I don't even know where the inspiration came for this. It just kinda appeared.

Maybe I should make a poem series...


The concept of time is baffling.

The constant movement,

An endless stream of life,

Always leading towards one thing;


In winter,

The frosted air chills your spine,

And the crisp, shimmering snow,

Sometimes makes you wish,

For the heat of summer to arrive.

But when it does,

You find you enjoy winter,

And you wonder where it went.

Because through the darkness of winter,

You could always see,

A shining, sky blue light,

Making the world seem,

Just a little bit less lonely.

And suddenly,

All that's left,

Is just a fragment.

An echo of frigid air.

Scrap metal.

Just a few short moments

Ago, the light shone brighter

Than ever before.

It's gone.

And you recall

Memories so clear,

You're almost reliving it.

Pink, food, birds, innocence,


A few short days ago,

He had walked among us.

And we will never forget him.

*tears streaming down face* I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE!

I'll be quick with the updates for my current stories. Cross my heart.