Chapter 1: The space portal.

One morning outside headquarters, violet, and dash were talking with red and bomb. Just then, chuck zipped on in.

Chuck: "Isn't it a spontaneous day guys?"

Red: "Chuck, we're in the middle of something here!"

Chuck: "Oh yeah, in the middle of what exactly?"

Violet: "Well, we were just talking about the time red and his gang destroyed Leonard's kingdom."

Bomb: "yeah,(rubs the back of his head) I even caused part of the explosion trying to destroy the plane ramp."

Dash: "WOW, I wish I could have seen that."

Bomb: "You should have seen it, it was like some kind of electric explosion!"

Because they were talking near a platform, Thomas pulled up to it. Then Mr. Incredible and elastigirl climbed out of his cab.

Elastigirl: "Hey kids, are supply run was a big success."

Thomas: "yeah, it took forever, but it was worth it."

Violet and dash looked behind Thomas to see that he had a truck loaded with metal panels buckled up behind him.

Chuck: "Nice."

Just then, Ty, skya, and Ton Ton, rolled out from the self-opening steel door of the base. Revit was riding on the front of Ton ton's bed, and jack jack was riding on Ty's Head.

Revit: "Excellent work guys, now we have enough panels to repair the section of the base's roof that got damaged from that lightning storm."

Then red got an idea.

Red: "Hey chuck, didn't you use to be afraid of lightning?"

Ty was able to break up the fight after he put jack jack on the ground to let him waddle off.

Ty: "That's enough red."

Red just chuckled quietly.

Ton ton: "You know dudes, I can't wait to get started on repairing that roof section."

Revit: "Be Patient Ton Ton, we'll soon get star….."

Revit was cut off when he heard the sound of thunder rolling. After thinking a storm was coming, he looked towards the opened area to see what it really was.

A large triangular portal had opened up. It looked like one of the Krang portals, except it was glowing orange.

Dash: "Uhh Revit, do you have any idea what that might be?"

Revit: "It looks like a portal of some sort."

Bomb: "Woah."

Just then, the portal started sparking a little, then something shot out of it like a silver arrow holding a yellow egg made of moon rock. It crash landed in front of them leaving a small creator, the heroes were shocked to what had happened.

The heroes looked inside the creator to see what had crash landed. It looked like a bird creature just like red, chuck, and bomb, but it was in an almost complete rectangular shape. And minus his beak and eye brows, it looked like it was entirely made of ice.

Ton ton: "Uhh dudes, could one of you please tell me what the heck that thing is."

Mr. Incredible: "Alright just stay back everyone."

However, the yellow egg had landed right next to the creator. When violet and dash came over to it, it was slightly steaming.

Dash: "Woah, what is thi…."

Violet: "Dash, don't touch it!"(holds dash away from the egg)

Revit walked down into the creator in front of the unconscious ice creature. Revit went up to it's face and tapped it on the forehead.

Revit: "It doesn't seem to be…"

Suddenly, the ice creature's eyes shot open looking up towards the heroes. Then it jumped out of the creator and landed right in front of the electric egg.

Ice bird: "You are you people, what are you doing with my egg!"

Ty: "whoa, whoa, whoa, come down Sir!"

Skya: "The question is, who are YOU exactly?"

Ice bird: "The names Freeze, one of the very bird warriors of the galaxy."

Violet: "Okay, so what would you be doing with…...whatever this egg thing is?"

Freeze: "I've been protecting this energy egg with my life from the triceratons."

The heroes looked at each other in a mix of shock and confusion.

Ty: "The triceratons? What would they want with your so called energy egg?"

Freeze: "This egg has way more energy than anyone would ever think it has. The triceratons could use it to generate the new laser beam projector they're building."

Red: "Oh come on, when will those horn-heads ever stop trying to destroy us!?"

Suddenly, the portal started glowing brighter, and a mob of triceratons marched out of it each holding a large laser rifle.

Skya: "Well it looks like they're not stopping now!"

