A Scarlet Love




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Summary: Enma quickly falls in love with Haru without really realizing who she is.


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"He's been like this all weekend." Julie tells Tsuna as he goes to pick up his leader from his class. Enma smiles widely to himself, sighing with bliss every now and then. Tsuna, along with Kyoko and Takeshi, watch their friend with interest. Enma had walked into class, not even saying hello, sat down and just... Smiled, sighed, smiled, sighed, etc.

He did this repeatedly all day long, unaware that people have been trying to get his attention. After second period, everyone in class just gave up. Enma was just unresponsive to everything. Julie laughs as he helps his Decimo up from his desk. Tsuna looks at his good friend, worried. "Is he...okay?" He questions.

Again, Julie laughs. "Oh yeah." He answers with a cheeky grin. "I'm guessing that Enma was bitten by the love bug."

"Love bug?!" Exclaims Tsuna out loud. Kyoko and Takeshi laugh at the revelation. "W-With who?!" It's Tsuna who asks, excited for his friend and eager to know who the lucky girl was.

Julie shrugs in response. "Don't know. After Friday evening, he was supposed to get our stuff but ended up coming home empty handed. Whoever he met, they ate all the food together." Suddenly, Enma snaps out of his love struck stupor and looks around. His red eyes widen with disbelief.

"School's over already?" Gasps Enma, horrified he missed a day of school by not paying attention. "Oh my gosh." Everyone laughs at him with good spirit. Tsuna shakes his head and places a hand on Enma's shoulder.

"Katou-kun was telling us about you meeting someone this weekend. Was it a girl?" The brunet wiggles his brows, enjoying how Enma's face starts to blend in with his hair. Together with the others, they begin to leave the school. "Tell us what happened." Kyoko comes from his other side and grins.

"I agree with Tsu-kun. I want to know everything about her!" She cheers. Tsuna blushes at the nickname his girlfriend has given him ever since they started dating. There's a voice behind them telling them to get a room (it's most likely Julie).

"G-Guys, come on! Stop teasing me!" Cries Enma, pulling away from Tsuna's hold. His cheeks are aflame, remembering the same emotion he felt when with that girl. Even though she's not nearby, his heart still thumps as if it was that same evening. Takeshi and Julie laugh, the group now approaching the school gates. "A-And Julie! Stop telling everyone my business!"

Julie puts his hands up in mock surrender. "Whatever you say Enma." Soon, his eyes travel to a busty looking older woman passing by the school. "See you guys later!" He calls out and whistles to the woman. "Hey beautiful!" He calls out, his form getting smaller and smaller. Everyone back by the gates shake their heads.

'I'm just surprised he came to school today.' Sweat dropping, Enma looks around for any of his other Guardians. Seeing that no one is near, he shrugs it off. He knows Adelheid works closely with Kyoya these days for Student Council (disciplinary/liquidation) duties. The others must also be at their clubs, except Shittopi. He smiles at the thought of his eccentric Guardian. 'She's probably looking for Gokudera. Speaking of Gokudera...' Looking around Tsuna, he's surprised that he's not at all around the Vongola Decimo.

His confusion must be written all over his face because Tsuna asks, "What is it?"

"Where's your loyal Storm Guardian?" The question throws Tsuna off guard, as if he also just realizes the silver haired teen is no where nearby. Takeshi steps in, hiding Kyoko's body from sight. It was just for a moment, but she looked incredibly sad for some reason.

"He's skipping today. Didn't feel like going to school." The baseball fan explains, his smile looking a little off. To Enma at least, Tsuna nods his head, not noticing anything different about his friends. Suspicious of his response, Enma just shrugs and begins to head home.

"I'll see you guys later." He tells them, quickly escaping his Vongola friends so that they'll stop pestering him about this weekend. 'Wednesday can't come by fast enough.' He thinks, a little skip in his step as he leaves the school property.

As an official member of the Going Home club, Enma stays true to its name and begins to head home. He passes by the local shrine on his way and looks at a vendor selling charms. A fairly old lady who stays at the shrine, he knows. Not one to pay attention to her much, he can't help but notice a familiar looking pair of legs lingering around the little shack.

"Eh?" Humming, Enma slows his pace and turns to look at a girl just standing, staring intensely at the charms. 'I know that uniform.' He tells himself, noting the well known all-girls uniform from one of Namimori's most elite schools. That school has every girl in a nicely tanned blazer with their school crest, white collared shirt, red ribbon, and a black plaid skirt. This girl in particular fits that description.

