A Red Head Love




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Summary: Enma quickly falls in love with Haru without really realizing who she is.


(A/N: After seeing the way Enma gets the short end of the stick in my 5986 fics, here is a story dedicated to him! Because he and Haru are my OTP 2. Lol, smh.)

She finds him one evening, without his guardians. It was late, the last of the sun setting behind the dark clouds. Located in a convenience store, Enma is in front of the cashier, wanting to buy some snacks for him and his Guardians. However, true to Koyo's name for him as "Loser Enma", he finds himself penniless.

He realizes quickly that he forgot his wallet.

Embarrassed, the red head glances up at the cashier and winces at the irritated look he wears. He's an older man with a balding spot, round belly, and large nose. "I-I can still pay for this." He tells him meekly. Both he and the cashier know that he won't be able to. What man with no money can pay anything these days? Still, that does not stop Enma from checking his pockets for the fifth time just in case.

"Hahi, what's taking so long?" A joyful, curious voice whispers behind him. Enma can feel the tip of his ears heat up. Too embarrassed to look behind him, he hurriedly whispers to the cashier.

"C-Can you hold these?" He asks with desperation. "I"ll be back in five minutes." Enma lives ten minutes away.

The cashier looks straight at him. "No." He replies in a flat tone. Enma gulps.

"But I..."

"Cashier-san!" The voice from earlier calls and soon, Enma finds a girl standing right next to him. She is a pretty little thing with a cheerful aura about her. Her ebony hair is clipped to side forming a pony tail, revealing porcelain skin covered in a spaghetti strapped top. Enma's ruby colored eyes can't help but linger down her body, growing flushed at the sight of her legs barely being covered by her "shorts." Looking firm but soft, they end with her feet in flip flops. Her feet were small and dainty.

He shakes his head at that. 'Dainty? Can feet be dainty?' Worried about where these thoughts were coming from, Enma watches as the nameless girl suddenly has her eyes on him. He can feel his heart thump loudly at the soft look she watches him with. 'Is that cake?' He thinks to himself as the girl gives off the sweet aroma. He never knew cake to be a smell of a person before, but somehow he thinks it fits her.

"Here you go!" She hands him two large bags with a smile. For a moment, the head of the Simon Famiglia thinks he'd carry any bag for her if it means she'd continue to look at him that way. "This is for you!" Wordlessly, he checks the bags and gasps. He looks at the girl with wide eyes.

"D-Did you pay for this?" He asks, guilt quickly eating away at him. "I-I can't... Please, I..." He tries to push the bags back to her, even though they have his stuff. "I couldn't ask you do this." The girl smiles with her eyes, amused with his reaction.

"Hahi, don't worry. You didn't ask me, I did it because I wanted to." She assures him, making sure the bags stayed in his hands. Enma can laughter in her voice, but it's not the mocking kind.

'It's pretty.' He tells himself, thanking the girl over and over as she buys what she wanted. Together, they leave store. "I-I'm Kozato Enma by the way." He tells her nervously.

"I'm Miura Haru. But just call me Haru, everyone else does. 'Miura-san' is more of my otou-san's name anyway." The girl, Haru, laughs at her silly introduction. Enma bites his lower lip, trying to fight off a growing smile. Haru is a very pretty girl, cheerful and exudes an almost womanly feeling. She seems like she's his age and he wants to ask, his shy demeanor prevents him from doing so.

"I-I see." He stutters, feeling nervous butterflies in his belly. Unconsciously, he follows Haru as she begins to walk away. "If there's anything I can do to repay you, please let me know." Calling out to her, Haru freezes in her steps. She looks back at him, for a moment, serious. Her eye brow furrow close to her nose and it looks like she wants to say something. That look passes by too fast though and is quickly replaced a relaxed smile.

"I'm okay." She cheers and begins walking away again. Enma feels crushed by that sudden brush off.

'Gosh, what're you doing?! Of course someone as pretty as her isn't going to hang out with you. She just met you!' He berates himself. 'We only know each other's names.' Still, looking at Haru as she continues on her way, he can't help but feel a pull towards her. He wants to go after her but that would fall a little on the creepy side. So he stands there, wishing she'd turn around.

And she does, much to his surprise.

Haru looks back at him, contemplates something to herself and rushes back. "Actually!" She calls out hurriedly, face flushed. Enma, quick on his feet, pretends to busy himself looking into his bags. He tries not to give the impression that he was looking at looking at her as she strode off despite doing exactly that. Haru stands in front of him and he looks up.

"Y-Yeah?" He inquires. Haru looks hesitant for a moment before shaking her head.

"I'd like to take you up on that offer, if it still stands of course." Enma smiles at this.

"Of course, what did you have in mind?"

Haru brings up the bag she was holding, containing all of her stuff. "Well..."


