cosima hummed low in response before opening her mouth to draw the tip of her thumb inside, sucking briefly before gently nipping at its pad.

Delphine closed her eyes at the sensation. And let out a shaky breath through her nose.

She opened her eyes slowly and leaned forward to claim Cosima's lips with her own. Kissing her slowly but deeply.

Cosima's hands made their way to Delphine's ass and traced their way up her back to between her shoulder blades before running her blunt nails down the blonde's back, sending a shiver through the taller woman.

Delphine let out what Cosima could only describe as a growl as she reached for Cosima's T-shirt and lifted up over her head. She was surprised to find that the brunette was already braless. Her hands immediately found their way to her breasts, caressing them and marvelling as the way her nipples tightened under her fingers. She felt the telltale signs of her own arousal as her stomach fluttered and wetness gathered between her legs.

Cosima leaned forward and placed a heated kiss to Delphine's collar bone, slowly making her way to the blonde's neck and inhaling deeply. Taking in a scent that was entirely Delphine's.

They explored each other's bodies, heat rising in both of them before Delphine couldn't take it any longer. She grabbed Cosima's hand, a hand which had been lost in the mess of curls at the back of Delphine's head, and guided it towards her own centre.

Cosima felt the wetness there and moaned to herself as she ran two well practiced fingers along the length of Delphine's slick folds.

Delphine rested her forehead against Cosima's as she whimpered in pleasure.

Cosima repeated the action twice more, building the anticipation, before beginning to circle her sensitive bundle of nerves with her index finger.

"Yesss," Delphine moaned as her hands moved to Cosima's back, pulling her closer.

The clone continued the action, building the feeling in Delphine that caused the blonde's breathes to become laboured.

"Please, mon amour," She husked into Cosima's ear.

Cosima pulled back slightly to make eye contact with her girlfriend.

"Tell me, baby. Tell me what you need," Cosima spoke back. She knew what Delphine wanted but she loved to hear it from her own lips.

"S'il te plait, s'il te plait baise moi. J'ai besoin de te sentir en moi, mon amour," Delphine breathed back. Her lips moving closer to Cosima's own. Her hot breath on her lips as she raised her hips slightly to give her lover better access.

Delphine was well aware of Cosima's weakness for her speaking her native tongue and she relished the reaction it always elicited from her.

Cosima bit her bottom lips as she looked up hungrily at the blonde, her fingers travelled achingly slowly to her entrance before slowly slipping inside. She savoured the sensation.

Delphine's eyes clamped shut as she groaned in pleasure and lowered herself on to Cosima's agile fingers.

Cosima began to slowly pump her fingers in and out of her slick centre. Slowly building the sensation. Delphine was content with the pace for a short time until she felt her release growing and began to quicken the her own thrusts.

Her breath was coming in shallow pants and she claimed Cosima's lips once again with her own, swirling her tongue inside insistently.

"Oh bébé, c'est si bon. Ne t'arrête pas." She spoke against Cosima's lips. Not intentionally speaking french any longer and not even aware that she was doing it.

"Never, my love," Cosima replied as she quickened her pace and depth. She curled her fingers at just the right angle to hit Delphine exactly where she needed her most.

Cosima's free hand was securely placed on one of Delphine's ass cheeks, helping to guide her up and down as she began to feel her walls tighten around her fingers.

Delphine's groans became higher pitched as she headed towards her crescendo and Cosima leaned forward to sink her teeth into the blonde's shoulder. Her own centre was drenched thanks to the display in front of her.

"You're so close, I can feel it," she said into Delphine's shoulder.

"Cosima," she breathed, words escaping the blonde.

Two more well-placed plunges and Delphine was on the edge.

"I'm coming," Delphine nearly screamed as she felt her orgasm wrack her body. The delightful mixture of complete pleasure mixed with the sharp sting of Cosima's teeth nibbling at her shoulder.

Cosima felt her walls contracts and relax several times against her fingers and continued her ministrations until she felt them begin to calm.

Completely spent, Delphine slumped forward against her. Her head resting against Cosima's shoulder and their bodies pressed flush against each other. Breathing still erratic as she came back down to earth.

Cosima removed her fingers gently and held Delphine tightly against her own body as she placed several slow, lingering kisses to the underside of the blonde's jaw.

Eventually Cosima heard her breathing become more regular and she reached up to brush stray hairs from the Delphine's face.

A lazy hand raised and Delphine began to run her fingers along Cosima's collar bone, turning her head slightly to regard the woman below her.

"So am I forgiven for not sterilising the bottles?" Cosima asked, a cheeky smile forming on her lips causing Delphine to chuckle lightly.

"Nearly, but I'm not quite finished with you yet," she she replied with a glint in her eyes.

she raised herself from Cosima's lap and settled herself between the smaller woman's knees on the floor. Reaching up she took hold of the waste band of Cosima's yoga pants and slowly pulled them down her legs.

Cosima exhaled as the cooler air hit her hot centre and looked down at Delphine.

Delphine took in the sight before her. Cosima's wetness was more than evident.

"My my, you are ready for me," Delphine whispered seductively causing Cosima to shiver and moan before leaning forward to claim what was hers.