Thomas saw everything from the platform he was parked by.

Thomas: "What on earth?!"

Triceraton soldier #2: "There's the egg!"

Triceraton soldier #1: "Grab it and let's get out of here."

Ty: "You're not going off with anything."

Freeze: "What the red big-jaws said!"

Ty: "Uhh, excuse me?"

Triceraton soldier #1: "Get them!"

So the heroes spread out to take on their own soldier to protect the energy egg. Thomas backed up a yard to avoid some of the triceratons laser blasts.

One soldier started running towards jack jack who was waddling back over to the group. But after jack jack shot his eye lasers at his eyes blinding him, jack jack was able to turn into his red goblin form, jump onto his face, and strangle him from there.

Triceraton soldier: "Ahh, get it off, get it off!"

Then skya sped over, lunged her hook, and grabbed jack jack before the triceraton soldier punched him. She layed jack jack on her head, and jack jack just giggled.

Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible was about to punch another triceraton soldier, but the soldier blocked it with his open palm.(because he was holding his laser rifle in the other hand)

But before the soldier was able to shoot him, elastigirl came up behind the soldier, strapped her extendo arms around it's horns and crest, and yanked him away from her husband. Mr. Incredible was now able to pull a couple punches across the soldiers face. After elastigirl let go of it, it fell on his back unconscious.

Dash and chuck were both zipping back and forth around another soldier. The soldier swinging his fists at them, but he missed them every time.

Dash: "Over here horn head!"(dodges a punch)

Chuck: "No, I'm over here!"(dodges another punch)

Triceraton soldier:(panting in exhaustion) "Would you pipsqueaks just sit still already!"

Suddenly, Ty came up and swung his wrecking ball across the soldiers face knocking him unconscious.

Ty: "Nice work guys."

Red was having trouble with the soldier he was fighting. The soldier was rapidly firing his rifle towards red, and red tried his best to dodge them.

Freeze: "Hang on mister red bird, I gotcha!"

Freeze jumped up and punched the soldier across the face, and the craziest thing happened. The moment his fist touched the soldier, the soldier completely froze up covered in a bunch of tiny ice spikes.

Red: "Wow, that's amazing."

Then violet came running up and launched a pair of energy discs from her hands towards the soldier. Just as the energy discs hit the soldier, it blew up like shattering ice.

Bomb was staring at the energy egg, suddenly he got blasted by one of the triceraton soldiers. The soldier came up and scooped up the egg.

Triceraton soldier #1: "I got the egg, let's get outta here!"

Ton ton was just charging full speed at another soldier, but the soldier was strong enough to flip him onto his side.

Then all the triceratons quickly marched back into the portal with the egg. Freeze was so angry, that his icy body started steaming.

Freeze: "Come on guys, I could use your help with this!"

Right after he said that, he jumped right into the portal.

Ty: Come on guys, we gotta go help him!"

Dash: "But didn't that ice guy say he was a protector of the galaxy? If we're going into space, then shouldn't we get space su…"

Violet: "There's no time!"

Then violet followed Ty through the portal. After a few seconds of thinking, everyone else followed after them. But Revit and Ton ton were the last ones to enter.

Ton ton: "Uhh, I've got a real bad feeling about this."

Revit: "I actually agree with you."

So they also went through the portal.

Luckily for Thomas, the portal had spawned right onto a set of tracks, so he went through the portal as well.

Mr. Incredible opened his eyes dizzily got up onto his knees. Elastigirl came over and helped him up, everyone else also regained consciousness.

Elastigirl: "You Okay bob?"

Mr. Incredible: "Yeah, I'm fine hon…."

Mr. Incredible was cut off when he saw elastigirl. His eyes widened at what she now looked like.

Elastigirl was still wearing her super suit, but it looked totally different. Every red part of it was now white, and the black parts on her arms and legs were now purple. Not only that, she was wearing a set of white 1980's disco wrap around space sunglasses with bright red glass lenses.

