Hello~! Long time since I updated my fics here, so I'm trying to get back on track with the writing this month. ^^

And so, this is meant to be a short story, based on a writing prompt sent by a friend. It was supposed to be just a chapter but it suddenly evolved into 3 parts. XD

This is a modern AU, based on the book version of the characters but also inspired by the musical Notre Dame de Paris. So, hope you enjoy this little fic! ;)

Original prompt:

Christmas kisses: More smile than actual kiss. A holds mistletoe above their heads while B rolls their eyes, but pulls A down by the collar of their ugly Christmas sweater for a heated kiss. A takes B by the waist and walks forward until they are around the corner, away from the prying eyes and hoots of the rest of their friends and family.

Disclaimer: The main characters, settings, etc. from The Hunchback of Notre Dame are the property of Victor Hugo. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any previously copyrighted material. This story is for entertainment only and no copyright infringement is intended.

Maybe that wasn't a good idea.

The thought occurred to him many times that evening, and yet Claude Frollo couldn't find it in his heart means to stop the Christmas party that was set up by his brother. Actually, the house still belonged to him, if needed he could have put an end on all that nonsense before it even started. Especially now as he was watching chaos unfold before his very eyes, with part of the guests chatting animatedly, some were engaged in what looked like a singing contest and now he just witnessed one of them, that probably had their fair share of drinking, unceremoniously falling among the small crowd.

But time and time again he reached the dreaded conclusion he was unable to refuse the (quite loud) wailings of his younger brother for too long. That also explained why he was currently wearing this hideous sweater with the word "grump" etched on it with capital letters since Jehan actually worked and paid for the damn thing to be made for him.

"That impish boy." he muttered to himself as he closed his eyes, in a last effort to hold onto his patience. Deep down, he knew he was responsible for Jehan's spoiled nature, but he couldn't bring himself to deny at least a day of festivities, he was a reclusive man but Quasimodo was also looking quite amused by the turn of events. So, he was outnumbered in that fight.

And with that thought he sighed in resignation once again and resumed his previous task of staring daggers at those who dared getting too close.

But apparently fate conspired against him.

"Dear brother!" a bright and cheerful voice accompanied by a sudden weight on his shoulders brought him down from his inner ramblings and almost knocked the man out of his chair. "Still sulking in the corner, I see. You are scaring everyone with that face, if you frown any harder I fear people will start to drop dead around the room."

"I'm not sulking…"

"C'mon, don't be such a Scrood!"

"If you intend to scold me using literary references Jehan, do make an effort to get them right." He added while massaging his brows with such force that it almost looked painful.

"Hahaha, always the soul of the party, eh?" the blond man laughed with amusement at that remark. "Why don't you walk around a bit instead of lurking in the dark like an overgrown brooding raven. I can even present you some nice girls if you want!"

"Jehan…" His voice had a warning tone but the threat seemed to fly past the young man's head. Instead, he opened up that devilish smirk that announced his older brother had just dug his own grave with that remark.

"Or… you don't like girls?"

In less than a second Claude had untangled himself from his brother and almost jumped from his seat. A bright flush of color on his face as he mustered a most indignant expression as Jehan laughed almost to the point of tears at his reaction.

However, their bickering didn't go unnoticed by all guests; one of them was watching the scene quite amused by the sight.