Chapter 3: caught.

Our entire mob of heroes (including Freeze) stared at the triceraton base in the distance, and they were sure that the egg they stole was in there somewhere. But before they could go in and retrieve it, they had to get more used to their powers.

Freeze: "That's where they've taken the energy egg, I just know it!"

Mr. Incredible: "Show time."

As Mr. Incredible starts marching towards the triceraton base, Elastigirl suddenly came out and stood in front of him.

Elastigirl: "Slow down Bob, we gotta think of a plan first."

Revit: "As a matter of fact, I actually agree with Mrs. Parr on this. Even though we've got these new powers, we still gotta learn to use them properly if we're to have a chance at retrieving this energy egg."

Dash: "Why should we, we've already mastered our new powers."

Violet: "Dash, only 6 of us mastered them."

Mr. Incredible: "Uhh Vi, I kinda just did my power by accident."

Violet: "Okay, make that 5 ½."

Ty: "Don't worry Violet, we'll soon get this through. Right guys?"

Everyone shared looks of worry with each other, but those looks soon changed to determined looks. Soon, everyone nodded in agreement towards Ty.

Ton ton: "Hey dudes, I'm gonna go see if I can get a better look at that base."

Elastigirl: "Ton ton, wait!"

But it was too late, Ton ton was already getting started off. But this time, he sped off much faster than being supercharged while leaving a yellow electric laser-trail behind him. Even Ton ton was surprised at this, he had never gone this fast in his life.

Ton ton started rocketing at a super high speed in a circle, so he soon started speeding back towards the other heroes.

Red: "Uhh Ton ton, I think you can hit the breaks now!"

Ton ton: "Uhh, I don't think I can dude!"

As Ton ton tried to stop, he ended up doing an accidental front flip right over Red. After that, Ton ton finally skidded to a stop….just 1 inch in front of Revit.

Revit: "That was a very close one Ton ton."

Ton ton: "Totally dude, I just had to try and get used to this new speedy power I've got."

Ty: "No worries double T, you'll soon get the hang of it."

Suddenly, they heard the sound of a heavy double door opening. As they looked towards the triceraton base, they saw a few triceraton soldiers quickly marching out through the doors.

triceraton soldier #1: "Intruders, stop them!"

Mr. Incredible: "Oh you've gotta be kidding me!"

Ty: "Hang on, I got this!"

So after Ty sped up in front of the group, he turned around and smashed his wrecking ball into the ground. Suddenly, a bunch of large cracks each with a white glow started forming in the ground from his wrecking ball. As it reached the triceratons, about 3-4 of the soldier's fell into the cracks before they all closed up again.

Ty: "Woah, seems like I just gave those guys a pretty sinking feeling."

Just then, Elastigirl ran past Ty towards the triceraton soldiers. As she jumped in mid air, she threw an extended punch at a soldier. But as her fist made contact with the soldiers nose, it set off a slight airwave between Elastigirl's fist and the front of the triceratons face.

After that powerful punch, the triceraton soldier fell on his back unconscious leaving Elastigirl feeling impressed by how strong her punch was.

Elastigirl: "Woah."

After that, another triceraton soldier started running towards Elastigirl blasting his rifle. But luckily, Skya was coming up to assist her.

Skya: "Hang on Mrs. Parr, I gotcha!"

With that, skya tried lunging her hook towards the soldier. But somehow, the string of her hook was now glowing green. As it swung towards the soldier, her hook shape-shifted into a green glowing spiky wrecking ball around the size of a baseball. After that, the wrecking ball smashed against the triceraton soldier with a *smash* causing him to get knocked unconscious.

After Skya reeled her cord back in, she was amazed at her new power.

Skya: "Wow, guess I really gave them the hook this time."

Ty: "You sure did Skya, I got this next one!"

As Ty drove off, Skya realized something.

Skya: "Hey, you already had your turn!"

But it was too late, Ty had already driven off towards the triceratons. As he swung his wrecking ball against another soldier, it sounded like he was hitting his wrecking ball against a gong as it left the same kind of airwave as Elastigirl did when she punched that other soldier.

Ty: "Boom, did it!"

Just then, another Triceraton soldier jumped onto Ty's back and tried strangling him.

Violet: "The battle isn't over yet Ty!"

With that, Violet launched 1 of her force field energy discs that was now glowing blue-white. As the energy discs hit the soldier, it burst into an electronic explosion leaving only a little bit of blue-white steam coming from Ty's back.

Just then, Thomas started growing a determined look on his face.

Thomas: "Maybe this new form I have also has a new power for me."

With that, Thomas started puffing towards the triceratons. But in a really shocking surprise, he wasn't driving on any tracks. As he sped towards the soldiers like a car, he was leaving a trail of neon blue era along the way. The blasts from the triceraton soldiers that tried to shoot him only bounced against his metal like small pebbles, Thomas was extremely surprised at this.