Enma can only see her backside, not knowing who she is. He stops walking and fidgets a bit. A warm feeling overcomes him by just looking at her. There's a pull Enma feels towards that girl but he shakes his head. 'That's not Haru.' He chides himself, already questioning his fickle feelings. 'There's no way that's Haru. Her hair is too short.'

The Haru from the other day had long hair. It wasn't cut into a bob.

'Still...' Stealing a chance, the scarlet haired teenager walks a little further, approaching the girl from behind. "H-Haru...?" He whispers quietly.

"Hahi?" Turning around, Enma is surprised to find that it is Haru. Her eyes widen with surprise as she is greeted by a familiar pair of friendly, ruby orbs. "Oh!" She giggles lightly, tucking a loose strand of black hair behind her ear. Enma's heart thumps loudly at that.

And then he thinks, 'Crap, Haru's super smart?!' He almost can't believe it, but there she is. 'She's way out of my league!' He despairs a bit at that realization.

"Hi Enma-kun!" She waves, stalking towards him until she is right in front of the younger teen. She uses a honorific with this name this time, he notices with a bit of disappointment. "What a nice surprise!" Her voice is airy and light and the way she smiles at him, he completely forgets that same disappointment and can feel his knees buckle just by the sound of her voice.

"H-Hi Haru." He greets back, grinning shyly. "Y-You cut your hair?" Haru's face flushes and she grins sheepishly, a hand going behind her head.

"Yeah. I'm kind of nervous about it." She confesses. "D-Does it look...okay?" She asks him, suddenly worried for her appearance. Enma just nods his head quickly, too quickly he almost gets sick.

"You look gre—ahem," he clears his throat, "good. I mean, really good. It suits you." His tone is honest and Enma is rewarded with an eye candy kind of smile. She gives him a small thank you. The boy doesn't tell her that he thinks she'll look good in anything. He'll love her even if she was bald. "Sooo..." He begins, trying to strike up a conversation. "What're you doing here?"

"I'm here to buy a charm of course!" She exclaims, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

'No duh Loser Enma!' He scolds himself, flushing. "R-Right. Of course. What kind of charm?"

This time, it's Haru's turn to flush. Placing her hands behind her back, she kicks her foot a bit to the ground. "I'm..." She begins, looking flustered. Enma can't help but be curious.

'And she looks so cute.' He almost sighs out loud.


"I'm buying... A love charm." She whispers quietly. The boy nods his head, understanding.

"I see. I see, so a love cha—A LOVE CHARM!?" He shouts. Haru shushes him and steps up to press her hand against his lips. His face begins to match his hair color at the feel of her skin. 'I'm right.' He thinks. 'She is soft.' He knows it's just her hand, but it's the softest hand in the world to him.

"Not so loud Enma-san!" Cries Haru, her cheeks pink. The elite high schooler seems embarrassed. "Hahi, it's taking all of my courage to just walk up to the lady and ask her for one." Her voice trembles a bit at that.

Enma narrows his eyes at that. 'Of course. How could I forget?' It hasn't even been a full week since she's had her heart broken and already she was trying to move on. Could someone be so in need of help, maybe even desperate enough, to ask for luck to be on their side? He remembers first seeing here, just standing there. Enma wonders how long she must have stood there, wonders what she could have been telling herself, encouraging herself to gather the strength to get something as silly as a charm.

Haru see's the calculative look on her friend's face and falters. Slowly, she brings her hand away and presses it close to her heart. She looks down to the ground. "It's... It's harder than it looks." Is all she can manage to say, her throat dry. Enma hears it and offers a small smile. He then reaches a hand out to her. "Eh?" Looking up, her brows furrow, questioning him what he's trying to say.

"Maybe you just need help." He offers. "We can go up together and get one for you, if you'd like?" It must have been the right thing to say because her eyes look watery before blinking them away. Haru grins at him, sparkling with joy.

"I'd like that!" She cheers, acquiescing to his offer. Haru greedily takes his hand and looks up to Enma, expectant. He's too busy looking at their joined hands to notice that she's waiting for him to walk up towards the charm shack. "Enma-san?" Haru questions loudly. He shakes his head and looks at Haru.

"Yesh?" Enma winces at his tongue being tied.

"Aren't we going to go up there?" Asks Haru, tilting her head to the side.

