Bleep, Bleep. Bleep, Bleep," went my alarm clock. "Five more minutes," I begged it. "BLEEP, BLEEP!" it responded. "Fine. I am not that tired anyway."

My name is Sarah Amelia Hartsfield. I am 10, turning 11 in a weeks time. I'm a girl with long brown hair, and brown eyes. I am American even though I've lived here in Newhaven, East Sussex for almost a year now. And I have to skip 5th grade and go start middle school a year early.

I am not normal. Really not normal. I have these bizarre talents. I sometimes do things without meaning to. Like levitating a bowl. (Trust me, it happened.)

"Sarah Amelia, hurry up! The bus is coming in fifteen minutes!" My mom yelled up the stairs. You know she's angry, when she calls me Sarah Amelia. "That goes for you too Samuel!"

"WHAT?!" my older brother, Sam, and I yelled at the same time. Sam is a year older than me but since I skipped a grade I am going with him to middle school.

It was like I had super speed. I finished my chores in ten minutes. I ran outside just in time to see my brother get on the bus without me. Great. Then the bus left. Without me. Double great.

I went inside to see my mom and dad arguing again. "Elizabeth, open your eyes! You can't pretend that everything is alright! She's not natural!" my dad almost yelled. My eyes widened. They were talking about ME. Then, my mom saw me. "Joe," my mom said to my dad, "please tell me that's not Sarah."

He looked over at me and asked,"Sarah, did you miss the bus?" "Yes," I almost whispered. "Oh, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah," he sighed, "Alright. I will take you to school, but, this is the only time." I smiled, "Thanks, Dad."