Lauren sat on the edge of her camp mattress. She was squished imbetween Joey and Mere. Her best friend was rolled over and her hands were intertwined with Brian's who slept on the other side of her.

Lauren couldn't sleep, she had been up all night. She didn't know why, maybe it was the old camp mattress she was sleeping on or the freezing weather outside and her lack of a sleeping bag, but she just couldn't settle down.

She glanced over at Joey, sound asleep, he looked innocent even with the shadows covering his face. His long limbs were stretched out in a starfish pose and a thick blanket covered them, keeping them nice and toasty warm.

Lauren drew the thin, small square of fabric that she had bought in place of a blanket around her shoulders and shuddered. She needed to stop thinking about him in that way. He was one her bestest friends and it was inevitable she was already in the friend zone, anyway he would never go out with her. She sighed and drew her knees up to her chest for warmth.