"Reah, I mean... Yeah." He clumsily walks Haru to the charms that are waiting for her. He tries not to blush as he almost falls twice before even making it over there. Haru giggles at that.

Soon, they stand before them and the old lady, who has been watching the two for a while, smiles warmly at them. "Good afternoon." She greets. "What can we interest a cute couple such as yourselves in?" They blush.

"O-Oh... No... It's... We're not..." Enma waves his free hand in a dismissive way. "We're not...like that." He tells the old lady slowly. She looks surprised. 'Yet.' A voice somewhere in his conscious assures him. Haru giggles nervously but doesn't let go of his hand.

"I'm here for a love charm. How much?" Haru is about to bring out her coin purse before Enma beats her to the punch. He had dug into his pocket the moment Haru finished talking.

'Thank God I remembered it today.' He thinks, happily as he is already struggling with opening his wallet. It's very hard to do with one hand.

"Hahi, Enma-san. I got it." She tries to tell him.

"Let me." He states. "You did buy my stuff the other day. It's the least I could do." It looks like she's about to deny his offer but one look at his determined gaze tells her that he's not taking "no" for an answer. So Haru relents, but does so with an appreciative gaze. Enma can feel his heart thud loudly at that. "Here obaa-san." He gives the old lady money for at least two charms. She smiles warmly at them.

"Both of you, feel free to pick a love charm. Careful of what you choose, these are special made ones, after all." Winking, the old lady slowly makes her way in the back with the money. Enma and Haru share a look before shrugging.

"That was weird." Comment Enma and Haru nods her head. The two browse through the many different kinds of incantations. There are two charms that stands out amongst others. Wrapped in a deep scarlet, Enma feels inclined to grab it. Something about it calls to him so he reaches for it. Haru follows his action, as if the other one called out to her.

He's about to open his until he notices that Haru just stares at her. "What's wrong?" He asks softly. She let's go of their hands to clutches her charm tightly.

"Hahi, I don't think I can do this." She admits, shaking a bit. Haru looks to her companion with a sorrowful look. "I'm sorry, you bought this for me but... I don't have the courage to open it." A wet laugh escapes her. Enma frowns.

She's more heartbroken than he thought.

Still, worried for her, Enma places his hands on her shoulders and brings her closer to him. "Hey..." He whispers softly. "Look at me." Bringing a hand under her chin, he lifts her head so he can see her. Try as Haru might, the corner of her eyes are wet and his heart goes out to her. "It's okay. I'm not mad. It's okay not to have courage at times like these. I'll..." He gulps at the brave words itching to come out. "If you'll let me... I can be your courage."

Haru takes in a sharp breath at that. "Really?" Hopeful, she asks, wanting to make sure it's okay with him.

"Yeah, of course." He and offers her his charm. "Here, why don't we do this? We open each other's charm and read them out loud, sound good?"

"Yes!" Wiping at her eyes, Haru hands over her charm and receives Enma's in return. "On three?" He nods. "One..."


"Three!" They shout, opening the other one's fortune. Enma pulls out a thin, clean piece of wood. He goes over it and then looks at Haru. He observes as she reads his and...

'Did she just wince? Oh God...' Now he's the one lacking courage. 'I really don't want to know what that says.' Mentally groaning, he forces a grin. "Want to hear yours?"

"Suuure." Answers Haru, her voice pained. Now he really, really doesn't want to know what his says.

"Okay, yours says 'A new love. A true love. Don't blink! Love is closer than you think.'" Haru brightens at that. 'Gosh, I hope this thing is talking about me.' Enma prays. Visibly sighing, Haru pauses then and looks at Enma.

"Umm... I'll read yours now. Ready?"

Enma's not ready.

But he nods.

"Okay. Your incantation reads; A troublesome love. A bleak beginning. And that's all it says, unfortunately." She shows him the charm. He takes it with slight disdain before going over it. Re-reading it, he prays even harder that Haru's charm is still talking about him.

'This sucks.' He pouts. Giggling, Haru clasps her hands together.

"Thank you so much, Enma-san." She gives a little bow. "You really helped me out again. This was actually kind of fun!"

"Right. Fun..." He dead pans. Haru laughs now, freely and high-spirited. It helps ease the painful blow he received from his charm and he can't help but smile at her.

'You're pretty when you laugh.' Enma thinks and suddenly, Haru is blushing.