As he shot back and forth between the soldiers, they immediately got knocked off their feet.

Thomas: "Watch out horn heads, number 1 engine coming through!(laughs)"

Just then, 1 of the remaining triceraton soldiers threw a small triangular shaped device towards Violet. The moment the device landed in front of her, it formed an orange bubble on a string attached to the triangular device around Violet.

Elastigirl: "Violet!"

Freeze: "I'll get her!"

But as Freeze tried running towards the orange bubble that Violet was in, he ended up getting trapped inside another orange bubble that got set off by another triceraton soldier.

Chuck: "Freeze, no!"

The moment after Chuck said that, another triceraton soldier came up behind him and grabbed him with just 1 palm. After he raised Chuck off the ground, he smashed him against the front wall of the triceraton base and held him tightly against it.

Red:(reaches his hand out) "Chuck!"

Before Red knew it, Bomb, Dash, Jack Jack, Ty, and himself also got trapped inside orange bubbles that got activated. After Jack Jack got trapped inside his orange bubble, he had trouble holding back his tears since he was rather frightened.

Just then, the first triceraton soldier held out a small clicker with an orange triangular button on it as he faced the heroes who hadn't gotten trapped in bubbles.

Triceraton soldier #1: 1 more step, and I squeeze your friends into a most painful death."

The heroes soon realized that once the triceraton soldier pressed that button, those orange bubbles would squeeze the heroes inside so hard that it would kill them. With that in mind, they silently surrendered.

Triceraton soldier #1: "Now scram."

Revit: "You'll see us again Dino-brains."

As they walked away, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl turned back over their shoulders to see their friends (mostly Violet, Dash, and Jack Jack) trapped inside their orange bubbles.

Skya:(whispers) "Don't worry guys, we'll find a way to rescue them."

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl felt quite a bit more confident after that. So with more determination in their systems, they marched off to think their plan through?

Triceraton soldier #1: "Bring these earth creatures inside, the captain would like to have a few words with them."

With that, a few of the triceraton soldiers grabbed the orange bubbles with their heroes inside them by theirs strings and dragged them inside.

Freeze: "Don't worry my friends, we'll get through this."

Dash: "I hope you're right."

With that, everyone stayed calm as they were dragged inside the triceraton base.

When they were inside, they were taken into what looked like the main commanding room of the base. After the heroes were released from their orange bubbles, they each got handcuffed with triceraton themed cuffs.

Just then, they saw a whole mob of triceraton soldiers standing in rows of an army formation in front of them. But suddenly, the 2 rows of soldiers in the middle stood aside as if letting someone step out in front. As that someone stepped out, it turned out to be none other than Mozar: captain of the entire triceraton empire.

Mozar: "Greetings earthlings, welcome to my new humble home."

Ty: "Hate to ruin your pride moment, but who are you exactly!?"

Mozar: "Allow me to introduce myself…...Captain Mozar: leader of the triceraton empire."

Red: "Oh that's a very nice tip, but where's the energy egg your henchmen stole from us!?"

Mozar: "Oh, you mean this?"

As if on cue, Mozar revealed that he had the energy egg duck-taped to the side of his right leg. When Freeze saw this, his eyes grew wide with shock.

Mozar: "Would you believe it, this egg and I are completely inseparable. I take it wherever I go….INCLUDING THE SHOWER!"

After Dash heard that last bit, he almost threw up in his mouth.

Triceraton soldier #1: "Captain, you never told us we had a shower!"

Triceraton soldier #2: "Yeah, I haven't had one in years."

Suddenly, triceraton soldier #1 slightly sniffed at triceraton soldier #2. By the look in his extremely dirty look, he must've smelled pretty bad.

Violet: "What do you want that energy egg for anyway?"

Mozar: "Well let me show you."

After Mozar walked over to the main computer system, he pressed an orange square-shaped button. Just then, it showed an image of an enormous triceraton-like cannon that was attached to the roof of the triceraton base. When the heroes got a good look at it, they started growing both confused and worried.

Bomb: "Uhh, w-what are you guys g-gonna be doing with that?"

Mozar: "Well black bird, I'm glad you asked. Once we install the energy egg, we can use its energy to power the cannon. Once the cannon is up and running, we can use it to destroy planet Earth!"

After hearing the last 3 words, all the heroes gasped in horror.

Ty: "You won't get away with this Mozar!"

Mozar: "Oh, but I will get away with this Red-Rex. And with this energy egg with us, no one will stand in the way of the Triceraton empire!"

With that, Mozar and all the triceraton soldiers in the room all chuckled evilly and triumphantly. As that went on, Freeze and the other heroes started getting extremely worried about the enormous situation they were in.

To be continued.