Mr. Incredible: "Honey, What happened to your suit?"

Elastigirl: "Well what happened to yours?"

Mr. Incredible was confused at first, but when he looked down at himself, he was even more surprised. The black parts of his arms and legs were still black, but the ends of them were all shaped like flames. All the red parts of his suit were now silver, and his mask was now red.

Mr. Incredible: "Hey, I'm…..gorgeous."

Violet: "wow, what happened to you guys?"

Mr. Incredible and elastigirl: "Violet?"

Violet's appearance had also changed. She looked like she was wearing an entirely dark purple jumpsuit, but with pink flames on the arm parts. Her mask was even in a shade of magenta.

Dash: "Violet, you look gorgeous!"

Violet: "Dash is that you?!"

Dash's suit still had the black parts, but the arms of it had lightning bolts on each of his wrists. The red parts of his suit were now bright gold, and his mask was now vermilion.

Violet: "check yourself out!"

Dash: "I know, I've already noticed it the first moment I woke up."

Elastigirl: "Wait, What about the others?"

Then red, chuck, and bomb walked up.

Not much had changed on red, except he was wearing a pointy mask across his eyes, kinda the same one as wolverine. The feathers at the top of his head became a little spikier, and his eyes glowed like the headlights of a car.

Chuck's feathers weren't yellow anymore, they were purple. The black feather on his head shaped like a lightning bolt, and he wore a red cape buckled with a golden clip. Finally, he wore the same kind of goggles as elastigirl, but the outline of it was glittering blue.

The circular part on Bomb's stomach was now coated red, and the fuse on his forehead was now blazing like a candle. He even wore a vermilion short lengthened cape buckled with egg-shaped coupling.

Violet: "Wow, you guys look amazing."

Chuck: "I know, I actually kinda like this new costume."

Bomb: "For some reason my fuse has been flaming for 5 minutes now, and I haven't even blown up yet."

Red: "Perhaps we'll never know."

Then Ty, skya, and Ton Ton rolled up, and they also had a few changes.

Ty was still red, except he had a pair of black space goggles with silver lenses. He even had a silver glittery stripe on each side of his tread systems.

Skya didn't change much, she only had a few green stripes going up each side of her neck. The conveyor belt going up the back of her whole body even turned entirely green.

Ton ton had a bright yellow flaming lightning bolt on each side of his bed. He even had lightning bolts across his eyes, and on each side of the wrecking ball on his tail.

Ty: "Boy, were glad you guys are alright."

Violet: "Wait, where's jack jack?"

Ton ton: "Don't worry dude, he's in here with Revit."

Revit and jack jack climbed out of Ton tons bed, they too had changed a bit.

Jack jack had a green suit with black flames on the black parts on his arms and legs. The pointy bit of hair on his head was even blazing the same way as the fuse on bomb's head.

Revit hadn't changed, except for the part where he was wearing a pair of goggles with red lenses.

Violet picked up jack jack and nuzzles his nose. Then they hear a weak groan.

Ty: "Thomas, is that you?"

As they went over to where Thomas was, they were shocked at what he now looked like.

Thomas kinda looked like his streamlined self that he once dreamed about, except he had a glass semi circle over the top part of his face. He had a dark yellow stripe going across his side, and had a slightly bigger number 1 on each side of his cab.

(It's his turbo mode) wiki/File:TrackMaster(Revolution)

Thomas: "Hey guys, what's the occasion?"

Violet: "Oh my gosh Thomas, you look smooth."

Thomas: "I even feel smooth."

Just then, freeze finally showed up.

Freeze: "Thank goodness you guys came, There's no way I can take on the triceratons alone."

Elastigirl: "I guess so."

Ty: "Uhh guys, look."

Then everyone looked where Ty was looking. They were on a dark rocky planet (kinda like the moon), and it was amongst a bright purple space-like sky with a couple small planets in sight.

Ton ton: "Uhh, where are we?

To be continued.