"O-Oh. Thank you." She quiets down and Enma flushes.

'I did not just say that out loud?!' "I-I mean!" He tries to recover from his blunder. "That you're better when laughing!" He shouts, much to the confusion Haru is looking at him with. "N-Not to say that you aren't pretty when you're laughing! Because you ARE!" His voice pitches very high at the last word that they both flinch. "But uhh... Just... Laughing and smiling suits you better than crying."

Haru looks surprised to heard this. "Oh my, Enma-san. That's... That's so sweet." She sounds completely touched by his words. "Thank you."

Suddenly, a voice shouting her name from afar rings through the air. Enma looks around, curious because the voice sounds familiar. He doesn't recognize it completely though. He also doesn't see the way Haru rolls her eyes either. She's well acquainted with the person calling out for her. Hurriedly, she begins to run before twirling around quickly. "Enma-san!" Haru calls out. "Don't forget to meet me on Wednesday at the park! I'll be there around four!" She waves at him happily. "And thank you so much for today!" Again, she takes off.

Enma watches after her for a bit before she disappears around a corner. "Did you see the back of the charm, young man?" The old lady's voice grabs Enma's attention and he looks at her.

"Oh, no. Why? What's on there?" He asks her. She motions for him to switch the charms around and so he does. Still having Haru's, he see's the back and reads more of their luck.

Haru's charm has a "0% or 100%" while his just says "?%". Enma purses his lips at that and looks up again to the old lady. "What do these mean?"

"That's the percentage rate of finding love." She answers, grabbing a fan from her kimono's sleeve. She begins to fan herself.

'So Haru is a hit of miss with her love?' Just for her, he hopes it's the previous option. "And what if it doesn't have a number percentage?" He inquires, holding his charm out for the old lady to see.

She smiles. "Then I suppose it's up to you to determine your own percentage. I think that's more than lucky." Her voice is reassuring.

"I see." Enma clutches his charm tightly in his fists. It might be childish of him, but he's placing all of his hope into these charms of theirs. Especially his. 'It's decided then.' Using his will, Enma vows to himself then and there that he will fight with everything he has to get Haru to love him.

Or cry trying.

"Where the hell were you?!" Hayato shouts once Haru arrives next to him. "I've been looking for you all day."She plugs her ears before growling.

"Shut up Gokudera-san! You don't have to yell, I'm right here!" She argues back. "And look at you! Can't you at least try to dress like a decent student? Namimori High has a really bad name you know. Everyone looks down on it." The Vongola Storm Guardian rolls his eyes before folding his arms across his chest.

"As if anyone will say anything to my face. I'm number one in the country. I'm the saving grace of that fucking school." He winces as Haru pinches him for his "lack of mannerism in front of a woman" no less. "Stop abusing me, dumb Haru!"

"Well stop being a Bakadera then!" The two glare at each other before turning away. They walk in silence for a bit, letting the tension ease away slowly before they begin to try again.

"Are you...okay?" Asks Hayato, speaking first and sparing a glance down at Haru beside him. She hums lightly at that, not giving him a real reply. Frowning, the silver haired teen gives a deep sigh. "Look, I know you're hurting." He cuts to the chase. Haru bites her lower lip. "I-I'll admit... Maybe the Juudaime shouldn't have done that." He sounds unsure.

She snorts.

"Okay, he should not have done it." He gives her a, "You happy now?" gesture. She nods once. "But... Well, just..." Hayato struggles with what he has to say next.

"But what Gokudera-san?" She questions, her mood souring a bit. "I-I can't face them yet. I want a little more time." Her voice is filled with hurt and that's all Hayato needs to know before nodding.

"Okay." He says quietly. "Just... When you do feel like you're ready, let me know. You don't have to do this by yourself." Haru looks up to him, grateful for his understanding.

"Do you promise?"

"Yeah, I promise." He places a hand on top of Haru's hair and ruffles it. She cries out, annoyed. "Heh... We're family after all, stupid woman." She gasps at his confession. Those words coming from Hayato mean more to Haru than anything he's ever given her. Even if he hasn't really given her much. She smiles affectionately to herself, feeling warm.

'Thanks.' She doesn't say it out loud, but she knows he can hear it because he chuckles. Haru can't help but go back to just a few minutes ago when she was with Enma. She remembers her charm and looks up to Hayato. 'Love is closer than I think, huh?' The corner of her lips twitch and she ponders about it the rest of the way home.

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