"Wow." Is all Enma can say as he listened to Haru's story, taking in everything she told him. They sit at Namimori park, alone and side to side on the steps leading up to the large slide. By their feet is all the chips, sodas, and candy they just bought. Dusk is settling in nicely and she shivers. Enma hands her his sweater without saying a word. She gives him a thankful look and puts it on. "He's such a jerk." Is all he says, trying not to comment on how good she looks in his red sweater. Haru laughs.

"He's not." She argues light and places her hands together. "I was just silly to think I had a chance to begin with." The red head frowns at that.

"It's not silly. He gave way too many mixed signals." Haru, his new friend, told him about a boy she loved for almost two years. She didn't give any names (not that he would have asked) and was recently rejected. Like, very recent.

Today recent.

That's why Haru went to the convenience store to buy a lot of junk food to help make herself feel better. And while she was telling him how great this guy was, Enma just couldn't agree. "He shouldn't have led you on like that or should have at least been forward with his feelings." He tells her, angry at the boy for breaking her heart. "Any man would have done that, he was cowardly."

"He's kind-desu." She says in a trembling voice.

"It's that kindness that hurt you in the first place." Enma takes a piece of chocolate from his bag, opens it up, and gives one to Haru who takes it. "Okay, maybe this guy is great like you say he is." She nods her head. "But he could have gone about that better. You had to find out in such a..." Enma couldn't say the rest because Haru had tears in her eyes.

She finds out because he kissed her best friend in front of her.

Sighing, Enma looks down at his feet. "Look, Haru..." He begins slowly. "I'm sorry. We barely know each other and I-I'm just not helping at all. I'm just angry and frustrated because you are such a nice girl." Haru giggles at that. He smiles ruefully back. "I'm sorry you had to experience that." Enma hates that boy. He doesn't know who he is, but he hates him.

"Hahi... It's okay Enma-san." She wipes at her eyes with the sleeve of his sweater. "I'm glad that someone is angry for me in my stead. I can't do that right so you're actually helping me a lot." She whispers this with such sincerity, such sadness, he wants to hold her. Wants to crush her against him and hug her for such a long time. But he doesn't. That would mean he likes her.

He frowns at that thought. 'D-Do I?' Enma has never truly liked anyone before in all his sixteen years. And sure, Haru is pretty (the most gorgeous person he's actually ever set eyes on he decided two minutes after talking to her earlier), but... 'But that's it, isn't it?' He's suddenly nervous sitting next to her as she continues to stare off into space. He notices that Haru's lashes are really long, that her lips are very pink, that her skin is very soft looking...

Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart beats loudly and Enma turns away from looking at her. Holding a hand close to his chest, the red head can feel a somewhat pleasant burn he's never felt before. 'E-Eh?' He wonders, confused. Haru suddenly gets up and stretches.

"Aaaahhhh!" She groans loudly. "That felt great." Turning to look down at Enma, she gives him a gummy smile, her eyes turning into crescents. His throat begins to feel dry and he so he takes a quick sip from his soda. "Thanks for listening to me, Enma-san. I needed someone to care." She tilts her head a bit to the right, her bangs clearing from her face. "I'm glad it was you." It must be the effect of the nearby street lamp, or maybe the fact that Haru is still in his sweater, but in that moment, one thing happens.

Enma falls in love.

He's sure this is love because he finds that he wants to protect Haru's smile, he wants to cherish her feelings, and to do anything to keep her happy. It's such an intense emotion that takes over him so suddenly, he almost wants to cry. He knows that one day, he'll marry this girl. Enma doesn't know how, but he's sure of it. As surer of anything life has thrown his way. Instead of telling her this, Enma settle by giving a small, watery laugh.

Haru helps him up from the slide and they pick up their junk food, tossing everything in the garbage. "Umm..." The girl tucks a strand of black hair behind her ear. "About your sweater, I'll give it back." Before he can tell her to keep it, Haru says something that makes his heart flutter. "Shall we meet here Wednesday? I'd also like to meet you again."

"Wow." He murmurs under his breath, absolutely ecstatic. A goofy grin takes over his face. "Yeah," he sighs deeply, "I'd like that too." The way he says it, it's clear he's starstruck by her. Even Haru could tell and she laughs, pink coloring her cheeks.

"Cool." Smiling, she brings a hand to hide a smile and uses her free one to wave good-bye to him. "See you later, Enma." He flushes at the lack of a honorific and that's when Haru takes off running.

"What... What was that?" He asks out loud, feeling a little hopeful. Chuckling, Enma runs home too, the adrenaline getting him there faster than usual.

Opening the door to his house (where a bunch of free loaders also live in), Enma doesn't notice the look on all his Guardians faces. They're looking at him, confused and a little upset. Koyo approaches Enma, irritated. "Loser! Where's all our stuff you were gonna get?" He demands hotly.

"We ate it." He says happily.

"You what?!" They cry.

It's Julie who raises a brow, noticing exactly what it was Enma had said. He feels a tiny smirk forming on his face, leaning into his chair. 'We, huh?' Julie knows that look on his leader's face. That's the look of a man who has got the love bug. He chuckles at the thought of their Decimo being in love. 'And he's got it bad.'

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